National Gallery X | Tomorrow’s museum now

National Gallery X | Tomorrow’s museum now

at NGX we’re trying to spark a modern
renaissance. We want to try things out it is a laboratory it’s a place to
experiment and we’re going to bring together academics, curators, artists,
technologists in order to try things out here. We need people who are
cross-trained as artists scientists and engineers to create 3D media and new
forms of spatialised experience that our predecessors couldn’t dream of. This builds on a really rich history of collaboration between the University and
the Gallery and really a shared vision for innovating and communicating
in the arts, technology and humanities National Gallery X is about creating
tomorrow’s museum today by bringing together the experimental research
technologies from King’s College labs together with the art, building, and
audiences in the National Gallery and asking artists, creatives and thinkers to
think how art and technology can come together in new ways. We want to create
tomorrow’s museum experience today. It’s not often that you get people deciding:
ok, we are going to have a project like NGX. We are going to look at how can science and art be designed in service of each
other to be a thing together. I think that’s exciting

Dereck Turner

4 thoughts on “National Gallery X | Tomorrow’s museum now

  1. Kinto Openbook The Wise says:

    Still not enough information about this? Is this a current exhibition?

  2. viergenoire says:

    Britain IS the epicentre of degenerate culture as Nietzsche knew very well. Technology and science is the very negation of what it MEANS to be a being. The idea that Art needs Technology to express anything meaningful is so laughable that any deep thinking person recognises that we are dealing with a completely corrupt and counterfeit mindset.

  3. SamOddy says:

    I just want to see paintings by Rembrandt, Botticelli, and others in the National Gallery. Innovations and new ideas with harpists do not interest me. These "Tomorrow's Museum" directors and experts have never lifted a brush in their life or conserved an oil painting. These are all Lefty ideas. Give me a brush and some paint anytime.

  4. PeterPaul175 says:

    They decided to call it National Gallery X after passing over National Gallery Kerpow! and National Gallery A-GoGo. It would be laughable if it were not so sad.

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