Paint by numbers

Paint by numbers

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Glenn Silva. And I’ve been in the
campus here since 1994. I do hand lettering on different
doors throughout the campus. It’s such a lost art. No one does it anymore,
very few people. And I’m fortunate that here I
get that opportunity to do it. I know a lot of the
students and professors. You can tell they really
appreciate it because they stop and give comments. It’s been what
almost, well, 1994. What’s that 25, 26 years
that I’ve been here. And I’ve been
doing it since 1964 when I graduated
from high school, went two years of signs school. And then after that, I’ve been
in the industry ever since. So I’ve been doing it
almost 50-something years. My mind is just focused
on what I’m doing. And that’s what I enjoy. So maybe that’s why
I just don’t retire. And I don’t know, I
guess I’m enjoying life when I’m doing it, as
opposed to enjoying life hopping on a plane
and going on a vacation. But anyway, it’s a job. I’ve got to do it, get it
done, go on to the next door. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Dereck Turner

4 thoughts on “Paint by numbers

  1. Adam Lesevic says:

    Very beautiful work

  2. nakib sidd says:

    it is still used in india for local stores board name and for company's advertisements in villages😋

  3. Luis Amaya says:

    Nice story!

  4. Evan Henzi says:

    <3 <3 <3

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