Preview of the New Spy Museum in DC 🕵

Preview of the New Spy Museum in DC 🕵

Dereck Turner

15 thoughts on “Preview of the New Spy Museum in DC 🕵

  1. Angela B Pan Photography says:

    Great Video! Sorry I missed it.

  2. David P. McEntee says:

    looks great man, what an interesting place to visit!! 🙂

  3. Amir Zonozi says:

    Looks like a fun experience – that view tho!

  4. St11S says:

    That came out cool Andy!

  5. Trip Hacks DC says:

    Looks like an awesome experience. Can't wait to go!

  6. IntlSpyMuseum says:

    What a great video!! So fun watching you experience the Museum and the interactives!
    Thanks for spying on us! 😊

  7. Rick Dulaine says:

    Thanks for putting together this video… really enjoyed all the previews of the exhibits there and the background music!

  8. Cameron Becht says:

    Dang that place looks dope! Just subbed also! Hope to see more content to come

  9. Yeslea Ash says:

    If you pressed fucking micha Alvarez i will scream

  10. Ronald Dunwoody says:

    Be careful of some jerk who works here by the name of Unray Headon. He's a real piece of work.

  11. Adam Preset says:

    Great video! I’m excited to go there! It looks really fun. Your editing and music were on point!

  12. Laci Rambo says:

    Oh, this is awesome!!

  13. Kyle Kuntz says:

    Did they go into the building the Newseum was in?

  14. felix121984 says:

    Hey do you wear boat shoes without socks ? Is so can I smell your feet !

  15. TwinFans says:

    I went to the old spy museum so many times, I got to go this one.

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