Ragi Dosa

Ragi Dosa

Hello, namaste salaam alaikum sat sri akal welcome to another session of be fit be
cool campaign by AAPI American Association of
physicians of Indian origin Dear friends, when i went to these villages they made some really fantastic healthy foods using millets you know this is the
finger millet powder that is what is called Ragi flour you know I earlier made ragi
mollt and all those things are very healthy and one very good thing
about this ragi flour is it once you eat you won’t feel hungry
for a little longer time and so this is ideal to make any of the breakfast preparations here i’m
going to use this ragi flour in this I’m going to add rice flour if you take one cup of ragi flour
just 1/4 cup of rice flour should be good enough in this
you know make a paste of urad dal just soak the urad dal for a three hours and then make it into a
paste you are going to add that also add curd and make this into a batter just the way we make it for dosa batter because we’re going to make Ragi dosa this is becoming thick I’m going to add some water and mix this till becomes like a appropriate consistency for making dosas because we want little bit of aeration this yogurt also will help when you add little
bit of cooking soda into this you can also add a baking powder that’s
you can find so just sprinkle baking soda all around just
don’t drop it like a lump just add it and then just make sure
you whisk it properly this will help this mixture little bit aeriate and your dosaa will come come nice
crispy as well as nice aeriated this is good I just tasted this I did not add salt at all so I’m going to just add you know a
little bit of salt into this now this is ready to become dosas. Now the ragi flour is all ready I’m gonna
make a mixture using some onions you know make sure
that use slice the onions even if you chop its ohk in this we are going to add a green chilli chopped
coriander and sesame seeds, sesame seeds which
you just put in a blender and powder it this is very rich in iron and before you
powder it just make sure you toast the sesame seeds and then powder it. In this you can also add freshly grated a coconut chopped tomato and just mix all of this it’s a very nice
tasty in this we are going to add little bit of salt that should be good so this is the
mixture what we’re going to use as a filling you know in the city’s
you can get letters but in the villages you don’t get so
they make their own concoction which is much better tastier than lot of those salad mixtures just by adding some toasted sesame seeds and coriander mmm !!! Just too good just squeeze in little bit of lemon
juice and this will become perfect making this Ragi dosa
is also very very easy all you need to do is
just make it the way you make your regular
dosas pour in the batter and just spread them that should be good always remember we’re using the non-stick pan and just had half a tea spoon of oil that should be good enough and put
the lid on and that will help it cook easily on top after two minutes just remove the
lid and just make sure your ragi dosa is coming fine and just spread in the mixture of the sesame seed and onions look at
this you know not only the pessure and all
the you know even for this by adding its very little
oil and with this onion mixture this is going to taste fantastic. I’m going to make one more I wanna make it look n roll so that it’s
much easier for me to eat ha ha ha !!! this time I’m gonna make it
slightly thicker that should be enough and then put the lid on and then spread
this onion sesame seed and tomato mixture and make into a roll and eat it, this is
going to be super tasty now after two minutes you know this is all done it’s got a lot of colouring more than I needed just K I’m gonna spread it on one side if you want you can also add garlic into
this now hahaha so you know I’m just going to roll it in and tadum !!!! look at this this is nice and healthy ragi dosa and inside is all this onion and because we added you know
sesame seeds and all that it becomes nice and tasty and the onions with little bit off the
heat they will still remain crunchy along with the tomatoes but they will
be juicy too. WOW !!! look at this mmm !!!! just too good I think I can add more of that onion mixture
and still it tastes perfect . Dear friends always remember just because this is tasty and healthy that doesn’t mean that you can eat as
much as you want just watch out you portion size and you’ll be healthy and that the last
you’ll be fit and cool see you in another session.. Bye Bye Khuda Hafiz ahh, hmm ahh

Dereck Turner

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    In dry ingredients, I added 1 tsp roasted cumin powder and 1 tsp deghi mirch powder. This removes the raw ragi flour flavor from the batter.

    In toppings..I added red cabbage along with other veggies mentioned in the video…I added my homemade dried flaxseed chutney powder also with toasted crushed sesame seeds…

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