Photoshop Magic Actions Version 2

Photoshop Magic Actions Version 2

the compositing actions magic pack has
been redeveloped into version two to make it even easier for you to composite
so I’ll take you through the new settings first of all you need to choose
your lair now this can be now it can be a PNG it can be a smart object it can
also have a mask this will work with any of your settings so the first thing that
you want to do is choose one of your action options here let’s start with the
shape shadow so if we click on that you can see straight away it creates the
shape shadow based on your PNG or your cutout file and then you can edit it as
you need to the other awesome thing about this is it will drop it down below
the feet so there’s a lot less moving that needs to happen now you can further
soften blend and puppet warp your shadow we’ve created this shape shadow you
might want to transform so the first thing that you want to do is grab the
corners to match the perspective now this is different for every scene and
this is why this can’t be built into the action because it’s dependent on your
scene and your background and perspective of it but once you’ve got it
close double click the next thing that you want to do is actually move those
legs to match up so you can use puppet walk for this if you click on puppet
walk lock down the top area as you need to
and probably at the top of the legs as well and just grab the tips of the feet
and move them underneath underneath the foot as you need to so puppet warp gives
you a little more control over the individual areas I’ll move that foot up
under there and under there we cannot also use the mask and paint where you
need to to tidy it up as I said every shadow is different click tick to lock
that down now you might want to fade out that top area there so you can do that
directly on the shadow but if you want a little more control I rec
means grouping the shadow putting it into the group and creating a mask on
the group this just means that you can go back and forth without destroying
your shadow so I turn the flow down and just paint off the top area there so
that it fades because the further away a shadow gets the more faded it is so you
can do that manually or you can just leave the shadow as is you can also
obviously change the opacity to match your scene check out other shadows in
the scene to try and match it now that we’ve got the shadow there the shape
shadow the next thing we want to do is add a contact shadow now I’ve made this
easier with version 2 you don’t have to paint it in yourself at all just make
sure that you’ve got your element selected that you want to add the shadow
to click on contact shadow and you’ll see it creates a contact shadow all the
way around your subject now what you want to do is obviously paint off the
area that does not need the shadow so you only need the shadow for this one on
the bottom of the feet but you might have another object against the wall
that you do actually need a shadow all the way around so just paint off with
your brush the shadow is only around the edge so you can just go around the edge
very very quickly and leave that contact shadow down under the feet very very easy and it’s perfect it’s
exactly around the edge of the feet in the right shape so when that’s done
click back on your subjects you want to add some rim light now again I’ve made
this easier so click on the rim light and then paint on the areas you don’t
want so you can see the rim light is going all around the edge of our dingo
here now we want to just paint off the areas that are not needed as much so
definitely at the back of the dingo there just underneath a little bit we
don’t want as much room light there back there so work out where the light
shining where it’s not shining and pop your rim light around the edges where
it’s needed so that creates a very very simple and
quick rim light around the edge of your dingo if you need to paint a little bit
more back you can click on the X and just paint manually around any areas
that you want to emphasize so you still got full control around all of the edges
but it just makes it much much quicker to do all right so next you want to
perhaps add some shading so this one again I’ve made it easier click on
shading and then mask off the areas you don’t want you can turn down the opacity
as well so we’ve got a backlit scene I’m going to zoom back on this we’re going
to turn the shading down I’ll now didn’t go here just want it subtle so if I
click on and off and where that light is coming on the front there I don’t really
want any shading so I’m gonna paint it off here the front of the dingo and
leave a little more shading on the back of the dingo there so again it’s
completely dependent on your particular scene and your light if we go now to
color tuning that’s the same as before it will take in all the colors of your
scene and it will tone the dingo or whatever subject you’ve got
if it comes up with the create clipping mask is not available just press
Continue that’s only because they were already some elements clipped so now you
can see that makes a huge difference in the color matching the scene blend is
another aspect that will help blend it together so quick makan your dingo click
on blend now it’s a subtle approach but what happens is it helps to blend the
subject into the scene more before it was there you would have found that it
was a little bit too sharp and a little bit too solid so now we’ve bought a more
atmosphere into the dingo so it matches the scene as well finally light spill so
if we click on light spill again if it says this don’t worry about it just
press Continue and paint off any areas that you don’t want the lights Vil so
you can see there’s a nice lot of light spill coming across the top of the dingo
there we can paint it off the bottom when we don’t need it but you know it
makes it a whole lot easier to blend it in so we can turn that down as well so
now we’ve got a dingo completely composited into the scene just with the
click of a few buttons really hope this helps you guys in speeding up your

Dereck Turner

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