Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4K

Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4K

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4K

  1. ninja 101 says:

    3:33 one is red the other blue they hug its purple

  2. Max Grisdale says:

    It looks like dan exploded and all his organs blew up

  3. ImpulseTT7 says:

    That short dude should be the one getting hurt most of the time

  4. MarsanGamer says:

    what is all the music names btw

  5. Andrew Thompson says:

    This is now my favourite video of all time! Finally Gav gets screwed over hahaha

  6. MadeOfRamen says:

    Should a been dark red paint

  7. Zack Jandali says:

    What’s the song playing when gav gets hit the first time?

  8. Nightcore_ 284486 says:

    2:48 I think this what a pad sees and feels like

  9. Emilio Cassab says:

    Kinda hate gav for not doing all the stuff dan goes through

  10. abunchofrandomletterstomakeaname says:

    4:38 Praise The Sun!

  11. fawwan arroyyan says:


  12. Okamonu Oyoma says:

    Yes! ! ! Gav gets it this time

  13. Ethan Baker says:


    No Barbaras were harmed in the making of this pun.

  14. Lucas Araya says:

    1:54 mk games:

  15. isaac ramirez says:

    Dan would be the tankiest of tanks in an RPG. Lol

  16. Jonathan Leake says:

    Should've had Dan stand on one side and gav on the other while both balloons come down. That would've looked sick

  17. PC _VIRUS_gaming says:

    At 2:40 this could be used as a horror film it looks like when you have so much blood and got hit by a wreking ball this is what it looks like


    Me: gets bucket of paint
    Me: pours on self
    Me: goes to mum
    Me: “I have been REBORN!!!

  19. Bilal Bilal says:

    انا أدعوكم للإسلام

  20. em taylor says:

    that’s orange. orange

  21. Vrathaaset, Reaper of Lordran says:

    Seeing that giant paint balloon swing towards them reminds me of a familiar boss fight in south park the stick of truth.

  22. Sachin Kr says:

    This is real holi. Indian festival of affection and colour

  23. Naz & Meher says:

    Beautiful 👍👏👌😘😘😘👍👏👌❤❤❤👍👏👌😘😘😘❤👍👏👌🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Lot's of love From India

  24. Gabriel Clifford says:

    I love the Music

  25. Daniel Zanchettin says:

    wait you can see that at 3:14 Dan got your neck on his right hand i think?

  26. Brian 000 says:

    That must be "Paintful."

  27. dracula008 says:

    Should have done it where baloon comes from behind

  28. k2freestyleski says:

    "you've got red on you."

  29. Otávio Alves says:

    I loved Gav being painted on Brazilian colorss 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  30. kabouil says:

    when you receave a punch , you have to be totaly relaxe!

    if you resiste, you will be hurt because you turn your bady like something hard !!
    the same for a punch, if you let the pawer of the hit going free you are not hurt

  31. Bman 1970 says:

    1:54; 2:54. FINISH HIM! 💥 FATALITY

  32. Scott Price says:

    It's cool but I dont like how you pretended to not be able to get up..we can see you would have been able too

  33. FILIP SRAMEK says:

    H.264 hates this thing

  34. Vrathaaset, Reaper of Lordran says:

    So Dan is a human and Gav is an android.

  35. OFP2 says:

    Slow Mo 10
    Acting and fake laughs 0

  36. Lil Guay says:

    2:45 you ever get sick after eating hot Cheetos if not well this is what your vomit looks like

  37. Yash Shrivas says:

    Beautiful ❌

    Paintful ✔️

  38. Davis T. says:

    The thumbnail made it look like something else… 😉

  39. Bravesword XD says:

    bro i literally of the floor, bruh the moment he said no I died😂😂😂😂😂😂

  40. William Cooper says:

    Periods be like: 1:54

  41. Optical Clarity says:

    Looks like Hillary, Chelsea, Warren, Pelosi, AOC & Omar on an average day.

  42. Poru says:

    I’m disappointed they didn’t do purple and orange

  43. Spiritual Potato says:

    3:48 The expression on Dan’s face.

  44. Adsa 16 says:

    4:59 when my alien from area 51 jerks off

  45. JC Lego World says:

    I subscribed

  46. Nathan Potokar says:

    The third one looked like shrek exploded.

  47. Just Random says:

    He’s a smurf

  48. Captain Unohana says:

    Opera was a good touch

  49. septicplier Loler says:

    it would be hard to NOT get paint in Gavin's nose

  50. audiogek says:

    Came back here just to see Gav get hurt…and watch Dan enjoy it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  51. JoJo Siwa Is annoying says:

    No in know where minecraft gets their lava noise 1:23

  52. Doomsday 2028 says:

    What's the classical song at 3 minutes?

  53. BurnOut Freaks says:

    I would see more of Dan´s Face in Joy. Thazs the funniest part 😉

  54. Miner Kiddo says:

    3:28 – 3:32
    How it feels to get hit by a splat roller main in splatoon.

    The glorious ness in slo mo:

    What the replay of it is:
    3:46 – 4:20 (haha yes ver funy)

  55. farciarz funny says:


  56. Adam Ahmed says:

    Splatoon IRL

  57. Project ZULU YT says:

    Jokes on you I have horrible wifi…

  58. Nurul As'har says:


  59. Black Screen says:

    At 3:10 𝕙𝕖 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚍𝚘𝚒𝚗𝚐 👌☻

  60. Neevush says:

    5:18 humor

  61. PrimaryAce says:

    Gav is such a baby but finally he actually does something

  62. Black Knight29 says:

    The red paint looks like aether from thor 2

  63. Annie Keenan says:

    the thumbtack of dreams

  64. Noobgaming72 says:

    To show the power of flex tape, I sawed this paintball of doom in half!

  65. Click 1 says:

    Biggest pimpel pop

  66. Anand Sharma says:


  67. Fleato says:

    It was this moment I realized, just because lab coat, doesnt mean smart person.

  68. BIRB films says:

    Portal gel

  69. Vault boy 21 says:

    I knew it! GAV is a smurf

  70. GeorgeTheFingers says:

    Dan's frustrated voice is so inexplicably amusing.
    "you CAN'T say THAT"

  71. Isaiah Jones says:

    Why didn’t they do primary colors to make other colors? 1/10

  72. Iain Anderson says:

    You've got red on you…

  73. Gustavo Lobo says:


  74. Nicholas van Eck says:

    What kind of paint was this, and did it wash off of the skin easily?

  75. liam hillier says:

    5:22 gav looks like he's just been attacked by slimmer 😂😂

  76. MILKYCROCSTV says:

    1:53 3:27 4:50

  77. Mark Powell says:

    Hats off gentleman, the genii.

  78. rabendra chauhan says:

    आई थिंक यू शुड मीट वीडियो चैट बेब्लेड ऑफ फाइंडिंग एंड इनफॉरमेशन

  79. Kara Anderson says:


  80. SL says:

    Just for québecoi: 3:33 tu me n'iaisse😂

  81. Suleman Mohamed says:


    Just look at the sadistic joy and pleasure in Dan's eyes

  82. Lyrics CDPY says:

    2:19 faking it

  83. The Judgement says:

    1st part to me: Dan Getting exploded with a rocket launcher
    2nd part to me: Gav PL200 (Detroit android Model) getting exploded with a rocket launcher
    3rd part to me: Gav getting squished by aliens and martians

  84. Darius Shukru says:

    Gav looks like a smurf

  85. Anna Meyers says:

    Watching paint mix in mid-air will always be one of my favorite things to watch in slow mo.

  86. Takahashi says:

    1:49 Brutal Mods for games be like.

  87. Michaly says:

    3:31 I'm blue dababdbabdbebdbabebdbabdbdbebebbaebebdbabdbabebbeebbeda

  88. Epicentre Plasma says:

    5:45 when u hav a cold and sneeze

  89. Bobby Marconi says:


  90. Jeremiah Mullard says:

    You can’t say that

  91. MrKaintar says:

    This is the second time I’ve had to resubscribe anyone else?

  92. Punky Plays says:

    2:00 he looks like a umpa lumpa

  93. Kacey Whitson says:

    Balloon pendulum while being shot at with a BB gun in slow mo?

  94. Buraq Games says:

    From these comments I assume Women have a hard time with their periods.

  95. Allie Kitaguchi says:

    if you pause at 4:55, it's genuinely hilarious

  96. Jacob Dockery says:

    4:40 his face is priceless XD

  97. Zain K says:

    If you set your playback speed to 2 while their showing the slow-motion part it looks like the speed is normal

  98. Gamdo says:

    4:50 Austraila got em

  99. Brittboss says:

    When the green and yellow balloons burst, a thought that was at the back of my mind was 'He looks like Australia' XD
    Green and yellow (well it's actually gold, not yellow) are the Australian National colours. Gold represents the images of Australia's golden beaches, mineral wealth, grain harvests and the fleece of Australian wool and Green represents the view of forests, gum trees and pastures typical of the Australian landscapes. Just a bit of Aussie history for all you non-Australian folk 😀

  100. connor daniel says:

    Didn't expect to see Dan turn into a tampon

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