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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we will learn how to make Paneer
this very popular Indian cooking cheese I call it cooking cheese as paneer by
itself doesn’t have much taste. Paneer is a soft cheese made from milk I heard many colic cottage cheese and is
used to make many great dishes like paneer tikka masala, palak paneer which is spinach and paneer and also called saag paneer in north of India and muttar paneer that is green peas and Indian cheese it
can be cooked as is or deep-fried and used in
various curries it is a very popular dish in North India and is a must in all
the menus in restaurants overseas; it is very easy to make paneer all you do is bring milk to boil and add
some kind of acidic liquid into it you could use lemon or you could use
vinegar you could also make your paneer into a
special paneer by adding various spices to it when i was working in Bukhara
restaurant in New Delhi they used to make paneer with added herbs to their milk so today I’m going to add some herbs to
the milk and we’ll make paneer so to make today’s paneer, I’m going to add some cumin seeds, pepper powder and dried mint powder so just add these
ingredients to your milk when you add any of these spices or herbs to your
milk and make paneer the paneer first thing is it will look beautiful and the second thing is the paneer will
have nice flavor the third thing is your guests will be surprised how they made
this paneer but remember one thing do not add too much vinegar or lime as
it make your paneer more sour especially do not have too much vinegar
because vinegar has a strong smell and you don’t want your paneer to smell
anyway, so now it’s come to a boil all I’m doing is adding vinegar to it and slowly stirring it; now you can see that the paneer is curdling now you can see we have curdled the milk take this curdled milk and pour it into a muslin cloth. Muslin cloth is basically a thin cloth you could if you don’t have muslin cloth you could use anything cloth through which the water goes away you could even use one old saree if you have just make sure that it is clean after you have drained it just take it
out and twist this muslin cloth little bit and at this point of time you can
add some weight on top of this don’t try to use a glass bowl like I’m
doing I’m just trying to demonstrate it you can use a steel bowl or something
like that if the weight is not enough you can just always add some water once you add little weight on it this
weight brings little extra moisture but remember one thing do not add too much weight as if if too
much moisture is removed out of your cheese your cheese is going to be hard
after about an hour you can cut your cheese into little box and make your
favorite paneer dish. Here is the paneer that we cooked today and have rested for
one hour with little weight on it you got nice spices in it, little
coriander leaves some mint this is what makes homemade paneer so
special just cut your paneer into half-inch or
one inch cubes if you want to cut bigger sizes you can
cut bigger sizes i have just cut medium sizes so let’s look at this see if you
look at this paneer it is nice soft and juicy you don’t want paneer to be you know too
hard and when you cook and eat it should melt in your mouth that is when the paneer is really good. I hope now you can make paneer with ease and we will try many paneer dishes in the
future sessions also remember that vahrehvah is all about
inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others
may benefit from your great cooking.

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