RAINBOW CEREAL ART | Easy Paper Crafts for Kids (by Chalk TV)

-Hey everyone! I’m Eric, aka the DIY Dad
here on BabyLeague, and today we’ve teamed up with Chalk TV for another
awesome arts and crafts project. Today’s creation
is the Dot Dot Rainbow, so grab your cereal lovers and let’s get
started. -Dot Dot Rainbow Art Project. You will need cotton balls, a blue card or
construction paper, a box of cereal loops, and glue. Let’s find this rainbow, but
first we need to make our fluffy clouds. Grab as many cotton balls as you’d like
and glue each one onto the construction paper in the top right corner. Now we get
to do loopy loops. Grab the purple loops and glue them onto your construction
paper one after another. Love it! Now the blue loops. This is so cool! Yes, the green
loops. Yellow loops, orange loops, and red loops. That was a lot of loops. You can
use loops for all different kinds of art projects. -This one was super fun and
super tasty if I’m being honest. Drop a comment below and let us know how your
little one’s project turned out. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up, make sure
you guys have subscribed to BabyLeague, and we’ll see you next time for some
more fun projects with Chalk TV. Bye!

Dereck Turner

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