Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

[BUZZING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah. I saw you. Sweet. What’s up? Gym tonight? [LAUGHTER] No!
No! No! MAN: Welcome to BRO Capital. Uh, yeah, so you’ll be
up on the fourth floor with investments, and, uh– what? The Tigers are up by 20? Yes! Anyway, it’s entry
level, but your resume was by far the strongest. I’m sure you’ll fit right– in. Thanks. I still think it’s unbelievable
that I’m really here. Unbeweavable. [CLEARING THROAT] I–
I mean, unbelievable! [GRUNTING] I’m so excited. I have a really good
feeling about this! [TAPPING] [LAUGHTER] Heh. [PHONES CHIMING] [WHISTLING] [PHONE RINGING] [SIGH] When it’s 9:00, but it
feels like it’s 10:30. Good morning. Hi there. Did you see they
hired a ball of y— oh.”. [SIGH] Morning, gentlemen. MAN: Hey, what’s the difference
between a porcupine and a BMW? With the porcupine, the
pricks are on the outside! [LAUGHTER] PURL: [LAUGHTER] Yeah! [LAUGHTER] Good one. So, why do spiders weave webs? Because they don’t
know how to crochet. [LAUGHTER] Is that, like, a
sport, or something? Like– with the needles, and– you know? [NERVOUS LAUGHTER] Aw. MAN: Hey, guys. Staff meeting. As you can see, we’ve got a
big, fat failure on our hands. So, finance wants answers. Ideas? Uh, excuse me. OK. What’s our strategy here? What’s the priority? Why are they even ours? Simple and straightforward. Oh, guys! Let’s bring finance in and
knit our strategies together. What? Naw, you’re being too soft. We gotta be aggressive.
– Yeah! We gotta be aggressive!
– Double down! Aggressive! Who cares about finance? [MEN SHOUTING] All right, all right, OK. Let’s put a pin in it. Who’s down for two for
one wings at Swifty’s? Oh, yeah. Hey, we got everybody? Yeah, that’s everybody. All right. First round’s on Gronkowski. [LAUGHTER] [SIGH] [DING] Of course, now
who knows what– What the– Gronkowski. Purl. [TYPING] Did she always sit there? I don’t even recognize her. So then he says, I know
this suit is expensive, baby. But at my apartment,
it’s 100% off! [LAUGHTER] She tells better
jokes than you do. MAN: Hey, guys? Staff meeting. [LAUGHTER] MAN: Well, these results
speak for themselves. But finance is
still asking for– I say we go for it! And if finance doesn’t like
it, they can kiss our ass! All right! Yeah! All right! [CHEERING] It’s 5:00 somewhere. Let’s go. Happy hour at Swifty’s. Let’s get outta here. Shotgun!
Shotgun! All right. Is that everybody? Hold up. Not everybody. Let’s go. – Shotgun!
– Come on. You’re gonna love
this place, Purl. Purl, you’re going
to eat so many wings. Purl! Purl, you wanna– – Purl, come over here.
– Hey, Purl? Purl? [CHEERING] [VOMITING] [CHEERING] [DING] Oh, thank goodness
you’re still here. I had such a time trying
to find this place. Oh, I missed my stop,
and then I didn’t know what floor we were on. Excuse me, sir. I guess Kyle from
HR went home early, so I went door to
door, up each flight. [SCOFFING] Leave the
knitting at your nana’s house. [LAUGHTER] What I mean to
say is that I can’t wait to be part of the team. Guys? [SIGH] Hey, where are you going? Hi. I’m Purl. I’m Lacy. What are they doing? LACY: It was such a fright. Hey, guys, this is Lacy. Mm– eh. PURL: Welcome to BRO Capital. You’ll be up on the fourth
floor with investments. Thanks. It’s still kind of
unbelievable that I’m here. I would say it’s
“un-be-weave-able.” [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] Wow. I have a really good
feeling about this. Well, come on. Let me show you around. Tell us all about yourself. We do love a good yarn. Hey, Purl, you guys coming
to Schwifty’s tonight? Is a wool sweater scratchy? [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING]

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Purl | Pixar SparkShorts

  1. Caleb Bailey says:

    Cmon Pixar. You almost ruined my childhood.

  2. CutePiePip says:

    Soo weird

  3. Ron Wylie says:

    I thought this was wonderful, brilliantly written and everything was just right to the highest standards of Pixar. These little shorts are outshining the full movies {and not just Pixar's} , the last great one 'Bao' were really beautiful and won many awards and this one deserves the same.

  4. Squirtlemaster47 says:

    Wow just wow
    And I thought my jokes were dirty and bad
    2:49 pause it and ask yourself
    Are those even words?!??
    7:32 is everyone this lazy

  5. Peaches ! says:

    I love this

  6. alexita la más bonita says:


  7. Writer Tot says:

    Pixar: swears

    Kids: Impossible
    Adults: Impossible
    Everyone Else: Impossible

  8. Lauren Yoder says:

    Does anyone else remember the name Purl from that Tumblr thread with the supervillain that knits stuff? The Knitter or something? And Purl was his sidekick/ partner?

  9. Fercel Solis says:


    now stop with the recommendations

  10. Lexx Osaurus says:

    Oh man y'all went right for the feels, didn't you?

  11. Juan Arenas says:

    La. Odio. Que. Se. Muera

  12. Diannaplaysgacha&toys Praseuthsinh says:

    Just watch this has to go so I watching again

  13. willwha werewolf says:

    Go girl! ✊

  14. Jenn says:

    Curse words? What when?


    omg pixar swears

  16. Ava Hoffman says:

    Me: this will be cute and family friendly
    Pixar: swears, makes dirty jokes
    Me: 😳😦(childhood crumbles)

  17. Firman N says:

    "mAn bAD, wOmEN GoOd"

  18. KittyClawz_Meow says:

    There are like 20 alcohol references and swearing and dirty jokes. How is dis Pixar? Me’s childhood is ruined

  19. Gaming pro Crew says:

    This is raided pg 18

  20. Eduardo Oliber says:


  21. Eduardo Oliber says:

    Thanos: Impossible

  22. AFK FASXC says:

    No entiendo los chistes de Godínez _

  23. C H E R R Y B L O S S M 07 says:



  24. poke fan 3333 says:

    5:07 kiss our a##

  25. Swoogles TSI says:

    As someone who is rather political, enjoy the short showing exceptence is good, there is no point in ruining the message it gives with political banter.

  26. Godzilla Earth says:

    I can’t believe they cussed.

  27. Joyful Vision says:


  28. Seamus Martin says:

    It’s too controversial to use women? So they had to use yarn, wow what has the county come too…

  29. Melon Squadwood says:


  30. Gam3rPro1234 playz says:

    Be clean please

  31. X-LORD 28 says:

    If this was a movie i would watch it

  32. Ayden Y. says:

    I just got the “in my apartment it’s 100% off joke”…

  33. Slimez Manev says:

    Me: mom I told you it’s for everyone!

  34. ElephantsLover says:

    The new zootopia sequel looks good
    So this is what’s going on at Area 51
    Pixar: cuss
    Everyone: tHaTs IlLeGaL

  35. Abby Gomez says:

    Be your sefe

  36. lps alex 101 says:


  37. lps alex 101 says:


  38. Alpha Kamara says:

    Pixar is for kids? Why this movie sworned

  39. i love max says:

    the balls of yarn represent women
    this shows that women can work with men at offices, but at first the men where a lil…

  40. ShadowSlayer 499 says:

    I thought pixar was clean 5:07

  41. The Cantaloupe c: says:

    Why do I fell bad for a ball of yarn

  42. greenE time says:

    5:07 I though this was Pixar

  43. FazeFazbear X says:

    Someone in the group of bros said "be there or be square" and purl didnt show up the first time

  44. FazeFazbear X says:

    Every is on something if they see balls of yarn instead women

  45. Captain Maggie says:

    People please watch the behind the sences for this!! It's based on the directors own story of when she was in a workplace mostly dominated by men and how she learned to have the workplace more inclusive

  46. krazykat 5805 says:

    I’m starting to think Pixar did not make this

  47. Violet Orange says:

    It's sad that you first have to change yourself to get people to acknowledge you and THEN they allowe you to change their view. I know this clip has great intentions, but we should recognize the behaviour in the beginning as being toxic and a bad workplace environment. You should for example be aware if you are excluding someone or not letting them join a discussion. They shouldn't have to "earn" that by being boisterous and aggressive.

  48. The Plushie Adventer channel says:

    Omg did purl really swear they do realise kids watch this and and beer reference

  49. VIVID TITAN says:

    lol is this supposed to be about women in the workplace bro

  50. Atarilover2600 says:

    Saw that there was a Pixar Youtube channel….subscribes immediately 👍

  51. Leonidas Rivas says:

    I didn’t know Pixar curses

  52. Mr. Pickles The Demon Possessed Dog says:

    Women are yarn balls because they are obje-

  53. RTRadical says:

    This is an inaccurate representation of men smh. I can’t believe this sexism in 2019

  54. DizTheKiz says:

    purl: swears
    me: yep. this is a pixar short for you.

  55. Sarah Fowler says:

    Me: unbwelievable

  56. Sarah Fowler says:

    Me This short :Suits; my style
    Every body Els:THAT WAS A BAAAD PUN
    Me:but its punny its yarntastic
    (Hears knock at door)
    I am still being chased by the FBI now

  57. Sarah Fowler says:

    Help me

    Edit:I have now been caut by the cops

  58. Sarah Fowler says:

    Pear: swears
    Every body but me : impossible
    Me: unbwelievable

  59. OneUpNerd says:

    Is it just me or does the guy in the elevator with Purl at the beginning look like Hogarth from the Iron Giant???

  60. Smoochs PLH says:

    Me: Yes, but I ship Purl and Lacy.

  61. Lena Peter says:

    And What's the Moral?

  62. Sweet Needle says:

    It just shows how quickly people can judge others who are different
    Different ideas, hobbies, personality and looks

    And how easily people can change to be like others and when they do change other’s opinions change

  63. Ransom Simpson says:

    Why pixar why

  64. Lord Spaguetti says:

    This is one of the worst shorts so far, why swear, why the dirty jokes, why, just, why

  65. jessica fairbrother says:

    4:43 Pixar: * says a dirty joke*

  66. jessica fairbrother says:

    5:45 Pixar: * drinks alcohol*

  67. jessica fairbrother says:

    5:49 Pixar: pukes

  68. jessica fairbrother says:

    The yellow yarn ball is just going to do the same thing

  69. jessica fairbrother says:

    Welp soon

  70. jessica fairbrother says:

    Nevermind there is alot of yarn balls but not doing the same thing as Purl

  71. jessica fairbrother says:

    7:46 Pixar: yarn balls allowed in this room and also people known as humans

  72. Daniel Scott says:

    Purl is scary I was having many reoccurring nightmares pls take down the video

  73. ComputerMarioBross - LanzaPlays! says:

    You know. For me, more than an allusion to the female "opression" in any social / professional enviroment, I's rather watch it as a way of how a person that has got characteristics that differs them from the others has to deal with his social life. The wool ball couldn't only be replaced by "women" but by people of different races, heigths, people who have lost part of his external sense organs (hand fingers, eyes, nose, mouth…), people with different beliefs, etc.

    In short words, for me, this short is a way of trying to accept that there can be a lot of people different from you, and that's okay, because they're as human as you

  74. Rage Jacob says:

    im lazy

  75. Gaming With Mickey says:

    Why did Pixar put Swears dirty jokes and the A wird

  76. Екатерина Босая says:

    На русском есть?

  77. 45ThumbsUp says:

    3:14 literally any Australian at a football game

  78. 45ThumbsUp says:

    Who wrote this script? My childhood is dying, crumbling, and falling apart at the seams

  79. bella phantom says:


  80. Just here for fun says:

    Garnet amythest and PURL

  81. Otto Dunker says:

    Me:this seem a good animated movie from Pixar


    Me:were I'm calling the cops

  82. Christan Visser says:

    4:54 Dubble OOF

  83. elf-amazon 500 says:

    5:01 Oh god I thought this was a cartoonish kids animation

  84. tash loves sans says:

    "She tell better jokes than you" outch buuuuurrrrrrn

  85. Virisal says:

    Purl: change yourself to fit in
    Smash and Grab: commit crimes and lose limbs for a high five.
    Kitbull: Escape a abusive owner and play with a bottle cap.

  86. BUY N LARGE says:


  87. Drifty Games says:

    Plot twist

    The message of the story is to not be yourself and act like everyone else

  88. F L O W E R says:

    "Even a small act of kindness creates an endless ripple." 😊

  89. Sky says:

    Nice feminist video Pixar 😂

  90. DracozarFX says:

    In french pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  91. Мария Кирюхина says:

    Хороший мультик, заставляет задуматься

  92. Малика Лео says:

    It isn't normal. Are you see it?

  93. Xetry LGA says:

    My classroom when this played
    My classmates: 0_0
    My teacher:
    nothing to see here😄

  94. rickyrex rosales says:

    Pixar are suckers universal is better

  95. Bricilla kitty Guerra gamer says:

    2010:dirty jokes 2018:curse words 2019:this not for kids!!

  96. Lakeram Singh says:

    Imagine a kid watching this

  97. springs nature says:

    This has so much symbolism in it I don't where to begin!

  98. mochi uwu says:

    Dirty jokes,
    Alcohol references,

    yep, Pixar is now officially for adults

  99. Madi_ yeet says:

    This has a deep meaning…😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰

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