Mint Paratha – By Vahchef @

Mint Paratha – By Vahchef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you mint paratha. The mint leaf, the aroma into the biryanis and then into parathas. Dear friends, lets learn how to make this very simple mint paratha. This is one of my favourites and for this take some you know whole wheat flour and then add salt just to taste. Ok. In this just add in some oil and then just mix this. For the layered paratha you want the medium soft dough but for the stuffed paratha you want the dough to be even softer because you’re going to stuff it. Today we’re going to make layered paratha, that too using mint leaves. So we’re going to make this medium soft dough and you know once you make the dough it is always recommended that you rest the dough for few minutes that way you’ll be able to roll the dough much easier. You know for the mint paratha, you can use carom seed that is ajavain but you know I’m not going to add ajavain I’m just going to add some jeera powder and some pepper powder and the mint leaves. This is a dry mint leaf. If you’re going to use fresh mint leaves also you can freshly chop the mint leaf and use But for the parathas of this kind I like to use the dry mint leaf. Look at this, and in this add salt. Ok. And mix this and this should be good enough And this is what we’re going to use to make our awesome mint flavored paratha. Whenever I have lot of mint left over, I pluck the leaves and just dry them in the shade And then later just crush them and then use in parathas and various preparations. So the dough is all ready. We rested it for like around 15 minutes Now we’re going to roll this into this sheet because we’re going to make a layered paratha. For a layered paratha, you know you don’t worry about the shape you can just make it long or thin and then we’re going to roll them. Ok. This is good And once you roll them just apply some butter on it and then you know you can spread this with your hands Just you can use a brush also. And on this we’re going to sprinkle this masala of mint leaf and the cumin whatever we did, just sprinkle on this This should be good. Now all we do is just because we’re going to make this layered, just fold them. Look at this, good. And now after you fold them look at the layers that are forming. Just make sure that the layers are facing outwards and then make a circle See the layers should be folded outside. When this mint is cooked on the tava then it will come out perfect and nice There is another technique they do just to make sure they get good layers. After rolling the sheet and applying butter, they sprinkle some flour on it and just rub it like this And then they sprinkle the mint masala and this way it will guarantee that you will get lot of layers that will be separated. Look at this, the mint is nicely spread all over and already looking like layers. And when this is done even while cooking you’ll get awesome mint flavor and with little bit of pepper and cumin seeds, this will taste fantastic. When this paratha is cooked, then just apply butter and turn it onto the other side. And look at this, look at the layers breaking out even while you’re making the paratha and wow! This is good. And you know the aroma that is already filled is awesome and perfect. All these layers will open up and this paratha will be fantastic Look at this mint paratha, full of flavor and hmm hmm hmm The mint parathas are very popular specially you’re eating some koftas or any other mild curries, that’s when you order the mint parathas and you can enjoy it with them Dear friends not only with those curries but also with simple yogurt and pickle also you can enjoy mint paratha Dear friends, I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this very simple mint paratha with your vahchef but do not forget that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at so others can benefit from your great cooking. Thank you.

Dereck Turner

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  1. Paree PREITY says:

    Sooooooooooooooo Yummy

  2. waleed hassan says:


  3. lingesh radjou says:

    New receipe thnx

  4. yp06407012 says:

    made the mint paratha myself… it turned out tasty… specially the mint + pepper combination…!!

  5. Neththra'sVision says:

    Another paratha for my paratha list! Awesome and perfect pint paratha! Thank you so much chef Sanjay Thumma.

  6. Martijn Broekman says:

    Bahut svadesht lagta hai….Gonna try soon!

  7. sowndarya kuna says:

    I want to make this for my kids birthday party … Can u tell me how to keep them hot for long time

  8. Karen Johnston says:

    Namaste! Yummy! Thanks! <3

  9. Lucky Lucky says:

    namaste Vachef.
    how are you.i m super glad to learn from you many food
    dear you are really Lord Chef.
    thank you too much for you teach us so many kind of food.
    wish you happily lucky healthy.thanks a lot

  10. Om Sujesh says:

    Sanjay ji dhanyawad. I like the way how craftily ya made layers..

  11. Seema Suri says:

    Sir,hello.tandoori lacchaa Parantha ki ek ek layer different dikhai de ka video send kare .plz reply.i will wait.thks.

  12. jyoti shenai says:

    I am not getting layers even after second method.Pl advise where I am going wrong

  13. Usha Mohan says:

    Wow hebbars kitchen's your pudina paratha looks so yummy and so easy to make .I never knew its so easy Must give it a try .Thanks for this.

  14. Prajwal Rao says:

    It's looking like a galaxy 😜

  15. Harsha Weeraratne says:

    Will make it.Looks a bit difficult.

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