Pink Unicorn – SPRAY PAINT ART – By Skech

Pink Unicorn – SPRAY PAINT ART – By Skech

Welcome to Skech’s SPRAY PAINTING , crafting and DIY Art. Whats up My AWESOME YouTubers I just realize that i have only one pink picture so in this video I’m gona make one pink , purple , dark blue pictire I hope u will like it, I hope u will enjoy it If u are first time here if u are not SUBSCRIBED yet hit that SUBSCRIBE button for more future videos, stay tuned and lets go! Lets roll guys! Nothing without roots. Hey guys thanks for watching this video I hope u liked it, I hope u enjoyed it If u have some question be free to ask me down below in the comment box. If u are first time here and if u are not SUBSCRIBED yet hit that SUBSCRIBE button for more future videos like this. Stay tuned and I love u all !

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Pink Unicorn – SPRAY PAINT ART – By Skech

  1. Skech Art says:

    I have just one pink picture that i made for valentines day so I decide to make that balance in colors 😀
    Hope u will like it 🙂

  2. ひなめん says:

    very beautiful

  3. Olga P says:

    Чем он посыпает?

  4. Isabel 214 says:

    I want this painting for my room 😩😍

  5. Soliterraneous Vid says:

    This must be in art museum😍

  6. FC's The Meme says:


  7. Music_Lover Forever says:

    Beautiful painting, please do a tornado.

  8. Alan Crezz says:

    Sae pisan gambarna

  9. Elijah Soria says:

    Its called pink unicorn yet he did a cut out on the unicorn and everything else he did on his own smh

  10. Ryllli says:

    Plot Twist: The unicorn is actually black…

  11. izabella carvalho silvestre says:


  12. Aulia Mailani says:


  13. nogishiro channel says:


  14. A1Frederick says:

    This dude is amazing 😍😱

  15. Manjesh Bm says:

    I have subscribed your page, can I get an image combining…a dark forest, a beachy type waterfalls and a haunted house.

  16. LopezThe Dog says:

    Why do you hit it with flames every once in a while?

  17. Amir Fahim Ruhaifi says:


  18. Nay Htet says:

    Amazing spray paint art.but in my opion,you should not add waterfall on pic.

  19. Kultsum ArumSari says:

    Wooh so cool

  20. 피치소다PEACHSODA says:

    OMG It is look so INCREDIBLE

  21. Deenit Yumnam says:

    You are like an angel of spray paint art

  22. Havrest Naji says:

    This is what i call talent

  23. JB 921 Art says:

    love it!

  24. Andrianto channel says:

    Wow crazy, the picture is amazing, I love it. Don't forget to come to my channel and like, subscribe, thank you… 😂😂😂

  25. Éric Chaput élève says:

    If bob Ross was a sketch artist

  26. Sathaporn Kanjan says:


  27. roshan anon says:


  28. naresh waran says:

    Super awesome

  29. bryant bejarin says:

    Dis guy should try bartending, like those guys who shake the stuff

  30. Anggi gamingcuk says:

    Aku pengen belajar,🥀

  31. مرام خالد says:

    Can i ask you a question . Where did you learn this ??.thanks

  32. Nehaa Pomii says:

    Wowww!!! Its beautiful♥️😍😍😍

  33. Street Urchin says:

    Subscribed. You're incredible man. love you !!your art in incredible. And the music is chosen PERFECTLY ! I sincerely prefer watching videos like this rather than some movies. Watching how your painting is evolving and listening to this kind of music is AMAZING. THANK YOU.

  34. ghafor mohammadi says:

    Very good

  35. தமிழ்த்தேன் / நிறைமொழி says:

    Wow nice 👍

  36. Akdas Qureshi says:

    Actually the unicorns black but the background is pink thank me later

  37. Dale manos e minas says:

    Legal e bunito

  38. Leticia Flores-Zamarron says:


  39. Vida LaSalle says:

    u only get so many dislikes because they are jealous that they cant do that

  40. Simvy 's says:

    Omg 😮 I also wanna learn 😟

  41. Kent Camello says:


  42. Owais Ahmed says:

    where i can get this type of colours what is the name of these colours plss send me

  43. Samara Samara says:

    O Brasil te adora cara🤤😍❤️

  44. Laxmi Joshi says:


  45. Priyanka Medhi says:

    You are great artist bro,loves from india

  46. ابو دانيال الاسدي says:


  47. Gir Is here to destroy you!!! says:

    That’s super cool.

  48. monica anestor says:

    Que lindo❤muito perfeito

  49. Daniel Timbs says:

    How would I buy this from u?

  50. anjan suresh says:

    Incredible 😍😍💕💯💫☀️👍👍👍

  51. freaky freak says:

    where did you got the licence for fucking starwars 😀

  52. Ciro Cepollaro says:

    La mia bimba ha detto :non è giusto l'albero è marrone e verde non è bianco. No non è giusto

  53. Harley & Joker Puddin says:

    His art is so beautiful

  54. Carrie Easley says:

    This is beautiful!

  55. Roy says:

    I will take that even without the unicorn,the clouds and the waterfall

  56. Rakhi Koli says:

    Very very nice

  57. Dr. Divansi says:

    Which spray colors do you use…..

  58. Jogando e Falando //Erthal// says:

    Quanto não custa uma pintura assim

  59. ART BALAKI says:

    It's a really cool video ~

    Your hand is a great hand ~ ^^

  60. so mi says:


  61. Адема Байбатчанова says:

    Он офигено рисует

  62. Johanna Ibe says:

    Can I buy the picture

  63. Pumpum Penguin says:

    Come here in Philippines and Sell all your Arts In here I'm sure everybody gonna love it especially me

  64. Akash ram Ram says:

    You are the best painter

  65. Deimos says:

    How does a person learn something like this??

  66. SR SURAJ says:

    Beautiful 😍

  67. Maricar SEXY MEG Pilipinas says:

    Oh my gosh… Another inspiration and motivation…. Iloveartsss … 👏😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ From now on i am already your fan yeyy … ☺️😘😍❤️

  68. abilio coutinho dos reis reis says:


  69. 142 3709 says:

    Wow fantastic

  70. Cheyanne Forbes says:

    It’s crazy how spray paint art can look so messy in the beginning stages but then becomes better than a regular sketch or painting. Something about it just is so much more satisfying to me.

  71. Music_Lover Forever says:

    Please make art from It 2017, Free Willy, Aladdin 2019, Narnia 🤗

  72. sang nguyen says:

    quay cai lox j v

  73. ShahadMuh says:

    Oh my gosh

  74. Legendary China man says:

    The scared tree in the fairy kingdom seven deadly sin nanstu no taizai

  75. kaustubh thakur says:

    Thanks you sir or madam from this drawing I get ideas of how to make reflection drawing same from Ruchira thakur this comment

  76. Jaz Carlos says:

    you're so amazing

  77. official masree_ says:

    Amazing bro iam from indo support you channel

  78. Антон Антонов says:


  79. Trista Willhite says:

    So satisfying to watch lol

  80. Đam mê Tik tok says:

    Đẹp thật

  81. Russell Parker says:

    what do you use to make the paint thin out so you can make all the cool lines and design? very Beautiful paintings.

  82. Reggie Arcilla says:

    Hey sketch do I sell your art? I be interested

  83. Affe Boy says:

    I like your tiktok

  84. Smoothly ninja says:

    How you do that

  85. DJ313 says:

    hi… do you use acrylic spray paint ?

  86. Itsme Gabriele says:

    Se achando fazendo a parada pra cair kkkkkkk

  87. Emperor Crimsons says:

    1:05 you fail the trick.

  88. IamGroot says:

    Мужик, это круто!!!

  89. الهنائي Mobile says:

    اول ما شفت الفيديو فكرتها فتاة…. لكن ظهر الرجل من عجيب لأمر أرى الرجل يطول الشعر نفس فتاة /

  90. Mustika Rahman says:

    Huaaaaa i love that👌🏻

  91. Tiago Azevedo says:

    Wonderful Great Upload congratulations Have an amazing day

  92. Heidy Rodriguez says:

    what do you use to edge the white when you use the edging tool?

  93. irsyad nazhan says:

    I want to buy, but verry pretty

  94. Nayaben A Vasava says:

    I want this color

  95. maheerah khan says:

    at 5:34 he use FIRE OMG

  96. Tricia T-B says:

    Really mesmerising to watch it come alive ! Thanks for sharing.

  97. virupaksh nidavani says:


  98. Sarulya Art says:


  99. Sarulya Art says:

    Have no words

  100. B Bow says:

    Spray on paper? Or?….

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