NO CONTROL! | Pinterest Tells Me What to Draw Game | Art Challenge

NO CONTROL! | Pinterest Tells Me What to Draw Game | Art Challenge

today, I have two sheets of paper (and I’m
excited to make something) Pinterest is one of my favorite ways to just peruse
inspiration and find ideas for what to draw but instead of letting it slowly
inspire me I thought it would be fun to let Pinterest tell me what to draw so I
have two sheets of paper here and I’ve drawn two characters — tada! and Pinterest
is gonna be telling me what their hair is gonna look like, what their clothes
are gonna will look like, what their accessories are going to be; and I think
it’s going to be a lot of fun let’s do it! ♪ so the way we’re going to do this is:
this character is going to be character number one–where’s a pencil? I just drew
these this! this is going to be character number one and this is character number three
and when I search for something like ‘hairstyles’, the first result is gonna go
on this character and the third result is going to go on this character there
are a few rules like if it’s an advertisement we skip to the next one or
if it’s a video we’ll skip to the next one or if it’s not directly visible what
the ‘hairstyle’ is in the picture we’ll just skip to the next one yeah let’s get
started alright so the first thing we’re gonna do is search for hairstyles since
that’s what I mentioned earlier so images of hairstyles bloop! let’s see what
we get oh my gosh.. those two are very similar okay I forgot how many white girls there are on Pinterest so these two characters
right add up looking very similar alright let’s start with the first one
then shall we? – it’s this like long wedding hairstyle okay with like some
flowers and braids in the hair – all right we can do that, we can do that,- looks like
it goes down to about her butt in the picture so [to paper: let’s get you out of the way]
and we can work on this right it looks like the hair is being pulled back the
image is from behind so it makes it a little tricky it looks like so there’s
some hair covering the [forehead] on the one side then we have like the flowers and
then the long length here, that’s wavy
and it goes down to about right the top of her waist there ish let’s add that in and so this hair is being pulled into the braid and that’s like
braided around like that but then there’s another braid-oh! that braid
actually looks like it’s a headband of sorts so this braid comes up like this – let me
just make that look like a braid and then some flowers just so that they’re
visible, stick them right there and then you have the strands of hair come out
from underneath the braid now one of the things that’s making this challenge is
very different from the way I would usually use Pinterest is usually, I’ll kind of
like peruse Pinterest a couple hours or like the day before
I’m gonna draw something and I don’t realize I’m gonna find inspiration there
and then I’ll look at things and it’ll just make me want to draw and I’ll end
up making like a merge of a bunch of different things that I saw whereas in
this one I’m literally just ripping off out of the pictures and I have to draw
whichever ones come up in the search so this is gonna be very interesting to see
how this character turns out I think that clothes are gonna be really fun
because I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an ugly outfit on Pinterest you know? and
now let’s move on to ‘Three’ over here and let’s see what was the-oh this like
wedding updo was the image for that one so it’s got some like hairs that come
down like this – elegantly curled – and then the hairs being pulled back into a bun
like that with some flowers there you go I think these two people are attending
the same event because they both have the baby’s breath in their hair there we
go that’s what our two characters are looking like with just hairstyles now I
can’t decide if I want to do a top and a bottom or like a one-piece but then
again even if I search the top Pinterest might tell me like a one-piece so let’s
hop on back over to Pinterest and see what it wants me to do now we’re gonna search ‘images of a shirt’ oh my gosh! so the first one is an actual
full outfit so that’s what number one’s gonna be wearing here we didn’t get um a
shirt in that picture so it moves us on to number four which happens to be this
v-neck that says ‘faith over fear’ okay well Pinterest has spoken let’s
start with number one which I think is a baby’s outfit – it’s definitely a
baby’s outfit but that’s okay we’re not discriminating here so it
looks like it’s a tank top let me just sketch this out real quick cuz I think
I’m seeing some problems with the anatomy that I’ll need to iron out
when I do these clothes it kind of scoops down and it has-oh! there’s a face
on it I thought the bow was part of the
neckline okay… well let me just figure out the outfit first
it’s like blousy tank top – kind of like this – it is a pretty high neckline I think
and then there’s a image on here of like a face, it’s kind of more like a hairline
and some eyes – some eyelashes like that and then there’s a bow right here and then work on- I think those are
actually shorts -looks like a bow in the front this outfit is actually really really cute – oh
it’s not a bow, it’s like a belt so these straps come in here and then they
just stick out like that and then there’s another one coming from the
other side and then it falls under like this – wow I never thought of
that before, looks kind of cool – I think they’re shorts so they kind of like
bunch like and then they have a skirt kind of flare to them – I don’t know if
there’s like actually a seam they’re not it’s kind of hard to tell but I’m gonna
add the seam and erase some of these lines we don’t need anymore not a bad-looking outfit – alright and I wonder if I can draw in the gingham, it may be a
little tough it’ll probably end up looking like plaid but it’s part of the
outfit I need to give it a shot fix up some of this anatomy a little bit while
we’re here something really fishy about the shoulders adding some detail to the
face, darkening up some of the lines that I really like, bring in some life to the
character – woohoo! so I’m not entirely sure how Pinterest
gives it suggestions when you search something like I’m not sure how it’s
algorithm works whether it’s based on like things that I’ve searched
previously and clicked on or if it’s based on what like what’s popular and
what other people have clicked on so it’s kind of interesting to see the
results that I get we should move on to number three, give number three their
shirt and then we’re gonna have to look up pants as well – I mean there aren’t
pants in this picture, it’s just jeans and sandals so I could include those if
I want – so that’s a v-neck just looks like it’s just a plain t-shirt doesn’t
look too special might be a woman’s cut but I can’t really tell so I’m just
gonna make it a plain t-shirt cuz that’s what I wear and that’s how I that’s what
I know how to draw – it fits this person properly, the seams should probably go over
there erase some of the lines we don’t need – I’m not sure where it should cut
maybe there? don’t need some of these body lines anymore and I guess you have
to put the words on here – ohh, cursive is a bit tricky for me like this is like a
fancy updo and this is like ‘I’m going to the store’ t-shirt – that ‘F’ is exactly the
same, this is definitely a font, not handwritten there we go it’s a little
low but I’m actually kind of happy with the way the lettering turned out and I
don’t want to redo that so there’s a reason I’m not a typist ( is – thats not what that would be called) the reason I’m not a typography artists,
it’s not really my thing just hop over and we’re gonna search ‘images of pants’ I tried to trial run of this the other day and when I just put in like ‘pants’
I’d get a lot of like random inspirational quotes (maybe not with
pants but you could get the idea) I had to start type in ‘images’ or
or ‘photos’ – alright so number three – one two, three! so we got these sort of like
cuffed cargo pants with a chain okay let’s do that looks like they’re pretty
high waisted should i tuck the shirt in that’d be so funny to help you words
getting cut off by a high-waisted pant let’s just draw it without that first
and see how we like it (or I like it I guess, it’s up to me) so
they’re kind of loose fittings there’s a lot of ‘wrinkeledge’ happening here – we’re
gonna lose those kneecaps I was so proud of – we got the chain too it goes like
there and there’s a ton of bunching down near the cuff here does that look like pants
(or poop?) [giggle] now the cool thing about me having to draw all of these clothes on
these different characters is I can make them fit the body types I don’t have to
go searching for different sizes you know, I just make it work (it’s like I’m a god!) we’ll leave
the poop leg – it kind of brings me joy [giggle] alright now the chain – this is actually
turning out really cool! because I have the reference right there I can like
kind of get an idea of what these wrinkles look like – they’re really
helping me – alright so this is what we’ve got so far – number one and number two –
I love how different they look I was kind of worried that we’d have like very
similar results but that’s not happening this character probably will have socks
visible whereas this character we can move on to the shoes so why don’t we do
number one and see if we have any socks for this one let’s go back to the search
and then we can do ‘images of socks’ see what we get – LITTLE KITTY SOCKS?! we’ve
got these ‘hot sox from Macy’s’ oh shoot. so I just refreshed the
search results and all the images are completely different
I didn’t realize Pinterest did that but luckily I saved that pin otherwise we’d
have sloths socks (not that I have anything against sloths socks though) but we
could go with the original ones because I’m not a cheater – go back to our brown
Kitty socks looks like they go up to about there – maybe I
think we’re gonna need zoom in for this one of them’s like standing up – watch
the shoes I get be boots and we just cover up these (but we’ll know
they’re there) okay now I just need to draw some some kitties over here alright let’s move on to the shoes now we can type in ‘images of shoes’ alright so
the first result doesn’t really have anything second result has some shoes
here – oh but that’s an ad – ok first pair of shoes are these lemon Nike prestos –
so that’s what ‘One’ gets – so we can draw those on this character here – they’re a
little bit sporty for the outfit not what I would have chosen they actually
give you hard to draw it’s not very good angle – they are pretty long, come up a
little bit near the toe, and for the back it looks like there’s a lot
more tread – stitching designs hey at least we can get boots
can’t complain there that’s like really big compared to the rest of the body alright now I just have to do it again but from a bit of a different angle and
there’s the lace and the logos on the front – there we go!
I mean they look like shoes I’ll take that – all right let’s move on to number
Three – so let’s go back so this is one that’d be two, this would be three – Oh
Galaxy shoes! dang! those look really cool and fun to draw I’m so excited and they actually come up
pretty high I think like here almost and they like curved down and then they come
back up like that so I can erase some of this then they’re really like tall – i’ll do
little 3d shape here, cuz I’m kind of losing this foot – then we have this sort of like
detailing along with like this weird piece that looks like it’s 3d printed
kind of looks like rollerblades and then they’re more pointy then this
part comes (this is confusing) and it’s like really really big
what’s that part the sole of the shoe? is that what shows up I’m not sure like –
that I had some designs on there this has some stitching design like that – oh
well I need some practice drawing shoes and I’m getting it again this angle of the shoes a little confusing with the leg – oh! this
actually comes down further it comes like there
all right now I just need to add the laces I think – now these are untied so I
think I’ll draw them untied too – the lace peeking around the corner there – there we
go now to do it again let me try and pull -this foot actually was originally
pointing more towards like the viewer and this one was to the side but to
avoid having to shoes that are just sticking completely outwards from each
other I’m gonna try and redraw that foot but more angled forward, like this but
again the shoe comes up pretty high so im gonna erase a bit of that too – give it a
shot here I should probably color in this so you
can see the difference between that and the white accents – there we go two shoes those are really fun to draw (and kind of scary) – what do we got so far?
besides the mess – oh my gosh, graphite everywhere! oh dear I think the last thing we can search for is accessories
and then I think it’d be fun to look for a name – I don’t know how Pinterest will
work with that but I’m gonna give it a shot search ‘images of accessories’ what do we got? okay we got real accessories down there
so let’s see that one we passed cuz there’s too many options you don’t
directly see which ones which, right? that’s an advertisement – those are shoes
and we’re already wearing shoes so number one we have… – number one would be
this Mickey Mouse watch case? alright alright so that’s what number one is
going to be wearing, which arm would you say that is looks like this I think it’s
in this arm, so that’s her left arm alright so there’s two bracelets with
some inscriptions on him but I drew too small
so that’s not gonna happen this the second bangle and then on top of that
there’s a watch unfortunately I drew her hand kind of
facing outwards so the watch would probably be here so you’re not gonna see
a lot of it – i can still add those Mickey ears – here we go got that taken care of – now we need
something for number three over here so one two three we’ve got these cherry
earrings Oh cherry bow earrings there’s a bow up there now there’s not really
any room for that this one was a bit of a bust we’ll just stick with the earring
since we’re not cheaters – it’s not my fault you won’t see them, that’s Pinterest’s
fault – I’m gonna end up doing it darkly cuz I’d be in the shadow – that doesn’t really add
anything to the picture really did it it’s just finished drawing the hands
down here alright so there’s one and three with hair, shirts, pants, socks, shoes,
and accessories – now I think it’s time see if we can use Pinterest to find
names so I’m just gonna search ‘names’ and if that doesn’t work I’ll try ‘baby names’
okay yeah I’m getting too many here what if I just search ‘one baby name’ any help? oh wait we
got one so number one’s new name is Adalia! – I should have done this first so that I
wasn’t calling them ‘one’ and ‘three’ – Adalia cute alright now the next-okay so now we
got to go three down: one, two, three – we got Raine, which is French for Queen – Raine
there we go got Adalia and Raine – how’s that – oh, there’s some good ones down
here Oakland, Lynleigh, Reign, I like that Reign, I like the spelling cuz it’s like
you reign over your kingdom, right? but I’m not in control here I think it would be fun to
bring some color into Adalia and Raine’s life if I can remember what the color of
everything was so yeah let’s see what happens oh and there we have it – I added a
quick wash of color just to see what it would all look like put together
and honestly these don’t look too bad like the color schemes look a little
better than when I pick the colors myself – I think the hardest thing is
trying to get the hair to look like that blond highlight-y hair stuff that I don’t
know how to paint but yeah this is a lot of fun I think it’d be a really fun game
to play when you don’t know what to draw give yourself something to do I want to
thank you guys for watching I’ll have a link in the description to all of the
pins that I use to create these illustrations – I’ll see you all next week
and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!! BYE! ♪ ♪

Dereck Turner

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