Mr. Grins’ Museum of Horrors | Official Stikbot Movie

Oh! Good evening. Hold on. You’ve come for the tour. Yes? Oh don’t worry.. There’s nothing to fear here. It’s just you and me here. (chicken clucks) And my pet bird Eggor. Say hello little bird. Oh! Where are my manners? I am Mr. Grins. I am your tour guide for tonight. Oh now… don’t go! It’s will be fun. Trust. Now what you are about to see is not for the faint of heart. Think you’re up for the challenge? Muahhaha. *coughs* Now! On with the tour. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Children of all ages. Prepare your nerves for the thrill! And the danger for the notorious and the grotesque. WELCOME TO GRINS’ MUSEUM OF HOR…. That wasn’t me.. WELCOME TO GRINS’ MUSEUM OF HORRORS. Ah yes. Let’s begin the tour with Kyron. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt. Stalking the dark woods for his next victim. *SCREAMS* *SCREAMS in pain* Wherever you go. Whatever you do. Kyron,
is always a step ahead of you. Right little parrot? From the deep dark woods. We move deep into the waters of the bayou where our next creature reeks havoc. SHIVER! At the power of Aquafang! *squeeky scream* You can say that Aquafang here, just loves making a splash. *giggles* Ah this one! Our next ghastly guest of horror. Is the reasons mothers tell their children to stay indoors at night. GRIMM! And his skeleton army! *cracks* Oh! *growls* *screams* I guess the moral of Grimms story is.. If you don’t want to pick a bone..with anyone. Then don’t go digging! In other peoples business. *giggles to self* Are you enjoying the tour so far? How about you Eggor? My pet owl? One look at our next monster, is all it needs to strike fear. In those unlucky enough to meet him. GIGANTUS! *shrieks* *growls* *screams* Sticks and stones don’t break your bones,
but an angry Golem will. Our next spooktacular specimen is a bit like me. A collector of sorts. The mischievous… GOBLIN! Huh? *giggles* That Goblin. Nothing could drop that
exclusive critter except me of course. For when I caught him for my collection
speaking of traps… This fellow is a master of sitting them many unlucky souls have fallen victim to these creepy crawlers web of terror! Feast your eyes on.. INSECTOR! Ooo.. Pretty! *insect noise* *shriek* Ah…that poor fellow you could say he got
himself… stuck in one sticky situation! *giggles* I’m sorry I must have caught the giggles! Our next creature, is one for the pet lovers. BEHOLD! Cerberus, the guard dog of the underworld. *gasps* *dogs barking* *screams in fear* Cerberus…. bad dog. This one has a reputation! As infamous as our friend Cerberus over there. SCORCH! Rules the skys in his reign of fire. *gasps* Scorch can be such a hothead. But I say… never mess with a fire breather! If you can’t handle the heat! Oh look at that… we’re out of monsters! Our tour has unfortunately come to it’s DEAD end. Now that’s funny.. An empty enclosure? My… my… Have we got a problem here? This only means.. one thing. We are missing a 9th monster! *giggles* Bad! Bad! Mr. Grins… How could he lose a monster? and did you know.. He lost the most wicked! Most evil! One of the lot. Hurry! Help me look for the monster clown. Is he hiding underneath this table? Is that clown hiding behind you? Eggor? *sinister laughter* Oh don’t you just love a breath the fresh SCARE? Now where you think you’re going? You didn’t pay the price of admission. Now we’ll have to keep you locked in here too. Indefinitely There’s nowhere for you to run now.

Dereck Turner

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