Methi Paratha  – By Vahchef @

Methi Paratha – By Vahchef @

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is amazing hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Today I’m going to show you one simple
yet very tasty paratha that is made with fenugreek leaves we call it Methi paratha,
this methi paratha can be made in many ways but today we’re going to learn two
ways of making methi paratha one is as a stuffed paratha other one is as making a
dough with the mixture to make this dough we need to add flour and a little bit of
salt & oil first mix all these ingredients together, add water to make a
soft dough and knead it to fine and then cover this dough with a lid and let it rest
for at least 15 minutes before you make paratha, this little bit of oil what we
add to this dough makes this dough very nice and soft so that will be able to
roll this paratha very nicely especially when you’re making a stuffed paratha and
also when you cook this paratha this little bit of oil gives this
paratha a very nice texture. To make this as a stuffing I’m going to cook these methi leaves and for this add a little bit of oil, add pinch of
cumin seeds then add finely chop green chillies and add chopped onion and to this add a little bit of salt I love to use little bit of crushed
garlic in any of the green leafy vegetable I cook so even for this i’m going to add a
little bit of crushed garlic but if you wish you can also add the ginger garlic
paste when your onions are slightly done add
this crushed garlic when your onions become soft that’s when
you add your chopped fenugreek leaves that is methi leaves; to this add half a tablespoon of cumin powder and half teaspoon of pepper powder you know when this methi leaves become
nicely soft you can add amchoor powder, just add half a tablespoon of amchoor powder; this amchoor powder cuts the bitterness of methi leaves and make these parathas even more tasty just make a smaller ball of the dough ok so that you can use it for stuffing ok sprinkle little bit flour and put
your dough there and just spread it so make sure the edges are thin and the
center is little bit thick you can add 1 spoon or 2 teaspoons of the stuffing
just get the edges together and seal the edges now just press it on all
sides evenly then use a rolling pin then you should be able to see all this stuffings very easily that is when you know that you have
rolled this paratha good. Another variation of making this paratha is just
take the stuffing and add flour to this and make a dough you may need to add a little bit of
water when you make this kind of masala you
can add a little bit of turmeric that gives a very nice color to your paratha let’s roll this paratha, just make into a
small dumpling the same way we did before just put it on a hot griddle make sure
the griddle is hot and cook it evenly on both sides that’s when you will add oil or butter, now i’m going to go ahead and make the stuffed paratha okay make sure even this paratha you have to cook well on one side that’s when you will
apply butter or oil. Once you see this kind of bubbles come that is an
indication that the paratha is pretty much cooked on the one side then turn to
the other side see you should have this cooked dots all over that’s when you’re going to add the
butter or oil, add little bit and then spread nicely ok then turn it to the other side and do
the same thing apply very little apply butter on the other side ok and then turn the other side so let’s get this paratha also out; now what kind of paratha would one prefer; see for me I always loved stuffed paratha the reason being in a stuffed paratha, the stuffing is inside and the dough outside so in this you can taste the dough
separately and the stuffing separately that means you’re stuffing has its taste
of its own for this paratha. For the paratha were where we mixed all the ingredients together the taste you know is not separated out,
all the ingredients and the chapati also taste the same together so i prefer
the stuffed paratha but whatever paratha you like you can make it well hmm this methi plant is an amazing thing it has got lot of medicinal properties in fact it is recommended for a lot of
patients with arthritis bronchitis and even if you have stomach upset you can
have methi leaves in fact lot of breastfeeding mother are recommended to have a lot of methi leaves because it helps them produce more milk so dear friends i hope you have enjoyed
to learn how to make this Methi paratha in two different ways but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so do not forget to post your favorite
recipes at so others can benefit from your great
cooking thank you ok

Dereck Turner

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    Sanjay, this video doesn't have HD feature enabled. Your other videos have HD feature but not this one. I do have the latest flash player (because I could see HD on other videos).

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  3. mbarbarelli says:

    Nice one, chef. Methi is a great ingredient and this shows an excellent use of it. Can't wait to try it. Maybe you can show us how to make methi matar malai sometime.

  4. Vahchef - VahRehVah says:

    it takes few HRs for youtube to process HD it is now HD

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    Any Asian Supermarket, ask for Methi. Some Supermarkets also stock it.

  12. Godot says:

    Use other herbs, same when missing some other ingredients/spices in other dishes, improvise. No home in India or any part of the world has everything but they make genuine dishes everyday. That's fun & creative too.

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  14. MUJHOOL says:

    its called kasuri methi in the asian shops

  15. MUJHOOL says:

    asian indian shops, about 60p for 100gm box

  16. MUJHOOL says:

    sorry guys its not kasuri methi, its fresh methi, in english its called fenugreek leaves

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  19. No1BRC says:

    No, while paratha is rather "rich", mostly made of wheat flour and often is stuffed – chappathi is made of whole wheat flour and rather less oil.
    happy cooking,

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    parantha is made by lightly frying in oil. chapati has no oil in it.

  24. Soupdelights says:

    While you can always use All Purpose Flour, the Chef used regular Whole Wheat Flour, which should be brown and grainy in texture. It also enhances the nutritional value…

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