Painting Red Gobbo

Painting Red Gobbo

hi guys are welcome to rootstem cameras
in a different position from now on I think this is a red cobble tutorial I’m
gonna be basically painting the red gobball in stages very much similar to
what I did if you want to look way back when I’ve been last year yeah when I did
the mighty noise marine we’re gonna be using airbrush techniques may be new
some contrast paint some normal paint and of course we’ve already sprayed all
of the pieces I’ve kept the head legs Court has actually been glued together
now in the manual just tell you to stick the legs to the qolt first but if you
dry fit them they actually do that would still fit inside there I’ve got a
backpacks the Santa sack as it were separate and
of course I’ve got the base the base is respray black this lot has been spread
we see it gray and all that’s a contrast on the court but I’m gonna be using that
for our main actual colors some areas are not really a bush I don’t think I’m
gonna need to airbrush the actual legs I’ve just got them on for convenient
painting mainly the air bushing is going to be the sack and this particular gun
no gun the actual clock here I’ll get it right eventually so I’ve stopped
drinking put my teeth in we’re gonna get cracking so I think the first thing that
we’re going to be actually doing is of a red so the red on this one is quite a
vibrant color which is why I’ve painted it a nice under court and we’re gonna be
going not straight with a feast and then I’m gonna be hitting it with the : red
and then I’ll layer it up from there so let’s get cracking so let’s begin we’ve
got some corn red water down a little bit and we’re just gonna have play it
nice and even all right so then the Hat as well as
doing the cloak as you can see that gray is making that cone red quite a bright
color which is what we want I’ll put the collar back I’m going out the next paint
pink color evil Sun scarlet I’ve got it loaded already and what we’re gonna do
tip it out the way being damaged we’re gonna just try and get it from an angle
so if you guys can see that I’m hoping you can we start applying the red
from one direction and that should give us some lovely
transitions so Brett sure yeah yeah I may be a bit too bright now it’s not my
friend today but the Reds have been done that and the Hat I’m gonna now look at
doing the center sack for the grenades mm-hmm so I’m gonna start by covering
that into Lance and next up we’re gonna hit it with Carrick’s torn and again
we’re gonna do the same thing then hit from an angle just to try and catch
everything on a highlight more than you can see this because I might have to
change the camera angle on all our days in future so hopefully you guys can see that
transition and that will be the end of my drivers and so if you wanted to
follow this by paint and you can do apologies for the white light come on
it’ll focus eventually and get rid of so many problems today guys never mind
right let’s say let’s get on some brushwork so here we have the actual
base this is what I’m gonna start brushing first spread it back and on the
packet and really I’m gonna follow of it quite closely
we’ve got a very look at it from there we’ve got a greeny case with a brown
case next to it the course is from silver striping it should be quite easy
to do so we’re just going to yeah we’re gonna do that no what we’re gonna do is
to use some color stained green to try and get this and then we’re going to
live it up with some wet paletine you can always do it with some feeling of
the you normal paints to get up to an edge highlighting so Carlston green and
I’ve already started but I forgot to press play the God’s eye and I filled it
down a little bit but you’ll have enough to give you should always to be in this
really good majority pains – you should do it Duncan two thin coats I’m just
using my wet palette as a way of achieving the finna paint look see about
but I’m still gonna paint it in so while I’m waiting for the castle and green to
dry it’s like up on the second court I’m going to use some more fun Brown and
paint the wood paneling on this base and make sure it’s nice
and secure with me blue attack again think ox multiple if you need to okay so
we’re gonna be looking now at doing some shades we’ve got back base coated this
one base coat now brush this one best ordinary brush this one best call over
there bus so I look at shedding the colors that I’ve done with a recess
shared and then sort of like highlighting them some of them go like
the actual backpack I’ve got a wrong color out because I’m an idiot I’m gonna
do an all-over shared with some water down well I’m same water down so gonna
use flow improver so I’m gonna put bat before improver all the screw top off
solid and then surfing sepia I’m not gonna can’t go for like a 50/50 mix that
I should have done that the other way around because I’m an idiot love for my
mistakes kids I need to know why I’m dip into probably yeah absolute that will
she’ll be quite fine and then I’m gonna put this all over the backpack and that
should just sit into so recesses for me nicely so I’m gonna be doing this
section I’ve got currently a green shade two parts with a mix of one part flow
improver and I’m just gonna go into the recesses now you might need to do this
twice but it’s gonna give you a nice subtle change difference because if
you’re not that good at recess shading like sometimes I sometimes mess up and
then this helps it helps a lot I’m just gonna go around that sealed
edge no I’m a bull tech game he’s not on point today my waiting for that little
bit too dry let’s get some bad wax this one’s gonna put this one so straight
neat on to the brown now we’ll add of a bread so some caribou crimson one and a
half to one so we’re still sort of yeah making sure our sheds are nice and thin
I’m gonna use a slightly thicker brush this time I’m using a his workshop base
and we’re just resting some recesses gently I don’t want to distract I’ll take away
from too much of the ambush where that we’ve already done what we’re doing is just emphasizing the
work that we’ve done and while that’s like that I should really clean that
bush broke it to him it put a really thin brush and I’m just putting a bit of
it into certain sections and just following little like them little lines
in his back you know when you use a little tyrant scroll dry brush on these
two I’m just gonna try and get the edge I’m not after anything else on this base and yes I’m putting both on the green
and the brown hopefully you can see it looks quite yet
so I thought that time at school I’m gonna get some trifle a orange I’m gonna
do a little dry brush on the red okay when I try and edge it when they use a
very small dry brush I’m just needing this just to pick certain things out in
the red I’m not wanting it to overpower that’s probably gonna edge highlights in
a moment with it as well that will be in a minute what I’m looking for is them transitions
on the airbrushing and dry brushing get yeah just be careful though when dry
brushing on top of a brush surfaces airbrushing is a lot lot thinner
sometimes you can wear it off when you don’t mean to try layering finned off in
my wet palette just gently touching some of those extreme edges so next on the
agenda we’re going to be doing the silver so we’ve got several straps on
this then we have but gone and there’s bullets on here so the straps that’s probably the best
one to do first effectively I’m gonna be using a small base Bush now just
applying it neat from battle this time got me silver on I’m a base on there so
we’re just gonna wash the silver in nan-oh now while we’ll wait for retinol
to dry it’s only a little bit but still gonna wait for it to dry it this should
now be dry as well this will take a longer time because of
course we actually did the lab you know we put the for improver on there so what
we’re gonna do now is actually use you shampoo born very light dry brush just
across where any edges and detail would exist now what we’ve got with you shabti
born out afterwards Justin a little bit dry brush I’m gonna get a tiny bit of it
now there this loincloth type thing and we’re just gonna put it straight up I’m
not gonna fit it down using a small base Bush I’m just gonna make sure all that
is cause but don’t forget that majority that you
never really got to see cuz o’clock so don’t don’t think you’ve got to do it
all yeah not wanting to take forever to do
this so I’ve got one on I’m now just going to mix white scout and you shoved
a blonde on a wet palette and just layer it over the top any more white to a very
thin mix so while we’ve got not a little bit I’m
going to try and take it to white as you count dragon that should have dried
we’re gonna get his little fin bush get some moon Fang steel using no palette
rather than me wet palette sure mine never mix this properly I’m just gonna
itch I like the silver so roofing steel applied to the silver that’s kind of dry
and I’ve also gone ahead and painted the boots belt and belt buckle black so when
I like that oh it’s gonna be it some Dawnstar just spin down and there’s a
flied like edge highlighted that little tiny gray highlight applied to the boots
so I hit some self in sepia Oh over that and then I’ll take a white down to the
color after yeah house-trained eyes are done on that
guy simply because I did the black I’m never gonna try and paint this Christmas
tree this Christmas tree and the Fox it’s quite a bright ish color so I’m
gonna start with a scrap Brown calling it a Christmas tree it’s just a tree go
Browns quite a thin paint so I’m just gonna put it straight from the pot making sure it’s not get any on that’s
star I’ve not painted any of a green yet so currently if you do get it on the
hand or you do get it on even the little bit of fur cuz we’re going back over
that it won’t matter too much you’ll have to put on two quarts to get any
even quarter this so now of the brown I’m just kind of a palette just to fin
it down I’m just gonna put some more shabby born on I’m gonna try and make it
into the similar pattern that what you’ve got on the box so I’m just gonna
follow it it should already be variable if some of these I don’t think the
plastics not cracking so so so get back in that should be about dry and well
write that dry I’ve painted so I’m gonna it’s green I paired them old-school
cause we’ve got wop stone glow on them so both of these two and then reapplying
shades put I got surf shared all over the brown that I’ve done I want you to
cover it and then the green is gonna be a willya green shade as usual that’s
covered that’s covered these now drain we’re gonna coat the end this don’t
and we’re gonna use I’ve been strong some gray I just started realizing in
the fresh black palette pin down I’m just gonna need several ways as careful
as you can be neat to crazy in the meantime I’ve used dark angel green
I’m quite sure what I’m not in colors I’ll find out for you
the Archangel green on the sort of branches then highlighting them but in
the moment I’m going to run some finned white scar over that’s all gone just
trying to leave that recess detail and this will need a couple of coats so on
the green branch we’re gonna get a really finish and I get some more warp
star what stone glow and we’re gonna pick out bits of the branches and then
extreme tips with some more green Honda spit you out you know I’m using both of these colors
straight from the pot while I’m moving out I’m just gonna pick out some little
bits on the grenades right so grenades don’t if you can see them
yeah so we need to get all of this recorded in grecia it’s a little next so
I’ve got my items done up with the Gracie had to to cut with me after the
majority of time anyway to get a solid color right awk flesh
so yes I am doing some contrast painted on this and we’re an old ish basing
brush will put I’m not sure knows again without ruining some of your areas needs
both contrast on em now some don’t trust right now I’m using this contrast white
mainly because of a clog so I’m going to apply it quite heavy and I’m hoping that
this nice but a shared this grayish color but now sit into the FIR recesses so allowing the white to dry which will
give me a nice gray motley effect on that and of course on the beard and but
we’re gonna come back to the beard and drive with some white into that when I
leave the gray the greens are looking over and might just some edge
highlighting once it’s fully dry while I’m waiting for that to dry we’re gonna
do something special for the stands for free stars have got one on there one on
there and one up there so what you’re gonna paint them with Cassandra yellow
shared paint on st. paint it’s a washer an ink I’m
hoping this is all right this is quite another one
yeah it should still be fine excuse me I’ll just bird just so folks know as well actually
using as Drake yellow on that little that’s a contrast bin and all over this so when done on that he’s dry we’re
actually gonna go back and highlight that in the meantime all these like
wires on that branch because it’s still waiting for lots of stuff to dry so
every time something to dry painting something else I’m gonna hit that we dar
Reaper so again waiting for stuff to actually
sorry waiting for stuff to actually dry we’re gonna start pre basing some areas
so all the snow that’s on here all the ground as it were I’m gonna cover in
administra gray and baubles I don’t really need doing but the baubles on his
ear and then there we’re gonna paint that we’ve a bird on a black so I’m just
gonna do that bring it in so sometimes I do this but I’ve got on a little bit
I’ve actually put some a full-on gray just stippled it on to the snow base I’m
not gonna do now all these baubles are black we’re gonna put a little bit of
mystic white so this is some green stuff well this is a metallic white I’m just
gonna dab some on there and we’re not gonna put it all over the black what
we’re gonna do is to just do it in a direction so this one is gonna be there
and you might need to just put a bit thick and just do it in one direction oh yes the race I’m thinking where the
hell is my food yeah girl now that will take a while to dry because it is quite
an odd pinch normally an airbrush paint but it will work so if you can’t see
this guy’s oh yeah but it will work on smaller things the reason we’ve done the
black is to go with the base and then once but he’s done so that’s drain let’s
move on to finishing off this gun and the stars so these stars right we’re
gonna get a very thin brush but we’re gonna get some water
well let me get some white Scout there down as well when I get some extra water
and I was gonna make it quite thin that myra to friend but what I want is a very
thin layer of white I was trying to drop the brush so all I’m doing is just
putting this on top and the dirty yellow should still show through but we’re just
gonna give it just a point Folgers if you can hear my belly and do
it to the many versions not really needed as what she’s gonna do sir you know what you’re just putting like a
white glaze over the top and it will dry pretty quick so you just get a little
bit more just a bit more towards the center oh and yeah y-you got your white
out put a bit of a dry brush on that beard next step candy stripes on this
now this I’m gonna hate this cuz I’m gonna mess this up if I’m perfectly
honest but you finish bush I’ve got some corn red to start with everything else
out of the way brace yourself and make a very thin red
line don’t it from the work palette so it runs nice and smooth you can always
picking it up from there and then rinse repeat this might tell me
a while so we’ve got a little candy stripe I’m
gonna leave a lot of correcting it several time right so we’re going to use
an another bean stuff world product candy ink we’re gonna paint the baubles
with it they stuff really neat shaking like lots so gonna use my medium shade
but brush for this and basically heavily hate those baubles of your mouth you’re
gonna have to do this Louisville times it’s very similar to
how I did the spaceman armor so still waiting for some of the ball will bits
to dry I’ve got them painted that way of the contrast Gracie did my favorite want
to use I’ve now got the contrast red this should make it look very different
to the actual cloak yeah bit more pinky because it’s an alle style you know tom
and jerry style so don’t make it look too like its original counterpart and
then for the stem we’re just gonna get some Grif judge gray and put that on
there as well contrast paints can speed up you paint
in there can be really really good for the little things I’ll just knock
something over a little bit sometimes that you forget or you just don’t have
time for one of the final things to do on the head we’ve got to paint these
lenses I’m just going to be using some nap just blue from green stuff world one
of our awesome paints and I’m just going to dot the i’s in right when ladies and gents I’ve glued
them together I’ve also put a little bit of a stock or flesh with a very small
brush just onto the base onto the little table art and that makes it look like
it’s um yeah it makes it look like it’s some form of script writing I was going
to try to do the teeth but it’s not gonna work for me now
not ain’t finished because it’s not sure I’ve got me gloves on because I’ve not
vanished it yet and I don’t want to rub the paint off because of course some of
its airbrush paint with the Earl’s and hands so we’re gonna add some proper
snow let’s get rid of those get out the spatula now I’m gonna use this end just
to scoop a little bit the fact use just more bigger scoop and to put some bear
which was very easy one for me to manipulate a lot easier and as I put
some proper snow I’m the actual base I’m gonna try and
cover the majority of this in the snow so I didn’t go too crazy with daylight there we go
focus thank you and you know what guys have done all
that I’ve realized endless teeth ok correction as on the teeth so I’m gonna
put some glaze on the baubles and I’m gonna varnish it then we’re gonna be
done so stand um sure about that but yeah that’s not bad
no bad version I’m not a painter so I’m not gonna get it that great I
haven’t done a bad job and a commission will be pleased
well thank you very much for watching guys please like share subscribe hip a
notification button if you want to see more have a good Christmas I probably
say vitamin next couple of videos or soup we’re going out on Saturday just
before we still be the last day of November when this gets released as long
as I can get off my PC because I left it in the mrs. house on the gardens and we
will see you next time

Dereck Turner

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