Paper Weavings – Michelle Grabner | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Paper Weavings – Michelle Grabner | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

Dereck Turner

28 thoughts on “Paper Weavings – Michelle Grabner | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

  1. AlleyBetwixt says:

    Love this one! Time to break out the paper and exacto knife!

  2. David Shi says:

    For advanced art-making, try Erik Demaine's Curved Creases:

  3. David Shi says:

    I've been noticing a theme of domesticity for the last few videos. Considering that it is so fundamental to our lives, yet frequently unsung, it makes sense to raise the domestic to the level of art!

  4. Julia Revzin says:

    I used to weave with sticks as a kid. And pieces of grass. I'm a little obssessed with weaving. I never thought of weaving the strips into a set field. I laways just wove strips both ways.

  5. kristinisimaginary says:

    As soon as I heard "paper weaving" I remembered doing that in first grade, I thought it was interesting to learn how widespread it is

  6. Senga says:

    "The Silver Pencil" in an amazing vintage YA book which features froebels methods, I swear it's one of the best books I've ever read!

  7. WawazWorld says:

    I'm so excited about this one. Not only is it an assignment that I can do, but it's comes at a time when I have many blank walls in my apartment.

  8. scozio says:

    This is very inspiring! I'm not looking forward to all the preparation required to make the strips, but I'm very tempted! 🙂

  9. Margaret Moon says:

    It's like a paper quilt. You should check out the International Quilt Festival held every year in Houston Texas.

  10. Paola says:

    Watching her doing this really made me want to join her, it looks so enjoyable. I am definitely going to do this! ^^

  11. Emilie Bouchard says:

    I would love to have her as a teacher. Her voice is so down-to-earth and soothing and she makes points that really make you think.

  12. Jessica Smith says:

    Nothing to do with the assignment. I went to see this exhibit recently. It was stunning! One of the things I loved was how I took away ideas for quilting designs. Thanks Michelle, for sharing your gift with us.

  13. David Gonzalez says:

    I suppose something similar could be done with pixel art. Or cross stitch.

  14. Thomas Smith says:

    There's only one proper way to embrace boredom, and that's alcohol. But, please continue…

  15. Thomas Smith says:

    Having watched the video, I think this is a great idea for pattern generation that can be important at any stage of art education. I wish it would go to the next step. Once you get a good idea for a pattern, what do you do with it? I feel like painting that pattern would be the next step, changing where appropriate, and seeing how it would fit in various items: a quilt, a book cover, a CD case, a jacket, a purse. It would be fun to see this go to the next level.

  16. Izabel Campana says:

    So beautiful!

  17. Marenna Boutilier says:

    The artist is so passionate about what's she is talking about!

  18. Oliver Bollmann says:

    Now I really want to know what other materials she wants to weave with… 😉 Great video, I especially enjoyed Sarah's intro of the artist and I the artist's passion and exploration of what some might dismiss as a "simple technique or exercise".

  19. Quixii Q says:

    Oh, interesting. My first thought watching her do this was, "Ohhh no, you're supposed to do a regular, over-under-over-under pattern!" It made me really uncomfortable to see her do a skip three, oops I guess I'll just do two at the end. I was always that kid in kindergarten who actually managed to have it alternate properly and such.
    And yet, her final product is pretty cool in its irregularities. Why shouldn't I try to do something like that?
    Perhaps I'll do two for this – one with a more regular, comfortable weaving, and one completely different and new to me.

  20. Sam Vaughn says:

    I love activities like this, which have such simple borders, because then it's even easier to feel that you can explore outside the bounds 🙂

  21. KainusGulch says:

    What if you drew a picture, sliced it like her base sheet, and wove in a special pattern on top of the drawing. So many hidden meanings…..

  22. LunaMoonlight95 says:

    I like this! I'm doing this!

  23. Lauren Fairweather says:

    I love this one! I love the tactile nature of a project like this as well as the fact that it isn't made permanent until you're finished – it somehow becomes less intimidating when you can take it apart if you don't like it and try something different. I hope I end up with time to make some of these!

  24. ThatOneJustMe says:

    So that's where the Dutch verb 'fröbelen' comes from! It means something like "crafting without experience or knowledge".

  25. elephantschild says:

    This project seems soothing to me. I wish I could take a class with Ms. Grabner!

  26. TheSubtleSubwoofer says:

    I actually did a paper weaving in my art class and glued it to a box to make it look like a woven basket. It's interesting to think that wood can woven in many different ways. From willow branches to paper cutouts. 🙂

  27. standing here says:

    coooooooooooolest outfit so like exciting but subtle?

  28. Eduardo Castellon says:

    John’s got a nice tan 👍

  29. Ishwari Mallick says:

    This looks like so much fun😁

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