Marbleous Magic With Professor Meakin

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you a new product and it’s gonna make your marble dreams come true. So, these two colours are gorgeous obviously, and we have a blue. So, we’ve got Blue Lilac Marble, they’re gorgeous and I’ve also got Paradise Marble. So, we’re gonna use these colours and show you what happens. So, those of you that really struggle with marbling and you play about with it and it all ends up in one big mush, this product is gonna help you. Like I said, it’s gonna make your marble dreams come true, if you have dreams about marbling nails. Right! So, these are what the colours look like. They will change ever so slightly when they are dampened with the monomer. Monomer is acrylic liquid, just telling you that in case you don’t know what I’m on about. So, I’m gonna show you what happens when you pick this up, so we’re gonna pick a bead up and I wanna lay it down. Can you see what happens? We have two tones of colour. And all you need to do is just drag through gently and then pull that darker colour through like this and then I’m going to go up here and pull this down a little bit. I’m using Max Adhesion Liquid because I know that’s gonna give me a little bit more playtime. Adam: What is this witchcraft? Kirsty: Ain’t it good…normally, I’d have to pick up a few different beads of acrylic and swirl them all around and everything like that and, now, look how easy that was. That was done in a matter of seconds. I’m sure Adam will tell you how many seconds that was. I’m just gonna bring this a little bit flatter here because what I’m gonna do with this next colour is… Can you see what happpens? It’s the same again. It’s as if you picked up two beads of acrylic. And I’m gonna take some of this down here and then up here. So, like the Max Adhesion will give us some playtime as well. You don’t want to over work it, all we’re doing is encouraging where that marble happens. Adam: Alright! I’m really confused here. Kirsty: Look.
Adam: How does it… Kirsty: I don’t know the science behind it, but I promise you I’m only picking one bead up, there’s no editing here. Look, we’re going into the powder and it looks like we’ve picked up two beads of colour and we haven’t. My God! And I’m gonna come down here, up here. Adam: I’m really trying to work this out. Kirsty: Is it messing with you?
Adam: Is it… Adam: Do you think it’s the amount of Monomer that hits it turns the colour? Because obviously, the underneath isn’t turning the lighter colour. Kirsty: That’s a small bead. I think it is nail wizardry. Kirsty: Do you not think that?
Adam: It’s definitely witchcraft. Burn her. Kirsty: Burn me at the stake!!! Right! So, I’m gonna do again, pick this colour up and obviously, you don’t have to use both of these colours, you’re just gonna use whatever colour you want. Can you see how gentle I am with the product as well? Let’s pull this through here because that’s gonna pull that darker colour through there and then, I’m gonna pull that darker colour through there like that. Then I’m just gonna get a small bead of the blue, of the Blue Lilac there. And it’s as if the more you let it settle, the more obvious those colours are. So, let it settle a bit before you start to work it. So, we’re gonna use a Frost Shimmer and Bermuda Bay. So, these are acrylic powders that we’ve already got that have the nice shimmers in. So, this is Frost Shimmer, so you can see that this it’s kind of a like a Clear with a nice iridescent glitter in, all I want to do is just add some glitter because obviously I loves a bit of glitter. So, don’t put too much in, so don’t want to take away from the design, just want to add a bit of glitter like that. And then I’m gonna use the Bermuda Bay up here, very thin and very fine, just adding that bit of glitter down a little bit here. What do you want to do? So, you want put a bit of Monomer into here. It’s a bit of a Acrylic Liquid in there, yeah? Adam: Okay.
Kirsty: And then, you want to put some of this into it. Adam: Go on then… Kirsty: And see what happens.
Adam: …and see what happens, yeah. Adam: Because I’m gonna bet that it’s just gonna turn the light colour. Kirsty: I don’t think it will. I think it’ll all mush together. Yeah, just all mushes together. Adam: What do you mean it all mushes together? Kirsty: Well, watch. So, as I drop this in. Oh no! Can you see how it’s light underneath? Adam: That’s because it’s touching the Monomer. it goes light when it touches the Monomer. Kirsty: But then, it all touches the Monomer eventually.
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Looks light underneath and then dark on top and then it sinks in, all goes… Kirsty: Ooh!
Adam: I just don’t get it. Kirsty: Do you know what? We don’t need to get it, we just need to play with it and have lots of fun. Let’s get rid of this now. Oh look at it. It’s all marbly. Adam: How?
Kirsty: How is it so marbly? I’m just gonna put some Pure Acetone into that little dish now, just so that I can soak away and I can clean that up. Enough of the experiment, it’s enough. What I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna encapsulate with the Crystal Clear acrylic. So, you just want a thin layer, so you’ve got your structure. So, we’re gonna let that dry now and then we will file. So, I’m gonna file this into shape. Just gonna wipe over with some Acetone. So, I’ve filed and buffed the nail, make it nice and smooth. Can’t wait to top coat this. Because it’s quite a long nail, I want to start at the bottom with the top coat, because when I drag through, it’ll be a smoother application. When I drag through from top to bottom, we’ll get a nice smooth application. That’s pretty cool. Gonna pop that into the lamp. That is pretty cool. I especially like this bit. Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: There you are. What do you think about that? That’s a pretty cool… pretty cool product that is. I’m trying to think what esle I could use that for. Hmm! Clever! I think that bit of glitter as well just juges it up. Adam: You could use it for like, you know, when you double dip to do like flowers?
Kirsty: The flowers? Adam: Flowers.
Kirsty: That’s what I was thinking. Adam: God, I’m so good. Kirsty: I was thinking that let me play with it for some practice, not just, you know, fly by the seat of my pants. So, there you are, guys. That’s the finished result. I hope you like it. I think it’s a cool product. It’ll be listed below as all the other products will be. If you basically just go to the description box and press that, it’ll drop down a box and you can see all the products there. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram and check out my Instagram as well, which is Kirsty Meakin and I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye!

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