The moment spellbinding desire
took birth in man… Paisa (money) was its twin sibling… The moment paisa stepped on earth… World stopped breathing air
and breathes only money… When the money tingles…
it gives heart comfort… If you don’t see money…
won’t your peace take a beating? To tell you the truth
one thing rules everyone…money! If you don’t get it, problem is money… If you can’t digest,
treatment is money… Mother’s milk is money…
Peg of liquor is money… Power is money….
liberation is money… Land is money…air is money… Water is money…fire is money… Whatever said or done… There’s only thing that we know…
it is money! Money….money….money…. Election commission has declared by poll date
for Royyalapatnam Assembly constituency CBI raid on liquor mafia made involved
state Minister Kalamurthy to resign, and his constituency
is facing by poll Most backward region, a useless place
It’s first election after general polls, all the parties are having
an eye on Royyalapatnam seat. You know what a crook he is! Even if he pours money,
people will not believe him. People do not believe you too. People know your both
parties are useless. Now, we’ll win. We came into politics to
end corruption in parties. You saw people behind us and got
our people arrested on false charges. If you’ve guts,
let’s settle it face to face. Do you know how much they
spend for every election? Rs.10 lakhs for Sarpanch elections. Rs.30 lakhs for MPP elections. Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.1 crore
for ZPTC elections. Rs.50 lakhs for Municipal elections Rs.2 crores for City Corporator. Rs.10 crores for MLA and
Rs.20 crores for MP! Why are they spending
such huge money? Is it to serve people? No, after becoming MLA’s and
MP’s to loot our money. They’re ruling! They’re plundering nation
like bandicoots. If we ask them, why? You all know if this state
had developed, it had developed because
of me only! For you and for your betterment, I’ll serve you till the
last drop of my blood, I swear on God! This by-election is a golden
chance for us If we win with huge majority, we can start an agitation that this
govt. has lost confidence of people. Already half of ruling party MLA’s are
ready to defect to other parties. If we bait them with money,
they’ll come after us like puppies. If we use them and
move a no confidence motion, it’s just a snap of finger
to dethrone this govt. Then, next hail CM!
– Hail next CM! Stop it! Was the crowd here for us? Half of them were here
for time pass. Not only us, people will attend
meetings of any Tom, Dick or Harry! We’ve been reduced to item song! Which was the seat won by spending
maximum in recent elections? Palavaram, brother! Palavaram MLA beat a popular leader
by spending money lavishly. How much did she spend?
– Rs.8 crores, brother. Rs.8 crores?
– Wait man! Let’s spend Rs.10 crores, brother. Rs.25 crores! What? Rs.25 crores? Name:’Sanyasi Raju’ State Minister
Senior party leader aspiring CM He’s angry because he didn’t get it. If he gets it, he wants to
have it everything for himself. He must get buried
with this election. He mustn’t win at any cost. We must win this seat. Okay sir, but he’s spending
Rs.25 crores. Should we too? It’s not Rs.25 crores
but Rs.50 crores!- Rs.50 crores? That much money?
– Sanyasi Raju will arrange it. I’m very poor man, sir. About your liquor syndicate
case with CBI… Don’t worry,
big boss is in your favour. If you bag that seat, there’s a chance of
your dream coming true. Rs.50 crores
Rs.1 lakh crores Rs.1 lakh crores! Sir, Rs.50 crores is okay! My dear brothers! Narsing Yadav greets you! Like every year this year too
money kite competition will happen, but this year the bet is Rs.50000! Rs.50000! Each participant must pay Rs.500
to join the competition. When the kite is flying,
anyone can fight and cut it. Anyone who gets the kite,
Rs.50000 belongs to him. If you’ve guts Rs.50000 is yours! Rs.50000 investment,
collected Rs.2 lakhs in 3 hours! Local boy…brave boy… He has done somersaults… He’s adventurous…
a fun loving youth… He’s smart and clever… Govinda…life is short on earth… Go…go…Govinda…
is there another life here? The few days you’re here fill
your life with all the world’s fun… Satiate your hunger for thrill
in this one and only life… This is my life,
you’ve got nothing in it… Everything is especially for me… What happened yesterday is history… What happens tomorrow is mystery… Yesterday’s tomorrow and
tomorrow’s yesterday is today, right? If you waste today that’s in your day,
life is total waste… What would become if you’re
one among the crowd… You must be stand alone in 100… Whatever you achieve little,
you’ll leave your mark on it… Don’t say next time because
you don’t have another life… Take Rs.45000!
Keep it. You risked your life but
gave away Rs.45000 to me. You’re a friend indeed. Because mother-in-law too was
once a daughter-in-law! Bloody! No need of so m8ch drama. I’m not giving you money
just like that. This is advance.
– Advance?- If not? You’re going to Dubai, right? After you settle down in job,
find a job for us also, we too will join you. Why should we go to Dubai? It’s Dubai, boy! One Dirham is Rs.15 here! If we earn Rs.1 crore there,
it’s Rs.15 crores here. Our life will be settled! When you say film,
you see only light and shine! You hear stories about stars
earning crores of rupees. Though the stories are good to hear,
it’s sorrows to film producers. Enjoy life eating and drinking,
why are you exercising? Shut up, you pig! Heroes and models may be
accepted without brains, six pack body is very important. Indeed but so what? Bloody!
– Mahesh Babu! Their job is good.
Crores! CBI has filed charge sheet about
Rs.1 lakh crore illegal mining in Bellary. There’s accusation of
Rs.2 lakh crores in 2G scam. Rs.2 lakh crores?! There’s a report of Rs.4 lakh crores
scam in coal block allocations. What’s this lakhs of crores? How come Goddess Lakshmi goes
into homes of such dacoits only? Why doesn’t she care about
people like us? You’re right. Brother! How much would be
a lakh crores? A lakh crores will be…
you can’t understand if I tell. I’ll show you.
– Show me? How? How much is this?
– 10 This one?
– How much? I expected this, one lakh! One lakh?
– That’s lakh! 10 lakhs! 1 crore!
– Crore! 10 crores!
– 10 crores? 100 crores!
– Oh God, 100 crores! 1000 crores!
– 1000 crores?! 10000 crores!
– Oh God! 10000 crores! One lakh…crores! One lakh crores! If there are so many zeroes,
how much would be money? What will they do with all the money? Have to protect like dogs in the
fear of somebody stealing it. Just one crore is enough! Life will be settled. Just a crore is enough! Buddy, Noor is here. Begum! What brings you here? Nothing.
– Nothing? Hey, stop!
– You said nothing. There is! There is no God but Allah,
Muhammad is his prophet! Tie it on your hand. I brought it after offering prayers
in Jahangir Peer Darga. It’ll do well for you. Allah will bless you! Take care. You’re too brave and adventurous. Mad girl! Mother! Mother! Are you doing fine, sister? When brother-in-law was in hospital, the loan you took has
become Rs.4.6 lakhs now. Mother! Brother-in-law is dead, whom should I ask the loan, sister? Where can I get the money from? Mother! My dear! You’ve a treasure in home
and you say no money, sister. Maqbool promises to pay well
if she dances in mujras. Just once a day,
if she dances for 10 days, my loan will get settled!
– Allah! Isn’t the idea good? I’m giving you 15 days time for you. If you don’t pay,
I’ll take your daughter. Coming. Saheli? What are you doing here? Whatever I earn, I’ve to donate
25% of it to the poor. So says Quran. That’s what Islam teaches. They’re very good people. Greetings sister.
– Greetings. His Highness Emperor is here! Hey you! Come here. Why don’t you tell me
how do I look? You’re shining and majestic
like a new Rolls Royce car! You couldn’t get out of
that car driver mentality! Why are you comparing me
to such old car? Come on run quickly, getting late. What’s this? Bridegroom must sport flowers, right? Flowers are compulsory. If my face is covered,
who will buy your sherwanis? Use a dupe. You’re a dupe yourself,
you want a dupe for you? Is it? Pay Rs.200 and
I’ll make him to entre thing. Should I pay Rs.200?
Do you think am I so foolish? Are you not? No uncle…you’re not uncle!
– Bloody! You’re producer. Do you want photo or not? Okay, you’re robbing me. Shot is low frame and
you’ve to ride horse. Horse? You didn’t tell me this. The deal was to wear sherwani only. Pack up again!
– You want Rs.400? You’re looting me.
Okay. Straight…straight! Hand…hand… Why is it moving? It’s running! Stop…can it understand Telugu?
– Stop! It can’t understand Hindi too. Note flew away from my purse. What? Are you getting married? Matter is…horse…ran away! Horse non-stop! You can get the ghagra choli
you want here. Mughal style, right? He rode on horse but
how come he’s back in car? Isn’t it you? Welcome!
– Where’s the horse? Uncle, it’s gone,
look at Goddess Lakshmi walking in. Come.
For Lakshmi Devi… Show an excellent ghagra choli
to Sweety Lakshmi Devi madam. Go! Please show me Mughal style
ghagra choli, please. Ask any style you get it here. Show her.
– No stock now. Why?
No? But if you give order,
we’ll get it ready. What’s the price? Uncle, shut your mouth, if you tell less
she may consider it cheap quality. Making is Rs.6000 and material
cost is Rs.10000, total Rs.16000. Just 16 only! If you give me your phone number,
I’ll deliver it in your home, madam. Whatever you say
wealthy people are wealthy! That style…that dress! What a dress! That dress would cost around a lakh! One lakh? Just a lakh, for that fancy car number,
it would’ve cost 7 or 8 lakhs. Oh God! I think she’s daughter of very big daddy! What’s it, dear? Won’t anyone care about old city? If asked you talk about schemes. All are just scams in your govt. Okay dear, I’ll turn old city
into gold city. Okay dear? Playing politics with me too, father. Go to hell! With the blessings of all Gods
and Goddesses! Tell what is there as it is and
tell what isn’t there as isn’t there. O parrot, I’ve placed money,
see carefully. Parrot didn’t come out. For Rs.11 forget about parrot,
not even rat will come out. I’ll give you Rs.11 along with yours,
have a coke on me. How much I pay then? I don’t sell my astrology for money. I must buy a guava for the parrot. I don’t want much from you,
just Rs.111 will do, that’s enough. You mad man! If we add
another Rs.111 with it, we’ll get another ‘parrot’ also. If that ‘parrot’ comes,
your life will get ruined. This parrot will tell your future. Bird too wants money. Take it. But don’t tell me stories. Tell me when will I get cash? Boy is hot blooded!
He has offered Rs.111 with big heart. Like Kajal of Darling,
like Tamanna of Racha, like Anushka of Arundhati,
come out and tell his future. Coe out dear parrot,
my sweetheart! Have you picked one, dear? Your selection is my collection. I came 15 days ago
from Bhadrachalam, but didn’t see this card till now, you’re lucky, Goddess Lakshmi Devi
has answered you. If you hold Lakshmi Devi’s hand,
she’ll hold your hand. If I hold Lakshmi Devi’s hand,
will she hold my hand? If I hold Lakshmi Devi’s hand,
doesn’t it mean she’s holding my hand? If Lakshmi Devi holds my hand,
why should I hold her hand again? Why should I hold after she holds me?
Tell me clearly. You’re not getting my point,
you’re brushing it aside. If I hold Lakshmi Devi’s hand… If you hold Lakshmi Devi’s hand,
she’ll hold your hand. I’m not saying this,
Mother says so! Parrot says so! Don’t rush! Who this girl is?
– I don’t know! Mother said! That’s our Noor!
– Noor?- Move! You bitch!
You shameless creature! Are you going around without veil? He beat me!
You bloody! I’ll cut you up, bloody! MLA sir is here! You boy, I’ll see you next time. Go…go… Greetings sir. How are you doing?
– Fine, sir.- Come. I didn’t know there’s a bomb
under a veil, Noor! Why do you hide everything in veil? Look, you needn’t have
to fear anyone. I’m there for you! You always wear dresses like that,
they’re very good. You go now! Who is it? Buddy! How is Dubai? Great! How are you? What do I lack?
I’m Superstar Rajinikanth! What about my job? I’ve talked to my boss Sheikh,
it’ll be done 2 or 3 months. Couple of months more? You want any recommendation
from our MLA? I’m sending Rs.1 lakh,
give it in my home.- Loan? No, I’ll pay here and
he’ll give there. Money transfer.
– Money transfer? Yes, how much money you’ve in pocket?
– Why? Don’t ask, tell me. Just Rs.20 only. Tell me the number. Number? Does it have number? Don’t test me, tell the number. Note the address. If you show the note with this
number, they’ll give Rs.1 lakh. Take it and give it in my home. Is it? It’s very good. Will they give Rs.1 lakh
for Rs.20 note? Yes, ours is very small amount. Our politicians transfer money
like this in crores. Then, send a crore tomorrow,
through money transfer. Hold on the line. I’ll tell hundred rupee number. Just now you said no money. Okay…okay…
tell the address clearly. I’ll take it down. Are there hundred in it?
Take it. Rs.1 lakh! There are 99 only!
– How can it be possible? It’s correct, sir.
– There are 100! No, 99 only sir. He’s Salman Khan of Charminar
in counting money. Salman Khan?
Are you suspecting me? Count it again. Bloody! I told you 1000 times,
entire business is on trust only. If people lose trust,
we’ll lose business. Forgive me, son.
Take it. Bags…bags…and bags of money! Watching so much has
made me restless. Bloody, one must have money! Money…money…isn’t there
anything other than money? What else is there? Mad man! Whatever is there in this world,
everything is second to money. You’re right. One crore! That’s enough! Life will be settled. Let’s play races.
– Gambling? Let’s do one thing, come whatsoever
it may, rob a bank. Robbery, murders, dacoity, kidnaps,
chit business, flesh trade, I don’t want to anything cheap
illegal businesses like that. Just one crore! One crore! Just only one crore! There are just four ways
to make money easily. One is cinema hero! But it’s difficult in film industry
without an address. Two is politricks, it’s already filled to the brim
with big sharks. Off late they’re going to jail also. Won’t get bail also! If we take a big gun for
lease and kill! How to kill? We need some big shot’s
support for that also. If we trap any wealth
man’s daughter… After that say love and marry… Sweety? Too risky, boy! Risk is investment for people like us. Hair to move mountain. If it moves, we’ll get mountain,
if not lose just a hair. Did you bring my ghagra?
– Just a minute. Here! Very nice, right? This is nothing, if you wear this dress
and put mehendi, great! Mehendi?
Who will do it? From beautiful hand cloth work,
artistic mehendi work, how did you learn so many things? Necessity teaches you
everything, madam. It’s the question of sinful stomach. Will you teach me? Then, I’ll come to your home
everyday to learn it. Where’s Noor’s house?
– Noor’s house? There’s Mehendi street
behind Charminar, opposite to that is Madina street,
it you go straight, take left near the transformer… Mehendi street? You mean red light area, right?
– Yes. I’ve seen in so many films,
but never seen a real one. Please take me there once
and show around the place. Have you gone crazy, madam? No, it’s very dangerous place.
– Danger? Do you know who my father is? Whoever it may be, impossible!
That’s old city! With this 100 holy sacrifices
are complete. 8 more sacrifice, it’ll be 108, with Lord Shiva’s grace
I’ll be the CM! Entire state will be in my hands! If I become CM,
you’ll be IG! Take it. It’s 50!
Money will be transferred. Like last time,
you take money from old city, and hand it over to the
MLA candidate. Big money, be careful.
– Okay, sir. You want me to send my men
for your safety. Last time I took liquor money
40 safely to Delhi. We gave it there, right sir? If we don’t attract crowd,
nobody will suspect us. Job will be done silently. Forget about this, sir. Okay sir, IG! Hail Sagar Anna! Coming sir! Have you gone blind, man? Noor?
– Noor? Get up…get up…
Get down! Hey Sweety madam!
What’s this? Why are you wearing veil? You promised to take me to
Mehboob Ki Mehendi, right? Did I? When? Day before yesterday in my home. Have you forgotten it already? No, I told you it is impossible. Do you tell lies too? You’re too…
– Smart, right? That’s why I’m wearing veil
to hide myself. Let’s go once, let me see once. It’s a promise on me
if you don’t take me there. I don’t know anything. Do you know him?
– Come madam! Rs.200 for that and Rs.500 for this. For that Rs.1000! Do they sell food also here? Meals don’t mean food,
how do I tell her? It’s the difference of watching film
till interval and full film. Don’t ask me more than that. Hi Prince! Want?
Just Rs.300 only! Do you want to go? My mother! Enough, let’s go. How much would I get? She’s mad! What are you doing? What are you doing? Let me try once for fun. Tell me.
– What should I tell? Tell me your rate! Tell me your price. Rs.1500!
– Get lost! You’re not that worth,
take Rs.3000! Get lost! Take Rs.6000! This was just for fun only. I’m not that type. Whatever type is okay to me. Sorry, brother!
– Brother? I’m not that type.
– Don’t irritate me, come. Come… Brother…brother… Sorry brother, the girl just for fun… Leave me! Leave me! He asked for full meals, right? How dare! Bloody! You want me? I thought something but really
very dangerous place. I really got scared. Who told you to go?
I told you its dangerous area. Come…come…
Got their due! What’s this madness! Found her like an oasis in Arabia… What a magical girl!
She took away my heart… Money has come in her form
and gave her heart to me… Colourful rainbow if comes down
like celestial Ramba… Saying you’re my Rambo,
if she puts me into the arena… If Kolar gold comes and
catwalks before me… If it falls into my lap
as my dollar darling…. The shining lady swept me
off my feet… She says she’s all mine… If I bite into her Bhutan bumper
lottery like cheeks… If Lakshmi bomb blows up
in my heart… If my future queen comes
into my arms… If she loves a good for nothing
man like me… Brain goes bananas
and I swoon… What else can you do…
– I’m ready like a king… I’ll come tomorrow morning, madam. Be careful. Sweety is very sweet! She’s filthy rich! She’s one of the richest
in Banjara Hills! But no proud or arrogance! No high handedness! What a perfect catch! I too tomorrow or day after or
day after that or day after that… After that marriage…after that… Cash in my name Prakash would
become my surname, and I’d be Cash Prakash! Do you know my first job
after marriage is? I’ll settle your loan to Yadav! What are you doing here
at this late hour? Come, I’ll drop you. No, I’ll drop myself. May Allah keep you happy! Why did you come here? I’ll dance in mujras. Come…come… Sit here. When I see you,
you look like golden treasure. You don’t need to do mujras, just say yes and
you’ll be queen by tomorrow. Dubai Sheikh, very wealthy man! He’s too rich.
He already has 3 wives. He’s here to take fourth wife. It seems he wants only
a Hyderabad girl. Marriage? No!
I’m scared. I’ll go away. Who will repay my loan then? Time given to you is over. Wow! What? Is Noor marrying? Why are you telling so sadly? Who is the groom? Some Arab Sheikh, bloody old haggard! He would be damn rich. She should go, massage him.
Our Noor! Ugh! Don’t you’ve shame? Idiot, that’s not a marriage. It’s suicide. You’re responsible for it. Don’t know what you said that night,
she has been crying since then. Yes, poor girl! I’ve never seen anyone
worse than you. Shut up! What Noor did is right! 6 sisters, two brothers, father’s dead,
Yadav’s loan, who’ll repay? Watch now! Noor’s family will
settle in one shot. If we need money anytime,
we can ask Noor. It’s wrong, this is sin. Noor likes you so much. Noor wanted to marry you. Like?
Love! Love!
Love! It’ll be damn good in films
for 2 hours if we spend Rs.25. Once out of theatre, love is nothing! Everything vanishes in
two months after marriage. Then, when household expenses
come and fall on you, then you’ll realise,
why did I marry? Why did I fall in love?
People are crying over it. Many jumped down to
death from there. If I marry Noor, we both have
to jump from there. Love…love…no…no… Money! Money! Money! If Goddess of Wealth walks
towards us, it’s we! The Kings! Without money,
anyone is just a strand of hair. Money gets you biryani,
money gets you liquor, if you’ve money, you’ll current,
house, car and respect too. Girl will also come. God himself will come. What’s life without money?
Dog’s life. We offer prayers for money. We desire for money.
We work hard for money. We’ll cheat blatantly. We buy good deeds.
We wash our sins. Let him be any worse,
we’ll vote him to power. We’ll bow to every crook. We’ll fall at feet to say
I beg you, lord! We’ll shout, bite. We’ll sell our own folks. We’ll sell friendship,
we’ll sell shame. We’ll sell our honesty. Bloody, we sell ourselves! Money is God! He’s man only if he has money. That’s why Noor is marrying for money. It is not wrong. I feel like crying. Where’s the marriage? Do you accept to this marriage? Do you accept to this marriage? I do. Very good! Do you accept this marriage? Who are you? Oh Allah! Do you want marriage at this age? No! No? What no?
Come! No!
Leave me! Bloody woman beat me! Picked a sword! It’s me! It’s not me…it’s not me… That’s Prakash!
– Will you betray me? You crook! Where’s he? Hey you! Catch them, boys! What? Rs.50 crores missing! Reduced to 50% Sir, it’s true! If I had stolen the money,
why would I come to you, sir? I would’ve escaped with it. I’m telling truth, trust me sir. Entire money must reach
destination by tomorrow. If not your wife who works
in Vijayawada, Your daughter who joined Osmania, they would end up as prostitutes
in Mehboob Ki Mehendi. Bastard, I’ll bury you alive! I’ve 3 MC quarter bottles.
Take for half price. Don’t talk nonsense. We only sell, we don’t buy! Give me an MC quarter.
– Quarter? Take for half rate.
– Go away from here. You bloody! Who are you guys? Only my brother has the right
to run wine shop in this area. One whose punch makes you
dazed is Mahesh Babu! Great! Phone! Is the job done?
– Done, sir. I’m sending flight tickets,
reach Hyderabad immediately. Rs.50 crores! I don’t want
a penny from it. Share it among yourselves. How long will you live like this? Prosper with this money. But not a penny must reach
the Royyalapatnam constituency. Meet Subbu Yadav, our party man
in Hyderabad old city area. You’ll arrange everything for you. What are you going to do with me? I’ll go away. Please leave me. Happy! Name: Daniel, Police Officer
Private Encounter Specialist Rs.50 crores? Let’s take that money. Let’s share 50-50 between us. That crook can’t even lodge
a complaint. Like a thief bitten by scorpion,
he can’t do anything. What car was that? That Yadav is very dangerous man. I’m scared. Life has risks. Instead of living in fear,
it’s better to die. Nothing will happen. We were in veils
nobody can recognise us. Okay? Get your vehicle immediately. You go to Noor’s house and
check situation there. I wish to tell you something… I wish to be with you always… My life started with you… It’ll end with you… How am I to explain you
better in words? How can I tell you
my heart better than this? When I see you,
I say its morning to me… If you say go home,
I say it’s evening… Only when you call me,
I know my name… I consider it was walk only
when my steps move towards you… I don’t know what you say
if I ask who am I to you? But if you say I’m nobody,
it hurts my heart… When I’m down and out…
when I think of you… That sadness too would turn sweet… When I sweat with your
warm thoughts…. My body turns fragrant like
blooming jasmine… I don’t know what really living means… I think it is watching
your smile all my life… Why did you bring me? Have you gone mad? With a Dubai Sheikh,
that too damn old man! Our neighbour Zareen too
married an old Sheikh, after using her, then handed her
over to friends and relatives, he made her a prostitute
and sold her off. Nobody knows if she’s alive
or dead. If you marry him,
your problem will get solved, your family will be happy,
that’s all, right? You bloody…. What if anything happens to you? Laughing…you… It’s very nice when you scold me. Your madness has crossed
the boundaries of earth. You eloped with me, right? If you marry me now,
a job will be done, right? Job will be done? You’re poor woman
and I’m a poor man, do you know what would
happen if we unite? A poor couple! Comforts! I don’t want comforts.
I want cash. Will you give me? How long will you take man? 3 people… 3 people while taking away Noor,
they took away the car also. Who is Noor? Are such things still happening? Let’s tell my father everything. He’ll send police and
bump them off. If you do so, TV channels will enter
and our lives will be on streets. Don’t do anything like that. Don’t involve your daddy in it now. Now the actual problem is,
we can’t send Noor to her home. I can’t take her to my home also. People are combing old city. So…for two days… If you keep Noor in your
home for 2 days, by that time I’ll set up something. Noor will stay with me in my home
till this issue is settled. What’s it, dear? What happened? What happened, my dear? Hey Minister! Who are those guys? They’re from our native place. Who is this girl? Father, she’s my close friend Noor. Noor, my father. Greetings…greetings. Next week there’s Anjali’s
mehendi function, right? I brought her for that. She’ll be here till the function
is over, dad.- Okay…okay… She’ll stay in our home only.
– Okay dear. Okay. Rs.50 crores! If I win that seat,
I’m the next CM! This police officer ruined it. Follow him. If you find anything fishy, kill him. Be careful! It’s a bomb! It’s a bomb!
– Keep it inside. Zoom on the black Innova. Zoom in…zoom… Nampally sir. Barkas sir. Punjagutta sir! No sir! Vehicle went missing between
Khairatabad and Punjagutta, sir. I mean somewhere…
– Order a drink. Cool drink or Beer?
– Tea!- Tea? For you only…Sweety!
– Why is she calling now? Any problem?
Noor! Dress? I’ll send immediately. I think it was in silent mode,
I didn’t check it. What happened to my phone?
Did I give it to you? Did you ever give your
phone to anyone in life? Is it? I’ve only one phone. Where is it? Car! It’s in car! That’s in parking lot. Forget it, let’s buy another one. Bloody idiots! We gave complete address and
details to buy SIM card, right? If they find the phone,
I’m also caught. If I’m caught I’ll tell both
of your names. We’re going to parking and… Don’t involve me into this again. What if I’m caught? Nothing will happen,
I’m telling you, right? What about diesel?
– Diesel? Why? Would car run on water? Okay, I’ll pay for half litre. Buy two drops,
we need at least 5 litres. 5 litres? I don’t have money. Okay, I’ll pay for 2 litres. No, 4 litres final. Give and take,
make it 3 litres final. If you subtract 3 from 4 litres.
– 1 litre. Shut up! Got your phone? Got it?
– Got it, go! Go…go…stop! Why did you stop? Go! Stop! Where are you going?
I told you to stop, right? Go…go…
Go…go… Stop! Leave me…leave me… Tell me first whether to go or stop! Go…back!
– Back? Close the boot! Just a lakh? Are you joking at this hour, bloody? Give the phone to Danny.
Is the car empty? They would’ve taken money
and left the car. Bastards! If money is missing in Barkas,
the bastards would be around only. Outsiders can’t get around
so easily there. Arrest all the young men of the area. take them to station and
inquire them in our style. They’ll throw up everything. Why did you park car here? Government place! Police case and
accident cars are left here. Nobody cares about it later. Can’t find a safer place than this. Take this money and pay rent
for a week, he won’t hound us. So much money!
I want more money!- No! Avaricious man!
Our Ministers are better than you. Stay away. Give me the keys. No!
Let it be with me. Come! Money is beautiful… Money is God… Money is sinless… Money is eternal bliss… Shining…tingling…money… Glowing…sensational…money… Your fate will take a U-turn… You’re in for a blast… World is at your feet…
Do you know this? Look, there’s the dream fort,
reach it… Bingo…rock it…rock the world… Enjoy life nicely with class and mass… And as boss of your own destiny… Let days pass relaxed…
At last you got a chance… Won’t this money rule over the world? Won’t this money write fates of people? Push off the sins with cash… Buy heaven with money… What’s more powerful that
money in this world? Never seen anyone like this? What’s that reaction? Didn’t you see Prakash too?
– Prakash? You both are lovers, right? Never had full meals or plate meals,
at least breakfast? Never did anything.
– What’s that? Heart slipped and lost… Then, after you both marry… Our marriage will not happen. Prakash doesn’t like me. He likes you… Yes, I too like Prakash very much. But not as you think. My gut feeling is that
Prakash likes you very much. If not would he take
so much risk to save you. Do you know how much he
worries about your safety? Most of the boys don’t know the
difference between love and lust. They get confused. Few can’t tell their real feelings. May be Prakash too is like that. Money makes money… Money kills money… May be its counterfeit notes?
– Mother! 2 Beers, 1 Brandy, 4 water packets. In Kushi film Bhumika’s navel…
– He saw it. Quick…quick…
– Take it. Come…come… Who picked it? Tell me! Bloody! How dare you kill a boy! Do you think there’s no one
to protect Muslims? I’m there! Come on, beat me if you’ve guts! This area’s MLA! Anything happening anywhere,
you pick up Muslim youth of Old city, and beat them brutally.
Now beat him. Beat him. I’ll burn down the police station. Come, let’s go. Come. Whoever it may be,
politics makes them powerful! How many Kazis are in this area
who conduct marriages? Hail Rahim Bhai! Hey stop…you thief…you bastard! Tell me where’s the car? Money brings you troubles
and problems… Sinful money will take lives too… Money is good deeds… Money is soul…
Money is supreme soul… Money is everything… Money is curse and boon… Tell me!
– Shut up! Bloody rogues! What’s your problem? Who can speak if you
strangle neck like this? Where’s the money?
– What money? Take your hands off me. Why are you keeping knife there?
I’m not yet married too. How many times should I beat you?
Bloody bastard! Are you hurt, Prakash?
Who are they? What’s in it?
They’re scared of this. Who knows? Bomb! Come! There was only one marriage that day. Noorjehan Rahimunnisa Khatoon,
witness is Yadav. Who is Yadav?
– Yadav is that skinhead. Mithi Yadav?
– Yes, that man. Sir, he’s number one rowdy
sheeter of that area. We had arrested him and
his boys many times. If we follow this police officer,
we may catch the original man. I think this matter is very dangerous. I’m damn scared. On one side police,
another gang of goons! We must shift the money to
safe place as quickly as possible. Shall we keep it under the
clothes in uncle’ s shop? Please don’t use your brain,
I’m already tensed. Far away…
– Far away! Dubai! You sent money from
there to here, right? Through illegal money transfer,
can I send money from here to there? Can you keep it safe
till I come there? Happily, how much? If you ask how much…
it’s little big money. Would it be Rs.50000? More…
– What? More means a lakh? More than a lakh! Where did you get so much money? What bothers you? No…how much it is… How much means…
cut it I’ll call you later… Where’s the car? Why are you asking me? Yes, I’m asking you. You said this is safe place
and cheating me, asking again where’s the car?
Ditching me you took all the money. Money? What money?
– Shut up! Don’t talk nonsense!
You’ve taken the car. You’re avarice.
A lot of money. Thought of sharing it among all of us. Share it? Please tell me
what’s it all about? How can I take the car? You didn’t give the keys to me, right? You kept it with yourself. Oh I don’t know! Won’t there be a duplicate key?
Do I look so foolish? Am I foolish then?
– Shut up.- You shut up. Bloody rascal!
A hell lot of money. He has become dishonest.
He took away everything. He’s a thief…bloody thief! You took it and blaming me, bloody! How dare you beat me! Leave him, bloody! What? Will you kill me?
Come on! You’ve become dishonest not me. You always crib about money. Who is it? If you come in veil and tale Noor,
won’t I know it, bastard? I don’t know anything, brother. Shut up, bloody! Babbar’s car is with me. If you want it, Noor must be
with me in one hour. My boys are waiting near Purani Devdi. If you don’t hand over Noor to them, I’ll sell your car as scrap
in Chor bazaar. Not only that police is searching for veiled
persons in another missing car, right? I’ll tell them who those
veiled thieves are! He doesn’t know how much
money is in the car! But he may notice it. Bloody life! Sorry buddy, please forgive me. Money…money will make
anyone go mad. I too made a mistake, Forgive me, buddy.
– Forgive me too, buddy. Before they notice the money,
let’s go! Sir, they’re the guys! Escape boys! He’s Prakash! he looks like a model, sir. Get the vehicle! I don’t know anything, sir. Sir, he’s the guy we’re searching. Tell me! I don’t know, you bastard! How dare you lie to me, bastard!
Tell me! Don’t kill Prakash, sir… Shut up!
– No! Don’t kill him, sir. Money is in the car boot, sir! Money is in the car boot, sir! Money is in the car, sir! What car? What boot? Sir, he’s lying in fear. It’s wrong, if you lie to him,
he’ll kill you. He’ll kill that’s why I told him. Are you drunk?
He’s talking like mad. I don’t have any connection
with him, sir. Sir, he’s lying. No, we don’t need that money. Shut up, you pig head!
What are you saying? I swear on my mother,
I don’t know what he is saying! Shut up! If you don’t tell the truth,
I’ll pump bullets into you. Are you playing fun with me? Rs.50 crores! Rs.50 crores?! Sir, one minute!
– It’s Rs.50 crores! I’ll tell sir and get you 5%,
I mean Rs.2.5 crores. I’ll get you Rs.2.5 crores. Tell me the truth. Money is in the car.
– Car is missing. It’s in the car boot, sir. If there’s no car,
where will the boot come from? It’s in the car boot,
car has been stolen. That’s what I was telling
you all the time, sir. Bloody! One says it is there
and another says no. Kill both of them, sir! You bloody bastard! Kill him, sir! Rs.50 crores! Where’s the money? In Radio cab… You? I thought it could be Veerappan
or Dawood Ibrahim, Is it you? Okay…okay, sunny!
– I’ll leave you. Tell me where have you hidden
Rs.50 crores? Tell me. So, you’re the real villain. I’m not villain, I’m the hero. If I win this by-election,
I’ll be the hero of this state. Then, those police…
– What police? Entire state is under my thumbs. You killed my friend! What did he do to you? He’s my father! How can this bastard be your father? Kill him, boys! Leave him! Noor who is in our home,
she’s his lover, father. Tell them to leave him, father. They’re planning to marry, father. No sir, please leave him. No…no… Where’s my Rs.50 crores? Why are you asking me?
Ask your dogs! Why should I ask him? How could you think
you’re a hero, bastard? Entire money is in the car your
boys took away, you crackpot! Where? Where’s that car? That car…we left car
running out of petrol, sir. Did you leave Rs.50 crores on road? Tell me, where’s the car? Near a mosque…
– An old building next to it, sir. A street next to it, sir. There’s a road next to it, sir. There’s something on road with
green cloth covered, sir. No sir…there’s a large
Goddess Mysamma idol… Tell me, where’s the car? In the same place
where we caught him, sir. Tell me.
Where’s the car? Don’t harm Noor! I’ll tell you where the car is!
– Tell me. Shalibanda! Next to Salim Saheb construction site. You go and get the car. You too go with him, boys.
– Okay, sir. If I don’t get money in one hour… Her life would become an arrack
sachet in Srikakulam arrack shop. Kill him as soon as you get the money. Father has ordered to kill you
immediately on getting money. He’s missing! Clear out of the car! You mischievous children! What are you doing on it? You… He’s still alive!
Get Noor quickly. If not… I’ll both of them. Quick! Where’s Noor? Noor is in Banjara Hills
in a Minister’s home. Minister’s home?
– Yes, brother. It’s a strange story. His daughter Sweety madam…
– You’re a crook! Did you trap her too? Something like that. Since she’s very rich,
I tried to trap her. She fell for me. Her father came to know this. Since then his party workers
were after my life. I got scared.
I went into hiding. Unable to find me,
they kidnapped Noor. Now I’m here. Now, he wants me.
You want Noor. If you give me to him,
he’ll give Noor to you. That’s all. Where’s the money? Tell me what do you want clearly? You want me. If you want me,
hand over Noor to Yadav. Who is Yadav?
– He! Yadav is tiger! Do you know who am I? Who cares who you are! This is old city and I’m the… …Yadav is the king!
Come quickly. Sanyasi Raju!
– Crores! Who is he, bastard? My begum has come. Hey skinhead! Send him first. I’ll leave her. If not I’ll kill her. If you kill Noor, I’ll kill him. No…no… Hey skinhead, if you leave him… I’ll get you old city
ring road contract. Ring road?
Will you really get me? I swear on you. Are you acting or really foolish? How can there be ring road in old city? He’s baiting you. Do you think am I so foolish? Ring road in old city?
I don’t believe it. Leave Noor. Okay, neither you nor I budge. Let’s leave both at a time.
Okay? Come to his way like that. He’ll count to 3, on saying ,
both of you must both of us. Noor will come this side
and I’ll come that side. Okay?
– Okay. You get ready,
brother start the count. One He can’t understand Hindi, brother. Count in English. What? Where’s the clarity? What’s this trouble? Never had so much trouble
even in school. I’ll not count, you count.
– Hold me properly. Father! Father! How come you’re here? Send Prakash here. If not I’ll kill her. If you harm my darling,
I’ll kill you all. Leave her. Kill…kill…what will you kill?
Kill rats! Why did you come between this? Why are you shouting at me? How do I know?
This would happen! Mother! Father! Leave Prakash! Only then we’ll leave your daughter. Trust me, I’ll get you really
100 acres near Vizag port. I swear on my daughter. Am I so foolish?
I want Noor. Only then I’ll leave this crook.
– Father! Decide quickly. We’re getting late to our bus. Okay! I’ll leave Noor, you leave Prakash. They’ll leave my daughter.
Okay? We don’t want Prakash,
we want Rs.50 crores! Bloody crooks! Rs.50 crores!?
Oh my God! Is this the matter?
Were you fooling me all this while? I don’t want Noor,
I want Rs.50 crores. If not I’ll kill you for real. Rs.50 crores is mine. Stop it. Does everyone want only money? Don’t humans have any value? Are you getting late to bus?
Bloody country brutes! You ruined my entire plan. If I give them, they’ll kill me. If I give them, they’ll kill me. If I give anyone of these two,
they’ll kill me. Father! Move aside!
Go away rascal! Father! Money is God!
I used to think so, sir. No, this is Satan! If man is possessed by it,
he becomes a demon. I almost lost my people for it.
I don’t want it. Your money almost killed your
daughter Sweety madam. What if anything had happened? What if anything had happened? Can you buy back her life
with your money? Though I’m a small man,
I’ll tell you a big advice. More food than stomach can take it, more desire than one’s requirement, more money than necessity, can’t be digested! I’ll marry Noor and
go to Dubai, madam. Rs.50 crores! Burnt everything! Poor guys like us will never get money. Not poor but fate! Not fate you need brain. You must have guts.
– Shut up! Money is with us only.
– Is it? I’m scared,
don’t take risk, Prakash! Risk is our investment, uncle! Give this money there. Where’s the money? Girls of our old city area mustn’t
get ruined because of no money. Use this money for their welfare! Total Rs.50 crores, right?
You gave Rs.45 crores to them. Burnt Rs.50 lakhs in Yadav’s den. Where’s the balance Rs.4.5 cores? I didn’t know Charminar Sherwanis
are so demand here. Take it. Yours…this is yours! Mine and Noor’s! Keep money safely. Uncle used to pay more
than him in Hyderabad. Noor, you husband is a miser. I heard it, boy. Do I look like a fool to you? Are you not?

Dereck Turner

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