Making Picture Frames Look Old : Crackle Mistakes When Aging a Picture Frame

I’m going to show you what happens if you
go back over and paint where it started to crackle. See how it wads up? That’s a mistake
you do not want to make. So, you cannot go back over. It wipes the paint off and it causes
a problem. You will not have a smooth finish. Sometimes, if you accidentally do that you
can work it. And, then once it’s dry sand it off. But, you’re never going to get as
good as a finish as you would like by going back over it. See, this is the wider crackle.
This is a little bit finer crackle in here. That gives you the idea of the technique you
can use. The light coat makes the thin crackle. A heavier coat makes the bigger crackle. Go
ahead and finish painting this. Now, one thing about crackle. If you get too much design
with the crackle for the picture that you want to put in, you don’t want it to distract
from the picture. You want it to enhance. So, if you end up getting a little too much
crackle I’m going to show you what you can do. Let me grab this picture. This is an example
of an entire crackle finish on a frame. And, if you notice it’s fairly big crackle. And,
when I got it finished I felt like the crackle was too strong for the painting. So, I did
a wash over it. Which means, you take white or any color of your craft paint you thin
it down with water and you brush over it. And, that will fill it in a little. You still
see the crackle, but it’s not as strong. So, that’s a good to remember. And, it’s just
another technique to use your crackle. When this is finished, I will show you how to do
an antiquing wash over it. So, you can see some of the other possibilities you have.
We just need to let our paint dry. What I will do, is go on here now and try to wipe
off some of the paint. Not over the crackle. But, some of the paint that I might have on
too thick. Because, we have to apply it fairly quickly as you saw for the results. Just kind
of clean that up a little. I kind of like this spot where it didn’t quite cover. So,
I’m going to leave that. I think we’ll try to get some of these. See what happens if
you retouch that crackle? It will just pull your paint right off. Which, might not all
together be a bad thing. But, usually you’re going for a certain look and that doesn’t
achieve the right look. So, as soon as this is dry we’ll be back to finish the aging process.

Dereck Turner

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