hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session of cooking with philips where each one of you can be super chef. I have been using philips airfryer for some time now and I can vouch that your life becomes easy when you use Philips airfryer there are lot of products that we traditionally fry now can be air fried thereby saving more than eighty percent of the oil and the taste is many times better than the original dear friends happy using Philips airfryer one of the greatest advantage of using Philips airfryer is not only saving eighty percent of the oil but the ease at which we fry foods no more fear of burning your fingers and no more nonsense, cleaning of oily stains from the vessels just use Philips airfryer on your dining table while your guests are sitting on the table and fry and enjoy some of the greatest recipes. Dear friends today I am going to show you how to make paua paneer we’re going to stuff paneer into a thin bread which we are going to fry it in the air fire so for this all I’m going to do is take some flour in this add little bit of salt and just will squeeze in little bit of lime juice also now add water and make this into a you know medium soft dough not too soft not too stiff medium soft dough with this, so if you want you can also add just one teaspoon of oil in this okay that will help the dough to be nice and you know little bit flaky so now we’re going to make a medium stiff dough with this add water little by little don’t add too much at a time and later you will be adding flour on top so this happened to me many times so just don’t do that mistake the dough is all ready and we’re going to make this into a thin sheet by using some flour okay if you want you can also keep this dough in the fridge because we’re going to coat the butter on it and if the dough is a little bit cold it becomes much more easier and the bread what we are going to make will come out even perfect just make this into a rectangle little longer and then we are going to apply butter now we have the sheet ready I just made it long like this and on this you know just like a puff dough just take butter and just apply butter like this very very thin layer that should be good now not just applying butter we have to apply little bit of flour and then roll it so just take flour and just little bit from the top just sprinkle the flour into thin layer this should be good now just roll this like this you know don’t press it just roll it lose okay that’s it put in a plate and let it slightly cool down in the fridge after that I am going to cut it and I’m going to stuff it with paneer I am going to show you how we are going to do air fry now we are going to make the stuffing it’s very simple just take chopped paneer in this you can also add cheese you know the melting cheese any of it like mozzarella or any of the store bought cheese in this we’re going to add some curry powder okay and if you want you can add a lot of chopped coriander and chopped mint together add little bit of chili powder to spice it up also if you want you can also add little bit of tomato ketchup not much just to give it a nice binding and little bit of sour taste and pinch of salt if required so this is the stuffing what we are going to stuff into our paua paneer now just roll it in the flour little flour and then take a knife and then cut this into little roundels okay that should be good cut this dough into little roundels and now all we are going to do is just press this dough and then we are going to press it flat okay with little extra flour and keeping the dough little bit cold we’re going to just roll it into little rotis okay just the size of you know puri and then take some of these paneer stuffing now on the edges just apply little bit of water and then just seal them okay look at this if you want you can also make it fancy by just poking it with a fork okay that’s it so i’m going to show you one more just take in some flour press it and roll them into little roundels okay now stuff it with this paneer and cheese both once again we just apply little water and then just fold nice as simple as this and later we’re going to fry them in the airfryer now we are going to preheat the airfryer for around 5 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade once this is preheated just pull them out and put our paneer paua’s inside the fryer see we can we make so many variations in a similar fashion and now let these fry in the airfryer after the first seven minutes check the color and you may have to let it cook for another four minutes till you get a nice color and the texture is light and fluffy, in no time our paua paneers are ready basically these are little pockets and they’ll become nice and light okay see and nice buttery aroma and these awesome pockets are ready and inside is our paneer and look at the nice flaky and perfect but that little bit hot I just want them to cool down little bit and enjoy them, dear friends very easy to make and the best part is they’re so nice and tasty nice awesome flavor this is neither a puff neither a roti it’s in between our paneer pauas and I’m telling you very very tasty make it and kids will thoroughly love it nice crunchy hmm and just melting in the mouth wow and i’m going to show you many of puff dough preparations in air fryer they come out so better than any method of cooking using air fryer you can get really fantastic results and I’m telling you these ones I can’t you know try now look at the nice layers that have come and wow look at inside nice stuffing and look at the number of layers this has from by simple airfrying, dear friends try this and you will all say Philips airfryer is just awesome and awesome wow I am thoroughly enjoying it mmm philips airfryer is one of the easiest gadgets to learn and in no time you will master many of the recipes I have not only made the traditional fried snacks but I have also made sweets and also have made kebabs and even biryani’s, dear friends this is such a versatile thing and specially for the couples who are busy this gadget is a lifesaver just pre-prep in the refrigerator and you can eat fresh hot food every time using Philips airfryer. Dear friends I hope you enjoyed today’s recipe many more recipes can be accessed on our website or on YouTube channel just by typing airfryer or healthy recipes so keep enjoying healthy food. Innovation and you Philips.

Dereck Turner


  1. HyborianAge says:

    Gonna try this. They look like mini calzones.

  2. AnilKumar Mittal says:

    Hi Chef , thanX for the wonderful recipe. Can I use pure ghee in place of butter ? I know taste will be different but hopefully effect will be same !

  3. Satix Natraj says:

    Please stop promo Philip makes.. be normal as you do… don go into rich

  4. Parineetha K says:

    can I fry this. Please reply

  5. SHAILJA SINGH says:

    Is this wheat flour or all purpose flour?

  6. Sak Login says:

    ur videos always make me Hungry.
    love from Pakistan

  7. Bhavna Patel says:

    Hi chef, is it necessary to preheat the fryer for every receipes please reply

  8. Annah Paquentin says:

    Wonderful!>>> This fryer is truly one of the best, if not the THE best, I have ever known about. Since I and my family only eat a whole food plant based diet and use no oil, this is perfect for french fries and other foods we thought we would never eat again. But this brings those comfort foods back plus many new ones.

  9. kasthu ece says:

    Make a playlist with airfryer… Searching everyday.. pls do it…

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