Pancake Artist Tries Making Pancake Art Blindfolded • Tasty

Pancake Artist Tries Making Pancake Art Blindfolded • Tasty

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Pancake Artist Tries Making Pancake Art Blindfolded • Tasty

  1. kawaiicraft DIY says:


  2. sun_ moon77 says:

    oh god she is so cute!!!!!!

  3. yellowpowerranger !! says:

    love your tattoos sis 💛

  4. Ayu Wid says:

    Damn she's cool!!

  5. Galaxy Ranger says:

    Do the fortnite default skin

  6. Lovely Drawing Painting says:

    When i love art but my mom want me to be a chef.
    you're so talent. thank for sharing.
    i really enjoyed watching your video.
    have a good day.

  7. Brontë says:

    Eggs are awsome
    You have to eggreee
    You can’t say that wasn’t eggcelant
    But eggs jokes aside this was awsome

    I hope u eggreee

  8. Tum Tum says:

    Is Hannah there ,if she is tell her hi!!!😀😎🙋

  9. Sirimaaah says:

    she's so fuckin pretty

  10. Montana Pl says:

    Idk why this video stresses me out so much

  11. Ana Hernandez says:

    check out Devan key he is good and better .

  12. Ned’s daydream says:

    She reminds me of Kaycee from BB20

  13. kxpcy says:

    they're so attractive jeSus

  14. Tila Rebec says:

    The person did the same taco drawing like Draw So Cute.

  15. Sofia :/ says:

    "Awe. Look at those cute little eyes"
    The eyes: 👁👄👁

  16. John Secret Spirit says:

    Professional like she doesn't burnt them! Perfect

  17. Ms Cabrera says:

    The pancake is so cute but the chef is cuter. And her voice!!!!!! Omg. 🥰

  18. кιм тαєнуυηg김태형 says:


  19. Dj_dabomb says:

    Man,I can't even make a taco that good

  20. someone says:

    make another one for antman!

  21. Black Ashes says:

    I think I have a crush on the pancake artist 😳😶

  22. GACHA LIFE says:

    Thats so hard 😅😅😆😆😆

  23. Mac Glosery says:

    She’s beautiful 💕💕

  24. It's me Jodia says:

    3:37 yes it is a BEAUTIFUL taco😂

  25. Kya Lazz says:

    This is a job……. welp Sorry cosmetology I’m doing this now 😂

  26. Tangeriiine says:

    Video Title: Pancake Artist tries Making Pancake Art Blindfolded
    What the title should be: Pancake Artist Trying to Draw Taco Blindfolded 500 times

  27. Angie Fawn says:

    her voice is soo relaxing

  28. Orchid oils says:


  29. Alyssa Tejada says:


  30. Brianna Almonor says:


  31. joena christine broce says:

    is she filipina? 🙂

  32. Bakxd Squishixzz says:

    If I can't try it at home, i'll try it in the mall! 😂

  33. aya hejazi says:

    deven key is waaayy beter than her also if she not blindfolded

  34. Sara Kim says:

    Okay, honestly, when Jasmine laughed, damn I fall in love straight away. 😍

  35. nick back says:

    Shes so cute do more videos with her

  36. Zora Johnson says:

    My taco when it falls apart is the blindfolded version

  37. Alica Matthews says:

    Attempt 1: me trying to make a taco pancake

  38. Jia En Heng says:

    Bring Devin Key and he will teach you who’s boss

  39. Vania Vanilla says:

    Tacocat backwards is tacocat

  40. Hatidza Magrabi says:

    Am I the only one or is her voice so relaxing 😶
    Like if u agree

  41. Ayesha Tabassum says:

    I would've failed even if I had attempted this a 100 times 🙂

  42. Cheyenne Delgado says:

    Kids Back Then: "I want to be a chef!"
    Kids Now: "I wanna be a professional pancake artist!"

  43. Carlee Howell says:

    Her voice is soothing 😝

  44. aesthetic._.pineapple 3740 says:

    she reminds me so much of kacey from bb 20

  45. momina shahid says:

    How cute is she..

  46. Your Brown Potato says:


  47. rafff f says:

    Devan is the king of pancake art

  48. Gemini says:


  49. Gunjan Chaudhary says:

    Kids r gonna love her in i draw you cook.

  50. Kylian Couprie says:


  51. Hani At says:

    Haters: I just wanna see Tasty TRY and make pancakes blindfolded! Ha!
    Tasty: Hold my Banana milk

  52. Ella Jarrell says:

    Why did it black out

  53. C M says:

    She's gorgeous! The Pancake Artist I mean.

  54. Classy Barbra says:

    Take a shot every time they say “taco” in this video

  55. Asia Woods says:

    8:18 I had a 4 tacos last night and that's what mine looked like

  56. Joy * says:

    Can you create happiness for me

  57. ashleigh hayles says:

    Anyone else find her voice so beautiful and relaxing? 😍

  58. Ysblyn Frnndz says:

    Her voice its soo wonderful

  59. Morgan Kunz says:

    Where can I go to buy these? I wanna get a pancake for my friend, but am unsure where to go.

  60. Shamara Aaron says:

    Love her vibe

  61. Ali Art says:

    Now like this shit

  62. jackline nyaribo says:

    Girl: I bet its looking like the best toaco pancake you have ever seen!

    Me: –___

  63. Karmen’s Korner says:

    The black guy was on a drawing page called animator vs cartoonist and he was the cartoonist

  64. James Dinnick says:

    What happened between attempt 2 and 3 puberty hit that taco like a truck in a good way 😂

    I’m a small YouTuber too

  65. Julia Smith says:


  66. Amethyst Jean says:

    i love this person. This is literally a person I wish I could meet and hang out with

  67. Anani Bellido says:

    When she was gonna flip her "how its supposed to be done"pankace i died😂

  68. Riley Rules!!!!!! says:

    Who is getting Collins Ket vibes

  69. winnie carter says:

    Boii!!! @collinskey Devan must join this place

  70. Squishyslime Cake says:


    That is one LOADED taco

  71. 5-Minutes Crafty says:

    "You name it, we can make it"

    well well well can u make me unvirgin?

  72. Tarika The Sheep says:

    She reminds me of Amber liu 🙂

  73. Amf Dose stuff says:


  74. Francisca Santos says:

    She is lovely!! And really talented!

  75. W3IRDGIRL N3XTDOOR says:

    "Aw, look at those cute little eyes."
    Puts random dots in the middle of no where

  76. Billy and lila says:

    Atempt 1 is a Collens Key pancake

  77. Tazmyn Clarke says:

    I couldn't even make the original taco!!!

  78. Anime Wizard says:

    She sooo cute, I'm getting Jen vibes

  79. awesome asssdsdlsfdgddf says:

    She talks way more than she needs too. #ᴗ_ᴗ

  80. GiaGaming says:

    Chef: Awe look at this eye
    Me : FacePalm

  81. Emilly Gonzalez says:

    her voice is perrrfect for asmr

  82. LPSPurple Holly says:

    But.. is she better then Devon from Collins key at pancake art challenge?

  83. Butch Aqui says:

    umm first i think he was a girl but i dont now its i like the first pancake

  84. Maria Obregon says:

    11:07 happy taco 😁🌮

  85. Elizabeth Callaway says:

    Wow that judge in the yellow is so cool!! more of her please!!!

  86. MercyGirlAU YT says:

    Revel and Collins key * so.. not to be rude but deven is a better pancake art than her😂

  87. J C C R E A T I O N ' S says:

    Can tasty pleasee ask her to react to collins key and devan key please!!

    Edit:those pancake art challenges pleassee

  88. Amy van Nuland says:

    my screen went black and when I did 10 seconds back to so if it was Just my Phone but lt did it again on the same point

  89. Annie Taljard says:

    I freaking love her pancake art and she is so pretty I love her personality😂

  90. Veronica Peter says:

    She sounds like Katzun

  91. NetherStone says:

    I love her pancake art it’s adorable!

    Me: looks at taco pancake
    Me: 😖 it’s to cute to eat!


    AY~! DON'T SWAIR~!

  93. Warden Salvacion says:

    Can you please teach me how to make pancakes please I need to learn that pancake art😁

  94. Nicky Figueroa says:

    Devan Key should be really good at this 😉

  95. Godwin Allen says:

    Love it

  96. Emilia Modrusan says:

    Wow I love her so much

  97. Aru neko says:

    I LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Mark samuel says:

    “I’m a propressianall pancake artist”

  99. Gacha Madison says:

    LOl ShE SAyS Do NoT dO IT At HOmE
    COLLINS: FLiP ThAt ! *does challenge

  100. NinjaPotato says:

    Omg. Her name is jasmine reasonable

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