Rainworks – Rain-Activated Art

Rainworks – Rain-Activated Art

Woo! My name is Peregrine Church I make things that make the world a
more interesting place Like a rainwork. Rainworks are pieces of street art that only
appear when they’re wet and they’re messages or images designed
to make people’s rainy day a little bit better. Seattle is associated with rain it’s fair to say and rainworks all it needs to be is
wet so it’s sort of the ideal Seattle art. So the stuff that makes rainworks is
biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and completely non-toxic. The essential
ingredient when making rainworks is a super hydrophobic coating. Ok let’s see how it works on the “NeverWetted” pants and shirt. So you want me to start on the shirt, alright? [Peregrine] That is a chemical that when you put it on a surface will prevent that surface from getting wet What! Woah! What! [Peregrine] I was just browsing the internet one day and stumbled across a viral video, and the video showed these really vivid images of red wine pouring
off a white shirt and chocolate syrup pouring off white shoes and people getting buckets of water thrown on them and they’re like totally fine and I’m like “woah, that’s super cool!” What can I do with this? [Peregrine] It’s a spray-on substance so it made sense What if you sprayed it through a stencil? So if you put it on concrete well ideally it’d be
invisible instead of the concrete getting dark the water would just roll right off it And it will stay light-colored. The contrast can be used to create an
image [Peregrine] The very first one I did said “Stay Dry Out There” and had a bunch a rain drops falling on it. It was on a bus stop. And now there’s about 25 to 30 rainworks out there There’s a lily pad and pond with frogs hopping between them in Ballard There’s “I Heart Rain” in UW At 4th & Bell it says “Worry is a Misuse of the Imagination” There’s “Today’s Weather: Rain” in Fremont There’s “Proud To Be Rainy” in Capitol Hill There’s hopscotch at the junction in West Seattle And we want to make way more. I mean it’s gonna rain no matter what so
why not do something cool with it!

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Rainworks – Rain-Activated Art

  1. YoLandi Ninja says:

    How long does the substance last?

  2. Philipp Ravelo says:

    Great idea!

  3. slackaxeable says:

    Rhett & Link!

  4. Musing says:

    where to get the liquid repellent spray ?

  5. scheerBOM says:


  6. LittleLulubee says:

    What a lovely idea!! I hope to see these some day. It's sad that we live in such a miserable world that some people would actually criticize this. Smh.

  7. Tin Man says:

    A whole new level of graffiti 

  8. vhyule spencer says:

    make this on Phil plss 😛

  9. leah Ohms says:

    that is so unbelievably beautiful 

  10. FutureLaugh says:

    what is the chemical that you are using in the spray bottle?

  11. cphdotdk says:

    Very creative idea! Love it.

  12. Yeah Bee says:

    does it wear of?

  13. Rao nargis jahan says:

    good job guys …highly appreciating .

  14. M Rotor says:

    HOly shit! A reptilian. 

  15. divine angelvoice says:

    You seems like a nice guy, positive and kind.
    What an excellent idea. Do you know how powerful you can use this invention????
    Paint it all overl with divine messages to help humanity grow to higher dimentions. You got a gift use it wisely to help humanity. 

  16. Nikolas Miller says:


  17. april goff says:

    You are fantastic. You are not only a fantastic artist but you are a fantastic human being. Trying to make everyone's day a little bit better. Keep doing what you are doing. I know you are getting huge karma points for this. From one human being to another thank you.

  18. NOTuNOTme says:

    You sir rock!!!!!

  19. Janny amazing says:

    So cool

  20. Jari James says:

    I 'so' miss living in Seattle.

  21. Cari Werz says:

    Has anyone tried this on their wedding dress? You might have a whole new market you can sell your product to.

  22. Thanakon Saisuwan says:

    coool ~

  23. LadyReesa ThreeDee'sMom says:

    Can I PLEASE get some of this for the sidewalk in front our house!?!? My baby would love this!!!

  24. Bar Hadad says:

    Hopscotch in the rain? Sounds dangerous

  25. Herbivore The Carnivore says:

    2/10 IGN too much water

  26. iamsheel says:

    really?! does we need this in art more than in anything else ?!

  27. Scarlett Adams says:

    you're wasting so much wine

  28. Işın Mumcu Artisan says:


  29. Albert says:

    Peste tot se poate, dar la noi nu …

  30. BlueFluffyKitten says:


  31. arcvideo says:

    there is millions of people without water , 

  32. CareandCompassion says:

    the best part was the guy yelling what and pouring red wine on his shirt

  33. Jimbo Holo says:

    So it's basically graffiti, it's just not showing when it's sunny..? Bet you people would get in serious trouble for doing that in most areas.

  34. Weii San Desu says:

    Superhydrophobic coating

  35. Grega Repnik says:

    Where can I get that spray :)?
    Name of the spray? Can I get it on ebay/amazon?

  36. Liontari Music says:

    or let's call it the best way to draw giant penis on everything! i raise you guys!

  37. Lions Named Leo Smith says:


  38. Natasha Ida says:

    This needs to be introduced to the streets of London!

  39. Jirawat Utama says:

    Why don't you use it with car's front-window?

  40. eenjig munkhbayar says:

    I want use it for marriage proposal. How can i get it ? ? ?

  41. obooth says:

    Oh dude, that's awesome!!!!! Do you mind if I give that a go here in New Zealand?

  42. Amanda Logan says:

    What a lovely idea. I hope this spreads. I'd love to see things like this in all rainy cities. Such a simple idea that can brighten up someone's day.

  43. Cellofski says:

    Come to NYC!

  44. Captain Freedom says:

    I wanna get some of this stuff and paint dicks all over town.

  45. Jason Honingford says:

    Need a way for this to work on sealed surfaces.

  46. Jennah Shah says:

    Only 25-30? There's two in my tiny town, Rochdale, in England

  47. ART Ellipse says:

    very very good

  48. CrysisSystems says:

    no top comments about "rain" more likely about "i love rain" >"rain man" illuminati and shit like that ?? =))))

  49. kenny li says:

    Hey! What brand of "neverwet" things are they using?

  50. remycomte says:

    Anyone knows how long does it last after you sprayed it? Like 5 years or 3 days?


    Not sure why this has gone viral, when this idea has been around for many years. This hipster simply jumped on the bandwagon.

  52. S T says:

    fuckin hippies

  53. tom hellmann says:

    seen this before love it

  54. Infernoraptor says:

    While this is really a cool idea, what is the actual chemical you are using? I didn't know there was a commercially available, non-toxic, biodegradable, hydrophobic, synthetic chemical. Not to say I don't believe you guys, I honestly want to know so I can get some.

  55. Jacqui & Steve Hesler says:

    Pretty impressive. Tell me how we can get involved in Canada? We'd like some biking messages made out of Rain Art.

  56. Evan K says:

    "I make things that make the world more interesting"??? What a bunch of juvenile bullshit.

  57. alexandru zatreanu says:

    U just got a new subscriber!:)

  58. Elmy Emy says:

    where can i buy that chemical? in malaysia…

  59. iloveedge496 says:

    Threadbanger did this

  60. Badboyz0310 NOGLArs says:

    What happens when u submerged it under water

  61. mami7111228 says:

    Awesome Rain works!!!!:) Would love one in front of my home w a positive message……Keep up the Artwork and God bless you both

  62. Kaelynnn says:

    I'm laughing at the video of Rhett and Link with how excited and astounded they were.😂

  63. cooliofoolio says:

    I'm going to do this, and it's legal 🙂

  64. Lux says:

    How long does this stuff last? Cos if it last for years, I would definitely spray my phone with it

  65. NANOCAPE says:

    If You want to do yourself rain graffiti you can use Nanocape products. Check our video with rain reverse graffiti 🙂

  66. Pixiefan says:

    @Rhett & Link You are in this video!

  67. tu_mom says:

    Yes keep con doing them!

  68. Conor Boyle says:

    That's still vandalism
    Why do u want to make more that terrible

  69. CALife says:

    Is his dad the Shamwow guy?

  70. Evo Modz says:

    This guys mother is a my chemistry teacher!:)

  71. Aisling A says:

    This would certainly improve my day

  72. Minh Tran says:

    How do u remove it?

  73. Hamda A. says:

    hopscotch and rain is not really a great idea, but it looks cool.

  74. Deeply Marinated says:

    so creative!!! also rhett and link!!!

  75. maddymiller123 says:

    Hey there's Rhett and Link!

  76. John Smith says:

    Rainworks: The Next New Level of Drawing Dicks.

  77. marin says:

    Who came here from MAN V.S PIN???

  78. Johanna Steinthorsdottir says:

    Where can I get these shirts??

  79. john diehl says:

    bad idea! Graffiti artists will have a field day with it!

  80. Emily Foley says:


  81. kim sejunnie says:

    It's very imaginative, i love it!

  82. Weasy Green Allen says:


  83. Laura Benevelli says:

    Where do you get that stuff?

  84. Bogdan Dascalescu says:

    Hey, guys. What is the spray you are using for it? we have an idea for a guerilla marketing campaign and it will be great to try it. Thx

  85. KNELS Nells says:

    This product can get into the wrong hands and someone will start to write racist things just wait

  86. DSG X says:

    where can I buy it is the question

  87. Felicia Grisham says:

    🤔🤔😥😥61 dislikes?????

  88. Владимир Пупкин says:

    штука классная, но она ж стираться будет под ногами

  89. James Del Rey says:

    A Cop be like, "okay I know I saw graffiti here yesterday"

  90. Stripy Cuber says:

    where an i get me some of this stuff

  91. Sleepy_Scarlett says:

    Good thing I live in Seattle. 😝

  92. Matt Fisch says:

    where can i buy this liquid? amazing!!!

  93. Tyrone Kujo says:

    How can you make this permanent? The website says that they disappear after a few months

  94. SR - 08ZZ - The Woodlands SS (2372) says:

    So one could say that these images

    are waterproof

  95. T C says:

    Now all the cardboard you used are water proof

  96. Jacob Cacho says:

    Anyone else come here from today’s Daily Dose of Internet? 😂

  97. P&M JeefuBeefy says:

    Daily Dose Of Internet Anyone?

  98. Hannah says:

    making a rainy day better

  99. Mary Willis says:

    What is the name if the substance? Anyone know?? Don't make me beg it makes me feel cheap…

  100. PSYCHO Net Official says:

    ingredients please…

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