Photoshop – How to transform Photos to stunning, acrylic paintings

Photoshop – How to transform Photos to stunning, acrylic paintings

Hey welcome to this tutorial In this turorial how to make your picture look like a painting! The first thing you want to do is you wanna choose a picture that you like you want to go into image and then go to adjustment then we are going to go into something called threshold the threshold is making the picture black and white and we want the darker area to be visble to make kind of more soften or look a little bit blure I am going to go into go to filter blur gaussion blur this is just to make it a little bit cleaner so just experiment a little bit and you will see that the hair is looking better now we are going to go into filter stylize and antistopic the thing I am doing now is that I am going to click on the folder and in the folder I have some of the images that I have taken before You are going to into the dropdown box the picture will change after what kind of effect you are going to give like it really depends on what kind of colour you are choosing for the picture the next thing I am going to do now is trying to mark the background I want to mark the background to make it seems like someone really drawn the picture I am choosing the same layer and this makes it seems like the picture is even more like it is drawen or painted Hope that you liked this video or tutorial and if you want to SUBSCRIBE that would be really nice. Please leave a comment and telling me if you have any tips or tricks about Photoshop And maybe I can learn from you Thank you for watching!

Dereck Turner

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    hi, I saw your comment under the JLPT book's video. could you please share with me the PDF of it? I live in Ukraine and can't justify so much money on a book. sharing it isn't bad, we all watch anime and Japanese media on the internet for free.

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