Master Artist Karen Bondarchuk on “Ergo Sum: A Crow a Day”

Master Artist Karen Bondarchuk on “Ergo Sum: A Crow a Day”

hi I’m Karen bondarchuk and I’m gonna
talk a little bit today about a project that I’ve begun doing called A Crow a Day
and it’s a project that I’ve developed to honor my mother who has advanced
dementia she’s in a facility in Victoria British Columbia and she’s lost her
ability to really function in any sort of normal way and she’s lost her sense
of what a day is and so I wanted to do this project to honor her and to honor
the idea of every day being a precious thing and so I began this project on
August 1st 2014. I’m now 77 days into the project and I have a lot of crows still
to draw but it’s been a cathartic sort of process for me in thinking about my
mother thinking about my own days and in considering what a day means to me how a
day should be meaningful this this project kind of emerged out of a drawing
that I did several months back called continuum and it was one that was
centering on Hubie the owl of an imprinted owl that I have been studying
for the past several years it was actually a couple of images of him
behind me and Hubie is imprinted and in a facility and he understands the
concept of day because he gets a mouse a day and so in this drawing there’s an
image in the background of the drawing of a mouse every day and Hubie gets a
mouse a day understands the concept of days and the days of the calendar are in
the drawing sort of inscribed into him so that got me thinking about this idea
of our busy lives are so scheduled how we think about our time in this world as
being Monday through Friday and the quotidian sort of takes over our lives
and it struck me in visiting my mother this past July that she doesn’t have
that anymore and so essentially this this project is going to be one that
helps me to process dealing with my mother’s deterioration with dementia and
trying to honor those days that she no longer has

Dereck Turner

3 thoughts on “Master Artist Karen Bondarchuk on “Ergo Sum: A Crow a Day”

  1. Random Button Pusher says:

    I continue to be mightily impressed with Ms. Bondarchuk's work and her approach to her art. A very deserving recipient of the 2016 MWA title.

  2. Steve Cohoon says:

    Striking artwork and a touching story… a very moving combination. Thanks Karen.

  3. Janice Scott says:

    what a beautiful person…and this shines through into her art, which is magical

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