Moussaka – By VahChef @

Moussaka – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I am going to make one awesome dish with mince meat eggplant, what mince meat and eggplant is it a good combination? Dear friends trust me this is one of the tastiest preparation I have learned in college and while I was working in the industry also this was one my favorite because whenever they made this lamb and eggplant preparation I always used to go and grab one small bowl full for me so that I can sit in a corner and enjoy this is that tasty so today i am going to simplify and make this preparation which is super awesome and this is a greek preparation called lamb moussaka and trust me it is going to be super tasty for any Indian tongue, for this preparation add some olive oil, add garlic you know chopped garlic you can add little more that should be good enough and in this add chopped onion, add some salt and saute till the onions are slightly transparent, add mince meat today I am adding lamb mince but you can add the meat of your choice and add this tomato concasse this is tomatoes that have been blanched and the skin removed now look at this this is already looking good do you know the reason why I added the tomato concasse the tomato puree along with the lamb is because if I add the lamb alone it will become lumps and because the coagulation happens but when I add the tomato puree and cook it it easily spreads and this becomes a very nice spread for our moussaka you know we’re going to slightly cook this till the sauce is slightly thickened in this we going to add some allspice powder that is little good, cinnamon powder, pepper powder, add some red wine ahahaha this is when this gets really nice flavor I do not have fresh parsley so i’m going to use dried parsley wow this is good I’m going to cook it for another 5 minutes till this slightly thickens add pinch of sugar sugar sugar in the lamb I know this will scare some of you but when it is done you will see all these flavors make this super delicious you do not want to make it the more thicker than this they should be little bit saucy and then switch off the flame, now for the lamb moussaka we are going to put couple of layers one of the layers is going to be the white sauce you know traditionally the white sauce what we make is going to take little more time but i am going to quick fix a white sauce for that take some butter in a pan yeah this needs some good amount of butter once the butter melts we’re going to add some flour in this now in this add flour and we’re going to make a roux this is called a blond roux that we are not going to cook this flour till it gets a brown color or anything but you’re going to cook till this flour loses the raw flavor and you get this nice sweet flavor so cook it on a slow flame after cooking for around 5 minutes on a slow flame now you can see that this raw flavor is gone and it smells sweet this is when we add some milk so for this to avoid curdling reduce the flame completely and then add milk into this roux and use a whisk first add little and then let this become like a paste that way there won’t be any lumps keep adding milk slowly little by little while it is thickening add more milk and we want the sauce to be slightly thick not very thin sauce or anything and for rest of the milk and let it become like a sauce and we’re going to cook this for another five minutes and slightly thicken it look at this this is nice sauce without any lumps this is good now in this i’m going to add pepper powder, pinch of nutmeg powder i am going to add little extra nutmeg because i did not add onions or cloves to make my sauce and then salt because this is going to go with the lamb this nicely flavored with nutmeg should be doing good my thick white sauce is all ready and hmm perfect now this is perfect and where is I switched off the flame in this add cheese now what cheese do we have you can add parmesan you can add Mozzarella, holloumi I like to add regular mozarella cheese you know I have added Parmesan cheese you know with all the cheese’s this goes really nice now in this add egg yolk and then just mix it and this is what i am going to use it as a spread now look at this sauce this is perfect and adding those egg yolks i am telling you that not only gives the richness but the taste of this is going to be like tenfold up n tasty now we have done two things one is we cooked the meat along with this nice tomato and wine and flavored it really good second thing is we made a quick white sauce which we have enriched with egg yolks and cheese now here i have got eggplant and potatoes which have cut them into thin slices and fried this is good now the assembly starts we’re going to put layer by layer first I have got some bread crumbs here we’re going to add some salt in it and then pepper I am just going to mix this and use in this layers perfect nice flavored breadcrumbs now just put a layer of bread crumbs on the casserole or whatever dish you going to put it in the oven this should be good now on this going to put a layer of potatoes the bigger potatoes you may have to put less pieces but these are small potatoes so work hard to at least make one layer and again sprinke little bit of these flavored breadcrumbs on this put slices of eggplant that should be good and on top of it we are going to put the mincemeat layer I’m going to give some extra mincemeat because it’s me who’s going to eat at the end of it so extra mince meat and some of the sauce the top layer we’re going to make it slightly thicker but you know one thin layer should be good and then spread this layer you know in the mincemeat they also add egg white this should be good now they’re going to do the second layer of potatoes then the eggplant now after putting these eggplants we’re going to put one more layer of mince meat and spread it nicely I made a little boo-boo here put lot of meat and there’s little room for white sauce that should be good enough actually they put a very thick layer of this sauce on top but for me I am going to put a very thin layer because i do not have room in this casserole Wow but that’s ok now just on the top some the seasoned bread crumb put some cheese on top put this in oven for 20 minutes and this will be nicely heated up and the egg yolk that is there in the white sauce also will help it bind then you will be able to cut into nice big slices and serve. Dear friends even you can do the individual portions like you can see here but the taste that this has is something you have to try my god I am not going to say this is a classic dish of Greece, this is a classic dish of the world wow you know once you start eating you can’t stop it this is so tasty and so nice. Dear friends if you have little patience then you have the desire to taste one of the world’s tastiest dish try it make this and you see you will fall in love with this dish but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you

Dereck Turner

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    I know how mutch the desh is tasty from ur emm eeem emm lolol

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    I LOVE Mousaka so so much…yum yum

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    I love your videos! This recipe looks lovely. Thanks.

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    great recipe for today, thanks

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    this is almost lasagne! just pasta sheets replaced with egg plant and potato, interesting change though 🙂

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    moussaka is an Arabic dish also. Thank you chef you are the best

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    The flour you ued is all purpose flour or corn flour? or anything will do?

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    I've never tasted a really good Moussaka.

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    Awesome….Have tasted it from a Greek friend..can't wait to try it now…

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    Moussaka is Arabic my chef and you are the pest ^___^

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    sanjay can v add mushroom to white sauce and add it to boiled pasta
    if yes when can i add mushroom,,,,
    plz reply
    thank u

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    chef can i use any soft cheese like Ricotta, and also can i avoid the wine? plz reply, thanks

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    Hearing about this dish for the first time but it looks soo delicious.. My mouth is watering 🙂

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    Yes you can. you can use any cheese in the white sauce except goat cheese

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    Baba Ghanoush recipe please

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    for pure vegetarians are there any alternatives to prepare it

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    thank you chef

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    For vegetarian peeps try it with soya granules instead of mince meat n it tastes amazing!!!! I tried it n thank u chef

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    Thnx Vahchef ♡

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    Oh my Gosh… the moment u tasted it…graaaaahhhh… I feel like grab your plate and gulp all those cheesy stuffs.. definitely gonna try this.. thanku chef !♥

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    Nice dish, I must try it. Thanks

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    Yummy Love this dish and I found this to be my favourite video to watch on how to make this fabulous meal 👌

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    OMG Sanjay your making too mouth watering. Was felt like grabbing your plate 🙂 
    Thanks for sharing this recipe. Surely will try this for this weekend.

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    very nice.something different

  33. Sangita Singha says:

    very nice.something different

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    Hi chef, making this dish for friends n family today. But what should be temperature of the oven to bake? Also I am using mutton mince that should be a slightly different variation from ur recipe. Will post reactions from all soon.

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    You pronounced moussaka right!Bravo!

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    the white suce is also known as bechamel, i so love this dish

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    Perfect for dinner when u get visitors.

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