PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make Avengers Wreck It Ralph 2 Diy Fortnite

PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE Mystery Wheel & Learn How To Make Avengers Wreck It Ralph 2 Diy Fortnite

– Three, two, one! – [Both] Ooh! – Oh my gosh! You challenged us to do the Mystery Wheel of Pancake Art and right now let’s spin
for the first pancake. That was a solid spin.
– Dude, that was a crazy spin! What do you think it’s
gonna land on Devan? – I’m gonna guess blue, I like blue. – I’m gonna say purple. – Purple? – [Both] Ooh! – I got it! – That is not fair! Alright, let’s see what the first one is. Bowser! – Oh sweet! – Let’s kick it off right now with Bowser. Gonna get some awesome
spikes on this dude. Bom! Bom! Bom! Oh, its the up top drip drop drop drop. To be good at this Devan, you really gotta get in touch with your inner Bowser. You know what I mean? Just like this! Bowser! – Dude what? That’s terrifying! – Bowser! And then bo, bo, bo, Bowser! And then for the big one Devan,– – No! (dramatic music) Dude, okay I think I have to let it go! – Bowser! – (laughing) Whoa! – [Both] Alright, I gotta
get back to this pancake. Did we just? (laughs) – I gotta finish up his shell. So just gonna fill this folly
in with green right now. (upbeat music) And now, time to give him so jacked arms! – Alright. Here we go. Give ’em one arm like
this, look at that arm bro. (laughs) Oh no, what have I done? – Oh no, mine’s extra dripping! It’s double dripping! Look at this! – That’s horrible! – What is going on? (upbeat music) – It’s kind of squished, ’cause I’m running out of room at the top here. It looks a giant shoe or a
foot! (takes deep breath) – Lot’s of deep breaths there. – This is not good. We’ll give ’em little teeth. (upbeat music) – [Devan] And outline is done! – Dude, that took you forever! And I am not having it, and
neither is my pet dini-saur! – The what? – My pet dini-saur! – Can I pet him? – No! Do not pet the dini-saur Devan! – Why? – You know what happens when
you pet a dini-saur, right? – No, I don’t! – Alright, Devan you
can pet the dini-saur! – Okay. – [Both] Whoa! (loud roaring) – Dude! – Whoa! – Wow! – Okay! – I warned you! (upbeat music) – Time to flip over my pancake right now! – [Devan] Nice! – Here we go, I got a
giant shovel scooper. This one’s just gonna be a
slight flick of the wrist. Three, two, one, yeet! – [Both] Aw! – Oh, no, no no! Three, two, one. – [Both] Oh no! – You lost the head. Ta-da! – There we go, ta-da! A little more respect for Bowser man! – You just plopped that thang right down. You didn’t even treat it gently. – Do you see what I’m dealing with here? – You literally had no care
in the way you handled it. – I’m sorry, what? Can we just rewind back to your flip? See dude, look at that! And now it’s time to flip mine! You ready for this? – [Collins] Dude, this
reveal is gonna be crazy! – Alright, it is successfully
on a spatula, three, two, — – Oh wait! Click the top link in the description or go to right now to get your merch before
it’s all sold out! – [Devan] Oh, what? – [Collins] Oh my gosh! – [Devan] That actually
turned out pretty good. – Dude, what? Well, there’s Bowser
from Super Smash Bros. and this is a battle and you
get to comment down below and let us know who won this round. Time to spend for the next pancake. Here we go, three — What was that?
– What? – What do you mean? It was my turn. – I wanted to spin it. Alright, well it’s on blue. Ooh, we got Wreck-It Ralph. The thing about Wreck-It Ralph is it kind of looks like 8-bits, so luckily for me, this
is right up my alley. – Wait, when did you do 8-bit Collins? – Because it’s like more chunky and funky which is the way that I
like to make my pancakes. Gotta make the inside of his mouth first. See, Devan always starts with
these little small lines, so I’m gonna try that this time because I need to get better at this, so he goes like (sound effects). Oh no, the bottom stopped getting
square and nice and cubey. – [Devan] Is that just his mouth? – (laughs) Yeah. You know what, see,
it’s all about squares. So I’m gonna do a little square tongue. There we go. I think I’m crushing the game right now. See, oh, look at it. It’s just, no. I’m gonna make eyeballs. Wait, you’ve done only a square? – It’s the most crucial
square though, Collins. It’s the center. – We got his eyeballs. So here we go, we’re
gonna get some side brows. Oh, there we go! Dude, the eyebrows are side brows. – [Devan] Where do you
put those side brows? – [Collins] Off to the side. – Next up, I’m going for the eyes. – Fill these little babies in. – Fill these little babies in. – Alright, Wreck-It Ralph’s
gonna have some green eyebrows. (upbeat music) Just gotta put this last
little touch right here — – [Both] Wait no! It’s Hoot-Dini! – Who is that? – It’s basically the owl
that will randomly go off each round, which means we
have to spin for a wild card. – Alright. – Alright, bro I guess we
gotta spin the mystery wheel to find out what our wild card is. Bro, I was goin’ so well! – [Both] Three, two, one. And this might mess-up
your whole game right now. I got blue. – I got red. What? Hot sauce? – That’s not bad, do
you know what mine is? – For the rest of my pancake-making, I’m not allowed to use my hands. How do you make a pancake
without using your hands? – This is gonna be so weird. I think I have to take
out the cap of this, and combine the two ’cause there’s no way just sriracha sauce is gonna work. – (yells) – Alright, here it goes. – I can use my shoulder though. Aw man! It’s so hard without my hands. – Okay, whoa! – Oh my gosh! – Whoa! (upbeat music) – [Devan] Oh, it’s so gross! – [Collins] Oh, it looks pretty funky. Yo give me a spatula, dude! – What? Why? – The spatula, ’cause I need it. – Here you go. – Other way. – This way. – Dude, what are you doing? It fell over. – Oh no, it’s not really comin’ out now. (grunts in frustration) You weren’t using your — Alright, my sriracha’s added. That was super easy! – There’s a spatula right there. – Yeah, see the thing is to get that spatula, I need another spatula. – Here you go! Nice, alright there you go. – I’m losin’ it! – It’s now time to — Whoa!
– Ow! Do you have another spatula? – No. (laughs) – You know what, I’m over! – You’re over? Over what? – I’m goin’ in for it bro! – Oh, whoa, wow! That’s really skilled man! – Dude, I think you
can use your hands now. I just feel so bad for you — – See, here’s the issue Devan. When you spin for no hands,
it literally means no hands! – What? – I have no hands! He took my hands away! – You had hands a second
ago, what happened? – Oh, I have an idea. I thought of a loophole. BOOM! Claws, bro! Alright, here we go so now I’m just gonna fill in his face, oh! Why is it so watery? This is great man, the no hands thing is all working out for me. Let’s see, we’re just gonna
give him a whole mess of hair. And, done! So now, just gonna have to, uh-oh! That’s not cooked! – You’re kind of
encroaching into my space. Your head’s like resting on my arm! – Bro, that smells like
sriracha sauce on your side. – [Both] Three, two, one. He just can’t get the height, man! – There we go! – Whoa! Don’t break it! Don’t break it! Look it, it’s done! – Where’s the other spatula? – You want the ones that
were in or out of my mouth? – (laughs) Not in your mouth. The sriracha turned it so that the pancake batter split and
doesn’t actually cook. – Dude, and you’re gonna
have to actually eat that! At the end of the video, we’ll
be eating these pancakes bro! – Oh no! It’s kinda breaking. Three, two, one — – We’re in the first five
seconds subscribe challenge! We wanna see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post
notifications in just five seconds. Here we go! – [Both] Five, four,
three, two, one, done! If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now! – [Both] Oh! It’s so bad! At least my guy didn’t lose his forehead. Right now, you get to comment down below and let us know who won this round. Time to spin for our next pancake. Three, two, one. What do you think it’s gonna land on? – Green. – I’m gonna say yellow. – [Both] Oh! – Alright, well let’s see what it is. Oh snap! Okay! – What? – It’s the most famous
detective in the entire world. – Sherlock Holmes? – No! Pikachu! – Oh, what? – Right now, let’s make him. Just gonna start off over here. Ear number two’s gonna be a lot smaller. I’m playing with perspective
a little bit, you know? Ha-ha, art words. Pikachu’s got his little
head. (evil laughter) What is that? I’ve gotta build some static
electricity, Pika-chu! Oh snap! Oh my gosh! Wait, let me see if I can do it. Let me see if I can just, ow! Bro, this is crazy! – [Both] (yelling in fear) – Okay. – Alright, enough of that. Let’s keep making the tail. Of course, detective
Pikachu’s got his hat. What I’m gonna have to do, I’m gonna have to build a little stick on his head Because this little stick,
is gonna support his hat. – It’s like one of the propeller
hats upside-down though. – We’re getting little propellers. Nailed it! Here we go, so now we’re gonna give him a little magnifying glass. There we go. A little lightening bolt
coming out of his tail. See now I know why you use
these little precision ones bro ’cause it’s actually a lot easier. – [Devan] And I made his ears super wide. – Now for the most
important and skillful part. Gotta start filling in his tail. Oh snap! It’s Hoot-Dini! – Seriously? Mine was going so good! – Alright well I guess we gotta spin the mystery wheels and let’s
hopefully get something good. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Man I can’t believe it. – I got red. I don’t have a good feeling about this. – What? I got a switch up, bro! – Oh yes! We have to switch pancakes! – No! Seriously? – Oh yeah! – It was going so good! – No! – What? Oh you got a blindfold? – I have to be blind-folded! – (hysterical laughter) Okay so now what? – Pika-ah-ah-chu! – Wait, dude, what? I teleported like two inches. – Yeah, but we did it with lightening. – Yeah, but we could’ve
just switched trays. – Yeah but we couldn’t
do that with lightening. – Man! – I got my blindfold on. – I’m gonna have to do a lot
of reconstruction of yours. – I can’t see anything. I have a system figured out for this. Put it down. We’ll go around until I find,
oh, found something here, and then I’m just gonna dispense. One ear moved. I think this is his eye right here. You know what? I’m gonna just kinda guess. So there we go. We’re gonna give him
a little eye, perfect. There we go, give him a little nose. Devan, is this red? – [Devan] No! This is red. – Okay this is red, here we go. I’m gonna go ’til I hit
the side of his head. Oh, okay something’s here. Gonna give him a little cheek over here, and a little red cheek over here. Now this is the most important part, ’cause this is all just kind of a, I’m guessing right now
but I gotta figure out which one is yellow so
I can fill in his face. I think this is yellow! – It’s not yellow! This is yellow! – No! – Use your twin telepathy right now Devan. Send me the yellow! – Three, two, one. – [Both] Oh! Ow! – I got it! It is right, — – [Both] There! – [Devan] No, no there! – Twin telepathy is so great! Here we go, maybe a
little bit on this side, and maybe a little bit more up here. – Wow! – Are you breaking, what
are you doing to my pancake? Okay, I take a nap now. (upbeat music) Alright, mine smells like it’s perfectly cooked and ready to be flipped. – Collins, it’s not even on. – Could you turn it on? – Yeah, I could totally turn it on. – Okay, Devan I need a spatula. – Alright, here you go! – Okay, perfect and, (gasps) no way! You got me an extendable spatula? I’m tryna find it. – Careful of the top! – I got it! – Yeah, you kind of got it. – Time for the flip. Three, two, one. (laughter) – It actually flipped! – Yes! – You missed the pan. – Oh, it worked! Oh my gosh! Pretty interesting! Let’s flip it around like that. You know what bro? I’m very disappointed. – Why? – It appears you have discarded
the majority of my work. You ready for this? Three, two, one. – Pikachu! Oh my gosh!
– Dude, it actually worked! – Well done! Alright, well those are the Pikachus! You get to comment down
below who won this round! – Time to spend for the next pancake! – Alright I’m gonna put some Pam. – You’re Pamming it already? – Here we go, yellow! Alright, I’ll take it.
– Let’s see what it is. – Bumble bee. – I’m great at doing bees! – I’m great at doing bees! – Oh, no, like the Transformer. – Oh! I thought for once I had this. – I can’t believe we got yellow. – Alright, well you know what? Time to make a Transformer. They are all about the shapes. The issue is I make my pancakes huge. There we go, we gotta get his
whole eye, circular pupil. Here we go, this is working perfectly! Oh, look at that! Squiggly eye brows! Yeah, boi! And then we’ll give him a little square, a red square tongue. (high-pitch sound) That’s Bumbleebee right now. (upbeat music) Man these lines are gonna be coming all disconnected and
everything, bro this is not good – Oh no! It’s Hoot-Dini!
– Wait, seriously? – [Both] Three, two, one. – Alright, well let’s see,
oh snap, I got purple. No way! I got no thumbs bro! – Dude, I got a chopstick flip. – Oh my gosh! – So that could be really bad. – I guess now we’re
just gonna tape ’em up? Well, hand number one is done! The one hand tape tear is not easy when you don’t have a thumb! (squeals) I think it’s time to start filling it in. We’re gonna grab some
yellow, double peace sign! Who needs thumbs when you have 8 fingers? Grab it! Grab it! – I got it! – Not your chopsticks! – I’m sorry that’s all I have in my hand. – [Both] (screaming) – Just pick it up, dude, get it up! – I don’t have thumbs! Ah! It’s ruining everything!
– Support it from the bottom! – No! It’s totally ruined it! Devan, this is horrible bro. – [Devan] Move over an eye. – We’re gonna get some over here. – Are you almost done? (screaming) – It’s overlapping the
lines a bit, Collins. – Well I’m not perfect. (upbeat music) Alright, I got my spatulas and now I gotta flip this one over a little bit. – At least you can use spatulas, bro. Oh be careful, dude, be careful! – [Both] Three, two, one. Oh! – Alright, well there you go! I flipped it! – Cool, it’s looking great. Now it’s time for my
flip, you ready for this? – I believe in you Devan. – [Both] Three, two, one. — – We’re at our three
second Like challenge. We wanna see if you can like
this video in three seconds. Are you ready? Here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one, done! Oh! – [Devan] What? – [Collins] Dude, that thing looks insane! – Dude, it turned out — – [Collins] You get to comment down below who made a better Bumblebee! Time to spin the wheel
for the next pancake. Three, two, one. – What did you do? – Wait, it’s gonna fly off
Alright, there we go. – Well, let’s just go with it, alright? – Alright, I got purple. – Alright. – Aye, we got Fortnite! – Oh, sweet! Wait, what should we make? – What if we did the llama? – Oh, sweet, yeah I’m down. – Alright, llama from
Fortnite, here we go. I’m gonna start off with
the head of the llama first. The most important part. – We’re gonna go here, there’s an ear. – Whoa what is that? – That’s his head. And then the body of his llama-ness. – I love his little legs they’re like, – My llama is gonna have
some saber tooth fangs. That way no one can loot this llama! – Wow Collins, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this quiet before. – This is what concentration
looks like, Devan. You should try to learn something. – [Devan] It’s very
difficult for me though. – [Collins] Are you actually making all the little individual
confetti thingys? – I mean most of ’em. – We’re gonna start filling mine in, but I have a different
strategy than Devan. Instead of just doing
’em all the same color, I’m gonna randomly do them
in all different colors to make mine a rainbow loot llama. Whoa, that’s so much detail! – I didn’t have enough room to add the legs, so this will have to do. Now it’s time to start
roasting my pancake. Wait, why is it stuck? – Victor the Laser Pony fixes all! Alright, here we go! – Whoa! What mode is he on? – Let me see. He’s just on disintegrate mode. – (laughs) That sounds
too intense for this. – Don’t worry, boom! Obliterate mode! – (laughs) No! – You don’t want that? – No, no we don’t! – Completely world destruction mode! – No! How is he that powerful? – Dude, this is Victor the Laser Pony! – Can’t you tone him down a little bit? (grunts) – That one and then that one. Alright, now he’s on lucid mode. Ready? Three, two, one. Oh my gosh, Victor the Laser
Pony, you’re fighting back. Bro, he’s tryna turn it up! Turn it down, down, down! Oh snap! Man, Victor the Laser
Pony, you did a great job! And you loosened some light bulbs as well but thank you for your service, Devan – – Thank you. – Touch Victor the Laser Pony. No! It was a test! You can not disrespect Victor the Laser Pony by touching his snout! – Okay. Whoa! What?
– I think it worked bro! I feel like if this goes wrong, it should go very wrong
’cause it’s so much detail. (upbeat music) – Alright, it is time for
the flip of my pancake. Three, two, one. Oh! He lost his head. This is probably my best
pancake I’ve ever made. – Alright, it’s time to
flip mine, here we go! – If you break it, you
will automatically lose ’cause you’re probably gonna lose anyway ’cause you don’t have four legs! Dude, this is so much pressure! – Three, two, one — – Wait, if you wanna win
a 15 minute video call, with Devan and I, text the word
PANCAKE to 81800 right now! So pause the video, text
the word PANCAKE to 81800, you will automatically
be entered in to win and right now let’s see
how this thing looks! – [Both] Oh! – I did it, I did it! – That looks so good though! – [Collins] You get to comment down below who made a
better Fortnite llama. – Time to spin for our next pancake. – Aye, I got it! – What do you think it’s gonna be Collins? – I think it’s going to
be, I don’t know purple? Oh!
– Oh, so close! Oh, Aquaman! – We’re gonna start off with his trident because I’m feeling pretty bold right now. – You may have noticed that I flipped my hot plate vertically and
that is because Aquaman is tall. What are you doing? – I’m making his trident and then we’re gonna have to give him a little arm. – Alright, here we go. – Man! I always run out
of room really quickly. So this’ll be his little head — – Oh my goodness. You have no idea how hard it is to do a straight line with this thing. – He’s got some awesome,
beautiful yellow hair. We’ll give a little yellow belt. He’s like meh. (upbeat music) – [Devan] Oh no! I’m losing my eyes! – That’s not good bro! – Aw man, his face is
gonna be all whack now. – I’m gonna start filling in my shark. This actually kinda reminds
me of Sharkeisha a little bit, Sharkeisha, where are you? Sharkeisha, where is Sharkeisha at? I know how to get her here. Sharkerisha, I have your
favorite rice cakes! (screaming) – Sharkeisha no, I need
to work on my pancakes! – Well let me at least give
Sharkeisha some rice cakes! It’s time to flip my Sharkeisha. Oh no, Sharkeisha lost a tooth! – [Both] Three, two, one. Oh! – I lost a fin! Now it’s time to flip Aquaman, uh-oh. His arms are very fragile. Give me a spatula please. – Okay, okay. – Gotta get his trident over here. – [Devan] Aw, lost some of this hair. – Three, two, one. – [Both] Ah! – I totally broke my Aquaman! – [Devan] In pieces man! – Sometimes when Aquaman falls down, you just gotta figure out what goes where. Aquaman! – Alright! (creepy laughing) – Alright, time to flip mine. Are you ready for this? – Bro, this looks so crazy! – Here we go! Three, two, one! – It flipped!
Oh my gosh! – You get to comment down
below who won this round. We’ll be eating these
at the end of the video. Time to spend the wheel! – [Both] Three, two, one. – What is it gonna land on? – Green, that’s my safe bet. – I’m gonna go red. – [Both] Oh! Yes!
– What? No way! – Alright, let’s see what we got. Yo, we have to make the Avengers! – All of the Avengers? – Okay fine, how about
we pick one Avenger each and then make that as a pancake? – Alright, that sounds good. – Starting off with the outlines. You have to guess what
superhero I’m making. It always ends up looking
so much cooler in my head. (screams) So much delicate work goes into this. Ooh, this is tough! It looks more like a
waffle than a pancake. – Yeah, you’re making a waffle cake. – Check this out, you ready? Three, two, one. – Oh we gotta clean that off. Check this out. I got it! – Whoa! – Yes, I got my rice cakes! – Are you done? – You know what? I gotta save it for later. I’m gonna stick it to
the ceiling, here we go. Got it! So now let’s keep making this thing. – Wow. – And now, it’s time to create some building in the background. And he just shot a web at it. Why (laughs) does it look
even more like a waffle? You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna make spider webs. He’s built himself a nice
web in the background. Web number two, man it looks like he’s in the middle of a heatwave. (upbeat music) I mean this building
really did not turn out – Oh my gosh!
– No, seriously? – It’s Hoot-Dini again! So I guess we gotta re-spin the wheel bro. This thing just randomly
goes off at the worst times. Alright, here we go, your ready? Wild card. – [Both] Three, two, one. – I hope I get a good one. I hope I don’t get a bad wild card. – Blue. – I got yellow. – Oh, it was so close to blue! – Oh no! – It’s in the middle, I
don’t know what to do. – Re-spin it. – Alright, what did you get? – I have to use my left hand! – You what? – And I am very much not left-handed and there’s a lot of details to be done. – Oh, I hope it’s a good one! What? Kaleidoscope glasses? What are those? Whoa! It’s like seeing quadruple, bro. Like, my pancake’s here, here,
and here at the same time. I’m not looking forward to this! – You’re not looking
forward actually at all. – I’m not? Oh. I’m looking forward to this! – You’re not looking forward at all. – I’m not? I need some blue! I got it! Wait, is this blue? Is this blue? – No, that’s purple. – It’s purple? – Yeah! – I got it! It is time to add the blue
of the eyes, here we go. Oh, I actually nailed it! Okay! – Alright, let’s do this left-handed. This makes it harder. I don’t even know what I’m doing. – Oh, I got it! I got it! Yep, right there! I think I got it. – Okay, even with the kaleidoscope things, how are you still so good at this? – Okay, hopefully this don’t mess it up. (upbeat music) Red! Ha-ha! This is red! – That is red, yes. Great job! I think it’s done. Do I have to flip it like this? – Yes! With the glasses on! – Really? – It’s time for the flip and
I can only use my left hand. Oh, I got his head! – You need help? – Yeah! – See, I can help you. Just give me a spatula. Got it right? – No, Devan if you don’t
feel it, you don’t have it. – There!
– There you go! Teamwork makes the dream work. Left-hands, you ready? Go, go, go! Yes! Look, he’s caught in his own webs! – Here we go! Three, two, one! – Oh that looks so good! – Does it look good? I can’t really see it. – Comment down below who won this round. We’ll be eating these
at the end of the video. – Time to spin for our next pancake. What do you think it’s gonna be? – I’m gonna say green. – I’m gonna go for blue. – [Both] Oh, we were both wrong! – Alright, well let’s see what we got. Oh, this one’s poppin! – Mary Poppins! – How’d you know that? – ‘Cause I looked at it. – Let’s get some umbrellas and float away, – Alright, umbrella done! That was easy. – You got lines going through it, because umbrellas have lines. This is like what happens when
you have no vision for it. ‘Cause this was suppose to be here arm. You know what? She’ll have a giant triangle arm. – [Devan] Aw man, she
has a teeny little arm. (laughs) – How am I so bad at this? Looks more like the Pillsbury Dough Boy than it does Mary Poppins. I don’t think I’m doing the
dress the right color right now. Oh no, it’s Hoot-Dini! Oh snap, if I was in a bad place, it’s about to become even worse right now. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Oh, I got red, that can’t be good! – What? Batter hands? – I got tentacle fingers. – Oh, so you have to like
dip your hands in batter! – No! – That’s gonna drip all over, That’s gonna ruin it! This is gonna be impossible, bro! Oh boy! – Oh man! – Alright, time to pick
up some pancake batter. So let’s see, just gonna — – Oh no, you know what? I’m just going for it. Add her dress, the longer I
stay here, the worse it gets. – Let’s see if I can just
start getting the tentacles — – Gotta add some more cityscape — – How is it that 10 tentacles can’t even pick up one of these things? Yes! No! (upbeat music) – [Devan] Now for the dark blue! Alright, and done! – These tentacle fingers are the worst things that’s ever happened! She is gonna have a green body. See, it all goes so great until Hoot-Dini interferes with our game. Well here we go! I have 10 tentacle fingers – [ Devan] And where
exactly is Mary Poppins? – [Collins] Part of
her eye is right there. She’s wearing a green dress,
like the wicked witch. – Now it’s time for me to flip mine. Man, I don’t like this at all. No! Stop!
– I’m trying to calm you. – [Both] Oh! (screaming) – Loud noises! You’re dripping so much
batter everywhere, bro, – Three, two, one. Oh! – [Collins] What? It looks so good! – I need that my hands far
away so I don’t drip on it. – [Collins] You get to comment down below who won this round! Time to eat the pancakes, but there’s a mystery wheel twist to this! Basically, we only get to eat one pancake and they mystery wheel gets
to decide which one that is. So, we’ll spin it, pick it off, and whichever one it says,
that’s the one we get to eat. I’m super excited! – Dude, I’m super excited too! I mean, all of mine are amazing! Except for Wreck-It Ralph! I hope I don’t get Wreck-It Ralph! – Dude, you put hot sauce in it! Here we go, the final spin and possibly the most important one. – [Both] Three, two, one! – Please not Wreck-It Ralph! – Alright, I got red, what’d you get? – I got blue, it’s a good sign! – Nice, I got the Fortnight llama, yes! – What do you think the chances are, that this is not Wreck-It Ralph? – I mean here’s the thing bro, You got Ironman, you got
Aquaman, you got Bowser. Let’s give him a little drum roll! – It’s more like a little
flipper roll, what is that? – Enough goofin’ around, Devan. Let’s see what you got. – [Both] Three, two, one. – No! I got Wreck-It Ralph! – Oh my gosh! – How? – Bro! – Out of all the pancakes! – Well, I’m gonna take a little bite of my Fortnite llama right now
with you prepare yourself to take a bit of spicy Wreck-It Ralph. It’s kinda like a chip, almost right now. It’s so crisp. – Oh, it smells so bad! Dude, what are you doing? – I’m eating my pancake, and it’s great. Dude, he looks just like you! You gotta bite it quickly,
it’s falling apart. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Does it taste good? No? – Right now to get your merch
before it’s all sold out. And comment down below who
is your favorite character you would love to see us
make a pancake out of. Right now, click here. You have five seconds, ready, here we go! – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one! – Alright, we love you guys so much! – [Both] Bye!

Dereck Turner

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