Nunes Opening Statement: ‘Welcome Back To Act II Of Today’s Circus’ | NBC News

Nunes Opening Statement: ‘Welcome Back To Act II Of Today’s Circus’ | NBC News

Dereck Turner

20 thoughts on “Nunes Opening Statement: ‘Welcome Back To Act II Of Today’s Circus’ | NBC News

  1. rich ernest says:

    Only clown!If that is the case.Aides are taking this very seriously.Hopes that country of voters has too.

  2. Will Kuss says:

    Sweet, special presidential agent aught aught zero nacho nunes is in fine flatulation mode. I hope trump scratches his pet's itchy spots after jumping through the hoops for his tin pot dicktater. Why didn't nunes ride his imaginary cow to the hearings, it would really have made his dingbat dissertation. Trump probably would have hijacted the funding if his meatbag flunkies hadn't screwed it up so badly. Ratbrains just can't do anything clean.

  3. Mary Thibault says:

    Oh it's a circus and the Dems are the ringmaster. What a bunch of clowns.

  4. Jay Muller says:

    All part of the deep state

  5. Theresa Ann says:

    The biggest clown is the orange one in the white house..

  6. Dittzx says:

    Trump couldn't even run a casino, or collected charity for himself, Trump University a fraud, how he run a country the same way, as a Bananas🍌🍌🍌Republic! 🤔🙄

  7. Dittzx says:

    Mooooving to the next story: 🐮 It's pasture time to mooove Cowpoke Nunes away from the [email protected]🐮🐄!.😀😂

  8. C. Torres says:

    Who's a dyck. Your a Dych.

  9. VladI says:

    The GOPers had every opportunity to question Joe Biden's "quid pro quo" with Ukraine in real time – they didn't.

  10. thebillis1 says:

    Nunes is a Russian agent. Russia pays his salary.

  11. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Very Goofy Nunes is proof that even in California we have to deal with Uneducated Hillbillies.

  12. Will Kuss says:

    You can tell when one of the Trump Russian Tap Dancing Troupe has been around by the monsterous slug slime trail they leave.

  13. Make Racists Afraid Again says:

    Nunes; California's embarrassment

  14. BrandonFlorida says:

    I know you can't judge a book by it's cover, but Schiff always has this look in his eyes that make him appear to be mentally ill.

  15. Barbara Smith says:

    Says the man who is the laughing stock of the country and every dairy cow alive!

  16. Gary Lyons says:

    The demon possessed democrat left lies are becoming clearly evident. Obviously these vile and wicked reprobates are frantically attempting a coup to cover up whatever the Epstein story is going to inevitably reveal. But sorry democrats justice will not be halted or swept under the rug. No one escapes this, no one!

  17. Jon Manly says:

    A circus indeed by none other than Inspector Clouseau

  18. Ryan X says:

    We need to be just as horrible the next time a Democratic president is elected! But after the Russia hoax and now the impeachment hoax I don't think we have to worry about another Democrat winning the presidency for quite a long time!

  19. Carl Fraser says:

    I presume that Adam Shifft is lying and only because he has a history of lying and that's a proven fact not heresy. Therefore he should be impeached based on fact

  20. Catherine Hourihan says:

    So sick of listening to this fool.

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