Practicing Latte Art

Practicing Latte Art

Hi my name is Charles Babinski, I am the cofounder of G&B Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger in Los Angeles, California so, two pitchers. This is my milk pitcher and this a pitcher, pretending to be a cup and we are using water instead of milk because, water is cheap and you can spill it everywhere and it’s easy first, just let it dangle put your thumb down and then speed up or slow down and just get used to doing different speeds and, once you get a good sense of how to speed up or slow down the water try to go very slow to very fast fast slow, fast slow, fast slow next pour very slow and go up down up down up down try to keep a consistent flow next just practicing wiggling when you are wiggling the milk pitcher you don’t want it to be jerky, so you’re not moving your whole hand like that you’re letting it hang, right and then letting it sort of pick up a a pendulum back and forth it shouldn’t be a whole lot of motion it’s not like this it’s almost like this we have three things so far slow fast, slow fast, slow fast high low, high low, high low and then wiggling once you are comfortable with those pour high and slow you go down speed up and untilt the cup that you are pouring into high and slow go down, speed up and untilt the cup that you are pouring into and then high and slow go down all the way, speed up wiggle and untilt the cup that you are pouring into now putting it all together: high and slow go down speed up wiggle untilt, slow down slow down, up half an inch and across you’re done a few notes on form: you want to keep the handle of the cup that you are pouring into perpendicular to the handle of the steaming pitcher for the milk pitcher: keeping the handle, parallel to your shoulders the whole time, so, none of this none of this it’s always like this your holding the milk pitcher you want to dangle it on one finger so, you have your pointer finger right here just so that it is sort of naturally even and then use your thumb like this to speed it up or slow it down think about it as like the gas pedal these three fingers right here are stabilizing it so, you’re not clamped down on it it’s just the one finger, dangling the thumb speeding up and slowing down, and then the other three to stabalize keep your elbow close to your side so, don’t bring it up here if you are speeding up and you are raising your elbow to do it you’re going to rotate the pitcher while you are do that and that’s going to make things harder so just use your thumb to speed stuff up so two things that people do when they are pouring and they get into more complicated pours is they will bring the milk pitcher closer to the cup that they’re pouring into which you don’t want to do before it’s time and the other thing is, everything will move around so, stuff will start to rotate you don’t want that either

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    it never works wth me 🙁 why ?

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    I'm a barista and never really looked up how to make latte art, I just figured it out via trial and error

  4. Bagus Ferdiansyah says:

    saya dari indonesia.. terimakasih, vidio ini sangat bermanfaat, semoga tuhan membalas kebaikan anda 🙂

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    Thank you, that was very informative 🙂

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    Thank you so much. Easily the best video I've found after a year of trawling YouTube!

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  13. Allen Wang says:

    is it best to use a 12oz frothing pitcher or 20oz for a 9.5oz latte cup?

  14. Cathryn Denney says:

    Brilliant video – really breaking it down to basics, which is so helpful!

  15. Marjan Sadri says:

    It was the best tutorial video that I ever have seen . exactly what I wanted. thank you so much

  16. Yongyi Li says:

    I still don't understand how to wiggle. You said that it's to move the hand back and forth? But I though that it's to move the hand right and left.

  17. Filipe Ribeiro says:

    Hello, i follow your channel and i really like your videos, however i have a question that only a professional can handle it.
    When I put the milk in the coffee, i realise that in the end i just have a layer of foam that doesn't mix with the drink, so, in the end it's impossible to draw anything, making the drink looks like a cappuccino. I do every step you teach in your channel, but i don't know what i'm i doing wrong. If possible can you look for the pics i've take to my last "latte" in the link i share? Thanks for everything 🙂 .

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    That's the best instruction latte art video I have ever watched.

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    To much water….

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    The problem with all these great video's and what no one tells you, is that you need to spend thousands of $ to get a machine that can 1- grind the coffee been fine enough, and then 2- steam the milk to the level that this is even achievable. I am on my 3rd Breville, even taken it to my local Barista and he couldn't do it either. Pity that….

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    Man, I can't thank this professional enough. Thanks for the proper tutorial and advice to use water; so efficient. Finally poured a heart immediately after practicing.


    Request for a 'water pouring' tutorial technique video for a few other Latte Art designs: Rosetta, etc. Maybe it's redundant, but the visual with water really helps.

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