Monitor Stand Sold Separately – This is Only a Test 503 – 6/6/19

Monitor Stand Sold Separately – This is Only a Test 503 – 6/6/19

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test for Thursday June 6 2019 a welcome to this is only a test official podcast
of tested calm hello and welcome to the podcast this
week I’m norm on this bright and early morning Wednesday morning we’re
recording this I think and for watching video you’ve noticed this is the third
week in a row I think cuz sure it’s just a ban in the podcast yeah every Monday
he basically says oh I forgot I can’t make it he has he has a full-time job
doing other things and yeah we’ll get him into the 500 seat at 501 it’s
important Jeremy’s here though very important I norm hi Jeremy how you doing
good thank you and of course we have a special guest Steve Lin’s back on the
Bob guests hi Steve hey how you doing I’m glad to be back yeah that’s really
good to have you here Steve for people who don’t know is a longtime friend of
the show and you have what’s what’s a what what hobby best describes you is
you’re a collector uh I like historian more story yeah I’m
no longer collecting I’m actually in the process of getting my entire collection
donated to the strong so collection of what Steve um all my video games
electronics and video game historian yes so long with like our friends Mike Micah
and a lot of those people know in in that world you have a lot of awesome
artifacts from computer and video game history that just it’s ephemera these
days right then people weren’t thinking about the boxes and the manuals and all
the the betas like back then it wasn’t just the download button and you know do
you have a few favorite items in in the history of things that you’ve looked
seen and in touch with you might have talked about it on here one of my more
recent favorite items is the the resin ball or NBA Jam yes so if you look at
the box art for NBA Jam there’s a basketball that’s kind of like bursting
through paper and everyone thought it was just you know like Photoshop or
something but then or for a digital yeah yeah
CG image right but it’s an actual prop and the person who made it you know
created it they did the photo shoot and he threw it like in the back of the
warehouse and then you know 20-something odd years later it’s like wait I still
have this and then auctioned it off through
sports-memorabilia site so that was really interesting a sports memorabilia
site is like this a weird place is where things pop up right right and I would
have known about it and until someone who was doing an NBA Jam documentary
kind of like hey this thing that’s popped up and then sort of free-for-all
for people going up after it and then the most recently videogame history
foundation which is I am a part of spent a month at Game Informer’s offices in
Minneapolis with army of volunteers and basically they were founded in 1991 and
they have only moved one time so they have all of their prototypes and games
and press releases and everything and so basically army of people scanning
everything ripping all the discs I think was a 8500 discs and thousands of pages
of documents wait this frame the magazine yeah game
form of the magazine but it’s it’s all there archives so all the raw like the
raw assets they got from developers like prototypes that they were sent for game
reviews US releases that most of the magazine itself was plenty was archived
already on disk but what they had in physical form were press releases from
games from the early 90s and correct all kinds of tchotchke locks yeah yeah yeah
all kinds of like press kits and oh my gosh geez enough goodness so it was
amazing and thanks to all the volunteers who helped out on that project that’s
more that’s one of the rare publications where they would still have like you
said you only only move one time I think about because Jeremy I used to work for
future imagine media right and you know even in our tenure there it moved like
once or twice but that old office it was in Brisbane California even back in the
early thousands it was there it was packed every cupboard no floor ceiling
with random gaming paraphernalia right and usually what happens was when you
move you throw it all but now all that goes away did you hold on to any of your
old tchotchkes I think the one thing I held onto it like it was a PC gamer
football he’s a gamer for PC murder football you mean from a video game yeah
companies I held onto a no one lives forever minilab off
yeah like I loved that game that’s one of my all-time favorite first-person
shooter games and it was like a mini lava lamp you flip it over and it would
just perform I think like I saw the coffee mug for some weird like Japanese
at grandia or something weird but I don’t like the world of like like a
games marketing I press marketing and it happens in like the movie world to like
movie journalists and magazines get cents and all sorts of weird like a red
carpet type gives me they make a hundred of these things and it has the brand
it’s it’s it ranges from basically source from some supplier or something
that’s tangentially relate to the game that they slap a sticker on or stop a
have it have a custom you know embroidered to have that logo to
something come fully custom and I never really got like its it’s like I
understood intellectually like why they did it as a marketing exercise but from
emotional thing it’s just like these pimps extra clunky thing that was at the
office and it more often not just went to the intern yeah as well as the at
which at that time was me you had that title for quite a while yeah and I had
no need for intern for life even famously I think it was like mafia for
promotion of the game they sent out brass knuckles
yes mafia on it and then they actually had to ask for them back because it was
illegal to then buy off brass knuckles to a couple different places so I think
Guitar Hero’s sent us a actual guitar but they had to they put a fake $99 gift
price tag on it because we had a rule you couldn’t accept them couldn’t accept
anything over $100 oh yeah yeah there’s a lot of that I think one of the things
that came off that disc I really like the raw art files or screenshots because
yeah they put it in the magazine and then you scan the magazine so it’s like
two levels of loss compression okay and so in this case it’s like oh here’s the
raw like you know 10 megabyte graphics so what will the kiddie game history
museum do with these assets so we catalog it we’re in the process of sort
of getting it all I guess get all the metadata attached to it and then give
access to who want to do research that’s like hey
I’m doing an article or I’m doing a paper on this and they can build they’ll
be able to do that from anywhere yeah the idea is for them to be able to do it
from anywhere that’s awesome yeah it’s kind of like wayback machine
yep yeah I mean then they have software them their site – yes yeah and then we
actually put most of almost everything we have on as well so yeah
maybe ever been to the archive org yeah the server facility yeah you know
it’s in a church yeah in San Francisco and one of the coolest it’s literally
it’s like it’s a temple for data right it’s in the Richmond District in San
Francisco and it’s still a church like the servers are in the back right where
the with a choir exactly and it’s fully exposed there and and unfortunately was
a fire there a couple years ago they had to bring everything yet kind of raised
money to or store but the infrastructure of the church from windows the pews are
there and the weirdest and coolest thing is in the pews they have sculptures
yeah people people and they have they’ve commissioned an artist for basically to
immortalize the the volunteers who’ve worked for a certain number of years or
had very significant contributions to the project as these these plasters
statues you have a do you have a niacin no I do not have one yet I dare to dream
they’re not like like super photorealistic they’re not like 3d scans
of people they’re definitely an artist’s interpretation of people and a little
bit little bit cartoony and I think they went on tour or a couple years ago until
I get ziens but just like a like the idea of memorializing both data and the
people like you know it’s very Library of Alexandria
I just love to love the whole idea is will there be a physical location for
for the stuff you guys are collecting as we have yeah we have a little thing in
Oakland that’s sort of invite-only it’s a small well it’s actually a giant
magazine archive and that all sort of be like a physical location for for a
couple folks and then most of it you know we want it to be accessible to
everyone so trying to get as much of it online as possible there’s a mid-weight
documentary that just wrapped and I’m sure you were a
backer of that like I was yes and I guess they’re gonna take it on the film
circuit for film festivals this summer but then hopefully that will come out
this fall I can’t wait to finally see that yeah yeah I mean he’s been in
progress for a while now and years and years I can’t wait to see it in the game
one former stuffins not too long or too long the digital copies of the rags and
with those PDFs are they actually have like the quark file it’s I think it’s
the original quark files layout and they were on you know over the different eras
they’re like SciQuest discs and jazz discs and and yeah needle optical
exactly as I remember in the future days because it’s like it’s like when Pixar
went back and they couldn’t access like the Toy Story 1 Toy Story 2 datas
without those old SGI machines and they need to supply storage and run that old
software it’s like the same with magazine you can you can you know output
a PDF for the that’s that your flattened but version but all your source files if
you want to actually open up the layouts you have to pull up software that
basically no one has anymore yeah yeah it’s like oh if we got remember how to
connection scuzzy drives oh my god like termination and all that
other stuff so one gigabyte yeah yeah hundred megabyte discs clique of death
put some zip disks in the freezer for a little bit pull it out me to come to
that yeah that’s super cool well of information about where people can learn
more about this effort and stuff we were conceived in the descriptions and the
show notes yeah so people can do more research they’re cool top story this week well you came on a
why it’s happened like twice a year to Big Apple episodes every year one for
WWC and one with the fall the fall announcement of new product Steve so
we’re gonna talk a lot too it stops or has gotta be WWDC the
two-and-a-half-hour no one calls it that you know really dub dub it’s dub dub I’m
sorry what yeah when did this like South by oh
you know what it is we’re not insiders we can’t call we can
still call it WWDC oh okay fine dub dub I’m a dude I haven’t been to a WWE seem
so long like actually haven’t been since they it was Macworld I guess Macworld
Expo there’s some room conference so I can’t call it dub dub okay I don’t have
any any memories of quote-unquote dub dub yeah yeah let’s let’s not I’m gonna
stop there WWDC happened this past week which of course Apple’s big annual
developer conference this year in San Jose it’s a it’s a kind of exclusive
event because you have to buy lottery tickets to get the get the enter lottery
for the options you even buy tickets to go and so when they go up on stage and
say like for a vast majority of people this is their first time there it’s cuz
yeah because most people want to be there who developers can’t be there but
you know a lot of sessions I think they put a lot of that stuff online but the
keynote serves multiple purposes big purpose is of course we have a big
software update ever annually it’s what’s new with iOS what’s new with
Mac OS and then we have a few kind of hardware updates as well maybe a few
surprises so we’ll dive in all that stuff when you wanna start one start
with the hardware stuff kinda stuff getting the most the best most most news
yeah sure so as promised over a year ago Apple said they were gonna refocus on
the Mac you know of course the MacBook Pros they they soft updated those a
couple weeks ago they had the new iMac 5k and then finally they have the new
Mac Pro yeah yeah they went back to a tower design they did right they for a
while there they had the canister which was the cylinder the trashcan yeah that
is that what they called it and well that’s what everyone calls it I mean and
I remember Phil Schiller came out when that
was introduced and he was they were super proud of it and and then it that’s
they never iterated on it it just sort of stagnated and so now they’re back to
more of a standard rectangular upgradable design yes yes and it does
evoke the tower design of the Mac Pro from years back and move in terms of
that perforated sides the aluminum build it’s a little more shiny a little more
angular this time and if you carefully listen like the best part of following
these keynotes is just the subtext because the words they don’t use or just
importance of words they do use know can you hear them say modularity over and
over again and customization but they’ll never say upgrade ability never right
they like to one step away from that let’s talk about this this form factor
and and what it can do right because it’s at its core it is running a Intel
Zenon processor it is you know these twenty twenty-something cores it’s for
high compute workflows and for basically graphics processing and video editing I
think they know the lot of the the central customers are willing to spend
starting at six thousand dollars up to well over ten thousand dollars on a
workstation okay tomorrow do you know how much a maxed out version of this
will cost because the verge actually did a dive on this they priced out all the
composer well so it’s some surprising that six
thousand dollars is the starting place and starting price you get what 32 gigs
of ram alright i think it’s like 32 gigs you
ran what gig necessity so the most bare-bones you’re basically paying for
the chassis there you get your yeah the entry level processor a radeon 580 yeah
which again when you listen to the way they present it they say oh good good
good a good processor because you want to get by that stuff real quickly cuz ii
then they want to talk about the potential upgrades we’re gonna lay your
dual quad vega potential locator burner yes so ok how much could this cost from
6,000 well according to the verge of you max it out and apple does not allow you
to do this yet so you can’t normally you go in and you can price it out not all
your components they haven’t open it up for sales yet okay so it’s not gonna be
one of those things where they don’t even have a configurator online no they
very well oh boy it’s just out of tea it’s not like email if you if
email less if you’re interested yeah for a personal consultation with Tim Cook
right for this price you might expect that because it will be before the maxed
out they’re expecting it to be at least $35,000 that’s entry-level price of a
Tesla up to $45,000 if you include the monitor right right the new monitor the
new monitors is five thousand dollars all by itself as a base price with no
stand well yeah in the shiny option yeah yeah well I think the big part of that
cost I mean obviously the video cards but
then I think it can support up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM so just the RAM alone I
think was like seventeen eighteen thousand because it’s super fast ddr4
yeah I mean yeah I mean a lot of this stuff so when you take your like desktop
design like this is as a computer product this is their Mac line is so
tied to more tied to other companies and other chipsets and chip makers more so
than their other hardware and then iPhones then Apple watch then the you
know T even their Apple TV because they’re reliant on the road maps of
their partners you know whether it’s Intel for the compute side or AMD
because they don’t work with Nvidia AMD for for the graphics side and so it
really like they’re working on the industrial design and and slowly you can
see there is some proprietary stuff they’re making and some of that let the
FPGA chip stuff that we’ll talk about but like when you talk about the RAM
capacity that’s not apple the Apple determining that that’s Apple choosing
you know the highest end Intel workstation motherboard chipset and then
and and that’s what allows that capability so like on the PC side you
could build if you had the money you could build that equivalent xenon
processor that much RAM you just couldn’t get a lot of the Apple
specifics of it obviously you couldn’t run mac OS on it right and and I think
that you know there’s a lot of people who are really upset at kind of the
price and like the max configuration but if this is your livelihood or you know
if your company and you know this will speed up productivity of everyone
working on you know your film or whatever it is
you know that’s worth it will it speed up that much isn’t there are diminishing
returns after $10,000 at some point there is but I mean if you if you look
at its it this is yeah I mean you’re probably thinking like not just one
person right this is you’re an entire team of people and then that adds up
over time right people sharing that’s why they have a caster Steve option I’m
I’m booking time export time in fact it’s probably it’s like my puke time
back in the day right right and so is this really for like render time or is
it for actual live workflow time yeah it’s supposed to be good for both but if
you’re investing that much where do you get more benefit you probably get most
benefit other live working time right because you don’t want to the time of
your employees it’s more valuable than the time on the machine and you don’t
the employees while they’re doing their editing or their the graphics design you
don’t them be waiting right render time you can you didn’t have a separate
machine run overnight when the employees are sleeping that’s you know you have a
machine do that necessarily this go ahead oh I I saw something where they
were saying especially in some workflows there’s one person near the end of the
of the of the chain that has sort of the monster computer right and in that
process sometimes they have to do things like color correction and all this other
stuff because the machines are the people in the earlier part of the chain
don’t support sort of like 8k or whatever in real-time and so it’s
basically speeding up that person as well because they can do things earlier
in the cycle I don’t know if you’re not developing artificial intelligence on a
$40,000 computer I’m not I’m not impressed
not interested it feels like they’re her meds watch it feels like that the
version of the product that’s meant to make the middle tier look more appealing
right but it’s it’s this is its own product I don’t understand like it’s
just supposed to make people look at the highest end iMac and say oh that’s not
such a bad deal after all I mean and for people on the iMac level
I think that is most people right now in 4k editing workflows the iMac is if
you’re at Apple ecosystem that’s gonna be good enough for you it’s very it’s
this is for you know the the JJ productions to
okay right of the yellow and and the Peter Jackson’s of the world if you can
afford you know tens of thousand dollars on bread cameras and you have a que
footage you need then you know thirty thousand dollars on editing Bay what
does the Edit team use here based we use both Mac and PC Mac and PC because we’re
not avid we’re I mean we’re on a premier Premier and so our project files are
interchangeable and so I can throw is on a PC I’m on PC Joey’s on PC and Mac we
have a Mac another Mac you know over the old trash can that we will use for some
exporting just rendering and running overnight yeah I I mean I I the way I
see it is if you’re thinking about buying this like you’re probably pretty
price insensitive right I mean ten thousand fifteen twenty thousand might
not make as much of a difference because you said you’re used to buying red
cameras and shooting 8k I was like hey we’re in a sound Bay where it’s a
thousand dollars a minute or whatever for us to record the stuff so let’s just
spend the money yeah and like a lot of the benefits they talk about right if
you talk about actual practical benefits or to that I really did pick my ears one
with this afterburner video card and this is custom hardware that works on
PCIe for their device and this is you know very low-level they’re they’re
basically you know programming their own a6 to former video decoding purposes and
this card will allow they say six billion pixels of processing which means
three a K streams they’re practical application for this is like no proxies
and so in editing parlance when you get 4k footage like a lot of our existing
computers even like 4k footage you’re scrubbing through can chug machine
because the bandwidth needed to wherever you have it stored if you or and what
drives you have it on and your local rendering like that can really chug a
machine and so we create proxies we run overnight turn these turn the 4k footage
into you know 720p footage just to get a timeline edit and this is how we can
like share those files and and they’re saying you don’t even need to do that
with this because you can just watch your H K for just real time so you whole
ecosystem if you want to do that then one you need the storage and you also
need the display because no one’s gonna really like what’s the point of editing
a K footage time unless you have a display that can
display it in real time right right at that point if you don’t have everything
and then you might as well be working on proxies and so this is again for very
very small percentage of people also their graphics option like this again
goes to upgrade ability and versus modularity they say this system is
modular and I’m sure you can buy some cards third party cards elf in those
PCIe slots but even for the graphics cards I don’t even know can you even
upgrade the graphics card yourself because I don’t know if there are
exposed PCIe power connectors oh you know I didn’t even think about that cuz
power it looks like they both said that they have this new module like basically
well given that you can have up to four of them I it sounds to me like there are
slots but yes there are slots but you know when you when you build a PC on a
PC side gaming PC you put a graphics card in yeah you need PCIe slots x16
slots but then you also need to plug power from the power supply here there
is no from I could tell no 8 pin PCIe power and connectors because well they
have in the interest as they’ll say airflow and design they have these
chassis modules some modules that have that you have extra lanes I like the
power rail is exactly the thing yeah yeah so at the point is MPX module that
then have four it’s a 4 wide PCIe housing then you put either you put the
GPUs in there or you have to buy them with the GPUs built in I’m sure you know
it’s a lot yeah it’s gotta be like this chunk that you just throw in there
yeah which oh that’s crazy but in the they talked about power right yeah
again this only matters if you’re in the world where like power does not like
Elektra literally the electrons the cost of electrons is nothing to you because
they’re talking about a CPU that itself with a giant heatsink drives 300 watts
just the CPU just the CPU drives 300 watts and the whole machine is a 1400
Davids a 1400 they said 1.4 kilowatt hours he needs its own circuit yeah at
some point plugging in a dryer you charge my car
turn on my Mac Pro but it does have a 3.5 millimeter jack yes thankfully it
does yeah in the back and a couples in their work port notable you know I mean
I’m sure everyone who buys this thing has has sort of a hub or something maybe
you think about there’s actually only I think four Thunderbolt three ports like
two on the back and two up top yeah hubs are the hell won’t be in the monitor no
okay so let’s let’s talk what the monitor cuz I know this is the big punch
line for everyone and yes they part of the big mistake
for this was announcing pricing on stage right like pricing on stage does nothing
for they could be it could be in a press release because you had the moment where
they’re one of the VP’s of engineering talked about like soul time talking
about this whole ecosystem of Mac Pro products from the tower to this amazing
reference monitor and then it’s dropped $1000 $9.99 for first hand and you could
hear the murmurs in the crowd like I was the closer you get to a boo it it was it
was China twofold because it was the price of $1,000 for the same but it was
also the fact that the monitor doesn’t come with a stand yeah right yeah how
often does that happen it doesn’t even come with the VESA mount $200.00 Visa
Mouse yeah yeah – because he did the VESA mount first at 200 and then he said
the stand and and you’re right the funny thing about the murmurs it was more like
a wait what and then then he sort of paused for a second and then – Ramon
yeah and and so I think everyone is still processing wait what did he just
say about the stand believe in the rehearsals they must have like reached a
point where the the marketing and PR people were listening to the
presentation like oh do we need really need to include that because there’s
plenty information you don’t need to include in that keynote hmm he did it
fast I mean I get was like oh nine and $1.99 and and $9.99 and then was trying
to get to the next thing just know that’s a go the Ironman just it’s like
walking on coals for keynote can you get all this interesting info out and then
drop the pilot price in the elegant way without having the crowd turn on you and
almost I mean what the millions of people or however many people were
watching on the livestream like that it was they were not kind I am curious to
see this monitor there’s no I’m buying it yeah any universe but it
for it’s a $5,000 monitor it’s a 5k it has capable right 6k oh sorry you’re
right nor this 6k yeah it’s capable of it’s 5k price oh it’s capable of a
thousand nits of brightness it’s it’s HD are like a thousand it’s continuing is
tenuous yeah I mean I want to see it I can’t wait to walk into an Apple store
and I can just lay my eyes on it and then what is it thirty inches or 30 20s
I thought it was like 34 or something 32 inch 32 inch LCD you know they talk
about they call XDR this is their they’re super retina you know high
brightness million 1 contrast ratio now the interesting part again this is for
production gearheads is the comparison to reference monitor rice and we
actually use a reference monitor not one of those like $40,000 ones and they are
ten thousand dollar ones they talk about but those are pricier like reference
monitors in production houses which is what with editors and what even live
studios use to perfect calibration color calibrate they have all the inputs in
the back but you basically have a perfect view of what’s going out to your
feed those are those do need to be fine-tuned and those have a lot of input
so I’m curious does this have like your STI inputs and right and all your all
your ports in the back a bunch of different hdmi displayport or is this
still a computer monitor a quote-unquote with just your like a thunderbolt
if i mean there’s some pictures of the back it looks like it’s just like a
computer monitor but your to your point the reference hardware is always really
expensive like i in with video game history foundation we actually have a
lot of like the sony the the CRT reference stuff like the p VMS and the B
VMs and retail for those when they first came out is you know ten thousand
dollars or something so yeah you can totally see it yeah I mean monitors are
basically commodity products now I remember what was the first like big
monitor purchase you made I think a viewsonic 17-inch was like a big noisy
RT yeah yeah I think a 19-inch in college having two 19-inch CRTs was like
the best thing right well I think I also had the
Sonne that had the retaining lines like for us because they had the sort of
square um layout and so these like two faint lines
that went across the screen they got like a 15 inch monitor for that oh yeah
and then of course you know 1080p LCDs came out and those just be $1000
I remember tell had a big $1000 for a 1080p 24 inch but that was luxury
widescreen when going from four by three to 69 was a big big deal and then of
course now 4000 bucks and then I guess after that it was a thousand bucks for
the 30 inch remember I could I had one and yes we had one I bought one of those
in Richmond even Apple had one that’s too big too big at 30 yeah I know it
like will probably I think he used one for a long time as his main monitor it
was just too much monitor for me yeah yeah remember wouldn’t gateway did the a
giant CRT come on it was like a 32 inch city I think with gateway 2004 computer
use yeah for consider use it was like design for games how deep was it I
it’s a CRT yeah it’s a I mean it doesn’t fit on any desk I’m going back to one of
my sense memories and maybe this is why I like magazines are so well-regarded
because like we all have like very tangible physical sense memories and I’m
like the photo is in the imagination that was spurred from the descriptions I
remember it was a quake 3 preview in in PC gamer there’s a foot of John Carmack
and it was programmed with a widescreen CRT oh yeah that’s right and I was like
what is that ok widescreen CRT and it’s correct for programming Ferraris and
what yes yes so that’s the the Mac Pro the math backup and so much news okay so
let’s go from back pro to the software side and you remember for the first
couple years it was iPhone OS right from 2007 I forgot that an iPhone to us huh
when iPad came out and said okay well it’s not just our iPhone anymore yeah
let’s that’s kind of consolidate it to iOS and so we’ve had is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12 13 now this year they didn’t skip it
but then now they’re branching out again and so iOS is for
and iPad OS is now for iPads I’m excited for this I’m very excited for this it’s
it’s just a name change guys like they i pads already had a lot of functionality
that the phone hasn’t had for many generations now I think it’s the first
step for well it’s the first step for really separating like the use cases
right I think the file system stuff file
system I mean they’ve released they’re really expensive new iPad pros last year
and I bought one and I bought one knowing that it was probably the
hardware in there was faster than what the software was gonna deliver with
what’s off experiences well we’re all kind of waiting for what was gonna
happen at WWDC this year and they’re kind of revamping a bunch of things and
really for the first time adding support for things that people on iPads have
wanted for a long time starting with like just the home screen the home
screen now for longest time that those 9.7 inch iPads and even like 11 12 inch
ones now had at that same grid of icons which familiar yes best use of space no
and now you have widgets on the front the same type of widgets you would get
if you swipe left so that was now there’s an allocated
space but I think it’s finally it’s it’s it’s moving toward more like a
quote-unquote desktop like environment and Steve like you mentioned there is
real file support there file managers improve they actually will now support
USB devices that’s crazy you mean USB like sticks yes these
sticks are you camera I think you can connect it to that right and previously
the process of getting your data your raw photos off of like a memory card
onto an iPad and this is why they have USB see now right it’s no longer
lightning as last year was you still had to import them with the Photos app yeah
one at a time and then once they were in your photo library then you open your
photo editor your Lightroom and then import it again and catalog it there it
was clunky and so now you’ll have some direct import from your third-party apps
and connected to USB sticks that’s I think that’s a huge huge thing for them
and also buried in some accessibility now there will be Mouse
and touchpad support yes that’s cool and the mouse apparently works
everywhere you know works in the under browser so you can scroll up and down it
works for navigating the icon so you can do long clicks and yeah double taps it’s
neat yeah the the new pencil stuff also I don’t
have one way if you’re interested in it like they’ve reduced the latency a
little bit I think from twelve to nine milliseconds I thought was 29 now how do
they do that that’s like I’m really yeah without upgrading on the heart and soul
yeah that’s interesting yeah I mean what they might have done is just tap into
something like lower level OS it’s like oh we had like an you know an ATM
overhang and yeah yeah it’s like build that into that but at the same time
they’re adding more overhead in terms of recognizing what the pencil is doing to
the OS because you can drag the pencil from the bottom corner yeah and take a
screenshot and and they’re recognizing like that that gesture so like they’re
adding functionality but also making it more responsive which i think is neat
and then some extra gestures now in their OS like with like cut and paste
using like three pink finger pinch and that demo didn’t work so yeah it was a
little embarrassing yeah I think like that is that’s kind of clunky even if it
worked perfectly I don’t know anyone who uses multi-finger gestures on the
regular like I know that there are power users that do but no casual iPad user
knows about any of that stuff right yeah the most getting things out
keyboard shortcuts yeah for me like I think keyboard makes tablets so much
better I mean you didn’t want them to be more laptop like and having all those
keyboard shortcuts at it which I’m still kind of parsing through that screenshot
of what the what they’ve added that’s gonna make this this tablet much more of
a laptop alternative yeah I mean when I travel especially for a long time I’ll
usually just I have an iPad air 2 with like a keyboard on it and there’s been
times it’s like oh I want to get a file from someone that’s really hard to have
to email it to me or something but you know now I I’m much more confident in
just taking this with the new OS because of the USB yeah I mean that was really
the big blocker that and Safari rendering the desktop version
could you not request that previously I don’t know I just whenever I would load
pages I’ve sometimes get yeah sure and I own kind of wasn’t sure they are
claiming a desktop class web browsing experience yes I’m what does that mean
compared to desktop mode that’s what I meant
like you should be able to request the desktop version of the site right my
guess is that even in desktop mode there was some things that didn’t work well on
the renderer son shows like forms web forms I would always be compressed and
so you know people who do CMS work on their iPads kit actually maybe with you
or with mouth supporting the keyboard shortcuts actually be able to access
that stuff yeah we’re all good in this stuff trickle down because even though
it’s Safari theoretically it can be accessed in other third party web
browsers who use the same rendering engine on the iOS side so the phone side
a bunch updates there as well so dark mode and this is speculation
leading to them thinking as thinking that you know dark mode on iOS means I’m
more OLED everywhere oh that’s of course already on the highest end phones so
dark mode maybe a little bit of a battery saver
there’s updated me emojis they have their millennial moment that they’re the
youtubers like like and subscribe on stage or on on video they say like over
like makeup influencers being influencers yeah thing that’s like yeah
I like that they again again this goes through the careful scripting of a
keynote but they had the whole segment which is clearly for not the people in
the room but for the people watching a livestream different or maybe for the
people in the room that feel like Oh Apple is hip with the youths and then
right after that segment well did you see what the last accessory was that
they used that you can now add to yourself in me emoji Oh air pods here
and they said it like of course air pods like I thought of you
oh say you you’re saying it is an accessory it is like an audio cool 100%
of fashion accessory $70 yeah but like they threw that whole segment some shade
immediately right after like the presenter was like oh yeah that was it
for everyone but then why’d you have it it gave us a lot to think about how they
hedge they hedge but okay on iOS speakit air pods there’s
now sharing air pod streams yes so is this just for air pods because this is
an amazing feature if it works across like anything I mean it there’s no
reason why you couldn’t airplay your music into another phone that thing gets
piped through whatever headphones that person’s using right I want to have my
own personal broadcaster that anyone else can tap into that was squirting
squirting squirting but that that would be great but it sounds to me like it
this is possibly just for air pots I think not only is it just for air pod I
think it’s via the phone of someone else’s iPhone too so like the I don’t
know if it’s one I phone or one iOS device – two sets of air pods or if it’s
sending a signal over something like airplay or to a phone to a phone and we
should be able to use any and then yeah or they could restrict it is it just
Apple music or like if I write it Spotify or something YouTube whatever
yeah great what’s kind of unclear right they just it’s like a really cool
feature no I think that’s potentially really neat yeah they had a big Maps
demo so they’re really that you know they they have cars out on the street
now doing what Google’s been doing with Street View and they have their version
of Street View now which it’s a little smoother they’re really proud of come on
it looks really neat dude like the smooth scrolling between nodes on the
ground like when you’re walking down the street yeah yeah it doesn’t just
crossfade between the two different interpolation do this kind of fake
zooming it really looks like a 3d movement of the camera yeah that looks
to me like it’s all very forward-thinking towards some sort of
virtual reality explosives yeah yeah right
just the United States though right well by the end of the year they’ll do the
whole u.s. okay and then yeah other countries soon after
yeah it’s it’s a little expensive venture to get those cars out there and
drive and get that data and I guess Google’s been doing it their way that
you know Google Maps team has people in backpacks and walking around the world
and I think it’s gonna be a very tough uphill climb for Apple to get that level
of coverage from inside stores and remote places but it may be enough if
quality of experience is good enough yeah there’s the new sign-in with Apple
button well yeah I think it’s I think it’s great it’s it there’s a couple
interesting caveats that surfaced after the show but yeah that was another
feature that I felt like along the lines of the accessory video wasn’t for the
people present it was for the people at home because everyone presents gonna
want all that data that Facebook is sharing right all the developers yeah or
whatever with Google they’re gonna want as much private information as possible
so the developers in that room are gonna want that Apple is like no no no yeah
that box exactly you can’t have anything but then again like if I’m sure that
there are a lot of devs who are just want easy access like they just want low
friction they want people to be to use their app and sign it as easily as
possible and that’s what this does give you I mean it’s theoretically what the
previous sign-in and associated with social media accounts was supposed to do
and I and right I think you know a lot of people trust Google a lot of people
trust Facebook or at least find it convenient and have signed in with
Google on a lot of their applications I do it for my Adobe stuff because I never
want to or no it’s easier honestly than pulling one password and copy and
pasting but there they made a big point of now it’s not just signing with Apple
and of course yet to use their their hardware to do it right
you mean in their apps it’s within their apps but even your emails and your
personal information it gets kind of hidden as well yeah it’s completely
right it’s like that anonymized email address that forwards to your actual
email right you get an image you can choose to share your email with the
devil they request it or you can choose to share an anonymous email and it’s a
random character sequence you know at iCloud comp it gets forwarded to you and
you can make a new one for every single app that requested so here’s my question
if I sign in with Apple if I create an account in the sign in Apple let’s say
theoretically for Netflix right on this and there’s a signing with Apple but
another okay I’m creating a Netflix account for the first time I’m gonna
protect my personal email click sign in with Netflix and for a lot of these apps
the email is your login is your username if I have if I’ve sent neckli
this convoluted thing that I don’t even know what maybe and then on desktop side
I want to access my account yeah how do I sign in I think have to look it
up right because your back to the one password you know pulling up a database
of yeah what is my Associated username and something that’s convoluted to type
in that’s funny when you Shep you lock to the Mac in the MacBook Pro or the the
MacBook or my iMac well no one’s forcing you to use the feature no right and
these are the UX yeah no consideration I’m sure that there are use cases where
you are only using it on the app only ever on the phone and then you’re fine
because it will always be stored there Foursquare I’m only using ah yeah yeah
yeah did I just never leave the Apple ecosystem yeah you’ll be fine
yes which ID everywhere may not be a problem they’ve considered it out well
but also along the same line along the same thing that you apparently can’t
employ this feature as a developer without I’m sorry you can’t employ login
with Facebook or Google with without also offering the option to sign in with
Apple and the good design guidelines say the sign-in with Apple must be that’s
first option oh come on yeah or highly recommended that that’s
on top this is really gonna help them in that like lawsuit about did you not see
the movie antitrust what was in that Ryan Phillippe yes it was it was a good
pull oh cool very good okay again the ton of stuff out of WWC let’s go to Mac
OS side the new one is Catalina the boo Geus of Mac OS right Yosemite was the
most and it was a was the most democratize I’m sure I don’t know what
Catalina is Catalina Island it’s right off the coast of Southern California
it’s like it’s this big island that people rich people go fly to and take
boats to and it’s like really it’s it’s like their own personal Cuba
yeah like Turks and Caicos is the next one right you got to get like keep
raising the bar yeah so Catalina and included in this is the
breakup of iTunes yes I’m the Mac OS side so actually yesterday in stone
titled we we talked about we wondered what was gonna happen to iTunes because
on the PC sign it turns out iTunes on PC not changing like the way you see if you
are a person who wants to back up your phone your iPhone or iPad using a
tethered connection to a PC and you had previously done that through iTunes
that’s still gonna be there sorry you’re not getting the three apps okay on the
Mac OS side iTunes is getting broken down again they tried to play this off
as a joke they never choice of words and never said iTunes was broken or iTunes
sucks on all they said was food come on iTunes so many people have asked for
feature requests and so they played it off very sarcastic I thought it was
hilarious like I thought that was a really like they wouldn’t have trusted
that delivery too many executives but like he got yeah Craig Craig did it
right so music podcasts and TV and podcast is
the big surprise because it’s a acknowledgement that this a valid like
form of media that is exploding and it deserves own app and it is a primary use
case for a lot of people on there are their mobile devices yes listen to
podcasts so the way you would seeker phone is just literally built in the
finder now you look your phone in or however you sync it and if you don’t
want to use iCloud you just didn’t find her that lets you can all access the
data we don’t know really what these three apps will well you know how
they’ll really work but all be related or I’ll be revealed in when the Mac OS
Catalina comes out I mean assume it’ll be just like a iOS oh yeah I guess the
TV app right it’s just like and the podcast app and yeah yeah you know so
you know there’s some like the screenshots they had yeah I guess it
looks at you you should have your tiles of of programming it’s all tidy still
your you know Apple ID I mean I bet they’re probably using this new
framework that they’re so proud of that allows you to develop for all platforms
at once right well I think they even said that they had been using it yeah
for a lot of their and now they’re short of releasing it to
everybody else right which is great I know I mean for a lot of folks it’s like
oh I have this iOS and I can do a Mac OS version of it it doesn’t solve a lot of
people necessarily solve all people’s problem with iTunes which was purely
music playback right and music management because their music app
primarily will probably be still buying music and doing and then listening to
streaming music but for people who have big music libraries on the Mac they may
be Sol yeah what else what else from oh people with iPads M and Mac devices can
now use iPad as a second second screen that’s interesting both wireless and
wired yeah then third-party programs have let
you do that very years four years – very good effect even X Apple developers have
have created those programs so this is this is nice yes
no I think it’s super cool plus it will emulate the touch bar on the Mac MacBook
Pros that no one ever uses right I thought at the top of the screen will
actually add that to the iPad screen as a as a bar yeah okay so anyone any app
that’s actually gone through the trouble of implementing that it now has a
slightly bigger use case do you both have touch bars yeah I I do use them I
have to look at it every time I use it like No muting and everything is just
yeah right yeah what’s the most interesting use of an implementation of
it like an animation or scrubbing through anything
I think it’s distracting especially if I’m in Safari you know it shows kind of
the preview of the windows and and then I I see it moving as I’m doing something
else and it’s it’s actually more of a distraction there’s gotta be
productivity use cases that I’m just not aware of like maybe there’s video
editors that use it interesting ways for dunno final cut supposed to do that yeah
but I don’t know if premiere but there’s nothing tactile there it’s right yeah
rubbing your hand against is that a missed opportunity for them to have a
haptic little happy feedback engine it’s miss opportunity but it’s certainly an
opportunity yeah yeah maybe they stayed they thought about it and decided it
wasn’t worth everything to get it feeling exactly right they’re like no
one’s using this thing and it is analog control but they also have in all
control literally on their touchpad yeah on there on the trackpad which is Shayan
on these on these MacBooks voice control it’s
we’re getting closer to her the world of her right it was a fun topic for the
podcast noise and what does it look like when you can fully interact with
computer with just voice oh you mean the accessibility option yes
that was awesome yeah that was one of the best parts of the whole presentation
yeah seeing it break things into quadrants and yeah numbers and
everything like that that’s a great way of never
that was almost science fiction yeah it was really neat and and but it’s all
still it kind of bootstrap right you’re still tying to the visual UI is how your
your voice is acting as the cursor as opposed to being natural language right
the natural language would be the next step of like right in Tooting over
learning like what your what your what your intentions are but we’re not even
at the point where AI can interpret what you when a period should appear in a
sentence yeah you still have to dictate commas right yeah yes on that note Syria
you got a new voice oh I does no one care about this I love different I’ve I
don’t use series I have been interested in voice synthesis ever since like dr.
Spade so yeah on the sound blaster like ever since computers could do this I’ve
always been fascinated with what’s possible and like I love the war games
voice and I know it wasn’t real I know that it was like reversed
words that were spliced together but I just there’s no something about boy
synthesis that is that has progressed recently to the point where like some
things sound human and I love it this is the here’s a demonstration of the old
Siri voice absolute zero is the lowest limit of the thermodynamic temperature
scale a state at which the enthalpy and entropy of a cooled ideal gas reached
their minimum value taken is zero right and then here’s the new one I hope let’s
see it was around here somewhere absolute zero is the lowest limit of the
thermodynamic temperature scale a state at which the enthalpy and entropy of a
cooled ideal gas reach their minimum value taken as zero that’s pretty good
yeah that’s very Star Trek yeah yeah we’re almost at Scarlett Johansson right
well like it’s still a long way to go where honestly but I I just love that
we’re making these kind of strides and now what’s interesting is like up until
I was 13 the Siri voice has been
constructed from phonemes that were recorded by actual humans and now this
is completely computer-generated computer-generated synthesized that’s
there they’re still using base recordings and meaning that there might
be some sort of auto-tune automation no it’s not it’s not using recordings and
then altering at all no this is fully synthesized so this
there is no person obviously there is on the same person but it’s based and maybe
it’s using computer learning in whatever way that they do this and they probably
have those new computers yeah that’s yeah thousand tracks of proteins logic
how entirely generated by software yeah that is crazy yeah but people speak with
different inflections and so they at the makers it’s still a choice the type of
inflection you’re choosing yeah yeah you have to end the sentence with not up top
right yeah pronounce a word a certain way one of the fun things about serious
is exploring all the different accents once you you know get an update you can
go through I use British Siri personally but there’s Australian and all kinds I
make you feel much more granular theoretically it can be your it could be
Syria that talks the way you talk well wouldn’t that be interesting all maybe
maybe in your Lockbox of yeah on your phone all the voice commands you’ve sent
it all the pause is yeah and all the ways you pronounce things it can talk
back to would that be weird I want my samuel l.jackson that be like
you train on you celebrity voice at what point does that become illegal like an
impersonation can’t use the likeness to fit like the yes back to future to prove
that right exactly but can you use a voice sound alike if it’s a computer
doing it I believe that if that is not like for example infinity war spoilers
for infinity war when you had red skull there and they did not get Hugo Weaving
back but it was clearly a Hugo Weaving like sounding voice performer did they
have to get Hugo Weaving ‘s signoff right performance right or does
it not matter mm-hmm mmm because it’s just a quote-unquote generic German
accent yeah well remember when Roger Ebert lost
his jaw right they did that that voice synthesis that was basically they had so
much of his voice recorded they were able to basically make a box that talked
like his voice right so and Stephen Hawking was offered much better sound
synthesis but he turned it down because the original computer voice had become
what he was associated become his voice yeah yeah yeah I think it goes back to
we talked about that Salvador Dali like oh yeah yeah the camera yeah so we
camera like kiosk right like these the virtualization of people is it just
gonna be inevitable both visually and as important audience or totally right
going back to what they did the beginning class to things
watch OS updated so if you have new Apple watch congratulations you have
apps store now I guess like this is of them realizing like I I’m so curious
what the actual use percentage for apps yes it’s gotta be so low I know and
maybe putting an app store with average people I know to actually use those apps
and have I don’t know it feels like they need to need to spend more time and they
looks like they did on building native apps the first party apps giving us a
good suite of the first party app stuff on this on the watch and just letting it
that’d be the feature set yeah for the vast majority of it yeah getting getting
a notification when your lift is here that’s that’s neat and that’s useful for
notification wise but like no one’s ordering their cars that way that’s what
the calculator is there yep would a calculator calculator sure that that’s
useful voice memos I think it’s hugely important that makes a lot of sense no
and I think those the other those are the only like big first party native
ones how I think this updates as well Apple TV got an interesting update where
it’s allowing game pads from oh please your Microsoft and PlayStation yeah
that’s that opens up a lot yeah interesting members this is tying back
to Iowa steam yeah good timing yeah yeah Wow right thought about that
right also the biggest feature though for i/o a TV OS that did not make its
way to any other versions what a slap in the face
multi-user support exactly like that is so desperately needed on the iPad yeah
no they would rather you buy two iPads I know no one’s gonna buy two Apple TV’s
further or one TV so they’ll give you mobile using their – Thomas the Tank
engines on this one because I’ve had support stated in education like if
you’re in the class potentially it’s there it’s but we will not give it to
you so that’s good I mean Netflix has been doing that
already so when you sign into Netflix you can choose which account so my kids
are able to choose theirs which is helpful but yeah OS wide fantastic yeah
that does it for our long top story this week in fact I think it’s time to give a
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required all right I have to say something I
listened to the podcast at 1.5 X yeah and so that sounds so slow to me like
all the transitions yeah it’s like you’re the guy who listened to a 1.5 X
so many podcast Steve yeah yeah wait III the giant bond stuff you have to listen
to 2x cuz there’s like four hours of podcast a day how does your braid even
process that I don’t know I’ll be like the matrix I’ll try to play it at half
speed ambient noise okay in pop culture stuff
we’re in the full summer movie swing and game set the bar for all the movies this
summer but now we have out Godzilla king of the monsters which came out we’ll
call a mixed bag of reviews is it or not a fresh tomato I don’t think it is I
have tickets to see it this week because I wanted to want to see it right because
I love Godzilla right yeah but yes 40% fortunately a lot of tomatoes I heard
it’s like it’s a great movie if you removed all the humans you want the
monster cut right but out this week is Dark Phoenix the last of the x-men non
MCU Disney x-men movie this is it this this is a I think this is the last one
they’re gonna put out technically I think New Mutants their Disney has gonna
put that out but this is the end of the last one a year that’s yeah no no that
was made by Fox like a year ago they just haven’t released it as me probably
it’s on their slate to release that pending some reshoots but of the core
x-men franchise of what was started with Hugh Jackman back in 98 yeah mm and what
was you know then James McAvoy in the first class series this is the
culmination of that the reviews are out and they are not kind it is improved
since I last checked when I first checked those 15 percent on Rotten
Tomatoes now 20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and it honestly I wanted to
force it’s disappointing if it is that bad I want to reserve judgment until I
do see it I’m wondering if it’s gonna get to the territory where it’s so bad
it’s worth watching to see what why I I know I saw it so I I don’t want to try
to I try to not watch trailers but you know I saw this one in front of endgame
mm-hmm like well I do not want to watch that movie well one it feels like it is
like a retelling because we had a Dark Phoenix torrid x-men 3 again that movie
was plagued by a bunch of production problems bringing in a director not
going wouldn’t original writers would intended Simon Kinberg who directs Dark
Phoenix this year worked on that script for that one so this was his chance to
bring it back and I think you go back to like one how do you end I think they
knew this is gonna be a conclusion they knew the actors were kind of done with
the role you know we’re talking about they’re the younger actor is with James
McAvoy and Michael Fassbender they’re big actors now Jennifer Lawrence
especially so they need to wrap it all up and I don’t know what what how could
it be this bad I’m so I don’t understand right how do you get it wrong reporter
back yeah yeah let’s give her telekinetic powers you do see you
you know cause some have some crazy actions saying you know I don’t
understand is it like that because the bar was set so high within game as a
wrapping up of a culmination of a story that like reviewers and the public just
like feels like they’re exhausted from that and like this just it didn’t hit
those high notes it you can’t meet any of those expectations I don’t know
nobody thought sets out to make a bad movie right yeah so yeah like maybe this
is just one of those things like just didn’t come together yeah so did you
like any game by the way yes I did good um I basically like well it doesn’t I
don’t think it’s great as a standalone movie but you have to have at least a
couple of the other move you have to get it but yeah what’s fun I love those
Twitter threads you sometimes see from people who have IFRIC for them infinity
war with their first Marvel movie and they lurk live-tweeting or their friend
is live shooting the reactions like what is that there’s a raccoon what is that I
don’t get this character as a tree rabbit yeah I don’t think don’t know if
you could do that for a friend game but they’re definitely confident enough in
their story that they do not need to add like you know the kind of the the talky
backstory elements sometimes you do because they know they’re gonna make a
billion dollars anyway I think remember when that happened yeah okay here’s our
next scene yeah speaking of endgame the directors the brother is Russo it’s
gonna call him that from now on Joe and Anthony have announced our next project
and well they have they do have a film coming out that’s daunting starring Tom
Holland I think it’s a more of a real-world story about opioid addiction
military service but in their next project after that they’re developing an
animated show for Netflix based on magic MTG oh my god magic the gather and it’s
so funny because I know this is a probably a is a device of the word it’s
divisive in the sense that some people will care about it and some people will
not care about it like I magic is not a part of my childhood it’s part of your
child’s choice it’s definitely part of his like in a big way so I think that’s
interesting you you played me I played magic way back so why are you excited
about this yes and so much that like it’s it’s if I don’t know who the
audience is if it’s animated then like maybe they’re gonna reference a lot of
the characters and stuff like literally in this Entertainment Weekly’s story the
first line is Planeswalkers or coming to Netflix I’m like I don’t know what that
means maybe this is a new magic thing right
just talk about mana and four and it took about like Serra angel and then
like the old stuff like from revise and then I’ll get that no like I’m not that
interested we have a whole like magic table and banners and everything in part
of our office so any discord discord yeah and so there was a lot of people
that were really excited about this and I was like okay I get it but huh yeah so
I wonder what they’re excited about because is the fiction a big part of
playing that game I think for some people it is right maybe it’s just you
know this is more content around something I really enjoy and yeah like
and especially given what’s the endgame folks like they’ll probably do it right
I’ve been that they don’t try to squeeze in mechanics as like a clinics like you
like oh no you your turn is over it because hey if I have tapped all my
resources if the fantasy was about the existence
of the all of the characters but then there were these god cards that like
slam no no no the Lord’s are spoken was it there was that cheating scandal right
a couple weeks ago or the guy was marking his cards and so let us
consultant corners the inquest the inquest magazine this this powers
infinitely more rare than that car I’m playing with my revised power these are
still in plastic we have the check of this black lotus is real we must bend it yet don’t did no need to lie I’m sure
they won’t but it’s when it’s it’s fun to joke about like because it does
happen right you see it like video game movies oh yeah all the time
I said the doom movie where they went into first person or sin as a novel as
in it just is a cinema graphic like storytelling right device I got it dude
this is gonna be interactive this is gonna use their interactive layer and
you’re gonna be able to play cards yourself as a player yeah it could
happen and maybe yeah yeah okay okay okay we have two choices here we can
stick with the Netflix your your to use your choose your own adventure in the
next story we can stick with a Netflix segue or we can go with animation segue
in an animated series segue I Netflix please Netflix okay so also coming out
on Netflix and based on a beloved 80’s and 90’s franchise is 90s and 80s well
there are there books in the 90s comic books at Dark Crystal and the first
trailer for the Dark Crystal has been released yes
this looks awesome it looks fantastic I I was surprised that I’m like I I have
only seen the movie when I was a kid oh really yeah that I didn’t realize there
was a comic books and I did oh no no me neither
I thought maybe you hadn’t like ever seen a movie since no a kid yeah and I
didn’t know that either were coming so puppets it’s
all about like if this is Jim Henson took the Muppets and went was kind of
serious and it’s a is it PG rated it was Gary yeah yeah the Skeksis we yeah
disintegrates annasophia yeah it’s definitely a some dark some light
elements to this film if you haven’t ever seen it but it’s all puppetry and
they have redone all of this amazing puppetry like they haven’t gone CG that
would have been the obvious easy route to do I thought for sure like if they
were gonna remake something that’s probably the way they would go but they
do do some amazing CG background work and it’s a nice you know compositing of
the old and the new but oh my god the footage of these new puppets they just
look spot-on they look like they have reanimated the old stuff mean it made
them look a little bit better but wow I can’t wait to see this the character is
always freaking out a little bit the elves because like they always look a
little plastic deal it’s a little bit creepy for me I like the Skeksis always
I thought the tree design was great yeah this is a 10 hour series so this is a
huge expensive project and we do know some folks who had worked on over the
past couple years working on some of the puppets and everyone’s super proud of it
so very excited for this to come out and that’s soon on Netflix i rewatch the
film now yeah yeah yeah yeah that in like a labyrinth are like the – yeah
yeah also on Netflix black mirrors out new
season black mirror okay yeah I know Jeremy you still haven’t watched
anything beyond I’ve only watched that one USSF alistair I implore you no but
is there a is there one as good as I haven’t seen it yet i I’m gonna save I’m
saving for this weekend the entire pantheon that you have seen is there one
as good as USS Callister emotionally or just from a kind of like creative
storytelling like like novel sure and any yeah as good mostly I think yes okay
interesting yeah how do you think your fan uh I’ve
only seen a couple episodes actually and and I am not sure why I haven’t
sort of deliberately gone back there brutal there yes hard to watch whoa
what’s that yeah I will say if the Christmas special
that they did without John han-shan ham stars in is one of the best they’ve done
okay and and that one yeah that was that season 3 season 2 after season two okay
yeah it’s on it’s on Netflix okay going back to the animation storyline so
another this is a beloved franchise definitely in the nineties that’s
getting an animated take and this time it’s on DreamWorks also coming on
Netflix though this is what part of the DreamWorks Animation deal Jurassic world
the animated series Jurassic world Jurassic Park the
universe is getting an animated show on Netflix courtesy of DreamWorks ok gotta
spend that 12 billion dollars somehow content Wow
that that’s sigh Jeremy tells me everything I need to know it’s the world
asking for more Jurassic world content yeah exactly
they must be have have we they must help kids love dinosaurs
they must have data on this in this end yeah they’re asking for it so that’s
called camp Cretaceous yeah camp Cretaceous is there another movie coming
up yes there is yeah yeah oh yeah just world 3 like when
what’s the guy’s name Chris Pratt no the director of drastic world who was going
to talk a Star Wars movie Campbell typey typey typey typey typey
those podcasts I know I know Colin sorry I was thinking Colin
Campbell yeah Colin Trevorrow uh-huh when he pitched the original idea of a
new trilogy for Jurassic Park movies to Universal it was thought of as a trilogy
full story no so Jurassic world the first one was about you know the
fulfillment of the park and then and then the second one has echoes of
Tresser Park too and that the dinosaurs go into the real world and so the third
one is theoretically dinosaurs are gonna be all over the world
mmm like that’s why it’s called Jurassic world and that
park was the first one called Jurassic world rip but that’s why the series like
that’s why this trilogy is a dress for shadow G it’s about what happens like
it’s not just contains so where is no more the islands gone the world is the
park like the world it’s like this is the fulfillment of what happens when you
mess with genetics so when is that coming out I think that’s in again
googling 2021 Wow and college – I was coming back to direct it yeah I mean yet
you’re right kids love dinosaurs I know a Drafthouse a couple months ago
showed the original Jurassic Park and I went to see it and like wow this is
still amazing did you ever see it when you did a 3d release I never saw the 3d
release I know that it is released on like 3d blu-ray but I know that’s the
one I wish I had fun to see yeah you gotta charge up those glasses
Oh watch it in the go just rip it down that’s the best experience of quests yes
yes I could find find that yeah and the last bit of pop culture news we got oh
well we didn’t this was in the Apple section but they had the trailer for all
mankind oh yeah yeah yeah okay this is um hmm
hmm this is alternate history it’s Ron Moore right that one locked Battlestar
Galactica ts9 Outlander which I know because we’re watching that at home
right now and this is his Apple
this is like the first piece of trailer content we’ve seen from the Apple from
the Apple TV service yes that ball streaming whatever that service whatever
the competitor it starts out with all this moon landing footage you know go to
the moon Apollo 13 11 11 and it’s all it’s you know it looks all very
authentic true to history and then the headline lands on the table red moon red
the Russians have landed on the moon so it’s uh it’s like a red Sun the the
classics Superman story yeah what if he went to Russia and became
a Soviet hero rounds what if the Soviets land on the moon yeah well then the
space race doesn’t end there and so it goes on it’s alternate history which I
like if they have the money this ultra history is tough to do right if you
don’t the budgets right and I think Amazon has done a good job with man in
the high castle but that they spend a ton of money on it and obviously Apple
has all the money so the world building is if they can if
we can spend the money on and make it believable on launch it yeah well Tim
Cook said he saw all of it yes right so that’s right kind of a weird thing to
know I’ve I’ve seen all of it and it’s great it’s amazing I love like that’s
another thing but they do in the keynotes like they tell you how to feel
about it this feature it’s amazing that’s an old Steve Jobs trick it’s
incredible the he he doesn’t work no but he used to talk he’s the master and like
he used to do that under his breath he would like he would show you things and
that set me this should be on DND he would show you things and then he would
say like it’s incredible he was so taken aback and he was like but like but now
it’s just like they’ve scripted it out and and after every feature it’s just so
tiresome I said I thought the presenters were really excited yes all I’m like
yeah yeah let’s cheer everybody claps yeah oh no no no please clap is exciting
that excited the word or is energetic jazz over-rehearsed they were jazz let’s
see any other bits of pop culture you guys wanna talk about I do want to give
recommendation for Good Omens on Amazon mmm this the Neil Gaiman TV show hugely
recommended it’s just six episodes really really good I’ve been reading a
lot of books lately so oh yeah interpretations so a well three body
problem and then I read dark forest and deaths and oh you did okay you did yeah
okay what did you think of the the full trilogy I was I was really impressed I
mean this is the world-building that happens in there and then in kind of the
post-apocalyptic thread the dogstars which is a best-seller it’s another like
you know something kills a lot of people in the world and then station 11 which
is kind of along the same thread so I I’m just in this sci-fi kick but then on
non-fiction educated by Tara West over is fantastic he had a chance I guess the
one last bit of pop culture news that we should talk about is the opening of
galaxies edge oh right it opened last week oh yeah yeah people
have gone to the park I’ve seen so many people post on on Instagram you know on
social media about like their photos from from the park the one ride is open
and what that Millennium Falcon yes and from all counts it’s incredible how’s
the lines well you know the word they’re doing it now I mean the lines bands
right it’s it’s timed entry like you go to the park like a fast pass for
everyone it’s a fast pass just to get into the area Oh
like you can’t just walk in like you could for cars land it’s improper
disneyland proper but you have because they want to sell you the idea that you
are being transported to not just a different area and isn’t it but a whole
new world two galaxies edge and so they gather all the people your time yeah and
then they kind of walk everyone in no I know about that but and then you spend
as much time there as you want no you for hours wait let me go now and so like
if you’re if you’re at like past because your wristband tells it looks like
different colors and so the staff or cast members I guess I know that you’re
not supposed to be there after then they ask you out well they said like oh you
better get out of here before the storm troopers show up and and things like
that – Oh far could you press that yeah and I I don’t think anybody’s sort of
seen what happens like no I refuse to leave yeah that’s underground yeah but
was it a polite but forceful how much of them were hours are you spending in line
for the Falcon that’s what I want to know know that someone has already come
up with like the right sequence it’s like when you walk in you’re supposed to
go like reserve your lightsaber build time and then you go to the store and
then like you do the Falcon laugh cuz there’s a discrete number of things to
do right yeah yeah X number of restaurants X number of stores
rides a you serve alcohol and the X number of ways to spend money if I wanna
buy a Droid or buy a lightsaber $20 light saber so you can kind of maximize
ya hours well you they even have like the like a hundred dollar gift card but
it’s actually it looks like a coin this is like another collectible so it’s
basically if you want to have that thing you do yeah you need to spend nothing
well no you want 600 bucks so like hey you know you buy the one leave like a
mold cast it not the casting and then spend the rule it’s Frank shops not that
far away right right just throw it over the fence right extort back in in two
hours and 30 minutes my can still spend it it’s like that scene from sneakers
yeah III can’t wait to go but very cool that that stuff is open now let me know
when you want to go long time coming Oh big family trip will go yeah well the
baby’s own the or ditch the baby well you have to stay in the hotel right
now to get the ticket oh you have seen one of their hotel you know yeah and the
nights it’s like six hundred dollars a night right now they haven’t said how
long it’s gonna be under this like regime okay I don’t want to go anymore
no thanks oh are we done we’re done alright with the sex all right here we
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et al / test hey I’m gonna start with some car news congratulations to
our old friend Ryan McCaffrey who got a one-on-one interview with Elon Musk for
an hour on his podcast for his podcast ride the lightning and interesting
discussion you know not ton new info you know not true well the one info that was
revealed there and then reported elsewhere is that in addition to the
Atari games that they’re putting on to the Tesla’s they’re gonna be full-on
like Xbox style arcade games including well cuphead now that’s what was
reported but if you actually listen to the podcast I think all the Elon says is
they got it working so unity is working on the Tesla screen now so they can run
unity games but cuphead is an 11 gigabyte game I don’t think that there’s
enough storage for that I can’t imagine so they say only be the first level yes
and because of storage Kindle yes what a stress test for their their processor
because it is a brutal game and timing is extremely important that game you
don’t want the late and say yep I don’t know what the quality of experience will
be will be you know plug-in controls only cuz no
way they’re gonna let people play with with touchscreen controls yeah I mean
I’d be happy if they were just like cuphead style screen savers on those
cars entertain the kids cool look alright it’s a great looking game you
can play with an Atari 2600 joystick if you really want right yeah you could you
could alright yeah anyone could build one yeah so that’s that’s that’s that’s
the Tesla news let’s see but how far will they go why
why at some point you know it’s you the more you put more effort into it then
you get kind of Brian right talk about it and I was surprised that this struck
him as much as it had struck me it’s there’s that line there’s that quote
from the Joe Rogan interview that he did with Elon Musk where Ellen said that he
wants the Tesla to be the most fun thing you could possibly own is that before or
after he had the controlled substances thinking inhale okay I don’t think so
but I mean that’s that this is along those lines like this is just you know
just having fun okay yeah all right are you gonna play cuphead on yours oh I
don’t think so I’ll launch it okay play it lay oh yeah do a playthrough we I
don’t like to launch the Atari games right now right yeah no you play it once
and that’s it you don’t even know that it new ones I’m so disappointed like
make the car fun for driving which it is I assume I mean yeah and it is and and
and and the the fart machine that’s great fun you like that I like the fart
I got a baby I can make the baby fart baby loves it when do you know the
professional like he can control where the fart yeah from and I did like the
next gen will be cushion yeah yeah and you can have a controlled with with the
let’s do the steering wheel yeah wow I’m not changing the music I’m I was
pressing the button here I did have a severe batter anxiety yesterday oh I
fight my mistake I forgot to charge it fully past ninety percent of the full
day’s Drive because normally you would set your car to only charge than ninety
percent to preserve the battery life and I didn’t do that so I lost extra thirty
miles and we drove the Sacramento we went back and in rush hour traffic and I
got home twelve percent bad I thought you meant your phone no I texted you
Jeremy yeah and I was on the bridge I can imagine you sitting like by the
tollgate he was on his phone cable no the car
battery said because it gives you a range I had
the ID to go back to the office oh my god to do some work and I was seriously
thinking of driving home and not going to the office so I could drop the car
off in charge and then drive the another car or something to the office and that
was the first time I think it’s we have a lot of superchargers in an area but
there still could be more yeah yeah and this is why I don’t have electric 1/3
range anxiety would just drive me crazy so and for day-to-day doesn’t right with
proper planning it doesn’t with them with proper planning right it doesn’t
but in those cases like you could be caught off guard and if you’re in a rush
to get somewhere he’s got to build in that you know extra whatever time it
takes to to top off or right to fill up just a little bit what other attack week there’s so much
Apple stuff hey DJ I remember those guys yeah yeah drones and make quads yes they
have a new professional quad car no problem
it’s octo it’s four struts but yeah top rotor and bottom rotor right so it’s
called the DJI storm and it’s probably for people who are buying the Mac Pro
yeah the new Mac Pro yeah people with unlimited funds yes right yes it is so
big and so advanced and has a giant like stabilization system with a payload of
40 pound 40 40 pounds like payloads that’s a child yeah you could just like
strap your kid on that’s amazing yeah yeah
and that’s in comparison to 40 pounds is what how many comic kilos is that there
14 18 kilos 18 kilos but let’s yes so the previous one there’s only a six kilo
about a 12 pound payload that’s just a baby yeah and it goes up to 50 miles per
hour mm-hmm and it can fly 15 minutes with
that payload which was like 8 to 15 right but I think it yeah the video they
actually like sort of suggests that it’s easy to swap the pack the the battery so
it’s like assuming you can’t have a shot longer in 15 minutes but yeah
you know that had the gimbal underneath itself is about $8,000 so this is
definitely a high mid five figure five figure drone it’d be interesting if they
had an extended battery pack that used some of that payload weight you know if
you didn’t need it all for your camera system you could fly for an hour well I
think they probably factored in like hey what is the heaviest camera that’s yeah
I would want to strapped to this thing plus all their gimbals yeah yeah and
what you there’s a version that comes with like a film crew or so it’s like a
it’s basically if crew it’s four B it’s it’s for professional service server and
professional semi target companies are running out services same companies that
have helicopters that then get hired by studios and productions so like the
crane yeah exactly it’s another tool like that but it’s not just operators
for the quad and the camera it’s a full editing Bay Oh in the truck yeah it’s a
big like optimus prime you get you get off right and often miss in the back and
the semi has the editing station so they know where the market is right now which
is ie productions there have been people ever since they’ve been around there’s
been people building their own large-scale quads to lift heavy cameras
mm-hm and now they’re I guess they’re just takin a putting their toe into that
high-end market yeah one of Adams crew built his own quad
yeah yeah yeah that’s right I think it was a they also showed the Ok Go video
when they filmed that when they like did the big pull-up I think that person had
like a octo or oh yeah yeah hey III is next week and anticipate a bunch of news
coming out of there one bit of news that came out from Microsoft is that their
Xbox and game pass is coming to the PC use Xbox game pass is that worthwhile
service uh yeah I mean if if you yeah you know all the new releases are on it
can you tell me what it is I don’t have an Xbox so it’s basically like a
subscription service so make you see it’s sixty bucks all right I don’t
remember how much I pay for it like 15 bucks a month or something and you like
when games are released you can just like download them and play them so like
see if these was like one of the launch titles and they’re saying for PC they
didn’t name any specific type they just talked about publishers but
it’s you know 100 games that you can just you know download and play via
their launcher via their launcher right on the PC so yeah and this makes sense
right it seems like there’s a lot of things that are starting to combine PC
and the Xbox together I think it’s a real hard it’s a real tough sell because
unless you are unless you have the library like on a steam or even on you
know epic or you know like you guys yes if a games librarian let’s really start
with a big library it’s hard to sell a subscription service with like
publishers quote-unquote publishers support or a hundred games go hundred
game sounds got a lot but right how many of those are you know you’re actually
gonna play yes it feel the value proposition doesn’t feel like it’s there
by the same number that Apple used for their arcade but all of those are
exclusive I think yeah I mean your exclusive game I thought so thought they
were funding all those yeah uh you know this is why you know Netflix has you
know fourteen billion dollars worth of debt right it’s because they’re in the
content more right and so it’s who’s gonna spend more and and can you really
be in the content war for games because they’re not made the same way no but
yeah I mean what you can do is you can do exclusive right you can lock up a
title for some amount of time by giving them funding or or you know upfront or
something but there’s so many alternatives yeah as opposed to content
where people are you know they’re devoted to a show you can’t just change
one political show for another political show right or one science-fiction show
for another science-fiction show they they love the actors they love the
storylines for games you know if one type of shooter isn’t there and it
locked up they’ll play another shooter or one RTS or one mobile isn’t there
they’ll play another one well I mean you sing this right now with like the epics
store right where they’re they have like a launch exclusivity yeah and so it’s if
you want to buy it you have to pretty much buy it from them yeah so and the
value is Justin that the difference is the value isn’t just in in the content
it’s in their community for games so much of it is yeah and that’s less so
with traditional types of media right at least those kind of exclusives are job
security for developers for a year or two right which they don’t necessarily
have by going completely independent like it’s a huge gamble yeah
oh gosh is there any other week is not big on on tech blah what do you I’m like
looking at stores and I’m like no the story is boring late motions sold yeah
Lee motion did self yeah we gonna sell the Apple well they were going to a
couple deals I guess with Apple yeah affordably fell through and they were
who knows but the deals were reported to be more than they got by selling off to
a UK competitor mmm-hmm wasn’t that kind of a people
thought like that that face played on the valve index yeah I just like a
lotion in there like it because they did have wonderful incorporation into the
original like even I want to see like well certainly the cb1 right the oculus
rift date that’s only that’s when they pivoted yeah and they became a VR you
know accessory mm-hm but I think they were even working with
like the dk2 and his need like he I hooked it up you got full-fledged hand
tracking on the on the oculus rift and it was a great and that’s what it is
everyone assumed that index hole is for but who knows yeah well we’ll see yeah I
think let’s just skip the rest of this text or is good because I don’t think
there’s anything worth talking about some phone stuff you know some 5g stuff
but I don’t think anything is yeah I put in here I mean that the Google and
Facebook stocks both took a big hit this week and that’s because of FTC and DOJ
investigations their trust investigations so it’s one of those this
could be important but we won’t know for quite a while
what about Bitcoin it also took a hit o as are those things correlated did it
yeah it looks like down like a thousand dollars oh my goodness past few days
looks like fifty percent of that you can get a tweet from North Bitcoin it’s not
yours anymore alright that’s not I did get a tweet
recently okay so someone out there is still listening cool any you want to
talk about pinball you know it does feel weird for us both to be on here and not
talk about pinball I think that’s actually how wait wait wait there’s a
segment that makes me very much it was a
rhetorical question yes the I met you because of pinball right
you know that’s how I initially met you because I you bought in the yeah yeah
from from future we had that in the lobby during my second round probably
after you left and started test it I’m not sure but
you’re a huge pinball collector yes yeah and I I mean a California stream go to
that every year and and seeing all the new pin balls you know actually a lot of
new releases have been underwhelming I think like Black Knight come out yes
Steve Ritchie’s third in the trilogy right first one came out in 1980 second
and 89 and now we have the finally the third yeah and the great thing about
that is that it’s Stern’s first you know non movie non rock band on TV show game
right in forever yeah I mean I’m glad they’re doing it like original IP you
know it’s not tied to a license it’s not original it’s like why was Williams IP
right but at least I didn’t ball IP yeah yeah yeah not like a movie or TV show or
something yeah yeah I don’t know I the the last good pinball machine for me was
Iron Maiden me too which is super fun but then like the Beatles came out and
that’s not great yeah I’m not nuts about to beat those
neither yeah so but the designer Keith Elwin for Iron Maiden is due for a game
like all the other designers have taken their turn so like whatever he’s working
on it it should be soon it should be you know I would think the next game or one
after okay first Stern’s lineup and so I’m excited to see what Keith comes up
with next do we have any rumors in terms of what
that IP might be probably but I don’t I don’t surf inside as much as I used to
so I don’t know what those rumors are okay dude why do you know of any I do
not I do not so we’ll see have you played Willy Wonka I have not played
Willy Wonka yeah whose turn one yet known as the jersey Jack which was a
check yeah and it it looks interesting I played it
at the Lodi show Golden State pinball Festival and I and I was really
pleasantly surprised good yes but expensive yeah well they’re all
expensive yeah this is a wide table or is a standard no it’s standard but cuz
Jersey Jack always said he would only do but then he brought on Pat Lawler who is
you only wants to sign you don’t tell Pat Lawler what today Twilight Zone an
Addams Family right and so he did dialed in at first yeah
which by the way the original title for that was killer app right which I like
that much prefer yeah cuz it’s definitely more about apps than it is
about like making a phone call this is a pinball machine that like has a fake
smartphone in it yeah right launch apps why the rap is great I didn’t know you
knew that what I’ve played the game before this is great I did not know that
Batman did not helicopters in like you have saved the city and my quad copters
yeah yeah yeah but willy wonka’s his next game oh so now he’s like got a feel
for the technology the platform and the shots feel really good when you lose
does it play cheer up the worst song no I don’t I think they only license to
history songs including pure imagination of course that’s right commander don’t
thinks that’s only for the musical no it’s not in the movie is it no it’s it’s
oh you know I doesn’t sing it yeah I guess when you drain the ball it should
say like I said good day sir it just it feels really good like I didn’t I wasn’t
into the reveal I thought it over and I felt like the
music was annoying but it shoots great and the lighting effects may be the best
I’ve ever seen nice it’s really cool so yeah I look
forward to that one that’s probably shipping in a month or so nice I can’t
wait last new game you bought the last new game i bought actually has been a
while it was a Star Trek limited edition you still have it I do you like that
game yeah I love that game went super fast that’s also the same designers
Black Knight oh yeah Steve Ritchie well you know can’t win them all can’t win
him a everybody has a bad game in there I love Star Trek – well it’s a beautiful
play field for well they won’t go yeah very colorful very clever and I’ll be
going to pin Berg this summer so we can chat more about that later that’s the
biggest pinball tournament in history and thankfully this year does not
coincide the same weekend this California experience yes and star-lords
is gonna be back yes yeah in the back sweet highly
recommended star-lords is amazing yeah thanks you want to talk about VR let’s
do it for 10 minutes the VR minute virtual reality this week okay since we
recorded last week we went to augmented World Expo saw a couple things videos
are coming out this week and next and one of things we saw was announced
there was the N real AR glasses these are at the base price $500 consumer
augment reality classes or developer ish tradition that’s includes the computer
mm-hmm so what do you do without the computer you have to plug into your
phone they have a partnership with Qualcomm’s I believe it’s Qualcomm 845 s
or 855 s or both but basically your latest Samsung and your or your latest
LG think you and and oneplus phones will have those USB see you can run the
processing off of your phone and it becomes your controller three Dokken
troller your phone does but it is a very kind of standard augmented reality
implementation with a combiner you know to 1080p display in terms of the tech in
terms of how they get the image actually on to your field of views they’re very
much made a did meta did but no very very small that’s their innovation that
they’ve really minimized all of the a mechanic size and weight electron exists
it looks like a big pair of sunglasses yeah normally with with augmented
reality glasses you got all this you know computing power up top right
projectors and whatnot if you’re doing the combiner system which is a projected
image that gets reflected you know and like a 45-degree angled yes yeah and
they can still get a fairly wide field of view even though the form factor is
very small so very low throw for there for display what was cool though about
automated World Expo was across in the press room they had this room that was
like the museum of augmented reality and I got well of headsets I’ve had said
yeah and it was had to be like 30 headsets there that it fellas already
yeah it was a ton of head sits on heads yeah across the Ricans go you know one
by one and check out what they are this was strictly a are not in that VR has a
our headsets look like 30 years ago and all the way to the modern-day headsets
from magic leave to hololens to things like the unreal but it was just really
cool to see all the different organ are implementations and we’re talking about
things not fulfil that we had like things that were covering one eye very
sci-fi looking things bulky big things with big very long throw displays but
that was really I wish there was a curator there who all day like yeah
wanted the Oasis I wanted Simon thanks Karen right to pop up and in maybe they
are and like tell me about this headset for 15 minutes and only about that I
would spend a lot of time in there yeah and that and then they could give you
like a simulation of what it looked like oh because if you had the perfect a our
heads and they could like narrow the field of you right you lose your your
convergence or something right yeah was a tilt five there no was there at least
not that we saw Jerry’s been teasing a lot on Twitter though yeah it was a
sign-up form now right definitely wanna I saw that old Doug kit ah it’s like
floating in a closet somewhere I know you have a surface that you can use it
on yeah it came with a roll of that out of that reflective material mm-hmm
I thought it was interesting that a lot of the AR headsets were owned by the
director of hololens Oh in the museum yeah so that that just gave me that gave
him a lot of street cred for me like to have the hardware yeah he’s not like
just some guy who like he moved over from the word program you know like he
you know he’s a long-term is serious nerd AR dude other AR or VR news while I
went to the 5x demo day yesterday okay would you like to hear a little bit
about that so this is vibes incubator they have committed 100 million dollars
to funding this is their fourth batch of
companies a lot of money yeah yeah it is and but it’s not like it’s not in order
to sell headsets this is basically a venture capital
this is them looking to fund companies that they hope you know one in ten will
you know get bought out and they’ll do very well for themselves and they’ll do
better than break even and so what I ended up getting and I didn’t realize
that I thought I was going for a series of demos like I went for a series of
stage presentations it was like two hours of where the where each company is
what funding they’re looking for next what their business plan is and there
was a lot of that but I there are a couple interesting companies and I did
get to try one demo of a company that has take that takes 360 video footage
and converts it to sixth off mm so a lot everyone knows who’s in the VR if you
look at a 360 video in a headset it’s great for looking around but if you move
your head or you walk it’s very disorienting because you you don’t move
in in the space you just your head moves and you don’t that doesn’t get reflected
in the visuals so they’ve come up with a way to analyze video send it up to the
cloud send it back and you can basically walk through it and it’s while it does
from it does give you that ability it doesn’t actually interpret the geometry
so like I’m standing on the beach and it’s flat like the water is rushing up
but it’s not you know waves are not three-dimensional right yeah
nonetheless like they are solving a problem of people being being
comfortable what that was spatial 360 was the name of that that’s
software there’s another one that modal they’re doing a location-based stuff and
they do a lot of installations that just get used like off-the-shelf hardware
where that you know two people stand with like five focuses or something and
they play pong with each other but it doesn’t require like physical
infrastructure but they are they their new plan is to augment laser tag arenas
they’re saying that they can do it with any basically any laser tag setup and
they’re calling it area X and it’s like a laser tag overlay system where they’ll
come in I like I would be very curious to see how they do this but they’re
gonna you know somehow scan the environment and then and allow you to
basically play like an augmented reality game in a wide like arena scale area mmm
that’s interesting because I don’t know what the returns are on laser tag like
according to their graphs you know there are downward trend after installation it
would be that’s it really compelling use case given that those spaces already
exist and the places where people are setting up location based things it’s
not the void you know that’s not like specialized spaces it’s all very like in
the lobby very bare-bones no structures yeah physical it’s it’s expensive to
build physical structures and rams absolutely and it’s a gamble yeah Lou
there’s a company called lucid labs which they’re using the this is called
the vive I what’s the one that has AI tracking Tobey it has Tobey incorporated
into it but that’s uh they like I always knew that I tracking would be used for
bogey Brennan well that’s true but very few of these companies are like games
focused so this is like a this is to collect data and metrics on what people
are looking at so they have incorporated both eye tracking and EEG so they have
added sensors into the headset and they’re partnering with companies so
that you can look at their products and without saying a word they know how you
feel about oh boy very very specific components okay
aspects of it so that they’ll load the model of a car in front of you and their
software will record where you spend your time looking and what your brain
does when you look at those areas okay Wow
it’s good like getting closer to strange days right where you just like stick
something on your head and start seeing stuff yeah who’s gonna volunteer for
that well you they’ll pay you they’ll pay you
a hundred bucks to come in and like look at their car and you don’t have to fill
out a form like in a sense it’s better it’s better for everybody right because
they get more detailed feedback and you don’t have to spend your time typing out
paragraphs about what you thought about the headlights
okay I mean that’s the theory right so but you’re right like it is you have to
be vote you have to be voluntary like eventually this will just be built into
baseball hats right or sunglass both caps yeah yeah Westeros caps right it’s
the Hat the Hat yeah go to evil yeah so that was it that’s the that’s the future
of AR and we are right and like we saw a few more other things that
awwe that we’ll have videos about but one game outside of that we played I
want to talk about before we wrap up the show running short on time is freediver
oh yeah yeah this is recommended online from a VR Oasis came out this past week
and bunch of VR games were come out this past week there’s the Justin rolling
game Traverse ace universe I’m really excited to play that and that might
should be the first game Alton I’m gonna try to get to run wirelessly from the PC
to the quest because it feels like I wanna I want to play that game but I
don’t necessarily need to be standing up my standing desk I hear it well it’s
best with a gamepad actually and I mean you just touch controllers and emulate
gamepad yep and sit in my living room if I can yeah I hear me it plays better
with a gamepad controller shoot I need to get the psvr first one button cuz
that’s the track gamepad anyway umm freediver it’s called a free diver
Triton down right in down its gonna $9 game about in the hour hour and a half
no no no 45 minutes you think 45 you my whole thing I could in my Steam account
it says you’ve played for 43 minutes and then you’d be the whole vibe eat it yeah
okay so I must be really close then but it’s a story a narrative story about you
as a survivor of a research vessel that has gone capsized and you are underwater
for most of it but you’re also a free diver so you can hold your breath and
it’s basically remember the scene in Mission Impossible rogue nation where
Tom Cruise has his hold his breath for like five minutes and he’s like going
underwater think it’s like that but a survival game and it is intense did you
ever play the echo games echo combat yeah an echo yeah you know that
locomotion mechanic right grab the walls right yeah it’s that because you can’t
do that water you can grab surfaces and propel your way though yourself because
like you can also swim in and so that is the other mechanic right
and you but they don’t allow snap rotation so you have to do one arm to
turn okay and it’s a smooth rotation well you can actually you have two arms
and like is it faster that way like I can’t control it so yeah I actually like
that the kind of like moving my hands like in like a breaststroke motion right
it was really intuitive that’s really good and there’s a ton of climbing as
well okay it’s it like I think they nailed locomotion I mean for me that is
the that is the thing I want from VR experiences it’s not great graphics or
story or even gameplay like it’s still so new that I get so elated from new
locomotion mechanics and that’s what I’m looking for so the immersion and
literally yeah forget that move give the pun but like you are submerged in water
and another gameplay mechanic is you have to catch a breath right and so
you’re moving from location location it’s a survival story looking for air
pockets looking for oxygen tanks and you’re grabbing oxygen tanks and putting
it to your mouth again only in VR and then you’ve billing up your oxygen meter
which you have a computer on your wrist to a hundred and finding the next air
pocket I’m literally like tippy-toeing tilting my head up yeah that gasping for
breath right in the real world because I’m so immersed in the game yeah I’m
holding my breath as I’m doing this like for a lot of it and I’m like not
realizing that – Wow because the graphics are they’re really good they’re
really good graphics yeah I was surprised it feels like the first it
feels like the Vader immortal where and it could be a chapter thing where is it
the first chapter certainly there’s a story there that goes somewhere yeah and
I hope that that’s their plan because this is this is a great great deal but
really wanted to play on the quest you that but you take one look at this that
these graphics you say oh yeah I know you couldn’t do that on the quest
this tutorial is like you’re above water and you’re like treading water and it
just looks gorgeous and you’re diving deep down and then tier in the
environments are all it has that feeling of claustrophobia mm-hmm because you’re
underwater like there’s only so many pas error areas of like that you feel safe
and there are parts of the game I it took longer for me there as part I Snead
literally catching a breath and just hold my head up above like where there
was a gap and just stay there for like 30 seconds where you get to a part where
there’s there is a surface of the water but the ceilings so close that you can’t
get air there that’s because they can track your you’re worried whether they
model your mouth to be and the whole like the whole time you’re trying to
escape this sinking ship that’s upside down so stairs don’t go where you think
they do you’re it you have to fix your orientation it’s yeah it’s weird
Oh give it a shot I wonder if someone could play it unlike upside down and
then things would be right in the upside-down world all right the water
wouldn’t be in the right place yeah at least it would be I mean it’s another
game where like if you’ve got like some type of harness and you were just gonna
suspend you on a swing like that it would still technically work hmm yeah
because you would need the resistance you just need the motion right yeah
anyway it’s like Emily it’s like 9 bucks super super affordable well but it’s
also very short yeah but it is a good it’s a it’s really well done mmm for
that like I was saying invader morale like it’s it’s very comparable to that
in terms of what you get for the money yeah that’s it for this week next week
I’m at e3 I’ll be doing want to play test there and coming back with some
reports and I think that’s it Steve anything you want to promote anything uh
mention well I actually you talked about this a while ago but the speakeasy
yes San Francisco is shutting down office 4th yeah August 4th is the last
performance so if you have not gone you know you’ve got a another couple months
to try to if you live nearby go and if you might visit do and go because it’s
so good this is a performance unlike anything you’ve ever seen yeah so that’s
about it yeah yeah you know follow us a game video game history foundation is
game history org and Twitter account is game history org and you can see some of
the stuff we’ve been sort of teasing some of the things we got from Game
Informer and then all of the new releases and everything coming out there
already awesome thank you so much for joining us Steve yep this week Germany
where outro imperialist Rex it’s actually quite dramatic and it’s
supervised in this way that I found quite watchable all right
thanks for the recommendation cash or man you made it after all we need more
of those so if you want to send one do a Google search for tested outro is that
right and that’s where you can find the soundcloud to download the raw ultra
file and then upload them to the forum yes
all right you thanks

Dereck Turner

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