OneDrive is the New My Documents – Why you should store all your active files on OneDrive

OneDrive is the New My Documents – Why you should store all your active files on OneDrive

for decades we have been saving files to
my documents folder or even desktop what is wrong with it the problem is if the disk fails you
have no backup all your effort is wasted if you send the C C you have absolutely
no control over it whatsoever and if you don’t have the original machine with you
the file is just not available now we have a choice the idea is simple. Every file created by you which is
one person must be stored in one place and at all times it should be only one
copy now where is that place that is called One drive for business it is
like the free version of Onedrive or Google Drive Dropbox but much better it
gives you one terabyte of space to store your files this does work without an
internet connection all that you have to do is use sync that
allows Onedrive folders and documents to be synchronized withnot just your PC but all
kinds of devices now you can work when you’re offline and when you’re online
things will be synchronized automatically once files are stored on
one drive you can access it practically from anywhere not only that you can also access it
from various kinds of devices because free apps are available for all these
devices now you don’t need to send attachments with emails just shared the
file from onedrive itself add the email ID of the person and choose whether
they can view or edit the file remember that you have never had this
level of control on your files and sharing a better option is to share it
directly from Word Excel or PowerPoint the method is exactly the same once the job is done just remove the
permission from the user or change it from edit to view as i’ve mentioned
there is no need to send attachments now in Outlook just connect to one drive
choose the file and send the link the same thing works in Outlook Web Access
as well Word Excel PowerPoint and OneNote can be
edited online using any browser and it is best for quick editing or reviewing
printing is also supported by multiple people can edit the same
document together simultaneously with Word Onenote and Powerpoint you can
use a combination of browsers as well as the full desktop edition with Excel it
can only be web-based editing the editing is very sophisticated and
intelligent for example here this was a shape originally one user change the
color another user change the color to a different one now when both users save onedrive cannot make out exactly what has to be done so it asked you to resolve
the conflict and you choose the correct action excel files get very special
treatment. Pivot tables Power View and charts are not only shown on the browser they
can be edited and interacted with exactly like we do in Excel left side is Excel right side is the same
file shown on Chrome another benefit of onedrive is even if they excel file is
very large it is being opened under server so it opens a very quickly anytime a file is changed then saved the
previous copy is automatically saved as a version you can view and compare all the past
versions anytime onedrive is not just for Microsoft Office files you can put any
kind of file on Onedrive whether it’s text file corel draw photoshop or
AutoCAD it doesn’t matter of course for security reasons some kinds of files are
blocked an individual file can be up to 10 GB in size now here is a practical approach with
you should follow when you start using one drive first of all make a backup of
whatever you have on your local disk it’s not that onedrive is unsafe is
just that probably you have not taken a back up for a long time back what’s a good start don’t try to put all your files onto one
drive on day one just upload the active files of course all the new files
you should definitely store on one drive instead of storing them on my documents
and then other files can be copied or moved on demand in short if you have
one drive there is no logical reason to save files to my documents any longer start using it immediately and share
this knowledge with your collegues as well like it

Dereck Turner

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