Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Paper Painting Collage – Quail

Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Paper Painting Collage – Quail

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio
and today I’m sharing with you an art journal page in a very very old art
journal that was the very first one that I ever made using a cereal box and
various types of paper this art journal went around the world in an art journal
swap and so it has some pages in it that are done by other artists and then it
has some pages that I did after it returned and it’s a journal about nature
so I wanted to talk a little bit about prep here because I haven’t been talking
about this type of stuff I’ve just been skipping it because I figure you all
know it but I’ve got some new people who have been commenting and subscribing
that are very very new to mixed-media in art journaling so I wanted to talk to
you about first of all how you can make a book like this and I’m gonna link
right here in the iCard above that you can click me making one of these it’s
not this specific one but it is it made exactly the same way as this this one
was so you can learn how to make your own art journal and then I want to talk
about how to prepare your pages in this case I used a lot of different types of
papers in this book on them on the left side is vanilla cardstock and on the
right side is a lighter weight watercolor paper which is I believe 90
or 80 pound so I’m gonna prepare this page in order to make both sides have
the same type of surface and to seal the paper I’m going to me I used white gesso
and I put that on with a flat one-inch brush gesso is a surface prep it’s an
acrylic and it has some some sandy stuff in it that’s tooth which gives your
paint and other things that you’re going to be putting on the page something to
stick to also I put a piece of masking tape down
the center of my page before I put the gesso on and that helps any wet medium
not sink through the book this is a stitched together book and so
it has holes in the pages that where the stitching has gone through and that
would be the case is if you made a juncture and a lot of any type of
stitched book it’s a good idea to put washi tape or masking tape down the
center to protect the other pages I also put deli paper in between the pages that
are adjacent to this and then folded that under and clipped it down with
Bulldog clips so that’s all stuff that someone knew might want to know about
our journaling is a great way to record your ideas and thoughts about what
you’re thinking about that day in in a visual format you can also write on it
if you want to and also a great way to practice anything that you don’t feel
comfortable with you know mixed-media ideas that you haven’t tried yet you can
use do it in your art journal and then you’re not like wasting a huge canvas or
something so to apply some color to my background I started out with a two inch
brayer which is a way that I like to apply paint a lot this is heavy body
paint which I like the little squeeze bottles from Neenah Wakeley because I
can get just a little bit a bit of paint and I’m using a six inch
gel plate as a paint palette I like to do that with my brayer but because of
the large ditch in the middle of this page I switch to a old gift card a
plastic card you can use an old credit card an old hotel key card and I scraped
on the paint with that instead and then another thing that I really like to do
to create interest in my backgrounds is to use stencils I have some new stencils
from stencil which I am in love with and of course in the description box below
are all the links to these stencils as well as all the other products that I
used so that you can find them out there in the Internet’s that first one I used
is called ancient roots and then this one is dangling pots when you’re using
using stencyl you don’t have to use the whole
stencil you don’t have to even use the stencil in the way that it was intended
you just look at the design and you decide what it is it’s it’s dangling
pods obviously but when you turn it upside down this stencil looks like a
desert plant to me so that’s the way that I used it was to make kind of a
cactus II looking plants this page was inspired by the quails in my backyard in
the spring and in the summer which is now monsoon season I get a lot of
animals in my backyard and my studio window overlooks it and the quails have
been out there a lot lately they like to come and get a drink out of the pool and
there’s always a male daddy quail that stands up on the top of the fence and
and looks out at everyone to make sure that his little family that then comes
into the gate is safe and he’s watching for predators he’s watching for evil
humans and also things like coyotes and and predatory birds things like that so
I just loved the quails I think they’re so I don’t know they’re comical with
that funny little droopy thing on on the top of their head I don’t know what that
thing’s called but I don’t know the male will just get up there and he’s looking
around he’s strutting and he’s kind of got a big chest that’s puffed up
anyway that was what’s inspired this page so I was using desert colors in the
background one of those Nina weekly paints is named Sedona which is such a
desert name that’s you know about the rocks in Sedona which are iron film
sandstone so I started with that color and then I’m using some of the other
colors that coordinate with it from the Dena Wakeley line to make kind of a
desert colored background and then I used the olive and the lime and the
evergreen to make plants and then of course I’ll put my quail in the front
and those color that color scheme is very very
much what what my surroundings look like so to make my puffy little quail I’m
using a piece of deli paper this is something that I cannot do without it
mix media I need it it is the translucency and weight of tissue paper
but it is strong it’s it’s designed to wrap sandwiches or fish sticks or things
in in a restaurant and I buy it in the 12 by 12 flat sheets and a way that I
like to collage which is something that I really really like in mixed-media and
in art journaling this is something that I do all the time I like to draw my
figure now if you can’t draw that’s fine you could use a stamp you could use a
stencil you could use a a kid’s coloring book page and trace over it or just you
just use the coloring book page you don’t have to be able to draw to make
great art and everyone needs to remember that of course just because you say you
can’t draw does not mean that you actually can’t it just takes practice I
didn’t used to be able to draw anything and I just I practiced I thought about
what shapes make up things like if you’re looking at a quill it’s got kind
of a round and then it’s got kind of a rectangle and then another round on the
top so you you know the body is around the heads round and then the tail is
rectangle and when I started drawing that’s how I drew I would draw the the
basic form shapes that make up something you know a tree has has a long rectangle
and then it has a round thing or a triangular thing at the top and when you
start to train your brain to look at stuff like that you find drawing much
easier so that’s that’s my recognition recommendation for homework is to just
look around it stuff like what what shape are things made out of it’s
something that you just train your brain to do it’s like connecting your eyes to
a certain part of your brain and once you can do that then you can
draw it just takes a little bit of practice and the idea that you feel that
you can I hope everyone does because it’s fun and it’s a nice addition to
your art journaling and mixed-media but it absolutely does not isn’t not
necessary when under isn’t necessary to do this so I’ve drawn my quail on to the
deli paper and it’s this deli paper holds up to ridiculous amounts of abuse
so I can collage little pieces of paper on top of it and I’m tearing up these
paper they’re they’re gel prints and paintings I have tearing them up putting
the colors in the places that they should go on the quail because I know
that that predominantly a quail is kind of a grey and then it has a white spot
on its chest and then it has a black spot below that it’s got this one
section that’s like red and black and white
dottie feathers and then of course on the top it has that red cap and then the
the the black mask on its face and that funny droopy black thing I know there’s
different types of quails these are the quail that we have in our backyard and I
I would tell you what the name of the quail is if I had it in my brain as I’m
doing this but I don’t so if you want to I can look it up for you and you can
leave me a comment below and I’ll look it up so I’m continuing to collage these
little tiny bits of paper on to you my deli paper using liquitex matte gel
medium this is what I recommend unless you are going to be using things like
napkins to collage napkins and very very lightweight tissue paper like the kind
that goes inside a package those things collage better with a fluid medium I
like matte medium because I don’t like things to be shiny I don’t want anything
obscured by a glare that you might get from the media
the only time that I use a gloss medium is if I’m doing very sparkly stuff like
shimmering paints or glitter things like that those things will be dulled by a
matte medium and you’ll lose all your shimmer and you’ll be like hey I just
tried to get all that shimmer and then it’s all gone why it’s because matte
medium means that it makes everything that so I really prefer it some people
who like gloss medium but I’m I’m very much into matte medium and rarely use
gloss matte medium is acrylic paint with no pigment in it basically is what it is
so it makes a great glue for gluing things down I don’t use Mod Podge
because Mod Podge over time yellows it changes color so I prefer an actual
acrylic medium which you know if you want your stuff to yellow eventually you
don’t care about that if it’s in a heart Journal then the Mod Podge is a little
bit cheaper than matte medium I also sometimes use a permanent glue stick for
certain types of things like magazine cutout pages so I set aside my quail to
dry and then I am adding a little bit of detail using a scribble stick from the
Dena wiggly line as well she has sticks water soluble sticks that
are kind of like a crayon that aren’t in the same colors as her paints but I
didn’t use this color paint but I am using this stick it’s kind of a brown
and I’m just going around some of my plant shapes and adding kind of like a
scribble a dark shadow illustration line around them just to make make it seem
more defined make my plants seem more defined and then I did use the lime to
kind of color in some of my circular shapes that were open and then now I’m
turning over my deli paper and cutting out my quail you need a good
set of scissors that can cut close things if you’re gonna be collaging it’s
just kind of a needed thing and I like these ones that have a Teflon coating
while those particular ones don’t but I do have a pair that I normally use to
have a Teflon Teflon coating on the blades so that they don’t stick to the
medium if it’s not quite dry so because I used the deli paper for my collage I
can see the lines through on the back side and I can cut out my shape and this
is a method or technique that I haven’t seen anyone else do it’s just me but
because the deli paper is so thin it doesn’t matter that it’s sandwiched in
between the background in the foreground so I can easily make a shape and cut it
out rather than collaging it right onto the page which you have to be a lot more
careful around the edges so there’s my quail standing in the desert scene and I
decide because I’ve caught collage the quail I need some collage on the other
side of the page so I’m using some scrap papers gel prints cutting out some
shapes quickly and collaging those on to make a few more plants and just kind of
fill up the scene it’s very easy for me to think about what shapes plants are to
you because I look at them all the time this one is kind of like a century plant
or an agave plant has these narrow at the bottom getting wired lighter and
then narrow at the top shaped leaves that come out of the ground like that I had some more dirt to kind of make
something for my quail to stand on that’s the same color basically it’s a
rusty gel print rusty color gel print and these are all on deli paper I do
most of my gel printing these days on deli paper or text weight paper because
those things are easy to collage doing it onto cardstock or heavier papers it’s
they’re thick and they’re hard to collage so I rarely do that anymore
since I use most of my gel prints in some form of collage so here’s a taller
same same structure type plant just still attaching those with the liquitex
matte gel formula that medium I I use this one most I should buy it by the
gallon I swear go through these little bottles so fast but I like having a
little bottle that can sit on my desk and if I had a gallon and wouldn’t be
able to sit on my desk I guess I could refill it refill the small bottle with
the gallon would probably be more cost-effective this piece has had some
shapes cut out of it before and I kind of used those previous shapes which were
obviously leaves she kind of fill in in this lean and give it a little bit of
interest turned out pretty cool just trying to use up this this piece
something that I do recommend is that if you put a color if you introduce a new
color somewhere on your page you need to put it in more than one place and that’s
what happened with this particular piece it has a lot of teal blue in the print
and so I needed to put it in multiple places because that color definitely was
not on the page before I attached that first piece of it so I spread it around
through the whole composition so then I’m finishing up I’m gonna use this
isn’t really dry and I my heat tool is broken and so I
have needing to not you use a heat tool right now to speed up my process so I am
gonna use something that won’t get clogged if if you’re going over a kind
of wet surface that has not medium on it you don’t want to use a marker because
that gets into the tip of the marker and ruins it and then you’ve just lost your
marker because it’s now got glue in it and it’s all gummed up and won’t work
anymore so using something like a Stabila all pencil which is a highly
watery active pencil and then a water brush works great to add in a little bit
more detailing in shadows this one is black and so I’m doing I’m doing this
treatment putting the pencil on and then blending it with a water brush this is a
brush that has water in the handle in just the foreground just the things that
are in the foreground still just leaving the background the way it is and then my
final touch is to add a little bit of white using a white pasta pen this is an
acrylic paint pen that writes over anything basically because it’s acrylic
paint and then it dries quickly I needed a little bit of white on my quail
because it does actually have white on it that I didn’t put on there so also
bringing out his face a little bit with the white because he has that black mask
around his face so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you have give it a thumbs
up if you have comments or questions you can leave those and then just in the
comment section below the video and I will be sure to answer you and if you
haven’t subscribe there’s lots of videos on my channel getting close to 500
videos that you can watch to learn a little bit more about the processes that
I go through when I do mixed-media collage art journaling mixed-media
canvases and other projects so I hope that you’ve enjoyed this and thanks for
watching that’s it for me bye bye you

Dereck Turner

7 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Journal Page with Paper Painting Collage – Quail

  1. Vickie B says:

    What a cute quail. Lucky you to have them coming to your yard!

  2. Janet Visochi-Baum says:

    this is such a beautiful page spread Shel – i love how you created this TFS

  3. Sally Malec says:

    Is you paper painting self taught or did you learn the basic techniques from someone? P.S. I always enjoy your videos!

  4. Ash Phoenix says:

    Hangin' out & doodling so watching some videos to keep me company. Great instructional video Shel. Enjoyed the story about the father quail.

  5. Jane Vincent says:

    Love Mr.Quail. It is relaxing and funny to watch them in our back yard. We don't have a pool, but we leave a pan of water (filled by irrigation 3x/wk) out there for the animals. The feathers on your quail look great–and the colors are spot on. Our quails look the same, Gambel's Quail. I tried paper painting yesterday, Shel. I loved it. I did a girl's flowing upward purple hair and her (3 color) blue dress with lace bodice. I used homemade translucent papers (got 'em at Blick's $3 something cuz they were all scraps-perfect) with strands and leaves embedded inside. It was a little tricky with that stuff inside, but ended up looking cool. Thank you for teaching me how to paper paint. Very very fun. I also love how the background turned out with the agave, etc. JaneXOXO

  6. Lenore Guajardo says:

    Wow glad I found this channel.

  7. Stephanie Summers says:

    Shel, thanks again. Great video! Ever thought about doing a video about how to apply shadows and highlights? A total weak point, and it adds so much to the final image…

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