Mike Polk Jr. has some thoughts on Art Modell’s Pro Football Hall of Fame candidacy

Mike Polk Jr. has some thoughts on Art Modell’s Pro Football Hall of Fame candidacy

Dereck Turner

1 thought on “Mike Polk Jr. has some thoughts on Art Modell’s Pro Football Hall of Fame candidacy

  1. pkbrownsfan says:

    I also have some "strong" thoughts on this issue. But could care less whether or not Modell gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. Almost a 1/4 of a century has passes since he moved the original Browns out of Cleveland and headed to Baltimore. So, as the old saying goes….."time heals all wounds".

    But more importantly, time also gives us proper hindsight. And 24 years after the fact, I so wish Modell had taken the Brown's name, colors, history, and records to Baltimore. As great as it would be to see the Brown's reestablish their greatness from the 1940's, 50's and 60's "in Cleveland"; the franchise would have already done that…be it in Baltimore…had Modell not given up the team's identity and history prior to the move.

    So many of the same people who whined and protested the move back in 1995 do nothing but bash and make fun of the Browns now. My question to them is….if these were and are you true feelings, why didn't you let the team move without making such a damn fuss ? That way, those of us who do give a damn about the Brown's and their rich history…to the point where we put loyalty over location…could have experienced the joy of watching them win 2 Super Bowls.

    But no, so many of you who were taking part in protests and burning your Brown's gear 24 years back…claiming you were doing so because you were so distraught over losing the team you loved…now belittle that same team and even say you hope they move.

    All of this crap…which is heavily fueled by the Cleveland media…has created a toxic culture that surrounds the franchise. This same toxic culture has lead ownership to get rid of coaches and front office personnel (GM's. VP's, etc.) before those people even get a chance to establish any semblance of continuity, culture, or identity. Hiring and firing six head coaches over the last eight years is not the kind of track record that leads to success. And I have news for people, the law of averages tells us that given some time, at least one of those six coaches would have been the right man to turn the Browns into a winner. Because it's basically impossible make that many bad hires in row in such a short period of time ! However, I'm truly beginning to believe the only way the Brown's will become a winner is by escaping the city of Cleveland. They need to go someplace where every loss is not viewed as the apocalypse, and a front office + coaching staff is given the time needed to build a solid foundation.

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