Overwatch 2018 New HALLOWEEN Skins! (Ideas, Artwork, & Possible Teasers)

Overwatch 2018 New HALLOWEEN Skins! (Ideas, Artwork, & Possible Teasers)

What’s up everybody this is Master Ian Gamer
and with the spookiest event of the year drawing ever closer, now is the perfect time to look
at what skins we could be getting for Halloween Terror. Halloween boasts some of the greatest potential
for new skins, and has historically held some of the community’s all time favorites. So, let’s take a look at some of the coolest,
most terrifying new skins we might get with this year’s Overwatch Halloween event! As always if you end up enjoying this video,
then be sure Like, Sub, and hit the Bell to keep up with all my future Overwatch content. Now I have to mention real quickly that yes
I’m aware of the various leaks we’ve gotten for the upcoming event. In fact, I’ve already made videos covering
them and speculating who exactly they’re for. But, in this video, I’m more or less going
to pretend that the leaks don’t exist, and simply look at skin possibilities that we
could see, either this year in addition to those which were leaked, or perhaps in the
future. But anyways, let’s kick it off with Sorceress
Moira! This is one of those skins which feels somewhat
inevitable for her, and given that magic and witchcraft fit perfectly within the scope
of Halloween, this seems like the perfect event to get it. Her abilities already feel very magical, and
her scientist background could easily be compared to a mythical wizard or sorcerer. On top of that, this kind of skin would make
her the perfect candidate for being a new Junkenstein’s Revenge boss, as I could easily
see someone with dark powers like these working with the Witch of the Wilds and her other
minions. Blizzard could go for either a more scientist-esque
skin design like Junkenstein himself, or it may closer resemble Witch Mercy in terms of
using pure, mystical magic. Either way it’d be a great skin for a hero
who so far hasn’t gotten many event Legendaries. Moving on, we have Mummy Genji. Once again looking at the hero’s backstory,
Genji nearly died at the hands of his brother before being saved by Mercy. He only made it by being fused into a new
cyborg body, which he now depends on in order to survive. Wrapping his body in white cloth could easily
fit with his design, even down to the loose bit of material which trails behind every
one of his skins. Additionally, his weapons would likely be
stylized to fit a more Egyptian theme, as that is the region with which mummies are
often most closely associated. While we already see a style similar to this
in his Nomad skins, Blizzard could easily add more detail, possibly even designing it
to appear more horrific than these other two. Next up though, we have werewolf Winston. This is one of those skins that seems good
at first, but gets better the more you think about it! Sure both of them are large, dark furred beasts
so to say, but the real dealmaker for me on this skin idea is the fact that Winston’s
Primal Rage fits perfectly for the idea of a werewolf transformation! A kind mannered scientist by day, Winston
occasionally becomes a ferocious beast, lunging across the battlefield and swiping at anyone
in his path. While the fact that he’s a gorilla doesn’t
quite coincide with the wolf aspect of a werewolf, I think it’s close enough to work. His tesla cannon and jump pack could even
be stylized to have a 19th century aesthetic, thus making the skin as a whole fit in with
many of the other classic horror story inspired skins which are already in game. Next, we have another fitting skin which has
been brought up countless times in the community, and that’s Plague Doctor Ana. Boasting the iconic, beaked mask, and vials
of questionable substances, this creepy costume would fit perfectly within the Halloween event. Her gun could be stylized into a medieval
repeater rifle, and biotic grenade would fit perfectly as some kind of potion. While Reaper does already have a Plague Doctor
skin, I don’t think that would prevent other heroes from being able to get one. Besides, Ana seems to fit the concept better,
what with her being an old timey, cloak wearing medic. And next we have one of my personal favorite
skin ideas, and that’s Ghostbuster Zarya! Now, this is an idea that has been floating
around since at least last year’s event, and some people even went ahead and made some
cool concept images of what this skin might look like. The tan jumpsuit and large beam weapon would
fit her aesthetic perfectly, and you could even draw the comparison of her Graviton ultimate
to the ghost traps which suck in the pesky spirits. The only real issue I see is the copyright
restrictions around designing a skin like this, but I’m sure Blizzard could get away
with it if they switched up the jumpsuit design and called it something like “ghost hunter”
instead of “Ghostbuster”. Beyond Zarya though, I could also see this
skin being for Winston instead, given that he also wields a bulky gun which, granted,
shoots out electricity instead of… this. But the comparison is still there. Also his barrier projector could be considered
the ghost trap, and on top of all that he’s already a scientist, which would match up
better as a Ghostbuster than a soldier/weightlifter. Personally though, I still feel like Zarya
would be the better choice between the two, but I could see either working. Next though, we have two much more comedic
Halloween skins, which are cardboard D.Va and Reinhardt. Now, these sort of cardboard skins could work
for a number of different heroes, but I picked these two based on their already in game sprays. Basically the idea behind them is just that
they’re cheap Halloween costumes made out of cardboard and duct tape. Reinhardt’s would probably make a little
more sense than D.Va’s, as a working cardboard mech is a bit harder to imagine than just
a large man strapping boxes to his body. But regardless, both would be comedically
fun skins to have in game, and would definitely introduce a much more humorous vibe amongst
the event’s many other horror themed cosmetics. But, while on the topic of Reinhardt, there
are actually two Halloween skins we’ve seen for him that don’t exist yet in game, being
the Admiral and King from the Junkenstein comics. Both of these fit him very well and definitely
look like something that could be added. Additionally, three of the other skins we
saw in the 2016 comic weren’t released until the 2017 event. So, who’s to say that Blizzard wasn’t
holding out on one or both of these Reinhardt skins for just another year? Now between the two of these skins, I’d
have to say that the Admiral seems a bit more likely to actually make it into the game,
since Reinhardt already has some rather kingly looking skins, so getting another wouldn’t
feel as special or unique as the seafarer one. But, like the Mercy witch skin we see in this
same comic, perhaps Blizzard will decide to change up its actual appearance in game, thus
meaning that we could be in for a pleasant surprise with either of these teased Reinhardt
outfits. Likewise, we also have a Genji Swordsman skin
shown in the 2017 Junkenstein comic. This could certainly be a future Halloween
skin as well, and I actually talked about it a bit more in detail in one of my previous
videos which you can check out through the card on screen. Shifting back to D.Va though, she in particular
has a few good possibilities of her own. The first of these is simply some kind of
jack-o’-lantern, like the concept skin we can see here. The mech’s size and shape would be perfect
as a giant, rideable pumpkin and D.Va herself could wear some kind of matching attire. Also, this could easily be a skin for Wrecking
Ball as well, given his own mech’s spherical design. Regardless of which hero it’s for, maybe
being both, I could also easily see it being an Epic skin instead of a Legendary. Changing the mech colors and detailing slightly
to better resemble a pumpkin and then just giving minor detailing to either D.Va or Hammond
could make it fit the jack-o’-lantern theme without needing to greatly remodel the base
skin. Another great idea that could work is Cinderella
D.Va. In this skin, the mech would be stylized more
into a pumpkin carriage rather than a straight up jack-o’-lantern, and D.Va herself would
have some kind of fancy princess dress. Once again, copyright might become a bit of
an issue, but for a skin like this I could see Blizzard generalizing the design enough
to work around any limitations. But moving away from the whole pumpkin motif
and considering a very different sort of skin design for D.Va, we have D.Va the Destroyer. Now this skin likely sounds familiar to some
of you, and that’s because it’s actually a skin for her in Heroes of the Storm. Needless to say, it looks pretty cool and
I can’t really see anyone complaining if this were to get added into Overwatch. Given that Symmetra got her Dragon skin last
year, I really see no reason that Blizzard couldn’t add more demonic themed skins into
the game, especially for the Halloween event. It wouldn’t have to look exactly D.Va the
Destroyer. The mech in particular I think could be redesigned
at least a little, and they’d probably give the skin a different name. But in terms of a new skin, this is certainly
one which would be both unique and welcome. Beyond just D.Va, I could see a number of
different heroes getting demon themed skins. People have done some cool concepts for a
Demon Orisa, and depending on the level of detail, some heroes could even just get Epic
versions like Hanzo’s from back in 2016. Basically anyone could get something simple
like this, so just take your pick! Now before I wrap up, I will just mention
that all these skins are simply based off of fun ideas that would accurately fit both
the event and the specific heroes. They aren’t taking into account which heroes
are most likely to get new skins this time around based off of who’s gotten what in
the past. I may make a later video delving into the
statistical side, but I did already address it a little in one of my earlier videos where
I discussed the event’s start date and some of the already leaked skins. Again if you haven’t seen that, I’ll include
a card linking to it for you. Also, this is by no means all the possible
Halloween skins. I’m sure you guys have a ton of great ideas
which I simply haven’t thought of, so please feel free to drop those down in the comments. If I can collect enough cool ideas, I may
even be able to make another skin ideas video before the event starts! Also if any of you happen to possess artistic
talent, feel free to send me your own Halloween skin concept drawings. I might end up showing them off in a future
video! But for now, thank you so much for watching,
be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed this video and share it with a friend if you really
liked it! Subscribe and hit the bell to keep up with
all my future Overwatch content, and follow me on Twitter for fun polls and channel updates. This is Master Ian Gamer signing off, and
until next time have a great day!

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Overwatch 2018 New HALLOWEEN Skins! (Ideas, Artwork, & Possible Teasers)

  1. Master Ian Gamer says:

    Let me know what skins YOU want to see in the upcoming Halloween Terror event!

    Thanks for watching and be sure to hit 📺SUBSCRIBE and 🔔NOTIFICATIONS to never miss any future Overwatch videos!
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  2. Danny Love says:

    Wendigo Orisa

  3. Spicy Lady says:

    Widow should get a vampire/Dracula skin, she fits it so much better than reaper

  4. Louiepikmin3 says:

    Make a Hammond skin where his mech is a target. I mean, he might be a bigger target but, it would be KILLER!!!! heheheh. What do you mean it's not funny?

  5. Sliiim 309 says:

    I just want a genji skin 🙁 and i hope its the one from the comic nice ideas tho

  6. Nadine Smith says:

    D.VA is anything but a prince's

  7. WHAATEVEN says:

    I want Mummy Ana.
    1) she’s Egyptian
    2) she was believed dead for many years
    3) she has yet to have an Egyptian themed skin
    4) she’s a mother and ‘mummy’ would be a play on words for the British term used by many British children
    5) she could keep her hood and make it kind of cobra-esque with the blue and gold stripes on the interior for added Egyptian designs

  8. WHAATEVEN says:

    Cinderella is free to use, you can’t copyright it because it’s a very old story with so many versions. It’s older than Frankenstein and that’s free to use too, hence why it’s the main theme of the event

  9. Ryan Hendrickson says:

    If you're gonna go along the lines of werewolf for winston I think it better to style it towards Jekyll and hyde. It just feels more fluid of a transformation than completely changing his species.

  10. Noah Ibarra says:

    My skin Idea would be for Mercy. The idea is that it would kinda be like the grim reaper but she would have a hood on with a black cloak and you can't see her face so it's like pitch black, and her wings would be like skeleton wings, and for her staff it would be a scythe.

  11. Josh Jaffri says:

    Is the Halloween update on the 25th?

  12. Gabriel creation studios says:

    Please please Blizzard, add a D.va skin like D.va the destroyer for halloween!

  13. Sir Meeps says:

    They should make a Scarecrow skin for someone I just don’t know who…

    Edit: btw I subbed 🙂

  14. Sam Walker says:

    I just quit a comp game (as the doors opened) to end it. It was gonna be my last game of the night and I didn't feel like solo tanking for 3 DPS, two of them an instalock duo. Told my team to block the pair and that "I would take the hit". Opinions???

  15. Jc Rivera says:

    Torb can get an junkensteins assistant

  16. Pwny Party says:

    pornstar torb, cuz that ult

  17. Rebecca 179 says:

    I think a witch or sorceress Moira skin would be cool and totally fitting

  18. HighQuality Trash says:

    If there was a werewolf McCree skin, he could say, “It’s full moon” instead of his regular ultimate

  19. Soul Eater2030 says:

    I feel like a Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde would be a really cool skin for Winston.

  20. Abm 1 says:

    Igor Torbjorn

  21. Alex Mercer says:

    Divas mech dressed up as Roadhog and Diva herself dressed up as junkratt

  22. *Dwight Kurt Schrute III* says:

    Characters who I think should get new skins:
    -Wrecking Ball

    Characters I want to get new skins for:
    -Wrecking Ball
    -Soldier 76

    Characters definitely getting new skins:
    -Wrecking Ball
    -Soldier 76

  23. Daimond says:

    Am I the only one I want a Sexy Sexy Rein Skin next summer games?

  24. SpringSlender Gaming says:

    I want Bastion to have a legendary Halloween skin. Called a Haunted Tree Bastion. His style is like a haunted tree, have leaves, and have a nest. It can fit in because bastion have a bird friend and his bird friend will love it

  25. Pawketful says:

    I genuinely CANNOT believe you guys didn't mention anything about FRENCH MAID WIDOWMAKER ffs! It's so meant to be, I'm gonna cry every day while count downing for Halloween event. It's one of the first costumes when you think about it and it's a FRENCH Maid! That's gonna be a huge opportunity waste for Overwatch team smh

  26. Alexander Holder says:

    Yeah a rare pumpkin style skin would be cool if the wires and tubes would be green or brown .

  27. Destiny Mariee says:

    We need the Sombra masquerade/jester skin pronto!!

  28. G0lden Phantom says:


  29. Matt omega says:

    The ghost busters skin is fine I have already spoken to the actors from ghost busters and they say it's fine

  30. Hattori Hanzo says:

    I hope skin for HANZO

  31. Hayden Reed says:

    I think it would no cool if Hammond was a scarecrow and it mech like a pumpkin

  32. Desox says:


  33. Sven Stopford says:

    n e e d z a r y a s k i n

  34. Desox says:

    I want a dark knight genji skin! Like brigs mani skin but it’s clocked in darkness also we need a skeleton skin I don’t who for though!

  35. Mer Girl2003 says:

    If we were to get Sorcerer Moira, I think it would make more sense for her to be a playable "good guy", so to speak. After all, Mercy's witch skin made her evil, so perhaps Moira could be a good witch?

  36. Please Stop says:

    "A large man strapping boxes to his body"

  37. OnyyX - says:


  38. Taikina _ says:

    I still want that Soul eater Moira. Or maybe bikini Torbjörn? That would fit to halloween 😃

  39. REX_TLOU ESG says:

    Imagine an Orysa Dragon skin…

  40. siilindeeros says:

    I think mercy can be some thooth fairy idot really know

  41. Stay Hydrated says:

    Why hasn't anyone made a Friday the 13th roadhog yet

  42. Jordan_Rosenlind says:

    The skins are leaked..,

  43. Surperia AJ says:

    Cardboard orisa :,)

  44. Surperia AJ says:


  45. Fookin Smonk says:

    when I looked at moira fan art skin * EXPLOSION

  46. theBlueBathyscaphe says:


  47. System Faded says:

    I hope my two main get skins dva and widow

  48. Dave says:

    Click bait trash

  49. Speed says:

    Halloween themed Animated Short? Seems like a good idea…

  50. SPILL DATEASIS says:

    Oh what if winstons scream when he uses his ult goes to a howl

  51. Jenna Dobos says:

    Corpse bride Widowmaker pLEASE

  52. SMGsuperNinja says:

    DOOM SLAYER: 76 skin!!!

  53. Crazyshark101 says:

    Sombra – La Llorona
    Brigitte – Haunted Armour
    Wrecking Ball – Jack-in-the-box
    Orisa – Centaur
    Tracer – Monochrome (Epic)
    Pharah – Crow (Epic)

  54. Lucian says:

    If they don't make that Genji skin I ain't playing.

  55. WHITE says:

    mummy genji is the stupidest idea i have ever heard, im sorry

  56. Youssef Oueini says:


  57. Whisper Danforth says:

    I always wanted a Winston Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde skin

  58. kazuku says:

    One thing I hate about YouTube is that every time you post a video it pops up a day late which is annoying because I love your videos, keep up the good work

  59. Miakoda318 says:

    I read this as Halloween stinks

  60. RomanFTW says:

    I like Widow the Destroyer

  61. Pat says:

    How about a Lich King Reinhardt, that would be awesome

  62. PurpleDragon says:

    I can see Genji getting a mummy kinda skin but you the whole Mercy saving Genji is not true. Blizzard confirmed she had nothing to do with it

  63. Emoruko says:

    How cool would a pumpkin wrecking ball with a skeleton in it be?

  64. Miguel Hamilton says:

    Werewolf hunter McCree and when he uses his ultimate he says “It’s a full moon” instead of “It’s High Noon”

  65. AGuyWhoGames 247 says:

    Omg I love all your ideas on D.Va and yeah I hope they could be epic skins because I don't have enough money to buy them neither is my luck good with getting skins off loot boxes

  66. Nice work, Caeserino says:

    v a m p i r e h a n z o b l i z z a r d p l e a s e

  67. Crimson says:

    Sombra Catrina!!
    Catrina!! >:v/

  68. idk ma dude says:

    I really want the genji skins and reapers just cause I main those two

  69. Nimue Gaming says:

    How about a Druid Moira, because of her Irish heritage

  70. You dare oppose me mere Mortal says:

    Or a skeleton Genji skin?

  71. Virgin_ princess says:

    Please no more fucking d.va skins!!!

  72. Gia Princess says:

    I need the ghostbusters zarya (I love ghostbusters)

  73. Mister Carecas says:

    lucio NEEDS a skin

  74. Sombra says:

    I hope Reaper gets a krampus skin for christmas that would be so badass

  75. K SPACE says:

    I want a new skin for Symmetra. But she probably gets one for the Christmas event.

  76. Jose Santiago says:

    Jack-o'-lantern Wrecking ball with Hammond dressed as a candle.

  77. Mazzy Boyo says:

    I still want Avengers skins
    Doomfist – Thanos
    Doomfist – Black Panther
    Soldier: 76 – Black Panther
    Soldier: 76 – Captain America (Wakanda)
    McCree – Bucky (cuz the arm)
    Widowmaker – Black Widow
    Genji – Iron Spider/Spiderman
    Soldier: 76 – Antman
    Lucio – Black Panther
    Moira – Scarlet Witch
    Reinhardt – Hulk/Hulk Buster
    Soldier: 76 – Starlord
    Hammond – Rocket
    Hanzo – Hawkeye
    Roadhog – Hulk
    Winston – Bruce Banner/Tony Stark
    Winston – Ironman
    Winston – Hulk
    Zenyatta – Doctor Strange
    Reinhardt – Thor
    And maybe some genderbends
    Pharah – Ironman
    Widowmaker – Spiderman
    Brigitte – Captain America
    Brigitte – Thor
    I could go on but my favorites are:
    Iron Spider Genji
    Black Widow Widowmaker
    Hulk Buster Reinhardt
    Doctor Strange Zenyatta
    Ironman Pharah
    Wakandan Cap Soldier: 76
    Bucky McCree
    Thanos Doomfist
    Hawkeye Hanzo
    Scarlet Witch Moira
    Black Panther Lucio

  78. some goon says:

    waste of time to watch this

  79. Mazzy Boyo says:

    Reaper's Plague Doctor skin is NOT a plague doctor. It's a witch doctor with a plague doctor mask. I want another Plague Doctor skin. I think it would fit Reaper or Moira more but, yeah, the Junkenstein Ana is an alchemist

  80. Staro Buck says:

    I was actually thinking of the cinderella d.va

  81. Xepharos says:

    Nightmare Before Christmas
    Moira = Jack Skellington
    Mercy = Sally
    Roadhog = Oogie Boogie
    I've talked about this too much and I wish I could get these

  82. Ren says:

    D.Va the Destroyer isn't demonic themed, but dragon themed after Deathwing.

  83. qyko says:

    I just hope that Genji become the „slasher“ skin…

  84. Gunner Hauer says:

    Plague doctor Ana is a must

  85. Country 4life says:

    How do i send you sink ideas? Cuz i have art that I did of a Halloween skin called bride for mei.

  86. Alberto Fontanet says:

    Mmmm no fake you snow pls

  87. Byrn says:

    I was talking to my friend about Halloween skins and that Moira skin came up.

  88. Entity _249 says:

    The revenger Sombra ! 😉

  89. Bacony Hair says:


    Just give me a fucking genji and Moira skin

  90. Jonathan Cassidy says:

    Masumune the demon sword
    For genji

  91. d44n says:

    Clickbaitvideo = clickbait = downvoted.

  92. masterofinfinity479 says:

    8 days left

  93. JF says:

    Bride Skin should go to Junkrat!

  94. Mike Krazer says:

    Cthulu reinhart and simon belmont brigitta. And after sending in my request to Blizzard if I don't see these I'm quitting and never coming back especially after they changed hanzo's salt and pepper hair cut because little kids cried about it. I've been down with blizzard games since 99 they owe me 😛

  95. כרמית אלראי says:

    If you dont know… sombra would get the bride cause they have to give her just bad hair skins

  96. Yoda Man says:

    cant have a female ghost buster!!!!! the internet hates everything!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! stop being toxic!!!!!!!!!

  97. Yoda Man says:

    no!!!! no cinderella skin for dva. we already have too many incel manchildren fantasizing about her dont make it worse!

  98. Jared K says:

    7:28 copyright?! You know Disney doesn't own Cinderella. Right?

  99. William Peterson says:

    Just BTW Cinderella D.Va wouldn't be a problem because the story of Cinderella is public domain.

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