Rating Your Trucks || From The Gallery

Rating Your Trucks || From The Gallery

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. We got Dustin back today and for the people who’ve
got the notifications on, guess what, we got a giveaway. You probably already knew,
we got this sweet new shirt. We teamed up with Ruff
Country to make this one, so here’s the front of it. Grab this shirt. It’s gonna get you
automatically entered to win any lift kit from Ruff
Country up to $2,500, which pretty much includes
any kit they make, including the Vertex Coilovers. So, that’s that. We’ve got an episode of From the Gallery. It’s where we take five
trucks that were loaded in the Gallery at customoffsets.com/add and then we’re gonna rate
them on a scale of one to 10. Let’s go. – Deal. – I found a sudden burst of energy. – Beautiful. – 2003 Chevy Silverado
1500, Gear Alloy Big Blocks. 33 with 12.5, Deestone Mud Clawer. Can’t say I’ve heard of that. Performance accessories, body
lift, three inch body lift. All right so, pretty much, black truck, tow mirrors,
massive windshield visor, smoked headlights, Big
Blocks with a machine face. It’s got, probably some PlastiDip going on on the grille there. Chrome door handles, tool
box, stock taillights I think. Oh, and a massive light bar on the bumper. I missed that.
– How did we miss that? Oh, it’s not in that photo. – It’s only in one of the photos. – All right.
– Makes sense. Rubs like crazy, but who cares? And he’s got two inch wheel spacers all the way around, with a NorCal Mod. Yeah, 20 by 12s on a three inch lift barely fit the way it is and then you add two inch spacers and it’s gonna get difficult to fit. So, we have 49 seconds. Three, two, one. Six.
– Seven. – Yeah, I’m not just a huge
fan of body lifts, personally, because they stretch a
lot of wiring components and stuff like that.
– Things that aren’t supposed to be stretched. – And makes things sometimes questionable. And I don’t like the gaps
between bumpers and whatnot, however, I don’t know if
he has a relocation kit because this bumper looks like it sits perfectly fine just the way it is. – Yeah, everything seems
to line up really well. I like it. I think it’s super daily-able truck. I mean, it’s nothing over the top. – I love that it’s really, really wide and it’s not really, really lifted. I think that’s a cool look. – All right. – ’85 Chevy K10. Wow, this is clean. 15 by 12, -63s. You’ve probably never
heard of that size before. BFG Mud-Terrains, TA Cam threes, which is actually a
relatively new tire from BFG. That’s a really nice tire. 35 by 12.5, four inch Ruff Country. Texas truck, very clean.
– Neat. I love that photo. – This photo just screams, “Like a rock.” – Yeah, Texas, right. – You got that old set up in the back. This is a very off-roady,
you have a 15 inch diameter and then 12 inches wide and then you just have these
12.5 inch wide tires on there. Big, giant sidewalls. Regular cab, short bed. – [Dustin] Little guy. – [Fuller] Dark tint. Pulling a trailer with
another K series on it. – How we doing for time? – I don’t know why my phone shuts off. – 40 seconds.
– It’s showing right there. 40 seconds. We’re doing all right. What else do we need to know? Inch and a half wheel spacers on the back, just to flush up the track with. – I love that photo so much.
– That’s a great photo. All right, ready?
– Yeah. – Three, two, one. Eight.
– 8.5. – Really clean truck. Love the very functional
set up he has on it. It’s a very simple build,
as far as what’s going on, so there’s nothing too crazy about it. I think I would probably
update the headlights, maybe different grille, stuff like that, but that’s being picky. – [Dustin] Yeah, absolutely, no, I mean– – [Fuller] Five seconds. – [Dustin] It’s super clean. I love it. – Oh, okay, that works.
– Plenty of time. – Okay, ready, here we go. Oh, my gosh, an Avalanche? ’04 Avalanche 1500, Gear Alloy 726, which is the Bog Block 22 by 12, -44. Some tires that are
affordable. (Dustin laughs) Ruff Country suspension lift, six inches, big ole roof basket on the top. Kind of a, I don’t wanna
call it a snow camo, but it’s like a camo wrap. – Oh, I totally thought that
was a watermark on the photo. I didn’t realize that that was– – It’s a, yeah. Oh, interesting, played with the Chevy badging on the back, too. Dual exhaust. Where we at? North Carolina plates, okay. Very foggy in these photos. Veteran, shout out to you. Thank you for your service. Really do appreciate it, genuinely, we do. – [Dustin] It’s got big ole exhaust– – [Fuller] It’s got the
newer mirrors on it. He’s got the bullet antenna. Okay, okay, I think I’ve
seen what I need to see. Six inch Ruff Country,
three inch MotoFab keys, about eight inches of lift, total. 30 seconds left. Three, two, one. Eight.
– Seven. – I went with an eight because nobody does this to
Avalanches, other than us. We get it and we got a lot of hate for it, so I really do think it’s cool that somebody else stepped outside the box and did something cool to an Avalanche and I actually kinda like the wrap job. It’s very simple, but I do like it. – Yeah, the wrap is super subtle. I mean, I like it. I’m not a huge Avalanche fan, but, with that being said, this one is– – I don’t know if anyone really is. – [Dustin] That’s true. This one’s done really well, though. I think it’s definitely
unique but it’s super cool. I like it. – People called ours– (phone rings) Oh, gosh.
– Hello. – A Bedazzled truck. They used other words in
there that I can’t say, but. Okay, so, 2007 Toyota Tacoma. American Force Trax. 22 by 12s, Fury’s, six inch pro comp. This is like Willy’s truck. Could you imagine if Willy
did this to his truck? (Dustin laughs) I feel like Willy, right now,
you guys don’t know Willy, but if he saw this, he would just be like, what, no, no.
– He’s just, yeah. He’s a very function over form guy. – And this is a TRD also. Man, those wheels are stuffed in there. There’s no way this guy can turn. Was that an off-road picture? He drove it off the road. – With a trailer.
– Boys, he’s got a trailer and a four wheeler. Somebody call the show wheel police, this guy took his Forces off. He’s got a hidden light
bar, looks very clean. Smoked out taillights. Suspension has been powder
coated and/or painted. – Got some wheel ring lights
on there, it looks like. – It’s pretty cool, actually. Very clean truck. – I like it. – The factory fender flares, sticking out,
– Correct. – don’t look that bad. I think they’re, stop saying correct. – (laughs) Sorry. – 30 seconds. Okay, 1/4 inch wheel spacers, probably to clear inside curtain. Three, two, one. Six.
– 8.5. – I’m sorry, I really am, I just… 35s, six inch, Tacoma? – Yes, and? Why not?
– Does it do anywhere? – [Dustin] Sure. – They’re kinda underpowered and it’s a lot of wheel,
a lot of tire there, and I just feel like you’re not gonna be able to turn it.
– You don’t worry about that. That’s about to go off. – Oh, God, here we go. (phone rings) – Got it. No, I think it’s cool. Those Tacomas are really growing on me. I wasn’t always the biggest fan of Tacomas but there more I see them,
the more I liked them. – [Fuller] Dude, I love Tacomas. – [Dustin] I think this is super cool– – I do have to say, it does look good. (Dustin laughs) I do love that the wheels
are stuffed in there, but, eh, I’m so torn between like, I want it to work, I want it to look good. I think everybody plays
that, in terms of it. – I don’t know that I would own it, but I think it’s really cool. – I just wanna secretly take Willy’s truck and do this and then give it back to him. – He would be so mad. – Oh, wow. This guy knows how to use
the clarity, the saturation, and the sharpness slider. 2010 Chevy Silverado 1500,
American Force Burnout, which was the most common
American Force in 2010. 22 by 12, -40s, Atturo Trail
Blades, TSC seven inch lift. Very bright. Those headlights have got
something wild going on there, custom built headlights. Looks like he’s got the
traction bars, chrome bumpers, painted inserts on the
bumpers, painted mirrors, dual shock conversion in the front. (rock music) – Interesting. That first photo throws me off. – [Fuller] Two inch wheel
spacers all the way around, too. (rock music) Okay.
– I’m ready. – Three, two, one. Six.
– Seven. – The red, now hard to say, because the photos are so edited, there’s a lot of red that’s
just popping out at me. I don’t know if it’s because
it’s surrounded by chrome, like the red plastic pieces in the bumper, very bright, stand out a lot, and then the cubes are done in red, the headlights are red,
the grille inserts in red. There’s a lot of red going on. It ties in well, oh I’m not
gonna give you any tie in. Ties in well with the
polished wheels though, so the chrome and the
polished wheels go good. – Yeah, I am in the same boat. I think the chrome and the
polished look good together. I love the suspension set up. I love the ladder bars. I love all that. I think, yeah, the color matched red is just a little too much for me. (phone rings) – Yeah, it probably would
have looked a bit cleaner just to keep the chrome bumpers the way they were from the factory. – Just our opinion. – Still sick, though. – I agree.
– Oh, and you’ve got American Forces and then you got Atturos. There’s a blend of many
different brands going on here. That’s another episode
of From the Gallery. It goes so much faster
when we have the timer, so sorry if we’ve rated your truck a different number than you expected, but we have no time to
think of what to say. So, if you guys want your
vehicle in the gallery, you can add it at
customoffsets.com/add, like I said. We’ve got all the specs and sizes and everything that you need
to know on 70,000 trucks. If you wanna know what fits your vehicle, that’s where you can find it.
– Yep. – Right?
– Yep. – Right?
– Correct. – Correct.
– Yeah. – Indubitably.
– Yes. – Peace.
(rock music) People don’t realize that
he says correct a lot. – All the time. I said it like three times
and I was like (beep) stop it. – [Fuller] And now I’m just gonna say it.

Dereck Turner

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