Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

Dereck Turner

100 thoughts on “Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

  1. Nokke Mao says:

    6:27 "maybe if i drink water it'll settle" hahaha i recognize all the signs.

  2. MrCringeGaming says:

    umm, okay wtf a show about celebs doing middle class stuff….not sure how i feel about this.

  3. Snail Juice says:

    Pete: *dying of asthma attack*

    Kevin: aggressively dancing

  4. Vikas Gurjar says:

    This was hilarious episode with slim shady

  5. The Unknown says:

    Does Kevin have his CDL?

  6. UncoolClown 15 says:

    The people now pete Davidson for dating Ariana grande and not being on snl

  7. Adrice Smada says:

    11:00 Real friendship
    When your so sick but you see your bestie who always cracks you up!

  8. Vincent Herrera says:

    Now I know why Ariana Grande broke up with Pete “ allergic to dogs” tbh I would break up with him to no homo

  9. Joe Doe says:

    this video had me cringing so hard

  10. RivenIsMyBest says:

    this guy Pete got a mustard stain on his face

  11. Jettman Timmons says:

    Hey imma help u move
    Do you guys have a dog I’m extremely allergic
    Yeah two of them
    doesnt bother moving them
    Continues to clean with dog hair everywhere
    Does anyone have a allergic reaction breathing treatment it’s serious
    The people: YoU fOld It LikE tHIs
    Pete: kinda dying here
    * Pete gets asthma attack*
    That is so rude that he has to be hooked up to a machine because the people were lazy and he was doing them a favor too

  12. Halimatou Maiga says:

    when he said "kevin are we still friends" I died of how cute that wuz

  13. Chad Nelson says:

    You can tell Pete hasn't worked any type of physical job in his life

  14. Kayla Bradley says:

    "It's me the new Kevin Federline" 😂💀

  15. Will Coats says:

    14:20 my fave part!!!😂😂

  16. Alissa Vole says:

    Who else laughs at something not funny
    But just cuz Kevin laughs?😂😂😂

  17. Arthur Shelby says:

    OMG, Pete Davidson looks like if Rami Malek + Justin Bieber 🤣🤣🤣

  18. King Lemuel says:

    Pete as joker!!!!

  19. PrCt says:

    GOLF merch

  20. Shawn Lewis says:

    Maybe this is why Arianne dumped him

  21. Natasha Orchison says:

    this episode was wack

  22. Khurram Hussain says:

    Pete was terrible

  23. Arthur Shelby says:

    Hey look is Grown up Deji Aka Comedyshortsgamer

  24. yesenia fernandez says:

    Awe congratulations Mr Grande💕

  25. Jennifer Kozlik says:

    great premise.

  26. Obama’s Hand says:

    This should be titled as kevin heart dances to a white boy’s drumming while Pete Davidson has an asthma attack

  27. D Vonders says:

    This is painfully awkward lmao

  28. poogaure says:

    This is so cringy

  29. CaspetPlays says:

    "You're enganged to ariana grande" That didn't age well

  30. Meg Gi says:

    "what are you doing?" "Living my LIFE" hahaha

  31. Meg Gi says:

    These two balance each other out perfectly

  32. Gil Jr says:

    Camera already inside: someone's at the door.Woah!

  33. Christine Horn says:

    The man from the moving company is thinking "These lazy mofos"..

  34. Asia Icelyn says:

    Pete is so inappropriate. I love it ahahah😂

  35. JohnT says:

    Who else thinks Pete was a little high the whole time 😆

  36. Choomah Lezly says:

    “Do I still get paid”😂😂😂😂

  37. Caps Lock34 says:

    Pete Davidson is not funny at all

  38. Kousthub Kulkarni says:

    they took off , Pete's knock knock joke

  39. Glock 22 says:

    Bro they were not appreciating Pete’s golden jokes because they know him as Ariana Grande’s fiancé

  40. Don Scheib says:

    Several "cringy" moments

  41. Howard _34 says:

    I never knew seeing Pete play with that air bag thing would be so funny

  42. Zalcry says:

    This just turned into an episode of get out

  43. Shannon With The Mild says:

    Pete gets better healthcare just helping a random couple move than I most people

  44. SIBIRIAK says:

    14:50 Sale training!)))

  45. kush kunk says:

    It's normal for moms to keep the baby teeth of there kids

  46. Zalcry says:

    Didn't Pete say he didn't want to be another guy standing around Kevin Hart not that long ago?

  47. Riham Buquer says:

    I m mr. Grande😂😂😂

  48. Garrett B says:

    Dad looks like a husky John Ham

  49. Sara Bates says:

    Allvthe money made from the yard sale should go to Pete Davidson‘s hospital bill

  50. Splinter says:

    Pete just pours water over his head while sitting on an amp

  51. Oh Hi says:

    pete: struggling to breath

    Also pete: uses breath to make jokes

  52. Tahmeed Rahman says:

    Damn that family is crazy

  53. Kim KarTRASHian sToP mAkInG StUpiD pEople FamouS says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this lol. When she said that stuff had to be packed in boxes I would have said psshhh and thrown it on the truck in the garbage bags. If Pete Davidson showed up to help me move I’d go nuts. We would get so friggin high I’d forget I was moving lol

  54. Javelina says:

    "You have a dad?"
    I'll never forget Pete. I promise.

  55. Adyson Price says:

    Y'all know that episode in spongebob and the cats name was Pete and he could "breath" underwater…well pete acts and sounds like that cat

  56. Indira Poitier says:

    this episode made me worry for your friend

  57. Ronald Miller says:

    That family looked like they couldn’t handle Pete 😂

  58. jackie lim says:

    now pete look like a character from jackass with the red shirt on

  59. Darryl Drayton says:

    I’m Mr Grande,it’s me the new Kevin Federline 😂😂

  60. Darryl Drayton says:

    You’re a noble guy you should F my mom 😂😂😂

  61. 666 Gobklin says:

    Lmaooo all the white ppl did NOT find them amusing

  62. jariah Williams says:


  63. Taralyn says:

    The moment Pete started to have his asthma attack, I died. 😂

  64. truly laur says:

    me: talks about pete davidson
    my friends: oh, that guy who almost married ariana grande?
    me: ma'am he's also a comedian

  65. faith keva eze says:

    Yo Pete is funny as hell he really is Wow

  66. cody Pitts says:

    So when's the new Pete and Kevin's community movie

  67. BriShaun Valree says:

    Wtf? Is there a car driving in reverse behind them? Or am I tripping?!

  68. Belle Anderson says:

    "You're scaring me Kevin, you're scaring me." 😂😂😭 Pete's face looked sincerely worried lol

  69. Shawna M says:

    Are they gonna put that in they're new fridge? Lol. Pete

  70. Shawn Knight says:


  71. Joshua Goar says:

    Keven has pulled buses with his back and hes stressing over a couch?

  72. Noah says:

    Should this just be called Kevin hart and Pete Davidson meet white people

  73. Goated Gamer says:

    Pete is like me in school I just send it

  74. Hayden Martinez says:

    Pete is super annoying. Trys to hard

  75. Nun ya fucking buisness Up yours bitch says:

    I’ll just get you guys a new couch 😂

  76. Kyle Gopez says:

    pete reminds me of the guy in Fault in our stars lol

  77. Denis Teets says:

    Pete should be on another episode to make up for this one, it sucks that he had an attack and couldn’t enjoy it

  78. Stormingcrow says:

    "they have no idea we're coming"

    camera shots inside the house as they open the door

  79. 99 says:

    These people don't appreciate Pete's sense of humor and it's making me sad

  80. Denise Boriqua says:


  81. Rampabane Mosuoane says:



  82. Monster says:

    Kevin Heart needs to go away, forever.

  83. Nicole S says:

    It's me the new kevin Federline

  84. Rebecca Fogle says:

    Wait I wanna know how the dog died 😅😅

  85. First Last says:

    Jerry Seinfeld LoL

  86. Luke says:

    I've never seen Kevin laugh so hard. Pete is hilarious.

  87. First Last says:

    The moving company should have been called something else like the Opera movers or the jazzy or the hip hop movers.

  88. grafocrow says:

    Hahaha the New kevin federline

  89. Jeremy Garretson says:

    Kevin is not wearing a seatbelt lol

  90. Vex Xxx says:

    Kevin: “Breaks the vase and looks innocent”
    Also Kevin: Who did that?

  91. Adrian Rangel says:

    How rich are you?
    I'm so rich I had Kevin Hart and Pete Davidson move my stuff.

  92. Rebecca’s crackhead life and anai says:

    there was an add and toddy smith was in it smriffof/ice

  93. desiree reed says:

    Ok I know I’m not the only one that thought when the mom was showing Kevin hart those dog ashes praying Kevin hart would make a joke about those dog ashes being Pete’s ultimate crypto night throw a little dog ash in Pete’s face and with those allergies he’s dead😂😂 I was waiting for it but it never came 😭😭

  94. Arthur Shelby says:

    Those parents are disgusting .OMG

  95. Montana Bogden says:

    This was probably one of the most cringiest, unfunny videos yet. I felt so bad for the mover cause he seemed so annoyed.

  96. salvador Mendoza says:

    Pete davidson is definitely a methhead 😂

  97. Sam Spahr says:

    It's very odd seeing Kevin play the straight man…

  98. Bangerz Radio says:

    7:13 I watched this when it first came out, I’m rewatching it and didn’t realize this joke here. He said “ it’s grandmas pussy” he opened the opening of the trampoline curtain 😭😭😭😂😂 OMG Pete LoL

  99. nicholeandalby says:

    I know I always have to inconspicuously throw my oxygen bag into the grass when customers approach my yard sale

  100. Sameron Cameron says:

    Pete is much funnier than Kevin

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