Parents Turned Their Kids’ Drawing Into Artworks

Parents Turned Their Kids’ Drawing Into Artworks

When you’re a child you have a lot of fantasies, but not enough skills to draw everything you imagine. We decided to find out what would have happened if the kids had been able to draw as artists. So, we collected pictures of the children of the Bright Side’s team and asked their parents to recreate the drawings in their unique styles. You will see they tried hard and they did their best.

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Parents Turned Their Kids’ Drawing Into Artworks

  1. Gacha SamYT says:

    2:18 “ Penguins jamping on trampolines “

    Yea nice grammar

  2. Gacha SamYT says:

    Also, the parents didn’t even draw those! If they work for a bad youtube channel they can’t have drawn that!

  3. Elise Richardson says:

    02:20 jamping lol ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. SupItsJasmine says:

    are these parents artests🏅🤔😲😲

  5. namelessjuju says:

    Penguins jAmping

  6. lps rarity says:

    Dude some kids are very good at drawing!

  7. *țáśņî îš* -aEsThEtIc- says:

    Not all kids are bad at drawing some of the younger ones are but what bout older kids like 11 and 12 yr olds

  8. Abdur Raheem says:

    In 2:11 its said "Jamping" instead of "Jumping"

  9. Ashna Fatima says:

    The drawing was fake

  10. sailxcreature • says:

    When I was their age I was drawing Alvin and the Chipmunk "ocs"…

    In fact, these kids are probably younger than I was- but are still more creative and original than I could ever be ♡

  11. Marites Galindez says:

    Why jamping?

  12. Czeska Barazon says:

    Guys the drawings were drawn from gadgets like computer tablet and other gadgets

  13. Lilo Marie says:

    So cool you guys. Hopefully they shall stay inspired!

  14. Lucydraws stuff says:

    Could someone just give the artist credit they’re all the same art style my god

  15. MillyC9 says:

    Yeah…… totally draw🙄

  16. Liopleurodon25 says:

    I like the style of the children's drawings more. The children drew what they have seen or what they feel while the adults here just try to make the drawings as cute and clean as possible. Art is not just about skills or drawing the most clean and straightest lines. Art needs to be authentic not cute or beautiful.

  17. Asuka Nakamura says:

    The children do really draw very creative pictures. I love their ideas.

  18. Jon T says:

    3:23 coolest one

  19. sega unicorn says:

    me: draws like a pro
    you: WTH IS THAT

  20. Uchiha Sakura says:

    I am 12 years old and I can draw sketches of humans and anime😎😎😎😎😎

  21. Jason Segers says:

    Tipo jamping rang jumping

  22. Lizzy Parker says:

    It looks like it was drawn on a computer, plus, they have the same style of art.

  23. ς γ α и τ н ι αプレイズネディ says:

    Kids arts are masterpieces too..

  24. Fun Times with NRF says:

    u wrote jumping with an a

  25. Logan Z says:

    I think the kids turned to 12 year olds

  26. Sarcasto says:

    Random-doooood well actually they did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. Latias lover :3 says:

    Most of these are by dads

  28. Melanie Herrera says:

    Son draw it👽
    Father draw it💀

    Im just kidding

  29. Ethan tubera says:

    "Penguins jamping" lololololololololol

  30. 윤정수 says:

    my dad was not that good at drawing

    perpare for the plot twist…

    i drew better than my dad!!1

  31. English Muffin says:

    2:17 you spelt "Jamping" instead of "Jumping"

  32. Chx beast 2000 says:


  33. TiredBxby says:

    I think you should say they re imagined there kids artwork… cuz it’s not nice to say they turn there kids work into masterpieces your making it sound like they were not already masterpieces

  34. Sushmita Deb says:

    How bad these parents are 😡 they don't even appreciate their kids drawing they should go to jail for this

  35. cookie monster karly says:

    2:15 it said jamping

  36. Bob says:

    3:23 the son is good okay do remake it

  37. iBuyFedoras says:

    I like when the penguins are jamping. Jamping. The penguins are jamping on trampolines. Conglaturashuns you did good.

  38. Coco Syrup says:

    I feel like these people are lying >:(

  39. milkykookies bts says:

    The parents photos looks sooo fake

  40. Violet Gray says:

    I can draw excellently and I had those same skills when I was like four y old.

  41. fangirl police says:

    click the 👍 on this comment

  42. Blackholeouterplane 1 says:

    0:51 I am confined she’s wearing lipstick xD

  43. Blackholeouterplane 1 says:

    2:49 JESSES

  44. Blackholeouterplane 1 says:

    Of you want to know How earth like in the future? Well this one is for you 3:22!

  45. Satsuki TheAnimeLover says:

    Lol! You’re right!

  46. Sabarna Saha says:

    For Life in the future, the son's sketch is more artistic.

  47. Hel Lo says:


  48. Alpha Y-wing squadron ! says:

    It’s clear that the parents did it on computers

  49. TheICTLiker4 says:

    Those parents draw artworks of everything that the child draws, thus, they have the talent of Ken Sugimori! But they're not so easy, just like his Venusaur artwork. That's Ken Sugimori's least favorite Pokémon to draw.

  50. Ranjit Singh says:

    Thanks for the female voice!!

  51. Ranjit Singh says:

    At 2:24 I saw this word "jamping"
    What does THAT MEAN!?!?!

  52. Sheila Mae Tumangday Yap says:

    Random hate u

  53. Catty Sister says:

    The second one reminds me of Rick

  54. Calvin Mario Santoso says:

    2:22 jamping

  55. Rayna Swartwood says:

    2:11 it says Jamping not jumping

  56. sneha patel says:


  57. Peace ! says:

    When the kid can still draw better than you

  58. Da_Gacha_Editor - Gacha editor - says:

    Hey you made the kids use bad supplies and the parents to use “professional art supplies “ so IT LOOKS LIKE KIDS ARE BAD

  59. Yunisiomly Maharjan says:

    These are hibirds

  60. Sharon_gigi RBLX says:

    Not Jamping

  61. Xy Sibal says:

    2:25 They spelled "Jumping" wrong….

  62. sonny smith says:


  63. иιккι ѕαяιαиα says:

    For all of y'all saying the parents art is fake THEY DREW THEM DIGITALLY ON A COMPUTER

  64. Sub to me for no reason Yay says:

    Dude I am 11 and I can draw very good

  65. shaaneali1 says:

    2:21 lol 😝 penguins jamping lol

  66. Mariestacyhalluja says:

    i think the drawings were made on one pc. they are all the same style.

  67. JennA Sash says:

    that does not look like any parent's drawings

  68. Suneetha Meesala says:

    I lovers the nature princess and barbie and the three musketeers 😻😍😘

  69. ʟɪᴢᴇᴛ ꜱᴀʀᴏʟʟɪ says:

    Have a good and very very happy day my friends ❤️😘🙂☺️😀❤️🌹😃😍🎈😄😉🤗🤗🤗❤️

  70. Derpy Wolfie says:


  71. Elixiea says:

    Good job.

  72. Minecraft is so much better than fortine says:



    Sis #1: 👧

    Sis #2: 💀

    Bro: 👱

  73. IbrahimGamer454 says:

    2:16 Penguins Jamping on trampolines?

  74. Dat random Person says:

    This is my fake petition for this vid to be called “parents make their kids master pieces more recognisable”

  75. Yumaira Blanco says:

    You spelled jumping wrong

  76. Eleanor Strong says:

    It said penguins jamping

  77. Kina Gacha_Playz says:

    I don’t think that the parents drew that. I think they hired an artist to do that.

  78. Atchara Sawedwong says:

    I’m even better then my mom at drawing

    But everyone is good at drawing

  79. Aiana Marmolejo says:

    Do gou mean chocolate kisses?

  80. Anna Zerafa says:


  81. Moon says:

    Can everyone stop saying "Oh children can draw better! And its Artwork!" No children are not artists yet. You babies..

  82. MayumiRT Kate says:

    When you found out that your parents are good drawers than you
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  83. Stefanie Presley says:

    2:15 penguins JAMPING on a trampoline

  84. Tamanddev D says:

    Just make up your mind mother or mum father or DAD!?

  85. Irisienne Flora says:


  86. Jonathan Jaime says:

    I like the potato teddy

  87. A.E.Marcial says:

    Nice video. I remember the kids….. Hug you now…

  88. Dohyung Lee says:

    These all look digital

  89. creepe r says:

    How do u jamp?

  90. The child Of the wolf king says:

    Ya know that intro is offensive to some kids I’m a kid artist and I actually have quite a bit of talent and quite a few people who like my art so yeah

  91. Ralph Marges says:

    ok ok im not a professinal artist BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THE KIDS DRAWINGS?!
    seriosly guys just look at the parents drawing there master pieces do you guys even have eyes?

  92. WadelDee says:

    What's the music?

  93. Joshua Bonifacio says:

    I draw like a pro

  94. Goran Nashreen says:

    First female voice….right?

  95. 『•squishy Mochi•」 says:

    99.9% saying that the penguins jamping on the trampoline
    1% nobody

  96. Xx Gacha Wolfy xX says:

    Please change The title because it’s offensive to little kids So please change it

  97. Alexa Sprock says:

    i draw better on computer than in real life, in real life my drawings look like a 6 year old drawing (to my view)

  98. Alexa Sprock says:

    4:14 the inventer is christan (he holds a cross)

  99. Barb Wansink says:

    the style of the kids art seemed off somehow – I think the parents gave the kids the drawings and the names of the drawings and had the kids reproduce the 'pro' art – that's why there are details most kids would not generally put in their art. imho

  100. Luna Lovegood says:

    But I AM a child artist (painter)

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