My First Copic Markers and Bleedproof Paper【 Art Haul Unboxing + Art Challenge 🌟 】

My First Copic Markers and Bleedproof Paper【 Art Haul Unboxing + Art Challenge 🌟 】

Hi friends! Today I’ve got special video! About mounth ago I ordered some art supplies and finally I receive them! So let’s open this package and see what is inside! So here’s my new bleedproof marker pad from transotype. It’s says here that it is probably the best paper for all alcohol-based marekrs! Oh thats sounds seroius. I never tryed special marker paper befor so this is my first one and I hope it would be really good! And I’ve got here refileble Copic multiliner water and copic proof and 3 ink refils for it. And I’ve got some Copic Ciao markers! This is my first copics and my first brush tip markers ever! I never tryed them before. And now I’ve got 8 colors. I’am so happy and so exited to try them out! So I got G07 Nile Green, this is E33 Sand, BV02 Prune, 100 black color, Y00 Barium Yellow color, BG23 Coral Sea color I love how he looks, and I’ve got RV21 Light Pink, and the last one is RV04 Shock Pink! I think this one should be very bright. Also I bought some cute art supplies in my local art store. So this is super cute glittering glue! I’ve got only two bottles gold and silver one. But now I think I should bye more and do glittering glue challenge! what do you think about these guys? Also i got this tiny stick notepad with colored paper. I really don’t need it but when I saw it I couldn’t resist and bought it! and the last purchase is set of glittering jelly roll pens with dogs and kittens on a pack! I wanted to buy only gold and silver gelly roll pen but then I saw this pack and I thought that I got to try it! And look at this kittens they are so cute! And now I can use this pens to make some art challanges too! Let’s try Copics colors on the paper. Black is real black.. yeah Sand color looks very nice I can use it for skin shading barium yellow is so light and sweet. Nile Green is good too I love how he look. Oh and this Coral Sea color looks amazing! I already love him! Prune color looks nice too but I thought it would be more close to purple than to blue color. Oh and this 2 pinks are very cute but now when I’am looking at my touchfive colors I can see that I already have so much pinks.. and I ordered this two more.. Why I didn’t thinked about earlier I don’t know! But anyway I’m very happy that I got new markers and this bleedproof marker paper! This paper is so thin I really don’t know how it would works markers. I hope it would be okay. So as I mentioned in video tittle now I’m going to do art challange! What I will do? I will use all this art supplies for one drawing. And it would be the first time when I’am using copics ciao markers with this brush tip and the special marker paper. So I really don’t know how it turns out and how they really works! So let’s start drawing! I don’t wanted to make any sketches and line art I just wanted to play with this colors. I desided to draw a girl and started to draw a face with this E33 Sand color. After I drew the face oval I began to draw a bang. I decided to use Coral Sea color for places where the highlights should be and for other parts of hair I will use 100 black color. As I got bright yellow color Y00 Barium Yellow it reminded me gold color so I desided to draw a cute crown with it. For small gems on the crown I used G07 Nile Green color. I was trying to draw everything at the same time. So I drew pink lips with RV21 Light Pink color. Then I added some shadows with RV04 Shock Pink color and I put a little bit of this purple blue BV02 Prune color. After it I begun to color skin again and it turns out so streeky and I was coloring and coloring and I almost forgot that I should leave some white space for eyes! So I took my new copic multiliner and drew nose, some lines on the lips and eyes! I was trying to make them look more realistic. It was a little bit scary to draw second eye for me. Because I always got some problems with eyes sizes, very often one eye is bigger than other or it is too close to other one. And now I was drawing without sketch so I nervous a bit but I think eyes came out pretty similar to each other so it looks ok! But after I finished eyes line art I just watched and my drawing and I thought OMG face is totally ruined! It is so big and looks awful! I even wanted to redraw this again on new paper sheet. But then I decided to continue a drawing and try to fix everything. I took black marker and made a line to make face oval smaller. After it I drew wavy hair lines. I left some spaces in hair for Coral Sea color. I drew t-shirt with pink and prune colors and it was very easy to color I put some shading on the shoulders and under the hair and then I started to color skin again and this turns out not so easy skin went so streaky and when I tried to blend the streaks with this color it becomes darker and darker so to fix this dark nose I had to use my Touchfive colorless blender. Also I put some blushes on the cheeks and nose with Light Pink color. I think one color is now enough to make good looking skin. You should have 2 or 3 or even more skin tones to make it looks good. But as I’m doing a challenge I can use only this one color. After I used all markers I’ve got to use this glittering gelly roll pens. There was a beautiful turquoise color. I used it for hair. I covered some highlight parts with it. Also I used all my glittering roll pens to ornate this little tiny crown. And now only glue lefts. I used silver one to make some dots on the hair. I really dont know what is it but I like how it looks. And with gold glue I drew some harts outside. So that’s all! I really like this paper. It’s really bleed proof the bottom sheet is so clear there is not a sigle marker point. And the other cool thing about this paper that it doesn’t warp and it don’t looks wet like my other paper did. Thats really awesome! And I really like how the Copic Ciao markers works I love the colors and maybe in future time I will order more of them. it’s really sad that our local art store does not sell Copics! I am really upset with it! And also in future time I want to try out Canson marker paper. And if you guys already tryed some awesome paper for markers please leave it’s names in comments! It would be very helpful for me! And feel free to comment what do you think about my drawing. Do you think I ruined it or not? Do you like this cute glittering pens with cats and dogs like I do or no? And what you want me to draw next? So I hope you enjoyed this video and if you do please don’t forget to put thumbs up and subscribe to not miss my new videos! And guys your support motivates me so much !! Thank you for watching and for everything! See ya in next videos! Bye bye!

Dereck Turner

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    beautiful! good job

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    hi i was just wondering if you would do a collab with me 🙂

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    Great video! I've just started an art channel would anyone consider checking it out? Would mean so much to me ❤️❤️❤️

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    I love it ❤

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    Aww she called the marker 'him'

  11. moonstone Art says:

    ur such inspiring and I recommend using water color paper

  12. Vuk Stojanovic says:

    Can i ask you… are the touch markers alcohol markers?

  13. Loretta's Hauls & More says:

    Very nice👍👍👍

  14. {Miss.Chelle.Aus} says:

    Great draw for your first time with copics. You can blend them with your touch five markers too. I use X-press it cardstock that is made for copic markers. I've had a pack of 200 for many years and can't remember where I purchased it tho sorry. I like it as it's a heavy weight. ❣️🇦🇺

  15. Shreyaskar ART says:

    wow ! you got copics !! amazing video

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    из россии)

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    Hi draw art lab you should join art amino it is an app for artists you can post your art pictures there it is very fun. Like if you agree

  18. SimaIsDrawing says:

    Great drawing, love the details in the crown 🙂 Congratz on the first Copics 🙂

  19. Arts of Jo says:

    Wow! This turned out great! I like her, she's pretty 🙂

  20. FreeBirdArt says:

    This looks great and YAY copics <3 I love canson The Wall paper, it's the best marker paper I've tried ^_^

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    Draw art lab thx for replying you just made my day thx again:D

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    Congratulations on your copics, and great drawing! 😀

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    Congratulations on your first copics! I have 3 to my name at the moment… but one day…. one day… I'll buy a set! And it's so cool that Copic Marker commented!!! 😀

  24. Spietsen says:

    hello please draw my OC "shadow troll" he looks like a regular troll but he have special ability walk thru shadows 😀

  25. Puchy Tats says:

    Cute video! Render paper is the bomb! No bleed thru at all not even on the back

  26. Art Hoe says:

    How did you know which colors you wanted?

  27. Levi Ackerman says:

    Do you know why they are called Copic Chao markers??
    because they roll away like they are saying goodbye 😂😂😂

    Plus I love your drawings they inspire me to do a Simpsons version of your drawings (well not the same) I'm looking forward to your 1000 subscribers special ❤️❤️❤️😁

  28. Dory's Stories says:

    Such fun new markers! Beautiful colors! Freehanding with ink is so intimidating! You did a great job 🙂

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    Oooh, love your drawings.

  30. Julia says:

    I got the Copic Ciao 72A set and the bleedproof paper and they’re coming next week!! And they are my first!! Because on Ebay i ordered some markers (Copic Sketch 72 set) and it said they were €21 and only €18 shipping but they actually put the price wrong so i’m getting copics from and from evans art i think its called) i’m getting bleedproof paper!!

    And i know a joke
    Why are they called Copic Ciao?

    Because they roll away like Ciao Felicia!

  31. mary gorshenyova says:

    "Гелевая ручка" переводится как "gel pen", а gelly roll это марка гелевых ручек. В каждом видео одно и то же, эти ручки – не gelly roll, не вводи людей в заблуждение

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