Paneer Egg Shakshuka – By Vahchef @

Paneer Egg Shakshuka – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at We love to make eggs scrambled eggs and lot of eggs using lot of tomatoes and tomato sauces but today i’m going to make a
dish called shakshuka this is very easy and very tasty and
especially it looks fantastic so dear friends, let’s go ahead and
make this dish. For this take some olive oil in a pan in this add
some chopped onion and also add some chopped garlic ok we’re going to saute this onion and garlic this is slightly sweated and you get this awesome aroma from this, in this add chili
powder or paprika powder i’m going to add little extra wow add
salt and you know to Indianize this i’m going to add some
curry powder and wow adding curry powder makes this excellent and i’m going to add some
thyme this will give a very nice flavor to this once this is slightly sauteed
we’re going to add the tomato concasse, the concasse means that tomatoes have been blanched the skin removed and these have been nicely chopped, this is very simple
dish with the nice awesome flavors and wow you know add a pinch of sugar this will make this even more tasty and
add some stock you know chicken stock will make this even more better if you want to add vegetable stock if you are an eggitarian, reduce it little bit and then we’re going to add cheese I’m not going to use the feta cheese as
they do it I’m just going to add some paneer this is a soft creamy paneer just put
some soft cream paneer into this just crumble this soft paneer, now look at this, this is neither too thin nor too thick the sauce is perfect and this
cheese the paneer is also nicely mixed up and we’re going to transfer this into oven proof dish look at this wow you know what an aroma with this all
these herbs especially thyme, parsley wow now we’re going to break the egg in
a bowl just to make sure that the eggs are good sometimes you can get eggs that are not good and just make a well like thing with a spoon and then just pour
this on top of this like this we’re going to pour 6 eggs that’s good enough for this much now
just pour one egg after another till this is nicely evenly distributed see this is
perfect 6 eggs now to make this Shakshuka nice and awesome just mix some thyme, parsley, basil with some salt and made
this into herbs on and just around the egg on the white just sprinkle this wow now even while you’re baking this herbs will
slightly get baked and will taste fantastic if any of the extra herb is there just
sprinkle all over and now this is ready to go into the baking oven we’re going to put this in the oven at 180 degrees centigrade for around 10 minutes now while this is nice fuming hot just sprinkle some parsley, wow and this
is awesome all done and ready to be enjoyed. Dear friends this is very easy why regular ande ka burji sometimes make something like this and your kids and everybody will enjoy look at this shakshuka you know fantastic and even if you put for like 10 minutes in the oven these are getting fully cooked but if
you want them a little bit soft remove it off by seven eight minutes
and the aroma because of so many herbs and awesome flavoring this is already smelling good and also I
know this tastes good Wow is good a lot of flavors and with a nice bread on
the side mm you know this tomato and egg just
very simple like this this tastes super awesome, dear friends I
hope you enjoyed learning how to make this awesome shakshuka, but not forget
vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking
tips and so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you haha

Dereck Turner

50 thoughts on “Paneer Egg Shakshuka – By Vahchef @

  1. Paree PREITY says:

    So goooood

  2. LadyTurquoise says:

    it's a turkish breakfast dish called "Menemen"…

  3. nandoori srikanth kumar says:

    Excuse me sir we do not hav a oven can we make it in the stove?

  4. THSurvivalGear says:

    a Tagine/Tajin would be a great buy for making this recipe….

  5. Insane Person says:

    Yay! Shakshuka! But where does this name come from?

  6. Lavitzxd says:

    In Catalonia there is a similar dish, we call it "ous al plat" which means eggs in a plate. But we do it with green peas, red pepper and some chorizo.

  7. nora ibrahim says:

    i think you can, but you should make sure to heat up the tomato sause very well before you add your eggs + cook it in very low heat and don't forget to cover up your pan while cooking it , hope it helps , have a nice day .

  8. shoutenry says:

    You can, if you don't mind the eggs being over easy.

  9. MSE. Dzirasa says:

    The finished recipe looked like an EDIBLE TAPESTRY…What a presentation and exquisite flavors…I learned a new VAHCHEF WORD today…"INDIANIZE"…You rock Sanjay!!!

  10. Rakhee Mehra says:

    Great recipe!

  11. N1tz Ldn says:

    hi! sanjay i've been watching your video's for year's but this is my 1st comment. Anyway in my option your the best indian chef around i mean it. you come out with recieps that are unique. also i love the way u add a indian twist to some of the western dishe's you have. By the way panneer egg shakshuka is so tasty. Thank you Sir

  12. Gowri Sanjeev Oberoi says:

    Looks amazing! I am definitely making this πŸ™‚ Thanks Chef Sanjay πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  13. javagurk says:

    Hi chef!
    that is very funny! In Tunisia chakchouka is a national dish and contains green paprika!
    but it is different than yours. The word chakchouka comes from the verb tchekchek, witch means to mix everything.
    Where do you think this recipe is from?

    I have found a video in english of tunisian chakchouka:

  14. amalialovesicecream says:

    Almost the same dish here in Greece, called stapatsada! greetings!

  15. Samiha Khatoon says:

    Chef…the part I enjoy most in ur videos is where you eat….its so funny :))

  16. khush Swami says:

    namaste chef ji… can i use oregano instead of thyme? please respond…
    and chef can you please tell me a recipe of sel chicken…please and thank you…:))

  17. bullsnutsoz says:

    I just made this and our Chef is correct its a real winner, so much flavour. I used cheddar and didn't have one herb, still great.
    Gunna trick a girlfriend one time and tell her I made it up…hey hey

  18. bullsnutsoz says:

    Yes I agree and I l always get a hoot when he says "look at this; look at this"

  19. akshay sharma says:

    plz make pizza again making own tomato sauce n what kinds of cheese we should use.

  20. akshay sharma says:

    this is the best looking dish u have produced

  21. Sudha Ghia says:

    Love the way u say funtastic and super awesome.

  22. Ada Polanco says:

    thank you!! i love shakshuka!!!!!!

  23. Ada Polanco says:

    the name of the specy please?

  24. Nana Gandi says:

    It is arabic dish made in indian way! They have stuffed zucchinis which are awesome. You try them.

  25. jewishnature says:

    this is a dish of marocan jews.. so it's not arabic it's an israeli dish

  26. zelez4ever says:

    so yumm, i will try it

  27. TameTusker Silly says:

    Middle Eastern dish modified for the Indian palate with lovely western herbs!:):):):)

  28. TameTusker Silly says:

    Wonder what will it be like if a little tamarind concentrate is added to it…I have seen people adding tomato paste along with the tomatoes;;so why not tamarind instead?

  29. Sonia huzefa dhinojwala says:

    uuummmm very yummy…thanks

  30. TREMENDOUS! says:

    +missynadia85 It's a Tunisian dish.

    @Ala MoonΒ It comes from Tunisia, we even have the last Name Chakhouk in Tunisia, it's very common.

    Shakshek is Tunisian-Arabic slang for shake.

  31. swapnil sinha says:

    too good!! made it yesterday. my husband loved it. Thanks

  32. Amira Mihaela says:

    salam aleykum .. i want ask you on the end after put the egss.. itd a problem if i make in macnetron? not in normal forn ?

  33. Cyberdactyl says:

    Looks too runny.Β  Sort of like Shakshouka soup.

  34. Juliet D. says:

    Β easy recipe for yummy breakfast

  35. WiredTurkey316 says:

    I just made this for breakfast. Very tasty. Never thought of curry powder in a breakfast dish. Feel like I've lived such a sheltered life, lol. Thank you so much.

  36. Anil B K says:

    Hi dear brother what is thyme

  37. Walid Obeid says:

    My friend, this food was did only in Beirut city before long time.

  38. winter fall says:

    wow! the outcome looks yummy but i never ever thought of shakshuka with curry powder and some kind of cheese?! πŸ™‚ thanks to this uncommon idea VahChef, πŸ™‚ one thing more i like is your curtain, ur kitchen sounds nationalist? πŸ˜‰

  39. Kaiser in the Kitchen says:

    I like it. It looks better than mine πŸ™‚

    Greeting from my Youtube kitchen to yours πŸ™‚

  40. Rohit Pillai says:

    I don't have curry powder and is not available in any supermarkets and grocery stores in Mumbai so what can I substitute for this? ???

  41. inamoratasamazing says:

    This looks absolutely delicious. I can guarantee I'll be making this at some point soon. This vid def gets a like and a subscription outta me!

  42. Cheens Creations says:


  43. ainanor says:

    its jewish breakfast shakshukah

  44. K.C. Carlisle says:

    Thank you, it looks delicious! πŸ˜€

  45. George G says:

    Bravo !

  46. arshad saqlain says:

    This is an Arabian dish!
    I think you forgot to mention this.

  47. mehran akhtar bhutto says:

    desi choot ki tarha ha aik dum jhakas. raapchick

  48. anwion says:

    Vahchef is awesome I still watch this I'll cook something one of these days lol maybe butter chicken lol

  49. Jag CG says:

    Thanks very much, this was one of the best things I ever cooked. I did find slightly longer than 10 mins at 180 though

  50. geethasree tati says:

    Ohhhhhh man I tried lots of your recipe everything I made doesn't taste good I just don't know why you always add sugar in spicy dishes everything gone wrong from yours recepie but you acts as the recipe was fantastic like legendary actor… 😑😬

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