REACTING TO OLD ART!! (My Art Journey)

REACTING TO OLD ART!! (My Art Journey)

He’s so cute, look at that. Happy Friday! My birthday is in a few days and I’ve always wanted to make an art journey video. I collected a bunch of old artwork from the last seven to eight years. I’m kind of scared to show how bad these drawings are. But hey, we all start somewhere. So, let’s do it. Ross Draws! Art journey video. I broke this up into four phases. The noob phase, training, art school and then now. So, let’s start with the noob phase. And so here are some heads. Ugh, what is that? Here’s a night elf thing that I did. I love night elves. Night elves are like the coolest thing. Oh! Cute ice mage. This is 2008. I was like 15, 16. I actually might use this to redraw. Tales of Symphonia. More anime. These anime eyes that we all draw on our homework. Oh my god, Atlantis lives inside of you. Here’s a 16, 15 year old me, drawing graffiti on a skateboard. Oh my God. Look at that phone. It’s a flip phone. This took forever. This took probably like three days. I played dota at the time This was one of my characters called Athena, the war goddess. My moves were fire arrow, assassinate. I spelled assassinate wrong. Assinate. That’s the word, look, assinate. Here is a bird in watercolor. Yeah, traditional. Some more Copic marker stuff. Yeah, she looks a little wonky. Which basically, strong females again. Big blade, big sword. More Tales of Symphonia. Here’s a sketch I did on one of my homework. And that uh, food stain. Yeah, moving on from the marker phase, I did some digital artwork. Here’s a space girl in a bikini. I thought this was really cool. I was super proud of this. She looks like she has no limbs, but hey, it’s uh- That’s art! Color is the new black. So this was for the Dark Stalker art contest thing? This was my entry! This took forever and I literally thought I had a fighting chance. So I didn’t get it in. Oh my god, here is a guy with a butt. Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. Yeah, so I just trained my butt off. And so now we’re entering the training phase. Yes, here’s some hands and feet. And I basically just studied a bunch of anatomy because I didn’t know any. I also did a lot of still life. This guy just uh- has the weirdest looking abs. And I have no idea what’s coming out of his belly button. Hopefully, it’s not what we all think it is. Ugh. I.. This guy’s sad for a reason, let’s just pass that. When I started studying more, my digital painting skills got a lot better as well. Here’s a Joan of Arc contest. I love this! And you can see my influences. Like the white feathers and the color dodge. I play World of Warcraft. I played a lot of Blizzard games and so I was very influenced by that realm. Here’s something I made for my friends birthday, I was really happy with this. Um oof… This This looks so weird. I’m really proud of this one. This is after a lot of studying, and I got a lot better This is one of my very first vehicles. Probably my very first vehicle actually. This is the worst looking vehicle I’ve ever seen. This was kind of like a breath of fresh air for me Where I was playing with shapes and colors and composition. Here’s a class where I really learned how to render. The reinvention of Batman. This was one of my very first digital paintings in school. Atlantis project. I was really proud of this This was, I think my second year through school. You could totally tell that there’s more thinking and design in these images. I felt like I got a lot of training now and so I started making more personal work. Here’s something I painted. I was really happy with this one. It’s called A Silent Nightmare. And you can totally tell that it’s a huge jump in quality. School is grinding all these mileage on my plate. And so I had to do more color keys and the mood and the story. And these are live costume sketches. And so this was done with a live model. Yeah, it helped me hone in my observational skills. Oh! This is a homework assignment and a live drawing class. Howl! I think it’s one of my breakthroughs because I kind of applied everything I was learning. I just really loved making portraits and they hung it at school. I approached Jamie Jones. I studied with him for two years. And so he made me do all these compositions, explore different kind of painting styles. This is Journey. This felt like a landmark in my artistic career. They hung it at school. Just kind of put me on the map, on the internet a little bit. With the concept art community. And I was really proud of this one. And now we’re entering late school. You might recognize this one, Nima. I’m sure you guys know her. She’s my original character. You can totally tell that I’m coming into my own style and coming into my own world. Taking the concept part phase that I love. and making it mine. Portal! We had to redesign portal. These arts have a lot more sophistication in it, a lot more things to say. Some of you guys know that I started my YouTube channel in my last year of school. So this is my current art and where I’m at in my life. I feel like your roots will always stay with you. Roots are roots for a reason. You can tell that these pieces have a world building quality. With still a Japanese touch and a graphical flair. Nima! Nima is, I feel, like the perfect baby. Between all my years of training. From color dodge, to my anime influences. Through the concept art phase that I’ve learned with all the textures. And then I’m beginning to experiment with colors and shapes. Princess Mononoke. This is a video that I’ve done. These environments are getting a lot more colorful and a lot more shape based. Ooh, Grandma’s House. One of my favorite images. I am starting to experiment a lot more style. It’s really cool about the human experience of things we gravitate towards and things we like. They always show up later in life. I hope you enjoyed that. I eventually wanna do a draw my life as a new feature. But this was super fun to create. Also a really big announcement, I’m gonna announce it next week on my Powerpuff Girl episode Did I say that right? Yeah, next week I’m drawing the Powerpuff Girls as witches. It’s gonna be super fun! So don’t forget to subscribe, and remember, every day is a color dodge day.

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  4. Arnulfo Hernández says:

    This reminded me that I feel terrible for wasting my drawing skills, I stopped when I was a teenager and it’s been one of my biggest regrets. I wish I had kept drawing, by now I think I’d be a lot better. If you are young and like to draw, NEVER stop. Keep drawing and improving no matter what.

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  7. R. Ortiz says:

    I wished my Highschool had a better art academy. We called it Mosaic Academy but we never really learned anatomy, warm and cold colors, etc. It was mainly used to pass the time and it sucks because I really wanted to study art. Rip.

    Edit Well at least I'm making it up for those 2 years lost. Love the vids, Ross, I love how this help give inspiration to all of us.

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    seeing how Ross was drawing at the age of 16-18 and where he is /now/ and looking at the place I'm at currently, being 19 and about to enter art school is really giving me some confidence in the fact that if I put in lots of work I could really become substantially better in the next 3-5 years. Thanks Ross for sharing your journey!!!!

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    find a few artists that you look up to, and break down what you actually enjoy in their art. Then, use your observations to implement their style into your own art. If they have tutorials, you can try to follow them, you can ask them for help, or you can just scrutinize their artwork and try to find out how they do what they do.
    I did this and my art improved exponentially!

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  47. Yves George Sanchez says:

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