Nasty Pancake Art Challenge

Nasty Pancake Art Challenge

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Nasty Pancake Art Challenge

  1. Silly Smashing says:


  2. m59 54 says:

    I have a crush on you 😑😶

  3. MsShades707 says:

    “Dang it man.” 13:06. Link when he’s messed up lol

  4. N1KK3L says:

    Stinky tofu tastes good it just smells bad

  5. EmilyDerp1234 says:

    Link looks really short

  6. ToxicRazor * says:

    Come on guys… A family channel really…

  7. blakeqquinn says:

    rhetts were by far the best

  8. rick matick says:

    When it’s not the camel milk…

  9. Daniel Rivas says:

    Rhett and Link must be desperate to be working with these guys

  10. Princess Quiet says:

    I told her I make slime (slime slime slime slime) life hack diys

  11. Green Eyesgirl123 says:

    I want the brothers to double dink me lol 😂😂😂😂
    Oooh Demonetized!!! Haha

  12. wnnalis cioov says:

    This is how ya know it’s time for bed in Alaska. Lmfao

  13. bitch says:

    i’ve lost some respect for GMM because they allowed these guys on the show LMAO

  14. Nicole Buckley says:

    Devan is sooooo cute omg

  15. mister man says:

    Wtf how is camel milk nasty

  16. Sarah Estes says:


  17. alida flus says:

    Rhett: I'm available for birthday parties and weddings Yes because pancakes are wedding and bday foods

  18. The Colorful Gecko says:

    the nasty

  19. james carter says:

    So glad they got young Dane cook to come on this episode

  20. BlabbERINg Thoughts says:

    Okay but the range of difficulty between wasabi and bugs….

  21. Alexandra Santos says:

    Collins kinda calm here HAHAHA he's mostly hyped on his channel 😂

  22. Colour says:

    no no no no nonononononononono not them

  23. drew butler says:

    They shoulda only been able to look AFTER the flip lol

  24. Anthony Tucker says:

    Rhett’s cucumber flip & reaction was incredible!

  25. Raven Roth says:

    NoT COlLinS KeY

    Jk they're fine

  26. Raven Roth says:

    I love Rhett's reaction at 7:20

  27. Alexis Lange says:

    i think this is the first time seeing collins calmer

  28. Alyssa's Dad says:

    She really likes to pretend that she's in charge huh?

  29. Lavenderixi says:

    I forgot I watch Collin Key and forgot he existed..oops

  30. savannah marshall says:

    my 2 childhood favorite channels into one- i feel old

  31. WGW says:

    I love how they don't need to say too much to say a lot. True friends, there.

  32. GatchaX Springs says:

    This is the first time I have heard them not scream the whole video wtf

  33. Ezra says:

    Not gonna lie I miss this version of the Key brothers they’re a lot more chill
    I used to watch them but then they just seemed to fake way to much energy into the videos where I just couldn’t stand it

  34. Shay Slayer says:

    Young Rhett and link came to the future to be In This episode.

  35. art1st1cly says:

    I would like to see Rhett as an actual Pancake Artist and make it a career–

  36. Christine Villarreal says:


  37. bobbycone2 says:

    Haha. Link tries to either cheat or give away the answers at every game.

  38. George Yan says:

    Rhett n Link are so connected as ppl wtf, Link said one sentence n Rhett immediately knew 13:14

  39. MinimiMax says:

    The sea cucumber legitimately didn't even look edible. It looked like pieces of a sponge.

  40. Eric says:


    Haha Best part of the video. I was rolling. GMM golden moments.

  41. Hi I am Alice says:

    Rhett and Link are funny, these other guys are plastic

  42. urbs yme says:

    rhett: makes 3D stinky tofu pancakes
    “i’m available for birthdays and weddings”
    me: i need to get married

  43. Samuil Nachev says:

    But Devan is an artist

  44. Pablo Rodriguez says:

    I’ll try the crazy toxic dice

  45. Emily Tyner says:

    10:06 my mid: I swear if link writes sea pickle….

  46. Emily Tyner says:

    I want pancakes now

  47. NATHAN BRANNON says:

    Wait they didnt eat wasabi?

  48. Jordan Ezell says:

    I LOVE how excited Rhett got after flipping the sea cucumber 😂

  49. Spencer Allegra says:

    Those brothers are irritating.

  50. domo nation says:

    God please never have them back on again their nightmare of a channel needs no more notoriety

  51. Valerie Clark says:

    I remember these bros from Danny's Video!


    I've tried camel milk before and it really isn't that bad

  53. Libby Garcia says:

    This was hilarious, do it again!!

  54. Paige Marie says:


  55. #BuddyM _YT says:

    Ayyy Collins and Devan are awesome

  56. Cop Car101 says:

    am i the only that hates it when there is people

  57. Candice Perry says:

    I would watch good mythical morning I like will it videos

  58. Aeron Gray says:

    rhett is pancake MASTER

  59. FireBorn Fox says:

    You lost me at Collins Key

  60. J Herbert says:

    As a true Greg, this hurt.

  61. glowsky says:

    does anyone know where Link’s jumper is from? 🙂

  62. Nancy Babbitt says:

    Let's talk about how Collins hasn't screamed yet

  63. Mia Ha says:

    Omg I can’t believe they all would be together 🤩

  64. Theatre Geek says:

    Rhett and Link + Collins and Devan = the perfect group!

  65. Nona Mackenzie says:

    the keys look like every guy in Chi Phi when I was in college

  66. Kinch Kinski says:


  67. Logan Sweeney says:


  68. Dingorito Bean Burrito says:

    I kinda wished they swapped partners for this

  69. jordon & Bruce says:

    OMG BEST Duo

  70. elli psis says:

    can someone tell me who these guys are already

  71. Colton Wilkison says:

    Rhett on something

  72. Erik Hughes says:

    2 Ken dolls who don't understand what a pancake is…

  73. Sera the Educated Feline says:

    Good quality camels’ milk is actually really nice (though slightly bitter).

  74. floralfurycuphead 2 says:


  75. memethyst says:

    link's bugs looked like aliens

  76. zach wilson says:

    Links fleece sweatshirt is so dam nice, i want one for myself.

  77. Tayli Morgan says:

    I didn’t know Collins and Devan were hereeee I would’ve watched ages ago

  78. Tayli Morgan says:

    I feel like everyone is hating on Collins and devan so much in the comments section

  79. Tayli Morgan says:

    Wasabi is pretty impossible

  80. Ava Grace Haller says:

    Devan is just so handsome

  81. MLG 360 NOSCOPE says:

    I already know devan will win cause I seen how his pancake art looks like and it’s on point

  82. Charlotte Brackenbury says:

    Them brothers are cute single? Lanphin30 Instagram

  83. Mr hankie howdeehow says:

    Devin is an artist not joking

  84. MrDJT522 says:

    The part when he burns his tongue at the end had me dieing! 🤣☝🏻 lmao!

  85. calvin cosplay says:

    camel's milk dosnt currdle….that is something you know now o 3o

  86. Madalyn Blue says:

    Yay colins and devin!!

  87. Robert Ofenloch says:

    This would have been a lot better if they were given a subject and had to draw it with an unrelated foul substance. Because there is no literal way to draw wasabi.

  88. Adrianna Deschermeier says:

    Omg omg omg I’m fans of both of you guys 😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Blaze says:

    Its nice to see these guys calm

  90. greenquartz says:

    I love it when the guests are such good sports. 😃

  91. Renée Dubuc says:


  92. Addie Droste says:

    omg I love collins and devan i watch their videos all the time!!!!

  93. Blocke Marckini says:

    Yaaaaay Collins and devan

  94. EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange says:

    “I think it’s an insect but i think i need to narrow it down to what insect it is” “Why do you say that?” “I don’t think i need to narrow it down to what insect it is.”

  95. Dankulous says:

    Me: sees collins key
    Also me:

    OH NO

  96. Geesso says:

    Uh oh stinky

  97. Lowsign says:

    Colin's key …

    Half of the comment section is they don't know Colin's key

  98. aori shiloh says:

    why are ya'll hatin on the brothers? like bruhhh. why cant this world just stop judging?

  99. SergeantSpoon says:

    Greg family understands my pain


    Greg gang?

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