Project Magenta: Music and Art with Machine Learning (Google I/O ’17)

Project Magenta: Music and Art with Machine Learning (Google I/O ’17)

Dereck Turner

14 thoughts on “Project Magenta: Music and Art with Machine Learning (Google I/O ’17)

  1. Federico Jimbo Smithson says:

    i thought magenta is a operating system kernel?

  2. AC P says:

    I love the mission of Tensorflow Magenta but I think the first goal should be to find the push button art tools, the electric guitar / sampler / turntable / paint in tubes / different brushes / deep dream, then move to the secondary goal which is probably equal to the first, teaching, training and exposing as many parts of the tools for experimentation. I believe creative people will drive it forward if it is open enough…

  3. Koen Dejonghe says:

    'they actually pay us to do this sort of thing'. lucky bastards.

  4. AmCan Tech says:

    The demo looks awesome!

  5. Fredrik Darum says:


  6. Floydimus says:

    Stupid thing for near future, and threating in long term.

  7. Dumb Jason says:

    watched this like 10 times already. I love this so much!

  8. eSKAone says:


  9. Petey Hayman says:

    so cool were the questions recorded?

  10. Patrick Wanek says:

    Exciting thanks for making it available

  11. Mr.WetMEME says:

    Yeah let's just not have anybody ever make music physically again because you know computers and stuff by the way the Department of Education wants to teach computer coding to kindergarteners they want us all hooked up to the machine they want us to be in The Matrix


  12. Ella Jameson says:

    Hey, Google Developers YouTube channel manager: Please add cards to the videos (especially the I/O talks) with links to what the speakers are saying. It takes an intern maybe an hour to do properly for a 30 minute video, and allows us as viewers to more easily get involved and excited about these talks. It is more interactive. You all made cards the de-facto instead of annotations for a reason, after all!

  13. 배세욱 says:

    23:09 Daft punk – derezzed🐮

  14. Dr. Elina Shakh says: This is an example of using Magenta Great Thanks!

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