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Hey guys how are you today? in this tutorial I’m going to make a smart paper cat on the request of kanchan, so kanchan here we go first for the cat’s head take a paper and fold it in half fold the Top Corner down Pull the left and the right corner to form Ears turn over and Origami of the head is ready now It’s time to draw the face and stripes to make the cat look smart We will make the body now take another paper and fold it in half Give a small cut and fold the flap backward fold the tail draw some strips And put the head on the top of the body and Yeah, very smart paper cat is ready If you like this cat then give me thumbs up and subscribe me as your subscription is my encouragement I will really appreciate if you will subscribe me Spread a smile be creative and be happy. Thanks for being with me. Bye. Bye

Dereck Turner

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