My Drawing Materials

My Drawing Materials

Dereck Turner

98 thoughts on “My Drawing Materials

  1. Hara LJH says:

    Omg.. you are a professional.. :O
    if I have all those tools I can't do much with them. Lol
    I always wondered that how people create those awesome drawings and now I know that they use all these many tools for just a drawing & spend days for it. Seriously though I'm too in love with arts but still I'm so lazy to spend many hours on something. bcuz if I don't finish something I won't stop working on it & It's really bad.

  2. Hara LJH says:

    Omg.. you are a professional.. :O
    if I have all those tools I can't do much with them. Lol
    I always wondered that how people create those awesome drawings and now I know that they use all these many tools for just a drawing & spend days for it. Seriously though I'm too in love with arts but still I'm so lazy to spend many hours on something. bcuz if I don't finish something I won't stop working on it & It's really bad.

  3. Abigail Fleming says:

    Where do you buy them?

  4. Kirsten says:

    I love your videos! Thank you!

  5. Robert Tarlton says:

    I enjoyed the video a lot.    

  6. Akira Law says:

    your videos are very soothing, and I have said this before, but your videos make me happy 🙂

  7. JoAnne Arctic says:

    That's right, fingers are for free and work as good as the other tools. 😉

  8. donald frederick says:

    Thanks so much for these tutorials. They are so helpful. Just like being in an actual art class. The information is very helpful and you make it easy to understand. Love these videos.

  9. donald frederick says:

    Love the background scores or music.

  10. Ohakyne Aaliyah says:

    Hello sorry for my faults but k'm french, so where do you bought your drawing material.


  11. Guy says:

    usually ocmes in packs on ten XD

  12. Max O'Leary says:

    Can you draw a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento?

  13. Sandro Frangos says:

    i have a plan to buy that kind of materials, I don't know the brand and where we can buy that thing? is it from your place or everywhere?

  14. Juan Olivares says:

    Where do you get the eraser?

  15. KW Drawings says:

    Thx for making rhis video leonardo :). It was very handy and entertaining to watch .

  16. Zachary Deemer says:

    buying the lead holders tomorrow!!!!

  17. Theconsole noob says:

    Exactly where do you get these materials

  18. Wim De Jonge says:

    This are such beautifull drawings in your sketchbooks. This is not sketching but proffesional drawing !!! ♡ I like your channel so mutch and you are inspiring me every tutorial. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😀 I like you very mutch! If i can, i want to meat you in real. You are a great person !!!

  19. Lune says:

    wow thank you i sub !! (y) 

  20. alfred waichigo says:

    I am new to your tutorials but I have to say, you are one awesome artist even in the way you share the information. Your breakdown of the material simplifies things and is a motivation enough to get back to ART! Thank you 🙂

  21. Mohammad Motiwala says:

    your'e funny and good with your hands. Thanks for the Art lessons!

  22. Ray Sokolowski says:

    Thank you Leonardo for sharing your years of fine art wisdom.  It is priceless, in my opinion to have access to your insight, so easily through You Tube.  
    I agree with others, you make it easy to understand and I enjoy the production of your videos.  
    Thank you!

  23. Philip Burkett says:

    Very good. I wish I had your skill. Laughed at the line about fingers for smudging. "Come in packs of 10!" Excellent all through

  24. NotoriousPIG says:

    Your such a great guy! Your always so upbeat and entertaining to watch, plus your a very talented artist/teacher

  25. Freshta Saleh says:


  26. jane colombo says:

    +Fine-Art-Tips Can you purchase these materials at Michael's, or you have to order them online?

  27. Neha Saxena says:

    you have a god gift.

  28. MsCygnusX1 says:

    Thank you!!

  29. Duda war says:

    Where did u buy ure led holder ?

  30. Baris Cinar says:

    Wonderfully helpful tutorial as always, thanks for taking the time to help all of us out! So clear and concise

  31. Jennifer Horvath says:

    Love love looooove this video!
    Your voice is also really calming ^3^

  32. Ayataria says:

    wow! thanks a lot for this upload. my art teacher at my school just tells us about basic items that we know how to use, and art techniques and tell us a tiny bit of it and let's us try to use the same techniques while she just goes on Facebook.

  33. Lokesh Karuparthi says:

    how much it cost all those materials to  get can u please tell me ?
    how i get  ….can u please  tell me the names of those iteams  which u used

  34. Camille Olivia says:

    I am SO happy I found you. You are an excellent teacher (with a terrific sense of humor!). It is my pleasure to watch, listen, and then get out my pencils and try. I am very new to this, but I have never enjoyed anything so much. Thank you for posting these!

  35. Jon says:

    I think I got ripped off, my fingers only come in packs of 8

  36. ServerDroid says:

    what are the name of the brushes

  37. Mansi Bisht says:

    Thank you so so so so very much for this Sir

  38. Keiv Brown says:

    I love the way he pronounces  "Chamois" 7:38 in every video. I had to Google it a few time to find the correct spelling Gum-mooy-ish? -very useful video thanx 😀

  39. Camille Olivia says:

    thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. i could not go to a class; so your tutorials are very valuable to me. i hope one day we can meet, so that i can shake your hand and give you a good italian hug! bravo, signore! bravo!

  40. Anne Maj says:

    Very informative. Thank you so much !

  41. lura garcia says:

    I want everything!

  42. Kathleen Garcia says:

    this is very helpful

  43. Creative Inspirations says:

    you are a mazing My friend i mentioned you in a video sometime ago

  44. Артем Михайличенко says:

    всё хорошо только сделайте перевод во всех видео

  45. That One Random Artist says:

    thanks for the tips <3

  46. Ivan A Westbrook says:

    I would like a tutorial on how to shade faces, how the tonal changes are applied. You are a great artist I wish I could get to your standard, but I am a beginner.

  47. gustavo Perez says:

    where did you get your material

  48. gustavo Perez says:

    where did you get your material

  49. yevgeni10 says:

    what kind of brush you have for shadow??

  50. Bob Bobbi says:

    peccato che le prismacolor in Italia non ci siano 😭

  51. SaltyDeku says:

    What kind of brush did you use?
    Hard or soft brush?

  52. Geeder Zendho says:

    sir where can i buy those staff ?

  53. TheLondonbj says:

    really helpfull thanks so much for your videos

  54. Oliver Casey says:

    i tryed using a brush to smudge the edges of my drawings but found it difficult tto work without grinding the brush into the paper, could this be my choice of pensil or brush?

  55. Omar Noor says:

    I really admire your work and appreciate your tutorials, they are a very good help. Thank you for doing that.!
    I only have one request: I am collage student, and you yo know that we have to pay student loan and things like that.. so please can o tell me where to get your materials and how much does it coast.
    Thank you again for doing those wonderful videos.. Keep on Going.!!

  56. WAVE KING says:

    Love the music

  57. Oscar Maya says:

    you are very inspiring! I've been drawing my entire life and I gotta tell you it hasn't been as fun as it has been since i started watching your videos. Thank you for taking the time to do so

  58. ahmed dosoky says:

    please arabic

  59. Radhakrishnan Mohanan says:


  60. wings says:

    Charcoal is too messy lol I don't think I can handle that material atm.

  61. قناة محترف says:

    ارجو ان يترجم الفديو

  62. Eugene Lum says:

    Thank you sooo much! you are like a great teacher!!

  63. Anthony Hassell says:

    Thank you. This has helped me alot

  64. Gerardo Gutierrez says:

    Where do you find that acid free paper (the one he has) on amazon

  65. Janyce Cutler says:

    Grazie. Molte!

  66. James Ok says:

    wow,i have learnt alot….thanks

  67. Nelita Chili says:

    thank you very much! your English is adorable 😊👍

  68. Red Neck 8902 says:

    Can u show all of your mechanical pencile

  69. Xtreme 53 says:

    +Fine Art-Tips can you put a website were we can purchase those thing please

  70. cammil says:

    What kind of paper is recommended?

  71. Rosann Portes says:

    I've been looking for more tutorials and I'm lucky because I found your channel! You're really great! you just everything I needed to hear.

    I have talent but I'm not really confident with it, I draw and then stop for weeks it's like I'm afraid of something now I know what to do. thank you for creating this video. this inspires me to work hand and reach my goal. 🙂

  72. Iris Massouris says:

    I am a beginner and I stumbled across your channel, I can already see improvement on my drawings. Thank you

  73. yolanda tapia says:

    maravilloso! !!!pero no entiendo el idioma 😣

  74. Borgie says:

    Can you please put up a written list of your Materials

  75. cherie_blossom says:

    i feel inspired. and lol to the fingers

  76. Arvin Flores says:

    please put up a written list of your art supplies..

  77. N Cheang says:

    needle eraser? or its clay

  78. ricardo alejandro says:

    ¿Por que? No sabia que tenias un canal en inglés

  79. DC Gamez says:

    What kind of pencil are you using ?!?!

  80. Felixx23 says:

    this is going to make me poor. but i need this

  81. Vervin a says:

    i really really love your arts…

  82. cristian villanueva says:

    i know this might be a stupid question but is mixed media paper good for drawing

  83. darwin efren martinez briceño says:

    Maestro can you give me the website of the thick tipped pencils, greetings from london.

  84. Rosa Montero says:

    thank you sir, you are the best;)

  85. Amy Maughan says:

    I absolutely LOVE your tutorials. I have recently taken up drawing and am learning so much. I didn't know about using a brush but will try it today. I plan on going through all of your tutorials. Thank you for blessing us with your wisdom and knowledge!

  86. Sahil Shabbir says:

    I love this guy

  87. Hasan T. Cetin says:

    You can use paper napkins for smudge.
    Fingers are oily and you can't erase if you make an mistake 😀

  88. Fedon Kachrilas says:

    Can someone write me the materials because I didn't quite catch em. Thanks

  89. Geethanjali balaji says:

    never knew that so much is involved in drawing .??

  90. Farrukh Shahzad says:

    i like the febriano papers its looking good but these papers are not awaliable in my city i use canson simple sheet but its not satisfaid me

  91. Rhonda Love says:

    Innnnnteresting. I need to learn how to draw correctly, every time I use charcoal it ends up everywhere but on the paper😄.

  92. Karthik Chary says:

    Broh whats the use of kneaded eraser and how it helps in shading

    Thanks for the Helping tutorials!

  93. Nasanieru ナサニエル says:

    hehe. so i need to waste money for expensive materials to become a master?

  94. VIVIAN AlSAEGH says:

  95. Anthony Rayvon Wylder says:

    VERY VERY GOOD, The best I have seen on Youtube!

  96. pablo escobar says:

    6:18 acually 20 for normal women and 21 for normal men
    if you know what i mean 😏😏😏😏

  97. Last Minute Survivalist says:

    I died when he said finger! Great videos!!

  98. Stefan Gulevski says:

    Nice and to the point. No unnecessary banter, actual music, not those dumb loops you hear everywhere. An inspiration both for his artistic, technical and video editing skills.

    Thank you!

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