Navratan Korma – By Vahchef @

Navratan Korma – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today we’re going to make Navratan Korma, we’re going to talk about what navratan means later but let’s go ahead
and start this preparation first we need to boil potato, carrot and beans. When they are slightly cooked add little salt to this, you can add cauliflower you know what we are making
sure is we’re making sure is that all these are cooked evenly that’s why I’m adding cauliflower
later if I added before they can get mashed another step we need to do before we start this process is we need to boil cashew nut and onion just boil it in hot
water and let it cook till cashew nut is slightly tender then make a paste of it and then we’re
going to add into the gravy later now oil to a hot pan, add bayleaf and garam masala and shahi jeera just one clove cinnamon and cardamom and shahi jeera to that add ginger garlic paste to this mixture add your cashew nut and and onion paste and cook it on a small flame at few chopped green chillies basically navratan korma is very mild but if you want to add other spice powder you can add to it I’m going to add a pinch of coriander powder and cumin powder this is optional ingredient and look at the way I’m cooking I’m cooking at a slow flame now you can see that this mixture is oozing out all oil to that add water so what is this Navratan mean have you ever seen
anybody wearing a ring in which they are nine small stones or a
locket which is got nine stones there are called navratans and they represent Grahas that is the planet’s they are
supposed to bring lot of good luck to people who wear them that is how this
korma got its name as navratan korma because they’re going
to have nine main ingredients I’ve got around five vegetables and four of sweetening nuts and fruits. Adding all these nine ingredients is reason why this dish got the name navratan korma. Gravy is slightly got the saucy consistency to this you can add these boiled vegetables fried paneer and these nuts almonds and
cashew nut slightly sauteed add raisins and lot of people like to add a little
bit pineapple just add few pieces of pineapple salt to taste. To this mixture add cream, and add little bit of saffron colour to this preferably add white pepper, i don’t have white pepper so i’m adding little bit of black pepper after cooking in a small flame for of 15 minutes the gravy has got the good
consistency and you can also see all these
vegetables nicely coated with the sauce that’s when finish it off with pomegranate seeds don’t cook them just put on top and
then garnish it off with little coriander leaves and your navratan korma is all ready here is this delicious Navratan Korma silky sauce navratan korma with all these
vegetables cooked to perfection pretty much I would love to have this with Naan I can sit and finish this whole bowl of this navratan korma after eating this navratan korma i hope all your grahas will be aligned and
you’ll be blessed with wealth health and all the more you need in your life Dear friends I hope you have enjoyed to learn how to make this navratan korma with your VahChef at but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post
your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you

Dereck Turner

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    @andrer2006: first of all your comments shows your brain activity! 🙂 Chef Sanjay has a website which gives you all the ingredients and their amount. If you go to his profile you can get they website. Or do you want us to direct you to that site? If you look (I hope your eye sight is better than your brain activity!) you can see that there are more than 90K views for this video. Hundreds of people like me benefit from Chef Sanjay and his cooking methods.

  2. tonywankenobi says:

    Namaste Master Chef Sanjay,

    I'm in Mexico… It took me 2 weeks to gather the ingredients. Some I had to study and I made my own Garam Masala and other spice mixtures. Minced my own garlic and ginger… I tried Indian food during my school years in the USA. I loved it and miss it a lot so I decided after running into some videos to start making it here. I made Naan, Lamb Saag, Navratan Korma, Chai and Kheer for a family dinner last friday… It was worth the long wait. Thank U for the recipe

  3. Art of Elegance says:

    I tried your recipe. Loved it. Thanks Sanjay.

  4. Dinesh Lulla says:

    hi sanjay,

    i live in mexico n doesnt get paneer here … can i use tofu in place of paneer ?

  5. Manpreet Kaur says:

    hey,make paneer at home.Just add small half cup of vinegar in just boiled 2-3 litres of milk.u'll see its changing into paneer in few seconds.Then just squeeze that into something like a piece of cloth.Tofu is nt a replacement at all.

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    You can make paneer quite easily – all you need is whole milk and lemon juice. Just look up the recipe!

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    thank you Sanjay !!
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    Mughal Emperor Akbar had his royal meeting with his 9 advisors on Sundays. The 9 advisors were a master at something for example, A general who was the commander of his force, Tan-Sain the singer who could melt stone with his voice, Then one advisor was a master at maths and calculations. So those 9 advisors were called No Rattan or means 9 advisors. No means 9 in Hindi. Rattan means advisors. So the chef would make a Korma with nine vegetables in it and serve it to the mughal emperor and his advisors. Thats where Nav rattan Korma came from.

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