Museum Gameplay Runthrough

Museum Gameplay Runthrough

Dereck Turner

9 thoughts on “Museum Gameplay Runthrough

  1. vryc says:

    Ah, Vincent Dutrait. That man gets my gaming interest. Bloody brilliant artist.

  2. miha ha says:

    Wow the art in this game !!! Vincent on every card, this is almost too amazing 🙂

  3. Clumsy Dad says:

    I heard about this from Suzanne's KS segment on BG breakfast

  4. Clumsy Dad says:

    ah the golden ages of museums … when you could just steal stuff from poor countries with no consequences or sovereignty nonsense !!  (-:

  5. Radek Zemsta says:

    At last something im willing to back.

  6. Dan Marquart says:

    Looks like a well structured game. I'm a dimwit, and I can follow along!

  7. stephane gerard says:

    MISTAKE : at 25:15 : you have to put the Phenician card in the Museum not in your hand!

  8. MJGOLDHEART says:

    I backed this day one, been following the progress of it, look forward to it. Art is fab!

  9. bgm 1961 says:

    A useful run thru, as always.
    I have two comments:
    1) The box art evokes the notion that this is a gateway game. But after watching your video, it's obvious that it isn't, and is instead a "step up" game.
    I noticed only as I'm always looking for really good gateway games to play for when I get together with my extended family (the only type of games they like). Still, I may get this game for myself.
    2) It's fun to watch Paulo razz you on the Klingon channel! But you can razz him back for not knowing how to spell "two"! ☺

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