Palette Knife Abstract Painting EASY for beginners  | Sololeo

Palette Knife Abstract Painting EASY for beginners | Sololeo

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Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Palette Knife Abstract Painting EASY for beginners | Sololeo

  1. Michèle Crèvecoeur says:

    Magnifique ! J'adore ces couleurs éclatantes. Il me faudra encore beaucoup de temps pour tenter … Encore trop difficile pour la débutante que je suis. Merci, John. Vous faites vraiment tout pour nous aider, suggérer, démontrer …

  2. Artistic Mood says:

    Très bien !

  3. Tevan Patrick says:


  4. sebastian walczak says:

    what a CRAP!

  5. T M says:

    John…[email protected] 3:00 did you foget to take the tape off or was it meant to be there? I like this piece.

  6. Khaldoun Khal says:

    very beautiful and nice

  7. Brandy Chugger says:

    What brand of paint are you using? My acrylic seems much thinner than yours.

  8. Paul Cook says:


  9. BK edits says:

    Osmmmm osmmm

  10. Cristina Petretti says:

    sei un grande artista!!

  11. Sunny Angel says:

    quel magnifique travail et quelle technique! Bravo

  12. Luc Poiré says:

    J'aime beaucoup cette technique… bravo

  13. mhwa puah says:

    I like your table better.

  14. Bunny XOXO says:

    Your just smearing it though

  15. Ellen Parikh says:

    Your paintings are beautiful. And then you scribble all over them and in effect hide them.
    I realize it’s your signature now, but so large?

  16. PaPa says:

    Wow, you actually make me think I can do this!

  17. Redbird Romannose says:

    Your telling me I can do that?….haha

  18. DasTer beat-box says:

    Excelente trabajao hermano!
    Una pregunta, ¿cual es el nombre de la cancion de fondo?

  19. Shot at 35mm Photography says:

    No disrespect but I've turned the volume off & am listening to Max Richter while you paint & it is very soothing 🙂

  20. Mr.Knickerbocker says:

    I wasnt into this stuff until your videos showed up on my feed and now I find my self fascinated by the process. Thanks for the vid!

  21. Irina BWK says:

    Soooooo schööönn!!!👍💕👏

  22. Yewande YorubaGyal says:

    Love it!!

  23. Anne Marie Szafranski says:

    j adore!!!!

  24. pascal mundt says:

    Splendide, j'adore ton travail ! Merci pour le partage de tes techniques……

  25. Leomar Tavares says:

    Hello, your work is very beautiful, excellent, what product is this you use? thank you.

  26. KCS FOTO says:

    You are 100% insparasionale.

  27. Francisco M. Del Castillo S. says:

    I'm amazed!!!

  28. layla Rodrigues says:


  29. Jean-Pierre Dodge says:

    Bonjour John,
    Il serait très intéressant de te voir exécuter une de tes peinture en temps réel… Serait-ce possible…

  30. Betty Harrell says:

    Your art is beyond beautiful!!!

  31. Betty Harrell says:

    Ignore all the negative Nancy comments!!! You are a phenomenal artist!!

  32. Hamza Zahid says:

    What type of board you use is that canvas or other tell me😊

  33. Kev F says:

    What music are you using?

  34. Ana Nathaly says:

    Porra , teu trabalho é incrível !

  35. Nona Cute says:

    What is the length and width of the painting please 😊

  36. Nona Cute says:

    What is the length and width of the painting 😍😘😘😍😍😍

  37. Leonor Salinas says:

    Exxelennt…tres bien

  38. José Alberto Gonçalves says:

    Quiero conocerte. Adoro y amo tu arte. No canso de ver como trabajas. Vendrás a portugal?

  39. Enzo Franzoni says:

    Quanto colore sprecato !

  40. Isha Kissoonah says:

    how many paints do you waste for 1 VDO

  41. Aubri Nicole says:

    I love your work and was addicted to your videos since the first one I saw🤗 I love them

  42. Bhuvnesh Gupta says:

    Sir Your colour combination is
    awesome I Just love it..
    In all of ur paintings the colour combination just makes me speechless..

  43. Omega742000 says:

    Great, but like better without the gold strip🙄

  44. Amir Ounissi says:

    vous êtes magnifique vraiment !!!!

  45. King Nommy says:

    Hey guys please anyone tell me where can I get those canvas I'm living in Pakistan please guy's tell me I want it

  46. Island says:


  47. sparkly injunnie says:

    When ha first added black on the rainbow.

  48. anthony monge says:

    When you’re making the gold lines are the paint tubes full? How are you able to make such clean lines as well as the splats? Are you adding medium to the bottles or water?

  49. Dalila Moundas says:

    C sublime bravo

  50. jacqui Rodríguez says:

    Me encantan tus videos eres un genio 👏👏

  51. Milena Quaranta says:

    Sei veramente un grande. Lo stile che è di gran classe. Bravissimo

  52. Kerterm says:

    What kind if tape do you use? I used masking tape and it leaked a lot

  53. Gravity says:


  54. Riya Sharma says:

    amazing… I love your paintings.these are amezing😍

  55. DTM creative moments says:

    What type of tape is this?

  56. Sanju rekha says:

    Hi. Sir can u say what kind of materials do u use this painting pls say it's very useful to me

  57. Yoyis Castro says:

    Hola! Soy de México y me encantan tus videos. Gracias!

  58. Barooj Ahmed says:

    What company paint do you use?

  59. Tasha Woods says:

    thank you so much 4 filming your beautiful work John. It's therapeutic to watch and inspired me to paint again☺💖🎨

  60. Tasha Woods says:

    And what brand of paint do you use?

  61. Natalia Uratadze says:


  62. Nisha Goyal says:

    How can I get that DVD?

  63. H T arts says:

    What is the meaning of dots.

  64. David_Black888 says:

    I love your work. It is so aspiring and inspirational I can't wait to start doing this myself or at least trying. You are a great artist and watching you paint is very low relaxing so keep up the good work.

  65. ART WARRIOR says:


  66. Fernando Silva says:

    Bonjour John, bon après-midi!

    J'habite au Brésil dans l'état de SP. Capital.

    Je veux acheter votre cours beaucoup. Mais je ne peux pas me permettre le cours. Aide-moi. La valeur de l'euro est égale à 4 fois la valeur du réel.

    Je suis votre travail en ligne.

    Aidez-moi à suivre votre cours.

    Merci beaucoup

    Félicitations pour le travail.

    Mon email: [email protected]

    Whatsapp 11 962547472

  67. Apenas Ka says:

    Why always this same canvas shape?

  68. Елизавета Еонина says:


  69. Floresta De Arame says:

    Brasil . Joinville SC . Maravilhoso parabéns .

  70. luis Francisco says:

    Saludos desde México excelente trabajo! Felicidad es

  71. Celeste Furtado says:

    Sempre parabéns John! 🎨🖼️

  72. Carolyn Hohl says:

    Great picture! Love it!

  73. Orlando Jack says:

    It's so cool,,👍

  74. jeanette milian says:

    Its beautiful

  75. Celeste Furtado says:

    John, parabéns do Brasil! 👏👏👏👏👏🎨🖼️

  76. StAnd- By says:

    Je trouve vos peintures tellement relaxante… elles m'aident à m'apaiser le soir avant de dormir !

  77. D'sBalls says:

    I'd like to get a copy of the video sent here to Toronto Canada.

  78. ॐVselennaya MoyBogॐ says:

    вот я думаю, идея интересная, а результат безвкусица. а потом он говорит на жабоедском. теперь всё понятно.

  79. nanez one says:

    Depuis que je regarde tes vidéo, je suis tomber amoureux de l'abstrait ! Sa fait quelque semaine que je m'entraîne en prenant exemple sur toi, biensur avec mon style lol Merci beaucoup !!! Grâce à ton travail je peux travailler moi même sur les couleurs à utiliser et merci encore lol respect pour tes magnifique toiles ! ! Bonne continuation et force à toi !

  80. tone bone says:

    Who makes the squeeze bottle paints that you use

  81. Riya Jain says:

    It's Amazing 😍 😍…Which colour do u used???

  82. Pablo Valdin says:

    your work is very excellent I like your art

  83. Night Light says:

    What kind of tape do you use for painting?

  84. Kingsley Fraine says:


  85. Sreejit Sreekumar says:


  86. Star Up Gaming says:


  87. akmar kumar says:

    Easy for beginner…… even the masking part is already hard 😭

  88. Celeste Furtado says:

    Maravilhoso teu trabalho, parabéns! 👏👏👏👏

  89. Saja Raya says:

    Merci pour votre aide super 🎆🎇

  90. ned cramdon says:

    Fo' Shizzle Dang!…… I think that means: Awesome!!

  91. Roxanne Sumners says:

    Fabulous!!! I love this one!!!

  92. Roxanne Sumners says:

    I just ordered your video – thank you! I can hardly wait to get it!!!

  93. fearLESS says:

    John, there are days when my customers are disrespectful to me on the phone, but watching your videos helps me feel relaxed and calm 😊👍

  94. M Marques says:

    "EASY for beginners ". Where !?

  95. Marion Moore says:

    Thank you,
    I'll definitely give that one
    a go. ''Tis Lovely.

  96. Maxi says:

    Es Simplemente genial. You are my favorited abstract painter

  97. Moses Santiago says:

    I didnt hear the knife on canvas.

  98. matthew alonz says:

    John, did you learn from someone else or does this all come natural to you?

  99. jojo moon says:

    John, do you have any idea where you are going with each painting BEFORE you start? or is each one kind of ad-libbed as you go?

  100. Хронолог Хронос says:


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