Meet Brian Poli Dixon, an NFL Player Turned Artist

Meet Brian Poli Dixon, an NFL Player Turned Artist

– Art wasn’t one of the
things that I found. I think art found me. (funk music) My name is Brian Poli-Dixon
and I’m an artist. I started painting five years ago. I was playing football. I went to college at UCLA
and played football there, then went to the NFL after that. Only after I retired from the
NFL did I discover painting. It really was just a natural progression. It was one of those situations where I’ve always felt like an artist. So I feel like I was an artist
before I was an athlete. My process when I’m creating work is a little bit different
for each painting. There are times that I
have absolutely no idea what I’m gonna do when I start the canvas and I just literally
put paint on the canvas and I find the painting as I’m going. If you went to one of my shows
with me as an early artist, it would look like there was five or six different artists on the wall. It’s fun, it’s like an
experiment all the time. You’re working with different mediums, different paints, seeing what
works, what doesn’t work. I always said it’s like
learning on the go. If I’m doing a painting
that is part of a series, then I kind of have an
idea of what I’m gonna do before I start. I’m constantly writing down
dreams or ideas or quotes and all this kind of stuff. My genius series that I’m
doing is very special to me. Most people, when they think of genius, they think of somebody being super smart but for me, genius is just
having something that is special, almost like a passion or a purpose. So it’s something that
everybody inside of them. Once you find your genius, try to share that with as
many people as possible. You want to be a professional artist. It’s not just about painting something and having it on the wall. So when you have a website, you have the social media
platforms, you’re doing shows, it makes people think that
what they’re buying has value. The thing I liked about social media is the fact that it’s all real-time. You’re keeping people engaged and it makes it more fun though, too. You know, honestly, I
think the sky’s the limit. I’m constantly pushing,
constantly working. I’m just really excited for what’s ahead and I don’t even know what that is yet. When I get to see a finished product and it’s in someone’s
home or it’s in a gallery, that’s probably the best feeling. That’s what I consider success.

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  1. Angeleen Smith says:

    Great job Brian!

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