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– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV, on the
YouTube with a new face: This is Dustin but not the same Dustin that you saw last week. This is a new Dustin. He’s actually new to Custom Offsets, too. – Correct. – And kinda came from the car world and then the tractor world. – Correct. – So, now we’re gonna rate some trucks because that’s what we
do is we grab new people and we throw them into videos. So, another episode of “From the Gallery.” We’re gonna take a couple
trucks from our gallery, rate them on a scale of one to 10- one being not so good,
10 being really good- and then kind of give our reasons why. So, we’ll just jump right into it. – Let’s do it. – Nice. 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Arkon
Off-Road Alexander, 24 by 14s, it’s on some 35 by 13 and a half inch amps (burps) and a seven and a half inch Rough Country. Sorry for the burp, I just
slammed a Mountain Dew. – That’s cute. – Cool, so he’s got, looks
like headlights as well. He’s got big, tall mirrors,
got those pulled out. – [Dustin] I like that poke. Hangin’ out the side. – [Fuller] Yeah, it’s the way to go. – [Dustin] Mm-hmm. – K, some steps. Arkons. 24s. This has got a, yeah- So, metal trimming and it
still rubs at full turn. Kind of expected that. That’s a lot of wheel and tire for a seven and half inch lift on a 1500. K, got a number here. – Yeah, I’m good. – Three, two, one. – Seven.
– Seven. – Same. – Deal. – It’s really nice, I dig it. For some reason the
headlights on this GMC, I’m not sure if I like
the little bar style one. I don’t know, I actually like the OEM headlights on
these model year trucks but otherwise, I love
the color of the truck; it’s not just another
black truck, which is nice. – [Dustin] Yeah, I would agree. I think I really like the color, I love the wheel-tire
combo; it looks really good. For me it’s just, it’s almost there but it’s missing just a couple
of little details, you know? I don’t know if it’s the OEM
bumper or if it’s just the- It just needs a little bit more
and it would be right there. – Oh, boy! – Oooh. – 2015 Toyota Tacoma OE Performance, so, these are OE replicas
of Chevy wheel, actually. Yokohama Parada tires,
and a three-inch BDS. Wow, that’s a interesting
combination there. I wouldn’t have expected
to see BDS on here. – [Dustin] It’s got underglow. – [Fuller] Lots of, yeah,
underglow, wrap lights. – [Dustin] I’m all about that. – [Fuller] These are
actually some nice photos which is always nice to see
when people add their vehicles to the gallery, some good photos. It’s a TRD, TRD Sport but this doesn’t look like a typical TRD, it’s got a grille, spike lugs, does he have spacers on here, too? Yeah, inch and quarter spacers,
minor plastic trimming, three inch in the front,
two inch in the back. He actually has a quite
a bit of stuff done. – [Dustin] Yeah, HIDs,
fog lights with halos. – [Fuller] Just a lot of
the small detail stuff. Upper loader grille, radio antenna, remove the mud flaps,
license plate covers, even got those listed. So we got all of the mods. – [Dustin] Comprehensive bill blessed. (Fuller sighs) – All right, I don’t
wanna make anybody mad but I’ve got a number in mind. Are you good to go here? [Dustin inhales] – Yeah, I’m good, lets do it. – Three, two, one – Five
– Three – Ooh, that’s aggressive. – Yeah. (Dustin laughs) I really love Tacomas, but the OEM reps from a Chevy on street tires is just not doing it. – [Dustin] Yeah, I think
that’s what does it for me too, it’s like an OEM replica wheel and then it’s like a stretch,
like, street tire set up but then it doesn’t really have any other, like, street build kind of, other than like the underglow. – [Fuller] Yeah, ’cause if you would have- maybe not this truck, but I can see OE performance
wheels, on street tires. – [Dustin] Correct. – [Fuller] And lower. And like, it’s true-
you gotta street build. – [Dustin] Correct, correct. – [Fuller] But this is
OE performance wheels, street tires and then lifted on a TRD truck and it’s just like- – [Dustin] It’s trying to be like two things at the same time. Yeah, absolutely. – That’s why. I’m sorry if that is your truck, If it was mine, I would do it differently, but everybody’s got their own taste. Oh this is- You know Derrick Drayer? – Yes! – This is his. – Oh nice! – 2018 F-150 Arkon off on Lincolns. 35 inch near ridge grapplers, and a six inch Rough Country. He’s actually got the Rough
Country Vertex coilovers. And then he custom-painted these wheels, they’re not available in this finish. Cody Lawson’s edit on here
makes them look slightly pink, but they’re a lot more red. – [Dustin] Oh yeah, I
see that they get like a pink tinge to them. – [Fuller] Yeah, a pink hue. It’s ’cause Lawson likes
to bring up his teals. See this photo, this is a
good example of the color. – [Dustin] Correct. – [Fuller] This truck was- hopefully we have a before
photo that we can put in here. I can’t obviously show you, but it was like completely totaled. Like, he pretty much like replaced the cab and everything
’cause it was rolled. – [Dustin] Really? Okay. – [Fuller] And now it looks like this. – Oh god, so that plays a factor now ’cause you brought that up. So it has to play a factor
in my rating on this. – All right. Got it? – I’m good. – All right, three, two, one. – Nine
– Eight Nine? – It’s a nine for me. Yup, I like it a lot. It’s a little bit more subtle; it’s a little less show-truck build. But I’m guessing it’s a
pretty daily-driven truck or close to daily-driven. – [Fuller] Yeah, he does
daily-drive it, yeah. It’s still like big wheels and tires but- – [Dustin] Correct. It’s a little flashy, it’s a little showy, it’s got, like, show wheel tires set up. But it’s still very daily-driveable. – [Fuller] Not this
monstrosity you can’t drive. – [Dustin] Yeah. – [Fuller] Yeah, I actually
really do like this truck and the interior, I’m trying to remember, I think he’s got cat skin
leather, like replacement, and it’s got like a diamond
stitch and red stitching, It’s a really nice truck altogether. The thing that brings it
down for me a little bit is actually the red wheels. – [Dustin] Really? – [Fuller] I’m not a huge
fan of colored wheels. He’s got some other red
accent pieces on the truck too and, like, it kind of goes well with it, but I just think they
stand out way too much. – [Dustin] See for me,
its just the right amount of color in there. It’s just enough to be
loud but not too loud. Fair enough. – That’s the thing: each person has their own
opinion and we can have it. That’s fine by me. 2018 Ram 2500 American forced wheels, 24 by 14, negative 90 offset. Nitto 420s, 305 35s, and
it’s on a leveling kit. Man that’s a- – [Dustin] That’s extremely aggressive. – [Fuller] It’s amazing what you can fit on a leveled 2500 Ram. This thing’s clean. He’s got all the cleared out headlights. So none of the orange, like, side markers or anything in there. Chrome bumpers, polished wheels obviously. Kind of a busier wheel;
some people don’t like that. And it looks like he’s
got some sort of, like, see these little halos in the fog lights? – [Dustin] Oh yeah, I see that. – [Fuller] And maybe some
LED in the headlight there. Hard to tell. – [Dustin] Does he have
lusana on the bottom at all? – [Fuller] Let’s take a look… Um, no. – [Dustin] Okay. – Custom bed speakers. People keep putting- All right, so there’s thing happening. People are putting wet
sounds, like, boat speakers in their trucks, in the
beds and I’m just like, I don’t know a thing about it. – I don’t hate it… – I can get on board with that. – It’s like what I tried
to do in high school, but it didn’t work, you know. – And now it’s, like,
becoming a real thing. And I’m sure at SEMA this year we’re gonna see a ton of that. – Oh yeah, probably. – All right, got a number for this? – Yeah, I’m good. – Three, two one. – Seven
– 10 – Ooh, okay. – And I usually don’t give
Rams that high of a score, but I really liked this one. I think this would be
a sweet daily driver, as long as you’re not doing, like, a ton of towing or anything with it, which is kind of confusing
’cause it’s a Cummins and it’s a three quarter ton. But then with street tires, usually they’re not rated as high as like your all-terrains
or your mud tires, so you gotta watch your load
index, load rating there. But if you’re just driving
this thing around town, this is your grocery-getter, I like it. – That’s fair. I mean, I like it. I don’t hate it, but I guess
I don’t love it, right? For me, it’s like, it’s
a really aggressive wheel and tire set up, but it’s not a really
aggressive suspension set up. So for me, I’m kind of conflicted. – Another Ram… – Ooh. – 2013 Ram 1500 on a four-inch ReadyLIFT and he’s got the TAS 544, 22 by 12s, wrapped in some Fury,
35 by 12 and a halfs. That’s pretty stuffed in there. – [Dustin] Yeah, it is. – [Fuller] Typical white and black look. Again, nice photos here. Love when people add good quality photos. By the way, if you ever add
your vehicle to the gallery, and you have really good photos, there’s a good chance that
one: we’re gonna post it, two: we’re probably gonna
put it in some sort of ad or something like that. So if you want your truck featured, you get good photos,
that’s how you get it done. LED headlights, LED fog lights, color match grille, color match bumpers. I believe that’s all
part of the OEM package. I think you can get like a
sporked or something like that or express, I don’t know
what they call them. – [Dustin] Side note, smoked tail lights. I love smoked tail lights. – [Fuller] Yes, I did see that. – [Dustin] Especially on white trucks, it looks so good. – [Fuller] And he did a nice job. I always think this is
crucial to remind people: if you’re going to black
out your tail lights or smoke your tail lights, don’t do the reverse section. – Correct. – where it’s clear because
you’re gonna still want to be able to see at
night when you back up. – Yup. – Yeah, really, like, cleanly done. There’s not like a ton done, like lift, wheels, tires, tint, you know, smoking some stuff out, black emblems. But I think it looks really nice actually. – I agree. – Three two one. – Nine
– Nine – Yeah. – Sweet, we agree on that one. – I think we kind of
explained our reasons there. – [Dustin] That, to me,
is super daily-able. – [Fuller] Oh, for sure. For sure. And like, ReadyLIFT does a nice
job with these SST kits too. They’re less than a thousand bucks and you get four inches out of them. Wheels and tires less than three grand, so you get a lot of
truck for not much money. So I think this is pretty
nicely put together. All right, that’s another
episode of “From The Gallery”. If you guys want your truck in
the gallery, to be featured, you gotta add it at customoffsets.com/add. If you’re wondering what the gallery is and how we know all of these specs and what fits your vehicles. That’s the gallery. You enter in your year, make, model, and then you’re able to plug all this in and see exactly what fits your truck and show pictures of
what it looks like done. That’s it, that’s the plug. Thanks Dustin. – Thanks dude. – Peace. (hip hop music)

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