Pappu Charu (mild sambhar) – By VahChef @

Pappu Charu (mild sambhar) – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to make a dish what my mom prepared pretty much 8370
two times this dish we call it as Pappu charu, this is somewhat similar to
sambhar of andhra pradesh instead of adding all those masalas here we make it a little milder version and it tastes awesome. To make this dish
had one tablespoon of oil, half a teaspoon of mustard seeds, add red chilly
when the mustard seeds crackle add cumin seeds, add sliced onion, add pinch of hing, pinch of turmeric, curry leaves, green chillies you can slice those green chillies, ginger-garlic paste just half a teaspoon and mix all of it add cubes of tomato just one big tomato should be good enough. To this add tamarind juice this is the tamarind that has been soaked and the juice extracted, add a chili powder and half of salt once it comes to a boil the raw flavor
of it disappears that’s when you add good amount of water and now you’ve got to cook it for 20 minutes that’s when we’re going to add
lentil to it here I’ve got dal that I have boiled and I cooked to a a point where it got totally mashed up I in fact I added a little bit of
turmeric to the dal when I boil it and for one cup of dal, I almost added one liter of water that is approximate quantity but you can adjust the consistency later; add this kind of mashed dal in this, do not make a paste out of it a fine paste isn’t good just a mash it little bit and then add add half a teaspoon of sugar, 1 tsp of ghee; ghee is clarified butter bring it to a boil and let it cook for
10-15 minutes that’s when most part of this foam
disappears that’s when your Pappu charu is ready it almost took 25 minutes of boiling, i’m
going to switch off the flame and you know after you switch off you can still
adjust the seasoning just check lot of times people do a
mistake that they don’t check their whatever curries they make properly so
all you need to do is you know first smell it, a small bit and you should
feel the right amount of salt and the flavor should be right if not adjust the
salt little bit and you will get your perfect dish whatever you’re making so finish it off with a little bit of
coriander leaves so dear friends i hope you enjoyed to learn how to make this
popular with your VahChef. This Pappu Charu is a regular dish that features in
my house every other day my mom makes and we all love it of course she sometimes makes variations of it sometimes she adds drum stick or a radish or any other ingredients make
different kind of pappu charu but this is a base pappu charu which I love it but friends remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Sai Nath says:

    ii love ur dish vah chef i trierd dal iam not suusful plz plz make frd to happy wen de came to my home i love ur viedos varevah yamuunuda

  2. Sai Nath says:

    sanjay plz be on to show my my how can i cook well den plz help me

  3. anusha varma says:

    I made it exactly how you told…it turned out very delicious. Thank u chef

  4. Syn Bulan says:

    you are simply awesome….

  5. gautham d says:

    thank u sir…………

  6. anu radha says:

    my family really enjoyed the dish i made following ur instructions it turned up really awesome…. i loved ur way of cooking and explaining

  7. srikanthreddy attapuram says:

    i made the dish which u showed ,it was awsome.. thanks

  8. Abhinav Khanna says:

    Would you be up for hire VahChef? How many of you guys would be willing to hire him for like 10 minute private lesson?

  9. Arjun R says:

    Im going to try this dish now, I hope it comes out good/tasty .ย 
    Thankyou for the recipe chef. ย 

  10. Vin Divya says:

    Tc kibitz

  11. bala ji says:

    WOW ..papu charu came superrrrrr

  12. aparna sarasam says:

    Chef, in Telangana region, we add jeera, methi & dhaniya powders to our pappu charu. Sugar is added only if it is too sour. Hing is not added because then it becomes an Andhra/Tamil dish. Just FYI.

  13. Shirin Kamdar says:

    Thnx for your recipe chev. Shared it ..will be trying it oug shortly ..looks delicious !!

  14. Nagy Szilard says:

    I used to make this dish many times, it is very healthy, vegetables and tamarind, and toor dal is good for the body, I also make some acompaniments like dosa, idli, or adai.ย 

  15. Haarika Bujji says:

    It's not exactly way off cooking pappuchaaru,can I post my recipe off what exactly pappuchaaru is?

  16. vineela vinnu says:

    I m recently married… After my marriage…. Yesterday I was prepared pappu charu by seeing ur recipe for the 1st time with my own hands with out others help even my husband's … It was awesome taste….full compliments for me… It's all only because of u… Thank u chef…๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  17. Asha Jyothi Kakarlapudi says:

    Hi Sanjay.. Thanks for the recipe.. It came out to be too good.. Many times i tried in a different way and it used to come worst.. Finally "The VAHREVAH" made my Pappu charu VAHREVAH.. I got to know the mistake.. I didnt know that we need to pre-boil the water before adding dal.. Thank you so much.. It came out to be too good..And i have a doubt. what is the case if the tamarind is not sufficient and we got to know at the end?? Do we need to add it then and again boil??

  18. Navatha Kannadi says:

    Yummy and very simple. … I always follow ur recepies as they are very easy to cook.

    Thanks Sanjay…

  19. preeti vedi says:

    Nyc recipe chef thanks for sharing….

  20. Mak Dan says:

    sir pls add video for ulavacharu biriyani… it's a request… n also avakaya biriyani… as a malayali I love ur fuds….

  21. Thulasi pathapati says:

    I should try this on coming Friday… my favorite pappu charu ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

  22. Alekhya Alex says:

    iam gonna cook this to my dad…thanks for the recipe…

  23. kapil arora says:

    Pappu Pass hogaya kya..

  24. Venkat K says:

    Thanks for posting, quick & easy.

  25. ravi ameda95 says:

    tankyou sir.chala bagundhi pappu

  26. banumathi gaaru fan mdm baanumathi says:

    how come pappu charu become sambar ? why should use 'sambar'

  27. banumathi gaaru fan mdm baanumathi says:

    I like to watch varevah .

  28. Ravindar N says:

    Sanjay sir… Great cooking… I liked your simple way of cooking…

  29. veena kiran says:

    Sanjay sir we liked most of your cooking recipe , they are really nice , we always use to watch the new and easy recipe of your , and we got good taste also thank you very much sir. sir, can we get some tips in general when ever we need in future , hope you will answer to my question. thank you

  30. sasi santtiran says:

    hi sir, thanks for the recipe
    by the way how u prepared the paste of the dhal

  31. Satish Reddy says:

    super sr

  32. Yugandhar Thota says:

    Awesome pappucharu

  33. isha priyadarsani says:

    thanku sir for giving nice recepie

  34. Minarbabu Galli says:

    Looking yummy๐Ÿ‘

  35. mad maddyz says:

    bro u TechEd me lot

  36. Sl _uz says:

    Looks like YO MOM LOLC


    we watch all the episodes of varevah, and try it at home and enjoy the food.Thankyou for variety and tastiest recipes.

  38. Ranjith Jujjuri says:

    Thanks Master

  39. ganesh gani says:

    i used to watch your cooking recepies made by u sir.but i need a favor my father using Ayurvedic medicines doctors recommended him not use tamrind at all so please prescrib curries which are tamrind free… or instead of tamrind which one will be helpfull kindly inform us thank you.

  40. Scorpion King says:


  41. Supriya Kundeti says:

    Nenu appudu cheru chesina sariga ravu but after I watching d video it is awesome tnq chef

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  43. harsha stunner says:

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  44. Sahithi Paka430 says:

    awesome sir..we like ur cooking style sir..

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    u don't know Tealugu


    meeru ee channel dwara Manishi Yokka aakalini theerusthunnaru

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  48. Vishal Bhandary says:

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  49. Adhaya Reddy says:

    Actually i don't know to cook proper food earlier,but after watching your promos now i learned and preparing a very good food myself and to my family members, and natural humming hmmmm mana vareva ๐Ÿ‘Œ thank you . ๐Ÿ˜Š

  50. satya narayana says:

    Not exact method of doing this pappucharu

  51. Cherukumalli Sravanthi says:

    Wow…I tried most of ur's really thank u for ur recipes…I like it very much…ur explanation is awesome…..

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    That was not one tablespoon of oil in the begining

  55. Pappu Kumar says:

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  56. nunna rakesh says:

    @vachef Sir can you please advice how to save this/any dish if it becomes salty. What can we add to settle the salty taste.

  57. Claude A says:

    Thank you for this great recipe!

  58. Has Star Bright side says:

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  61. Ashveen Kumar Puppala says:

    This pappu charu is telangana receipe… generally in all houses this has been done regularly almost 5 days in a week

  62. Lalitha Sai says:

    Hey ginger garlic paste in pappu charu no way

  63. soni kumari says:

    this is the best Pappu Charu recipe i can say i always cook this & my family likes too
    Thank you @Vahchef – VahRehVah

  64. Bk Bhaskar Talla says:

    This is my last curry I am learned from you today
    Thanx God Bless you cheff Sanjay, I learned around 60 variety Curry's from your YouTube channels in July month, it's great achievement for me , you are my Guru from now. God bless you live long with healthy happy.

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  66. magic logic says:

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    Plz add jaggery instead of sugar n without tamarind juice it's not pappu charu and hing/asefotida is main ingredient do not add garlic paste in this

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    Guys this guy is a amazing guy. Great, simple cooking style which is wonderful and tasty.
    Being learning from him since 5-6years in YouTube…never the dish was disappointing…
    Good luck brother!

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