hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today I’m going to make sambar but using only radish you know radish sambar is one of the famous sambar people at home make this and they thoroughly enjoy some people just they have to add radish in the sambar but here we’re going to add lot of radish and also today I’m not going to add jaggery traditionally what I
add you know the masalas are also are ready to use masalas only thing i’m adding is coconut milk if you do not want to add coconut milk still you can make it so first to make
this radish sambar I’m going to take some oil in a pan and for this i’m going to start with adding mustard
seeds and when the mustard seeds splutter we’re going to add red chillies, add cumin seeds, we’re going to add lot of curry leaf, green chili and i did forget to add
fenugreek seeds that is methi leaves very little you know methi seeds always add very little in this we’re going to add hing, turmeric and also in this not the onions cut into big piece just the slice of onion, little bit and when the
onions saute little bit now you add radish you know radish cut into roundels that’s the way I’m used to eating at
home and now just mix if the radish is quite fat then you can cut into halves and cut into halves so now we’re going to let this radish get sauteed little bit in the oil for around two to three minutes now we’re going to add pieces of
tomatoes and add water yes lot of water because we are making lot of sambar here and in this we’re going to add coriander powder, very little of cumin
powder, red chilli powder and also going to add coconut milk to this, this is
optional if you have you can add we’re going to put the lid on you know we’re going to let this boil
for around 20 minutes till the radish is soft and the tomatoes are totally mashed up, after around 20 minutes of cooking my radish is all nice and soft but first now we’re going to add
tamarind juice, tamarind juice always be careful do not add too much just add little if you’re not really sure how much to add because you can always add little more later to adjust the sourness but if it is too sour you know you won’t like but anyway the amount of sourness is very subjective some people like it little more sour some people like it just little bit now
after adding tamarind juice we need to cook for another 4 – 5 minutes so I’m going to let it cook for another 4 – 5 minutes now the tamarind juice is ah, after adding tamarind juice that is when you get real nice aroma
from the this cooking sambar in this we have just cooked tuvar dal till it
is nice and mashed you know you don’t mash the tuvar dal it has to be you
know cooked till that consistency that’s when you will get a very nice
tasty Sambar and as usual I’m not adding jaggery into it because the coconut milk gives that little sweetness that should be good enough for this sambhar, radish sambhar and once this comes to a nice boil we’re going to add some chopped coriander in the end we’re going to add little more salt and adjust the seasoning ok
and now the sambhar is all ah you know look at this lot of radish in this the radish tastes so good that I just love this radish sambhar so dear friends, you know sambhar can be made in hundreds of variations and one of the favorite is radish drumstick just onion
sambar like that there are some of them which are really really great all of them are great but this really
stand out and taste so good so you know enjoy it with pieces of you know this sambhar and you’ve seen that we don’t add too much masalas or anything in this very simple with lot of radish in it, so take extra radish when you eat this that’s when you will thoroughly enjoy, and this sambhar because of the radish it gets a very awesome flavor mm just outstanding along with this a piece of papad wow super but look at the radish pieces nice they become nice and juicy and very tasty with little bit of tamarind juice and all this mmm this is why i love radish sambhar, dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s session but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your
recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvah.com so others can benefit from your great
cooking wow, now i can enjoy it with my hand

Dereck Turner

13 thoughts on “RADISH SAMBHAR

  1. jkesar13 says:

    Chef this is looking yum, I mean I cook sambhar with other stuff including radish , but just radish is a unique twist

  2. kath209 says:

    Oh, this is surely a keeper! (I'm so embarrassed I never tried cooked radishes until adulthood; typical American, sigh.)

  3. dimdaman says:

    Have been watching you cook for years, I enjoy your show and your great recipes.  

  4. jmarylastone says:

    part of what makes a dish so good is seeing someone enjoy it – gosh you make this look so good

  5. Humera Rafi says:

    Can I use ready made sambar powder..

  6. samy .murugan says:

    sir this do not use toor dal can use?

  7. Stephy Keziah says:

    its simply superb i love it

  8. Johan Shine says:

    Wah re Wah!

  9. Sundhar Raman R says:

    Didnt you need to add salt

  10. Rajeshwari Sr says:

    It came out really tasty. We like your cooking tips.

  11. seetha krishnan says:

    Mr.Vahchef Sanjay as usual the demo was so good. Not that i haven't made radish sambhar but just love to see ur show and to tell u as usual it looked so good and finally the tasting part. Wow!!! was just like icing on the cake superb man u and ur various demos!!!!

  12. kalyani dey says:

    I love radish Sambhar. Today I am going to prepare. I enjoyed the session.

  13. Chalapathi Kr says:

    Ur shows is very useful for food lovers

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